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Traveler is tricked into kinky sex.

I was still wearing the blue satin night dress.

I opened the door to find a hotel attendant at the door. He was a young chap of not more than 24-25. As soon as I opened the door, he started to say something, but stopped midway on seeing my semi-transparent night dress. I pretended not to notice.

"Yes what is it?"

"Madam ji its pretty late the conference is about to start. Your friends sent me to wake you up..."

"Ok Ok". I started to close the door on his face, when he spoke again. He had apparently come out of his surprise on seeing me in a semi naked state.

"Ma'am do you have any laundry?"

"What? Oh.. yes yes. Please come inside. I'll give them to you"

With that I went in, leaving the door open for him to come in.

As I went towards the cupboard, I knew that he could make out that I was naked underneath except for my panties and that he could also see my bare ass cheeks under my sheer baby doll as the lace string at the back of my flimsy panties did nothing to hide the bulbous mounds. As I squatted in front of my suitcase, my baby doll rode halfway up my hips and I exposed even more of my firm butt to his view. I took the old clothes from yesterday and handed it to him. He carefully counted the items and then made a note of it, and asked me to sign, all the while glancing at my boobs, which were partially visible.

I bent forward to sign, giving him a good peek at my cleavage. Just as he was about to leave, I had an idea.

"Wait! I have one more item. Will you wait here, Please?"

With that I went inside the bathroom. Now the bathroom had a large mirror and sink directly opposite to the door. Through it, someone standing in the right position at the door could see inside the entire bathroom.

I kept the door slightly ajar, as if by accident, and went in. I glanced furtively towards the mirror to see whether he had acted as I hoped. Sure enough, I saw his feet in the right position near the door. He was peeping inside, hoping to catch this hot Indian bhabi naked. I dared not look directly at him, lest I scare him off. My heart was pounding hard inside my chest. I was about to expose my body to a lowly attendant.

With my back to the mirror, I pulled the straps of the baby doll over my shoulders, and slowly let it fall to the floor. I was now wearing just my blue lace panties. My white fleshy globes were clearly visible as there was just a string at the back. I bent and took the dress in my hands and took my time in folding it and keeping it on the wall-rack. All the while my back was towards the mirror, so I knew that he would get a good look at my plump, bare ass cheeks.

Then, I hooked my fingers in the waistband of my panties and pulled it down, bending over fully and sticking my ass out; so that he could clearly see the deep cleft in between as well as my shaved pussy lips. I was now fully naked, showing my ass to the peeping hotel attendant. I turned sideways, slowly, and took a towel from the rack there. I wrapped the towel around my body, and then as if to adjust it, turned fully towards the mirror, my eyes never leaving the floor level. His feet were still there. While tying the towel around my body, I gave him a good view of my ample bosom and my nipples, which were fully erect by now. I could just imagine the guy's reaction now, on seeing a hotel guest exposing her body in this way.

I decided to tease him further. I lowered the towel, holding it to my belly with one hand and looked at my boobs in the mirror. Then as if admiring them, I cupped both of them a few times. I gently squeezed the firm flesh, reveling in their softness. I continued playing with my naked orbs, as the attendant looked on. I put two fingers in my mouth and then I rubbed my saliva on my erect nipples. I pinched the hard nubs, as I felt the pleasure building in me. My eyes closed as I felt the waves wash over me. And then just as suddenly, I stopped, coming to my senses at last.

After all, I wanted to give the impression that this

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