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Just desserts, served.

"Jennifer, I don't care about them I care about you. What do you think?"

Jennifer pulled her jumper over her head and turned to stare at her, feeling offended that even after all this time that Lauren would still choose her job, that Jennifer wasn't worth the risk. "I think you're a cold, robotic bitch." Grabbing her bag she flipped Lauren off before stalking out of her flat, flicking every switch on her way out just to annoy Lauren and slamming the door on her way out.

Standing in the middle of her bedroom Lauren paused for a moment having absolutely no idea what the hell had just happened. Her second 'warning' alarm telling her she had fifteen minutes to leave the house went off and she sighed, debating running after Jennifer but in the mood that she was in she knew it was futile. Her stomach churned as she sat back down to do her makeup, unable to ignore the way her eyes kept filling up. Staring at herself in the mirror for a moment she sighed and rolled her eyes before packing her bag and heading into work. When she arrived Jennifer was nowhere to be seen and all day she didn't so much as catch a glimpse of her and it just made her feel more sick.

"Hey Lauren, I didn't get your rsvp to the Christmas party?" A team admin said, poking her head around the door of Lauren's office making her jump in her seat. "Sorry poppet, didn't mean to scare you. Are we going to see you at the party? Trying to pin down final numbers."

Lauren would have normally said no to this kind of thing, knowing that when people wanted to let off some steam at the Christmas party the last thing they wanted was senior management there. Usually she came to the lunch and then left so everyone else could have their fun without feeling like they were being supervised. "I would love to come. Thank you for organising."

"No problem," the admin said with a smile. "I'll add it to your calendar."

"No. Please don't. I'll add it myself," Lauren murmured, getting an idea and smiling to herself. "Thanks again."


Over the next two weeks Jennifer more or less completely ignored her. Of course for work they had to interact and in those scenarios she would be crisply polite and nothing more. Whenever Lauren would try and speak to her Jennifer would completely ignore it as if she didn't hear her and would be quick to walk away. Lauren sent her flowers, cakes, letters explaining and apologising but none of it seemed to make a difference. Jennifer had seemingly cut her out and had no intention of letting her back in.

The morning of the Christmas party arrived and Lauren felt sick to her stomach as she sat on the small navy cocktail chair that was outside of her bosses office. Biting into the inside of her cheek she watched people walking past and gave them a brief smile but kept her eyes on her mobile, trying to keep focused on something so she wouldn't let nerves get the better of her. People had come to work in 'smart casual' clothes ready for the lunch and party that afternoon but Lauren had come in her usual attire, planning to change closer to the time. It was one thing to book this kind of meeting, it was another thing entirely to have this meeting dressed in jeans. Lauren had always taken a lot of comfort from her 'uniform' power clothes and she needed this more than ever today.


Throughout lunch Lauren had tried to get Jennifer's attention but it seemed the California blonde was having too much fun knocking back champagne and telling Christmas cracker jokes with the other 'support staff' to give her a second thought.

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