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Liz, holding her dress in place to cover herself, followed me. Before I left, we embraced each other again, and kissed twice, but both of us kept our mouths shut. I didn't sleep well that night, partly from horniness and partly from anticipating where Liz and I would go the next day and what I expected we would be doing the next night.

A gentle knocking on the door woke me up the next morning. In my pajamas, I got up to answer it. "Who is it?", I asked. Because of the role-playing nature of this trip, I had believed pajamas were appropriate.

"It's me. Please let me in", came Liz's voice. In her bathrobe with her legs bare, she came in quickly and I closed the door behind her, then gathered her into my arms and we kissed, no tongue contact.

"George, I'm really sorry about what happened last night or, rather, what didn't happen. I have felt guilty all night and I hope you don't think I'm leading you on.

"I don't think you're leading me on. I don't blame you for waiting until you are sure of yourself."

"I'm closer to being sure of myself than I was last night. If my decision is what I'm pretty sure it will be, this is the package you will get to unwrap tonight." After she said that, Liz opened up her bathrobe. Her beautiful, sexy body was barely covered by a very sexy nightie, black and slinky and lacy that looked especially sexy against her fair skin. She covered herself up again quickly. I just put this on this morning to show you. If everything works out the way I hope it will, you will see it for a lot longer tonight. Now, come on over to my room and shower so I can wash your back again and watch you shave."
Since my shaving gear had been left in Liz's room the night before, I collected the clothing I was going to be wearing that day and went next door. She was still wearing her bathrobe, apparently waiting for me to shower first so she could wash my back and watch me shave. Once again, after getting my back wet, I stood, naked, with my back to the shower door and called for Liz to come in. She washed me as she had before except for spending much longer on my ass, and being more thorough washing out my cleft.

After Liz finished my back and legs and left, I finished my shower, dried myself off, stood naked in front of the sink and called Liz in to watch me shave. Still wearing her bathrobe, she came in and when she opened up her robe and pressed herself against me, instead of feeling her lacy bra against my skin I felt her bare, erect nipples. Lower on my body I couldn't tell if I felt her soft panties or her soft pubic hair. Liz kissed me again on every cleanly shaved part of my face and when she did, she pressed her nipples and her lower body even more firmly against me. Concentrating on shaving was difficult, but I finished without cutting myself.

Then it was Liz's turn to take a shower, and my turn to wash her back. When she called me to come in, I wasn't surprised to see her standing completely naked with her back to me. Quickly, I washed her back, but I spent much more time washing her lovely legs and ass, especially her cleft, and when I left, that part of her body was immaculate. After I left, Liz finished washing herself and came out of the bathroom in another matching bra and panty set, and I zipped up the back of the dress that she chose. While waiting for Liz to finish in the bathroom, I had put my own clothes on and her dress and my shirt matched again.

At breakfast, Liz described the park she wanted to go and showed me a brochure that described it as the most romantic place in Hawaii.

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