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"Um, wow, Chels-"

"Oh and yes, of course, I took some pics! That was a tough thing to do and now you owe me big time, basically had to blackmail him! He didn't like that so much but whatever, he wanted to fuck me so he agreed to anything."

"You are so devious!! Oh wow, can you send me pics?"

"Yes, it was a pretty good weekend... and of course I can't send them but we'll take a look at them together soon," Chelsey replied.

"I need more details, babe! What did you do first? What did he make you do? What did he like the best? What did YOU like the best? I'm so horny and kinda jealous at the same time! Did he lick your nips and clit better than me? Tell me the truth!" Hailey was now rubbing her own clit through her thong vigorously.

"Hailey, he was good... but NO ONE is better at that than you!!!! I'll give you full deets soon. Will write it all down for posterity... again, Mom doesn't know at all, so please don't slip up. I promised him that."

Hailey exploded with an orgasm for her sister on the phone, thanked her and hung up. Then she went to bed and did herself all over again.

The next morning, Hailey checked her email as soon as she woke up and saw one, as promised by her sister, at the top of the list. The subject was "OMG":

You want deets??? Ok, ok ok!!! I walked around in pretty skimpy stuff all weekend, winked a lot, stuck my boobs in his face, you know, was pretty open. I walked around upstairs in a thong and bra once and he saw me but I pretended not to notice!!! Anyway, finally, on Sunday night we were sitting on the couch after mom went to bed and I sort of got right next to him, could feel my boobs against his body and caught him looking a few times. Then... I saw the BULGE! Oh my god, Hay, I was so nervous and excited, so I looked at him and put my hand near his leg, about half way, and he started to say something and so I put my finger on his mouth and then put my hand back down on his leg and slid up to his huge cock. It was so big and warm through his pants, Hay. Anyway, I rubbed it a little and it got bigger, then I unzipped his pants and reached in and grabbed it and took it out. He was so big and erect, and has a perfect penis! I started to stroke it and he leaned his head back and closed his eyes as I did. then I bent over and licked the end of his cock, then kissed it, then went down on him! I heard him groan as I took him in my mouth. he was so huge though Hay that I only had about half of it in my mouth when I felt his hand on the back of my head push me down a little. I thought I would gag but I didn't! I was able to take it all in and then gave him awesome head. He was really into it! So was I! Shall I continue...????

Hailey answered quickly:

Yes yes yes please!!!!!!! wow, you gave him head!?! I'm impressed, Sis!

Chelsey replied:

So where were we? Ah yes, his cock in my throat! Amazing.

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