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"I'm sorry, what'd you say?"

"I said it looks like you're done. The bottle's full."

"Uhm, ah, yeah, it is isn't it."

Definitely flustered. She screwed the top back on before putting the bottle in the refrigerator. None of that mattered, what mattered was that she hadn't bothered to pull her tube top back up. She once again sat on the couch, and started to pull her top back up when she noticed that some droplets had formed on both nipples. "Damn, I need a kleenex, just a minute Paul."

The Lord hates a coward. I guess he isn't crazy about liars, and those that covet either, but I was already in trouble many times over for those offenses.

"No you don't. This is perfect. You've got just a little bit of milk there. I'll nurse it out just like I would with Susan just so you know what it's like, but it won't be long enough to lead to anything sexual."

What a liar.

I hadn't waited for a reply, but had already gotten up to walk over to where she was sitting on the couch. She said nothing as I sat down beside her. "When I do this with Susan I pretend like I'm the baby so I lay on her lap, and she feeds me her breast. Like this."

I leaned over so my head was next to her chest, but I didn't touch her breasts. Her body temperature must have been about 102 degrees. "I'm a baby Mommy, I can't do it myself."

Cards on the table time. Seconds passed. Come on baby, do it, please you hot piece of ass, do it. In slow motion her right arm moved under my head and neck while her left hand took hold of her right breast, and placed it on my lips. Fucking bingo! I did the best imitation I could of a baby suckling his mommy's milk jug. I was there. The thing I had been lusting after for hours, hell years, was in my very own mouth; mommy's titty. The reward was almost immidiate.

"Uhhmm, uhhmm, mmmm...oh, oh, mmmm, mmmm, oh, Paul. Aaahh, geez, oh, no, baby. Suck it harder baby, suck Mommy's breast harder. Yeah, yeah, just like that."

Then she tried to put up another hurdle.

"Paul, we need to stop. This isn't working...I'm not, it's not the same. Ah, ah, oh, no, stop Paul, I'm getting, just stop. Paul, I need you to suck, stop. Uhhh, uhhhmmm."

Hurdle crossed.

Her hips were moving up and down so violently I was having a hard time keeping my mouth attached to her nipple. This bitch was in heat, and needed to be bred in the worse way. One more step to make sure my little buddy from down under was going to find a nesting place. I thought I'd stay in character.

"Mommy, your shorts are wet, and making baby want to cry. Would you please take them off Mommy so baby's cloths don't get all wet?"

Robin was nothing if not a caring Mommy. Then she did something that to this day still gives me a boner. Robin stood up. She took her shorts off. She wasn't wearing any panties and she had pubic hair but it was either clipped or hadn't totally grown back yet.

That's when I saw the stretch marks. Worse then some better then others, but almost no tummy. The best was still coming. She pulled the tube top down to just past her waist and then stopped like it was a skirt. Then she sat back down.

I'm not often caught at a loss but I didn't know what to do. Here I am sitting next to this huge boobed creature naked from the waist up, and offering both her tits to me. I went back at it, and she started to moan again. No longer any pretense at conversation.

After some more sucking I left her tit and kissed her. Tongue stuff. Then I did what guys do I let my hand wander down to her snatch. It was a pond. My best friend's wife was soaked. Deviant? She's still half-ass pretending to nurse a kid, we're making out, and I'm finger fucking her.

I don't know how long it had been since she'd cum but it only took her about 30 seconds.

She said wait just a minute I need to check on my baby. I thought I was the baby.

You know what she looks like Mark.

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