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They had accused me and been wrong. I wouldn't believe that Isiah had changed that much, to be able to do things like that, without talking to him first. He'd have an explanation, I knew he would.

"I can understand why you feel that way, Ellis, but I can't promise anything until we know more. If he's responsible for helping our enemies attack the clans he will have to answer for that."

"Will you give him a chance to explain? If I could get him to a place where you could meet safely?"

Velaku sighed. "Let us talk about this for a little bit, Ellis. The knowledge we have gained from these videos goes beyond what you have seen so far. There is still much to discuss."

It was my turn to nod. I wanted answers too.


"This is going to sting." Dr. Pannar held my arm under the hot water and pushed open the cuts to let the water cleanse the pus. "I'd prefer to use sterile solution, but we just don't have it."

I clenched my teeth together and grunted. The alcohol he poured over the punctures was worse, burning so much that it felt like Benny's claws were back in my arms. I felt the sweat beading up on my forehead and I swallowed convulsively as my mouth watered and my stomach heaved. I managed to hold it down, but barely. I rested my head against the cool counter, not watching as the doctor worked.

"That's the worst of it. I'll just put some ointment on it and some fresh bandages."

My ragged breathing was slowly steadying. "Thank you, Doctor."

"Nothing more than should be done. It was one of my kind that did this to you and in anger no less. Attacking a human. . . that is dangerous even after all of these years."

I shook my head. "I would never report Benny to the cops or talk to the press. I believe that he made an honest mistake. Carthera are different from humans. Even before they transform their nature can make them dangerous. I understand that."

Dr. Pannar's hands were quick but gentle as he wound the bandages around my biceps. "Yet you didn't give your mate a second look as we left the room."

"He's not my mate," I muttered.

He stared at me in shock. "But he marked you." He pointed to where the twin wounds from Dav's fangs were still clearly visible on my neck. "Not to mention the scales on your back are a dead giveaway."

"Maybe so," I tried to push down the hurt, deep inside, "or maybe not. Somehow he broke our bond this morning. I can't feel him at all anymore." I couldn't believe how much that bond had come to mean to me in just the few days since Dav had first claimed me as his mate.

"That's not possible."

"So you think. But obviously there is a lot about Snakes you don't know."

Dr. Pannar snorted. "Isn't that the truth. The ones that don't die are driven off as soon as they are mature enough to not die on the streets. The ones that don't live in the wilds are so volatile and angry that most clans won't risk them near their women and young anyway. Out of the few Snakes I've known, only Dav has ever really let me question him and he says precious little. Admitting weakness is not in the nature of most Carthera males but for a Snake it is often deadly."

"I know. I read the files you had. He was surprised that I knew as much as I did and that I wasn't afraid of him then."

Dr. Pannar's eyes jerked to mine. "Then?"

"He said he wished I was dead," I said in a strangled voice. "He even tried to kill me himself. I'd have to be a god damned idiot not to be afraid of him."

Dr. Pannar looked sympathetic. He sighed. "I don't blame you but I wish--"

"I wish many things; most of all to know what is really going on. But wishes are not reality, and nothing will change the fact that the man who supposedly loved me could believe that I would betray him and kill innocent people. He's been inside my head, inside my heart. Our 'bond' must not have made us as close as I thought it did. I thought I knew him, that I could trust him, but obviously I was wrong," I said viciously. "I don't have a mate. I wouldn't want him back now anyway."

I concentrated on

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