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Young Lauren obeys her boss.

But then Iris's words became clear as after a few minutes of gently caressing her body she gently pulled her dress down and started cupping her bra covered breasts right in front of Barry.

At the same time she moved her mouth down to her neck, obviously allowing Caitlin the chance to complain, which Caitlin considered, between the moans of pleasure. Especially as she had no idea where this was going.

It was obvious Iris really wanted this, and from the look on his face there was a very good chance that it would be too much for Barry, and he would just leave. Which wasn't a nice thing to think, but it was better than losing Iris, so Caitlin couldn't help it.

Keeping Iris at least in some way was the most important thing to her, so Caitlin allowed her fianc__ to not only play with her boobs, but eventually pulled down the bra so she could lower her head and take one of her nipples into her mouth.

She then went back and forth, mostly concentrating on Caitlin's nipples but also kissing the surrounding flesh, all of which just felt so very, very good, and like during the kissing Caitlin just forgot all about their audience, partly because she closed her eyes, cupped the back of Iris's head and pushed her deeper into her chest.

Then when Iris pulled away from her, and called out to Barry she was actually startled, Caitlin embarrassing herself by even jumping a little when she opened her eyes and looked over at him with surprise.

"Are you just going to stand there all night?" Iris asked her other fianc__ boldly.

"I, I didn't know I was invited." Barry replied sheepishly, slowly stepping forward as he looked Caitlin and asked, "Is that okay?"

Before Caitlin could answer Iris butted in, "Just touch me, okay? Don't worry about her, just concentrate on me, while I'm concentrating on her. Mmmmm, and don't worry, I'm more than ready, so just do whatever you want."

For a few seconds the Flash continued to look apprehensive, then he kneeled down behind Iris and began caressing her skirt covered butt, making Caitlin fume with jealousy. But this was what she had agreed too, and it certainly could be worse. Besides, it was hard to stay mad when shortly after that Iris pulled up the bra, which was confusing, until Iris slowly dropped down to her knees and slipped her head under Caitlin's dress.

Which was kind of ironic, as Iris was making sure that Caitlin didn't have to be naked in front of Barry, but she was about to eat her out in front of him. It shouldn't have been a comfort, but it was, Caitlin weirdly grateful for that, and the fact that Iris continued going slow, spending a few long seconds kissing her way up and down her thighs and then licking her pussy through her panties.

Barry felt completely out of his element here. He knew that this kind of threesome was supposed to be like every guys dream, but not him. He'd only ever wanted Iris. That was the ultimate dream, and for him he'd had it what felt like only days ago, only to find that Iris had managed to find happiness with someone else, which was beyond heart-breaking.

He wasn't sure joining her in the relationship would work, as it seemed just asking for trouble, but he really would try anything if it meant keeping her. But the larger picture aside, he wasn't sure what to do now. Sex wasn't something he wanted to rush, but he'd been more or less left out of the foreplay, and sure, it didn't take him much to have him ready to go, and the little show had definitely done that job, but he just wasn't sure what to do now exactly.

After a few seconds which felt like hours to someone of his speed, both before and after he kneeled down, Barry firmly pushed Iris's skirt upwards, kissing along her thighs and a bit of her meaty cheeks poking out of the deliberately small underwear. He then carefully pulled that down, exposing that gloriously round booty that he loved so much.


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