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Lady Victoria's brunch.

The wounds they inflicted healed instantly. He was superhuman strength, and they were weakening by the second. It was at this point Logan and Marcus attacked the demon simultaneously. Several others wolves joined, all were bloodied and Ja'Mal knew he had to end this.

Love, let me join you. We can defeat him bout we must unite. Kerri sent.

No, stay hidden. If I say run, get out. Ja'Mal replied.

Ja'Mal. Take my strength. Absorb the power of the Wapjanli. She will help destroy the demon. she insisted.

Out of options Jamal asked one question. HOW?

Close your eyes, I'm coming. Kerri whispered. Lionel saw Ja'Mal entered into a trance and he knew he was allowing the wapjanli to help. He had to kill him now. As he lunged for Jamal, Logan pounced, knocking him sideways, diverting him from his target. It was then that Marcus too joined in covering the monster fighting viciously. With a swipe of his arm, his claws rent into Logan's side slicing him open, he yelped and went down. The blow was fatal and Marcus attacked even more.

Jamal stood snarling at the creature before him, and Wapjanli spoke. "You pathetic creature, you will die today, and the sad thing is no one will even miss you."

Jamal approached T'chumekia slowly, stalking his prey. Tossing Marcus aside, the demon faced the one thing he hated more that living. He faced the Wapjanli. Marcus rushed to Logan and along with the help of some other warriors they rushed him to the triage until at the medical center. He was so weak, lost so much blood. His wound was devastating. The medics worked on him as best they could, but they feared he would not make it.

Meanwhile, Jamal ordered the pack members to stand down this was the end. Either Lionel would die or he would, but as far as he was concerned this was over.
Lionel lunged and Ja'Mal caught him. A battle ensued, man against beast. They fought, Ja'Mal, in his wolf form, leaped and knocked the creature to the ground. He went for his jugular, but Lionel was too fast, too crafty. One swipe and he sent the big black wolf sailing though the air. Ja'Mal recuperated and pounced once more. None of the wounds inflicted on this monster slowed him down. He had no idea how to stop him. Finally the Wapjanli spoke. Take his heart. It's the black mass in the center of his being. It fuels his hatred. Without it, he cannot survive.

Jamal stood strong once more. He knew what he needed. He now was focused on one part of this monster. He pounced once more biting a huge chunk of flesh from his chest. Lionel realized he was going for his heart and knew he had to kill the dog now, or he'd be killed. Lionel struck Jamal skewering his side. A deep wound, Jamal bled profusely weakening by the second.

Betty was already upset because she knew something had happened to Logan, but when Ja'Mal took a fatal blow, she felt it. Betty screamed and Kerri too felt a sharp pain where her mate was struck. Kerri knowing she was about to lose her mate fought to remain calm. It was then that Jamal sent one final order, Get them out, now The betas complied. They started moving the weaker members through the tunnels. Betty refused to go as did Kerri and Oman. "I can't lose my son and my mate," Betty cried. "I'm going out there." She rushed to forced the door open. Larry held her back as Keamon tried to reason with the distraught woman.

"He will defeat him, just have faith." Keamon assured everyone. More of the pack was lead to safety. Through the tunnels. Kerri sent to Jamal, I love you and I'm not leaving.

Her words gave him strength. He lay on the ground as Lionel stalked him and he knew what to do. He felt his mother's sorrow, his mates fear, but above all else, he felt her love.

When Lionel leaped on top of him once more he was ready.

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