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Jules and I have been married for sixteen years...

She paused for a split second to look me squarely in the eye before she slid down, burying me into her. Angela sat straight up, her back arched, pushing her tits forward. With eyes closed and her face the perfect mask of erotic ecstasy, Angela clasped her hands behind her head, lifting her long, dirty-blonde hair she began to just barely rock her hips back and forth. She wasn't so much riding me in that she wasn't lifting herself up and down, but in the rocking motion I began to slide against her. My cock was so hard and swollen, and her pussy so incredibly tight and wet that even the slightest motion perpetuated the perfect friction.

Transfixed by her beauty I barely moved, but watched as she rocked, murmuring and cooing as she lost herself in the moment. Everything about Angela was tight, her hard, toned body, her wickedly piercing gaze, and her incredible pussy. By sitting up on me I filled her completely. I could feel the tip of me brushing against her back wall. By rocking on me she was literally rubbing the head of my cock along the back of her pussy. Angela cooed louder, breaking out in goose bumps from the feel of me so deep, brushing against her.

The rocking slowly grew in intensity, but Angela still did not actually ride up and down on me. Afraid to break the spell I didn't touch her, I just pushed up as hard as I could, ensuring continued contact as deep into her as possible. Rocking faster Angela arched her back even more, lifting her clasped hands higher on her head, hair spilling out, her eyes still closed she began to pant and grunt, her face flushed and red, her thighs clamped as tightly as possible against me.

Just her hips moved, rapid back and forth movements. Angela began to bite her lip so hard I was afraid it would start to bleed. I could feel her getting tighter, so I thrust upward, causing her to jolt and howl. Her hands were clenched so tightly behind her with eyes half open, glazed and unfocused. I was amazed, transfixed, by the depth of her orgasm that was clearly about to explode. I had never seen a woman lose herself so completely.

Suddenly the rocking became furiously fast and then she exploded. With loud grunting pants her pussy contracted on me like a vice, squeezing my cock so hard it hurt. Still barely moving anything but her hips she sat there screaming, contracting, totally red and flushed, hair wild around her, nipples bigger than I had ever seen them, her insides swollen and puffy from the intense blood flow.

Concomitantly I erupted. Thick streams shooting out of me. I was buried so deep into Angela that I immediately began to drip out of her, which only seemed to elongate her orgasm. I'm not sure how long we came like that; time had stood still as Angela built herself up. Eventually she opened her dazzling hazel eyes all the way and they slowly came back into focus. She collapsed onto me, her head on my chest, my hardness still buried inside her. We lay like that for almost and hour, not saying a word, our hearts beating together, our emotions and satisfaction obvious in the comfortable silence.

We were both still sticky from the fruit, sweat and sex. When Angela finally got up to pee I heard her start the shower. Leaning around the bathroom door she gave me her Helen of Troy smile.

"Care to join me?" she whispered seductively.

Standing behind Angela as the warm water cascaded over us I lathered shampoo through her hair. Taking my time to massage her scalp Angela purred in contentment. There may have been nearly a generation between us, but I had never had a more compatible, let alone beautiful lover. After finishing her hair I washed her body, making sure to spend a lot of time on her breasts. By now I was hard again and my cock was brushing against her ass, slippery with water and soap. As I washed her chest and stomach Angela pushed her ass back against me, enveloping my stiff dick.

Sliding my hand down her stomach my fingers found Angela's clit, engorged from our earlier sex and the wate

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