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The family, fearing new snow, head for home and more fun.


Just as he finished giving me the low down, a naked woman came up to us, "Oh Dave who's your precious little friend?" This woman had very short hair, was about five foot eight, small perky breasts with large nipples, a shaved pussy and the bluest eyes. She had defined muscles in her arms and legs. She didn't look butch at all, but I wouldn't want to get in a fight with her either.

Dave introduced me to Cheryl. Cheryl was very forward and kissed me right on the lips and I felt her hand rubbing my ass. My cock instantly got hard. When Cheryl pulled away from our kiss she squeezed my ass cheek and said "I love a man that shows his feminine side. I would love to take you into Dave's room and show you how a woman makes love to her man. Do you want to play with me little boy?" With that she grabbed my tit and pinched my nipple. She knew she had me when I moaned from the nipple workout.

She grabbed me by the hand and pulled me down the hall. "Come on honey, Cheryl is going to rock your world." I followed her down the hall like a puppy dog. We got to the master bedroom and headed for the king size bed. Cheryl spun me around and used her body to push me down on the bed with her body falling on top of me.

There I was, on my back in a black lingerie outfit with a woman rubbing her naked body against me. Cheryl looked at me "Oh baby, your pretty little girlie outfit feels so nice against my tits. We are going to have some fun." With that she planted her mouth on mine and forced her tongue in. My head was spinning again as her tongue massaged my tongue and gums. Her hands were all over my body, exploring every inch. I could feel the heat of her pussy against my panty covered hardon and her pussy juice soaking through my panties.

Cheryl lifted her body up and, scooting up my body, placed her tit in my mouth, "Nurse baby, suck on mommy's titties and make her feel good." Her nipple was hard and large as I sucked it into my mouth and started running my tongue all around the hard nub. Cheryl moaned, "That's it baby suck my tit. God that feels good. Bit it baby, mommy likes it rough."

Cheryl's pussy was dripping all over my stomach. I gently bit down on the nub and pulled my head back, stretching her nipple. Cheryl squealed in delight, "Oh YES! That's it baby work mommy's nipples good." Cheryl then sat up and looked down on me, "You are one hot little thing. Your bra is so lacy, like a little girl." Cheryl started to play with my nipples through my bra. I writhed and bucked under her as she teased my nipples.

"You are a wild one aren't you baby? Let's get you out of this sissy outfit and really make your toes curl," with that she unsnapped my bra, from the front, lifted me up enough to slide it off my shoulders along with my sheer cover-up. Then she dragged her pussy down my body, leaving a wet trail along the way that she licked up off of me, as she scooted down my body and pulled my panties off. My clothes went flying into Dave's open closet. My cock stood stiff as a board ready to explode.

Cheryl slapped my cock and in a firm voice said, "You aren't going to cum until I tell you to cum." Then she reached over to Dave's night stand, opened the drawer, and pulled out a leather cock ring with snaps. She quickly wrapped it around my cock, pulled tight and snapped it on. My cock doubled in size, or so I thought. The blood was trapped in my cock causing it to swell; the skin was pulled so tight that it shined. Then she took another strap and wrapped it around each of my balls then she snapped the ends to the cock ring around the base of my cock. WOW! What a sight. My balls turned bright purple.

Cheryl looked at her handy work and gave my balls a slap.

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