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Charlie was looking stunned while Brian was smiling gently and making clapping motions to indicate his approval.

I went to put the top back on but Brian spoke up.

"Ah, Iris, before you put that back on, do me a favour. The bottoms."

I blushed at that. He wanted to see me naked? Well, yes, I already knew that. I'd felt a little excited when I took off the top, knowing that they were looking and liking. But the bottoms? Squirmy tendrils of heat were running through me. Decision time.

I swallowed nervously and dropped the top on the ground. Then turning away from them slightly I dropped the bottoms.

"Face me, please, Iris," came the soft request and I nervously turned to face them, keeping my hands by my side with a major effort.

"Nudity fits the body, graceful as a glove;

fashions only obscure our perfect frame of love."

I stared at Charlie stunned when he cited poetry at me in praise of my nudity. He was looking at me with sincere admiration. So was Brian, for that matter. I could practically feel his eyes touching me.

"Iris, my angel of love," said Charlie, "I want you to lie down on the blankets. We are going to make love to you."

With that both the guys stood up and dropped their pants and stood facing me, just as naked as I was, but with their nudity standing out in a way mine never would.

I was shaking my head, reaching down to pick up my bikini, trying not to look at the men and their erections. Somehow I knew they wouldn't stop me if I put my bikini back on. My eyes accidentally flickered over to them and I gulped nervously. Charlie was bad enough, his cock sticking up long and hard but, and this is only a guess, just an average size. Brian, on the other hand, was anything but average. My knowledge of sizes of shapes is limited but I knew enough to assess Brian as being worth two of Charlie. Solids are funny that way. You only need to be a little longer, a little thicker, and you've got a lot more mass.

Oh my god. They both wanted to take me. I wasn't a virgin but I wasn't all that experienced, and I'd never been with two guys at once. I'd never even imagined being with two guys. I just wasn't the adventurous type. So why was I lying flat on my back instead of pulling on my bikini and running?

I wanted to say very loudly and clearly that I'd changed my mind. I wanted to ignore that thrill of terrible anticipation that was running through me. The idea of doing this couldn't be arousing and stimulating me. I did NOT want to lie there, flat on my back, watching Charlie move towards me with lusty intent. But that's what I was doing.

Hell's bells. He didn't even have to part my legs before settling between them. They were already parted, waiting and expecting him. I called myself a very rude name but watched him settling between my thighs.

Charlie started brushing his cock against me, stroking along my slit. That was the extent of his foreplay. For god's sake he didn't need to do anything else. I was hot and wet and horny and wanting him. He loomed over me, just his cock making contact with me, and then he started pushing into me.

"That's the idea," he said softly. "Watch it as it takes you. Feel it slide into you and see how it vanishes as it penetrates you."

I was watching and feeling and pushing up to meet him. He simply drilled in with one long push, and I could feel him deep inside. His hands came up to rub against my breasts and then he was lying on top of me, crushing me under him, his hands still clutching my breasts.

I was looking down the length of his back and I saw his bottom rise up, feeling his cock pulling back at the same time, then his bottom was sinking again and his cock was moving back into me.

For some reason I'd never been in a position where I could see a man's bottom bouncing up and down as he took me.

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