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We found a way to send letters to each other. We were finally back into the groove of having each other. No more being alone or feeling lonely.

She was my light and after sometime we realized that we need a plan to flee that place. The judge had decided in favor of Roo. She was being released the next day but they were denying her that. On the 58th day she was ripped from me once again.

They threw her in some room with no windows. I couldn't bear to be in the same building and not have her. I wasn't going to give her up that easy. I snuck to go see her. Two times was all I got in before they caught me. When I was caught they would strap me to a small wooden table with cuffs. They would whip me until I bled reciting the bible to me.

75 days, 6 hours, 40 minutes, and 8 seconds and I was running. I was running towards my freedom with my sister by my side. Climbing over fences and through some tall grass we were getting closer and closer to freedom.

Making it to the forest we could hear dogs in the background of our labored breathing. Before going into the woods I had a moment or epiphany rather. I looked at my baby sister all grown up. She was gorgeous, had her trust money, and was so close to her freedom. I couldn't help be in awe of her. I knew if we tried to run together we'd get caught.

Looking at her barely red tinted cheeks, her bright brown eyes I knew we were never meant to have each other long. I knew then she deserved more happiness in the world than what I could or anyone in that fact, give her so I did what any good big brother would do.

I pushed her.

I urged her to go, to run, and never look back for anyone to just run and forget this place. She pleaded with me, cried for me to come with her but I just kept urging her to run as I backed away from her.

I took off running away from her making as much noise as I could. I wanted them to catch me and that's what they did. They hauled me back to that table and told me how worthless, dirty, disgusting, and filthy I was for helping Satan herself from escaping.

88 days, 4 hours, 6 minutes, and 19 seconds

That was how many days I spent locked inside of the hell hole of a "Rehab" center.

On my release day my dad hugged me tightly. My father was never the sentimental man so when he hugged me I cried a little into his shoulder. He just looked me with the saddest eyes. My brother came and clapped me on the back while a tired but beautiful Celia brought me my niece Grace. My mother was nowhere to be seen, for that I was happy, relieved even.

No one spoke of Mom. She was some distant memory that no one wanted to bring up. It wasn't until curiosity finally got the best of me.

Wiping my mouth of bacon burger juices "So where is mother dearest?"

My father coughed and Rich looked a little pale.

Celia never once looking up from grace "she is sick. Almost close to death we guess."

I looked at them wondering how to feel about this news. After enjoying the little time we all had together we went and saw mom.

She looked so fragile. She had asked for my forgiveness. I didn't want to give it to her but what could I do she's my mom.

2 months 19 days or to sum it up 80 days, is how long I was in hell but there she lay frail. When she saw me she looked so happy to see me. I thought for a moment that maybe she had changed her mind. That maybe she would understand that I am ok being who I am.

That hope was dashed when she began asking about the center. I told all she wanted to hear. I was cured, I didn't like men in that way, and yes of course I'll find a nice girl and procreate.

Looking at her I know shell never change her ways.


All the time I was home I was the straight amazing son. I was slowly learning the company ways and being groomed to take over. I knew that I would always come home but I had hoped it wouldn't be filled with pain.

We were taking family pictures being 'carefree' and 'happy'.

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