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Uncle George's revenge for a long-ago incident.

Marty said, "As I see it, we should each stake out a cabin. When a woman arrives, we wait eight minutes, go in, and fuck her good. If another guy come in while we are there, we hop off, and say - She's yours buddy. He won't know if we won some other game before him, won't even care, or will she. Each of us will carry a "Two way radio." If someone says, "Condition Red," they need help to get away. If we say "Condition Five," we run like hell to the boat. Got that?"

Saturday, July 1, 2000, was a normal hot summer day in the Maryland area. There was the normal scattered thunderstorms. From a half mile off shore, we could see naked people everywhere at "Velvet Acres." At twenty to eight, Marty eased his boat close to the South shore, dropped the anchor. We all stripped off our clothes. Carrying a bag with our shoes, and radio, we waded to shore. We were in position by our chosen cabins when the women begin to arrive.

At Marty's cabin, when light came on, Marty examined his woman intently, from his position forty feet away in the woods. She looked to be about forty, was very pretty, to weight one hundred and sixty pounds, with a large ass, and full C cup tits. She was out of breath from the walk to the cabin, but was soon standing in front of the mirror, cupping her breasts, and sucking in her tummy.

Marty begin to talk to himself. "Whew, guy, in six minutes, you are going to walk into that cabin, pretending to be out of breath, and start to kiss and fondle those jugs of hers. Her twat must be getting wet thinking of a man, any man, that will follow the path to her. She is as hot as you are, guy."

A rumble of thunder broke his thought train. The wind picked up, and rain suddenly begin to pour, soaking his naked body in seconds. "Are we in luck, he thought. This will interrupt the Games, so there will be more time before the Winners filter out to the waiting women."

As the time reached eight minutes, he walked through the door. Without a word, he went over to the woman, who was now sitting on the bed, and rolled her backward onto her back, as he slid her to the middle of the bed.

Her hand reached out to feel his ridge pole, which bent to the right, with a small uncut head. She stroked it and ran her fingers around the head. then her eyes raised to his, with an inviting smile on her face, she said, "Hi, I'm Betty, and I'm glad to see you, Sweety... Come on, Baby, light my fire!"

She moaned as he opened her legs and ran his tongue across her slit. A kiss on the tummy was followed by his putting his head between her joyous melons, which covered his face, ear to ear.

Her ass was firm, and smaller then he first thought. His hands grabbed both cheeks, and he rubbed her man to woman, to savor her body.

The breeze brought the scent of pine to his nostrils. His hands kneaded her breasts, which rewarded him by becoming engorged, as the nipples swelled. Her eyes were closed, with her face turned away in the ecstasy of being ravished. A long low moan eased from her, without any conscience effort.

His cock, seemly on its own, found her slit, and slid into her passage, hastened by her lubrication. The fuck was on.

Marty had only had his wife during the last six years. She was a tall, trim, tit less woman that he adored. This woman was, as the sailors say, "Built for comfort." The cheeks of her ass lifted her pussy to just the right position for Marty to pump every last smidgen of himself into her, again, again, and again.

She bucked, grabbed the sheets, moaned, tossed her head from side to side, yet did not clamp her pussy onto his now throbbing hot cock. She wanted this to last, and last. He pumped on and on, and then she clamped down with that vagina of hers, and he shot his jism into her as she moaned louder, and froze in her orgasm. As he rolled off, she sighed, "I hope they all as good as you are?"

"Thanks, Betty."

"Wow, wonderful," Marty said to himself, as he ducked out the door.

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