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Husband puts wife on display again.

"You've been telling me all along that you love sucking cock. Let's see if you're as good as you say you are, Heaven. Come on... I want to feel my cock in the back of your throat."

You waste no time in pulling my jeans down and fishing inside my boxers to whip out my cock. You gasp slightly at the size, glad to see that at least this guy wasn't boasting about his size...He wasn't kidding, it had be nine inches long and so thick you could barely get your hands around it.

And you love it...

Time passes slowly and eventually I'm forced to take a seat on the table as my legs are ready to give way from the talents you apply to my cock.

"You're a real cocksucker, aren't you? You love the feeling of my cock in the back of your mouth slipping into your throat...don't you, Heaven?"

Your only response is to moan around the width of my cock, which causes me to moan in turn, twisting my hand in your hair. But soon, I've got more in mind then letting you suck me off all night.

Having loved every second of feel of your lips wrapped around my cock, I can't take anymore and I've got to fuck you, but the tease... the tease is everything, and I've got to tease you first. Twisting my hand in your hair just slightly I usher you back to your feet before turning you around and admiring the curve of your body. Then I start really teasing you, as I whisper in your ear.

"You've got such a nice body, Heaven."

I reach around you, grabbing your tits and pulling you back against me, pressing my hard cock in the cleft of your ass cheeks...

"Such beautiful breasts..."

And tweak your nipples, feeling them get hard in between my fingers...

"Such wonderful nipples"

And then start running my hands down your body..sliding over your stomach...cupping your pussy in one hand and slipping two fingers into you...

"Such a soft, wet pussy...Is this my fault?"

And then I pull the fingers out of your pussy, making sure that they are covered in your juices and gently trail the remaining fingers of my hand up your body over your lips and to my mouth, moaning softly as I taste you.

"You taste wonderful, Heaven."

Then my voice takes a slightly different tone, lowering even more, and becoming deeper as I whisper right against your inner ear.

"Would you like to know what I've got in store for you? Precisely what I have in mind?"

A slight whimper or moan escapes your lips as you nod your head in assent.

" First, I'm going to bend you over, bend you all the way over, so your pussy is spread nice and wide for me. Then I'm going to lick your pussy, from the top of your clit to the bottom of your cunt and straight up to your asshole. Does that sound good so far?"

Only a shiver and low moan for a response as your pussy is flooded with heat and warmth.

"Then I'm going to fuck you, Heaven, I'm going to fuck you good and hard. I want to hear you moaning, and screaming, and calling out my name as I pound your pussy. I want to feel you dig your nails into my back and feel you cum, feel your pussy squeeze my cock so hard it hurts."

This time you moan louder, arching your ass back against my cock, as though you are eager to get started.

"And when I get ready to cum, I'm not even going to both stopping. I'm going to fuck you until I'm ready to blow then pull out of your pussy and cum all over your ass and your back."

Another low moan as you reach back and take my cock in your hand, gently stroking it as I continue to whisper in your ear.

"That's not it by far know that right? I'm not even going to clean the cum off of you, I love seeing you covered in it. What I'm going to do is crawl between your legs and eat your pussy, taste your juices and feel the wetness that I caused get rubbed all over my face as I tongue fuck you."

Now my fingers are dancing over your clit and rubbing your pussy as I go about telling you the rest of the things I have in mind.

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