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Alexa decides to take a risk.

She uttered something almost inaudibly, but Tim definitely heard the sexual undertones in her voice. That made up his mind. He slowly undressed down to his boxers, and was glad he had showered after dinner... he did not want to wake her up with the smell of garlic from his dinner!

He slowly slipped into her bed, with only his boxers on. He worked his way toward her. All he wanted to do was hold her. He turned to his side, facing her back. Slowly, he slid his tan arm over her shoulder and onto her breasts. They stiffened instantly. Through her dream, she moaned his name. His heart jumped into his throat. He began to slide his hands down her soft skin, softly cupping her breasts. He had to be gentle to keep her asleep. As he was getting up to leave after he had accomplished his mission, she rolled over toward him, and he saw her beautiful face looking dejected at his departure. He must have been leaving in her dream as well. He did not want to disappoint her, and was very happy to stay.

The covers had completely rolled off of her now, and he let his gaze wander all over her. Amazed, he took in the sight he had not yet seen. Her slender frame was toned, with firm breasts and long legs. Her auburn hair lay to the side of her, framing her. He slowly lay back down, and put the covers back over her in his guilt. She rolled over onto her back, and he did the same, so that they were lying side by side. He began to rub her chest, and then slowly with one finger, move down the ravine of her breasts to her firm stomach. He softly started circling her skin with his fingers, moving closer and closer to her overheated legs. She began to moan, and he could resist no longer.

He slowly began to rub the outside of her labia, which were very wet. The wetness alone excited him, which was evident from the appearance of his boxers. Plain white, they showed a rigid outline of his penis, which lay to one side of his left leg, and was almost long enough to reach the bottom of his boxers. He slowly opened her lips, and ran a finger painstakingly slowly, toward her clitoris. He began to move in circles around it with his finger as she began to pant, lost in her dream. As her clitoris began to swell, he decided to leave it alone for a moment.

He slowly pushed his middle finger into her soaked vagina. She responded by flushing brightly and moaning with a sly grin on her face. The grin reminded him that she was asleep, and again he felt guilty and wondered what he should do. He slowly worked his finger in and out of her, feeling her hot and moist reactions to it. Her increased moaning prompted him to pull his finger out and get up.

He did not, however, leave. He slowly got up and pushed her legs apart until she was spread-eagle on the bed. He bent down between her legs, and began to lick her inner thighs, slowly working his way up. He reached her swollen, cleanly shaved lips, and began to lick them where they parted. She became increasingly wet, so he opened the lips and began to lick her clitoris. He did it very gently, and only licked it every once in awhile. After about twenty minutes of this, her gentle moaning turned into much louder and she began writhing as his pace quickened. Something unexpected happened then.

She whispered, "I'm awake." She pulled him out from under her and deeply looked into his eyes. He was very scared, as he had totally betrayed her privacy and had not gotten her consent to do all the things he had been doing. She saw this reaction, and pulled him closer to her. She gave a small smile, and became very forward. She loved how he had excited her in her dream, and was very excited that he was still there when she woke up.

She slowly reached down and began to rub his hard stomach as she looked into his blue eyes.

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