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An NCIS Christmas Tale.

This was just what he wanted, to see her slip into lust mode, her body alive and sensitive, now she could be punished, now she would be vulnerable.

He attached clips to the flaps of her dripping pussy. Attached to the clips were thin wires, which he pulled tight, stretching Starry even wider, causing her to moan once more. Another clip was attached to her clit, this too had a wire attached. He watched and waited patiently, observing her reaction and just when he was certain that Starry was waiting for something to be inserted into her he attached the wires to a transformer and jolted her pussy with a short sharp current of electricity. Starry screamed behind the gag but she was unable to move at all, stretched out as she was.

The Master walked up beside Starry and whispered in her ear "The only way to stop it is to not get wet, the wetter you get the more current you'll feel."

With that he switched on a vibrator and inserted it into her pussy, and then another which he pushed harshly up into her ass. Starry moaned behind her gag. Her brain was spinning wildly.

"Not get wet, how do I not get yet?" she thought to herself. Starry tried but was unable to help herself. She had felt the pain from the electric shock, she could feel the vibrators humming inside, filling her body. She moaned and started getting wetter. The next shock was stronger than the first, her body went rigid with pain and stayed that way till she started to dry up. No sooner had she recovered than the vibrators did there work again and another jolt of electricity coursed through her pussy. The shocks were stronger now, they were so strong that they were stopping Starry from cumming, an experience she had never had before. Her mind was lost in the pleasure and pain. As the shocks got stronger she found herself starting to dry up. But as that happened and the shocks lessened and her response to the vibrators got stronger and she got wetter. Starry could feel herself getting so close to orgasm only to have her dripping pussy trigger another electric shock. Starry screamed in frustration. Helpless in her bonds with no escape.

He waited and watched as Starry struggled, her frustration evident by the sounds that emitted from behind the gag. After watching her torture endure for half an hour before he removed the vibrators. Then he stood beside her heaving body and talked quietly into her ear.

"Since you can't be trusted you will no longer wear the collar and lead, from now on you will be lead around by your nipples. "

With that Starry felt her nipples being squeezed until they became hard and erect. This cause her more pain as the currents continued to through her now dripping pussy. Just when she thought that she might finally cum, despite the constant surge of electricity, Starry felt the sharp pain of needles piercing her nipples. Once more Starry tried to scream and withdraw her body, but she could do neither and was forced to endure as both her nipples were pierced, gold rings inserted and a gold chain draped between them.

He tugged the chain to test it's strength and Starry felt close to blacking out as the jolts of pain from her newly pierced nipples and the electricity in her pussy combined to send her mind swirling.

Once again he talked quietly to her. "Do you think you've learned your lesson yet Starry, do you think you'll behave in future"

Starry nodded her head and tried desperately to tell her master that she had in fact learned her lesson, but all that came out was a series of muffled sounds.

"hhmmm, I think I believe you this time" he said with little conviction. He looked across to a man standing near a fire, in his hand a branding iron, glowing red. He nodded to the man who approached Starry.

"But this time I will make certain that everyone knows you are my property and mine alone"

He nodded at the man who applied the brand first to one of Starry's thighs and then to her upper arm.

Starry screamed like she had never screamed before, The sound became lost in her gag but

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