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Bee's night out.

"Kiss it," he commanded and she did. She was so intrigued by the scent that she began to lick it and then took it within her mouth. Priscilla began to massage his hard cock with her lips and tongue, occasionally tasting his sweet fluid as it oozed from the tip of his rod. Anton's own moans of pleasure spurred her on as she continued to suck on his throbbing organ. She was startled by the force of his spray as it coated her throat and by the warmth of his juices as she swallowed them. He removed his still hard cock from her throat and kissed her again. "I have to leave you now, my lovely. It may be a few days before I see you again."

Priscilla welcomed Master Long into the house as he arrived for breakfast. Her father had invited him that morning to finalize the arrangements regarding their marriage. Master Long escorted her to the table where Priscilla ate her breakfast hungrily, asking for seconds of everything. As she sat digesting her morning meal and listening to the conversation between her father and Master Long, her thoughts drifted to her passionate encounter the evening before and she sat there smiling as her father completed the final arrangements for her marriage. Master Long would arrange for a carriage to bring the young woman to his mansion where the wedding would take place in front of the local magistrate that evening. He was certain that his son would take great pleasure in the arrangements that he had made on his behalf. Priscilla's jaw dropped at the mention of his son; she had not considered the possibility that she was intended for anyone other than the old coot who had been visiting her house over the past few days. "Your son?" she stammered. Master Long nodded, "we will see you this evening, any white gown will do." Priscilla had not expected her wedding to take place so soon. She wondered if her handsome lover would find her after her marriage or if he had chosen to abandon her.

After lunch, Priscilla carefully chose a white gown from her closet. She dressed simply for the occasion, wearing only what was necessary. Her parents were dressed in their best clothes and accompanied her out the door and into the waiting carriage. The carriage ride proved lengthy and it was quite dark when they arrived at the Long estate house. Priscilla and her parents were escorted into a small parlor near the main ballroom where the wedding was scheduled to take place. A young manservant escorted Priscilla's mother to her seat in the ballroom while her father took her arm and awaited his cue to escort his daughter to her fate. A maidservant arrived and placed a white lace veil over her head and nodded that it was their turn to enter the ballroom. Priscilla was nervous as she strolled down the long red carpet. She nearly fainted when she saw the face of her intended. Her father held onto her arm while she recovered her composure and the magistrate began the ceremony. Priscilla barely contained herself when she said, "I do." She could feel the dampness between her legs becoming a stream as her desire for her new husband became more intense with each passing moment.

Anton could smell the juices running down Priscilla's legs. His own organ began to bulge as he waited for the magistrate to complete the ceremony. He quickly pulled the lace kerchief from her head and thrust his tongue deep within her throat as he kissed her. He lifted her up and carried her hurriedly out of the room as the servants applauded the bride and groom. Her parents were invited to stay for a post-nuptial feast while awaiting proof of the marriage's consummation. Anton carried his new bride to a room in the dark basement of the mansion and carefully placed her on a bed. He helped her pull her dress off and tossed it onto the floor in a careless pile and then pulled off her petticoat as well. Anton then helped Priscilla remove her corset and white stockings.

He placed his hands over her soft orbs and gently massaged them.

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