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A great way to end the day.

at the same time, causing both of us to end up laying on the bed as he frantically turned down the volume of the babe who was screaming in orgasm!

Shocked by the sudden silence, we both froze, waiting to hear commotion from the room next door. I was afraid the volume had woke up half the campus, and it was clearly from a loud orgasm, no doubt about it!

We both froze, listening hard and breathing heavy from the burst of adrenaline. Tom glanced at me, his face inches from my own, and we both began to laugh! We tried to keep it quiet, which only made the whole thing more funny! Soon we were both snorting quiet gusts of suppressed laughter as we lay together on the bed.

I was keenly aware that Tom was naked. His dick had subsided somewhat, but it was still a dick, and it was right there beside me as we lay with our heads propped up by pillows.

"Well," I said quietly, "I suppose we could try it again, but with lower volume."

Tom simply pressed play on the remote, and we were immediately rewarded with the sights of the blonde finishing her orgasm as she rode that big cock. The man then pulled out of her pussy and shoved his dick into her open mouth. She licked and slurped that monster cock and I noticed Tom's dick rising to the occasion.

"I believe," I said, "that you like the action."

Tom turned his head, his face still close to mine. "I love it. I like to watch his big cock being sucked by her. It gets me horny, what can I say?"

"Go ahead," I said with a gesture to his penis, which was now solidly erect.

He immediately moved his hand up to wrap around his pole, and began to stroke it. I was fascinated and totally aroused at the sight.

"You look nice," I whispered.

"Why don't you join me?"

I slowly rose up from the bed and turned to face him. I removed my shirt, then unbuckled my jeans. Tom continued to jack off as he watched me undress.

I felt so aroused, and just a little naughty as I slid down my pants to reveal my bikini shorts. Tom moaned when he saw the bulge in my tight blue briefs.

"Show me," he whispered as he masturbated on the bed in front of me.

I hooked both thumbs around the sides of my bikinis and began to slowly push them down. Tom kept stroking faster as he saw my cock base begin to reveal itself from my tight shorts. I was hard as a rock, my dick pointing straight down and encased in the fabric. But I was really enjoying the sight of him masturbating as he watched me expose myself.

Sliding down one side further, I gave him a glimpse of most of my dick. I knew I was being a tease, but at that moment I just wanted to make him cum!

Tom moaned as he pounded his dick, and I pulled the briefs away from my cock, letting it slide upright. The fabric stretched over my penis, clearly outlining every vein and my tip, wet with pre cum.

I knelt down beside the bed and positioned myself close to his manhood. Tom looked at me with pleading in his eyes and I moved closer to his penis. I just stared at that shiny, slick cock as he worked it and moaned softly. I watched his balls as they rolled in his scrotum, alive with cum. It was a glorious sight and I took it in.

"Please, let me see it," Tom whispered to me, looking down between his legs at my face.

I rose up again, and proudly thrust my hard cock against the thin fabric of my shorts. Pulling them up, I slid them over the top of my hard on and exposed my cock to Tom. He moaned and thrust into his palm as I slid the bikini briefs off my cock and down to the floor.

I just stood there hard as stone with him masturbating to the sight of my shaved penis. It felt so good to be naked in front of him! I relished the feeling of giving him excitement by revealing my cock. It was power, and I was drunk on it.

"Stop," I said, surprising us both. I don't know what possessed me to begin giving commands, but the night was full of surprises. Here I was in the dorm room of my friend, totally naked and watching him masturbate as he stared at my pecker. I figured that this was going to be my one shot, so I was going to milk it for all its worth.

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