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Somethings are worth waiting for.

Sorry about that. I get that way..."

"When you're around me?"

"Well...(Kind of, but I'm not going to say that now,) at the moment it's just piss hard."

"What is that?" (For some odd reason at the mention of having to piss, fills Hoshi with a tingling sense of excitement. He realizes he is getting turned on once again. He's surprised at this.)

"You the morning you're filled up with piss and it's all filling your balls and prick waiting to come out and man I'm so damn filled with piss! I need to go like right now! Damn, I'm not sure I'm going to make it to the bathroom!"

Hoshi is excited and fascinated at the size of Dion's hard 'piss filled cock'. All this talk of peeing he finds arousing.

"Hey..." Hoshi says as he spots one of those big empty sport bottles, the one's that can hold hot and cold drinks with the flip sipping top lying on the floor in between my desk and my bed and grab it. "Don't flood the bed if you really think you're not going to make it you could piss in this bottle."

"Oh man...oh man...I got to go...yeah...give it here...oh good I got to now...can't hold it much longer...uhhh..."

Hoshi hands Dion the bottle and Hoshi's little penis is all hard, hot and erect as he watches with anticipation Dion going to pee. Dion untangles himself from Hoshi's and there embrace and scoots up against the head board with his legs apart. He grabs his penis and squeezes it tight and them with his other hand pops off the whole top of the bottle and brings it up to so that his penis's head is pointed into the empty bottle, and then whoosh! Hot golden steaming and bubbling piss bursts out of his prick and begins to fill the bottle. "Ohhhh man that feels good....oohhhhh...."

Hoshi watches in amazement at Dion's hard penis acting like a firehouse shooting out golden warm piss and filling the water bottle. "Damn! I'm glad that this was one of those really big one's Dad got me. Damn! You weren't kidding about having to go bad. You're filling it to the brim!" Hoshi is all turned on with seeing and thinking about Dion's hot wet golden streaming fluids. Hoshi realizes he feels the inkling of needing to pee as well, but he suppresses the urge easily and enjoys that feeling.

"Ohhh...yeah..." Dion says sighing with relief as he pees that last of his piss into the bottle. "Hell yeah I just about filled it to the brim. Quick give me the top!"

Dion pulls his prick head out of the bottle as the last dribble comes out and he carefully lifts the bottle as Hoshi takes it and screws the top back on it.

"Damn Dion!" Hoshi exclaims looking at the warm golden fluid in the clear sport bottle. "You filled it to the brim. Hell, if you had any more in you, you would have flooded my bed." Hoshi is embarrassed when he realizes that he doesn't find the smell of urine as bad, it's kind of nutty and interesting. He still feels the warm glow of urine building up in his bladder.

"Hey, if you didn't think quick as you did I might have flooded us! But now I feel much better."

"Hey but your penis is getting all hard again what's with that?"

"Well...ah...I'm all excited about being here with you and stuff."

"Yeah, what about this stuff?"

"Well...I should let you in on a little secret between your Dad and me."

"Oh is it about trying to find out and teach me all about sex?"

"Yeah, how do you know that?"

"I was listening in to Dad and you talking all the time last night."

"Why you little sneak! Did you hear everything? Hey did you see everything?"

"Oh yeah I heard everything and saw it all!"

"Damn! Is it okay to say that your Dad has a really hot looking cock and ass?"

"Sure. I didn't know the words before yesterday and today, but yes. I agree he has a what did you say, oh yeah, 'hot looking cock and ass." Hoshi blushes. "Is that okay? I mean he's my Dad and all."

"Hell. I don't know. But I sure have the hot's for him."

"I think I do too."

"But, I really like you as well.

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