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A lonely mother finds an alternative way to satisfy herself.

"Pull yourself together Nicole. It can't happen. It was one night, period. Think of Mark."

I shake my head and lift it out of my hands. I sigh again, and turn my attention to the envelopes Katrina brought in. I pick up the first manilla envelope and open it. Literature from a new company, looking to obtain us as a customer. I look at the price list and make a note for Katrina to obtain samples from them.

I open the second manilla envelope. It's a statement of apparent overdue invoices. I stick it back in the envelope and write Ruth on it. I'll have Katrina take it over to accounting. On second thought, I'll take it over to accounting and ask Ruth about the unpaid invoices.

I grab the third envelope and feel that there are fabric samples inside. I notice that the front does not have our address on it, nor any stamps. Samples that were dropped off maybe. I open the envelope and am distracted by the faint smell of sex. Damn it. I really need to get a grip on my daydreaming if it's going to have that strong of an effect on me. I turn the envelope over so the samples fall out on my desk.

I gasp and stare at the contents of envelope now on my desk, the smell I thought was me now overpowering. It can't be. She wouldn't. I pick up the cloth and verify that is in fact the dark purple panties that Katrina was wearing that night in Vegas. It is also the source of the smell. I close my eyes as my hand subconsciously caresses my inner leg, pushing my knee length skirt up.

The door to my office opens, and I quickly shove the panties between my own legs. I smile and look up just as the general manager walks in. "Hey Richard," I say, hoping I am keeping my composure. I can now feel that Katrina's panties between my legs are still wet, causing more than small trickle onto my own.

"Hello Nicole" he replies, taking a seat in the chair across my desk. Why is he sitting? No, no, no. This is bad. "How is Katrina working out?"

I feel my panties get a little wetter at the mention of her name. "She's great," I answer quickly, praying my voice is level, "Picks things up quickly, goes out of her way to help others, and shows initiative. Absolutely nothing I could complain about." Please leave. You need to go.

"Nicole," Richard says, getting a concerned look on his face, "are you feeling okay?"

"I am feeling a little off; but, I'm sure I'm fine," I bluff.

Richard gives me a skeptical look before saying, "if you're sure; but, if you're not feeling well perhaps you should go home. Please do if it gets any worse."

"Absolutely," I smile, "if it gets worse, I'll be sure to let you know." Richard smiles at me, then gets up and walks out.

I groan once he is gone and put my forehead down on my desk. What am I going to do? How did I ever get myself into this mess? I sit up and grab Katrina's panties from between my legs. I hold them up to my nose and take a deep breath. The smell is every bit as intoxicating as it was that night. I feel my own panties get even wetter making them as wet as the ones I'm holding.

I open my desk drawer, give the panties one last whiff, and place them inside. I need to talk to her about this and I am not looking forward to that.


A few hours later, everyone except Katrina and I have left the office. I was half hoping that she would leave before I could talk to her about the panties; but, she hasn't left before me yet. Why should she start today?

I take a deep breath, then walk to my door."Katrina," I say, looking out towards her cubicle, "could you come in here please."

"Sure thing boss," she says, jumping up. Her large breasts barely contained in her blouse. She's undone some buttons I think. I hope anyway. It's bad if I missed that earlier.

She walks past me into my office. I close my eyes as I catch a whiff of her strawberry conditioner, then quickly open them again. I close the door, in case I'm wrong about being alone.

I walk past Katrina to my desk and sit down in my chair.

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