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Dominated and punished for keeping secrets.


"Why leave? Just call him in and I can get to know both of you better. I wouldn't want to leave you out there with a hard cock all by yourself."

I called out to Jerry that I needed his help in the bathroom. After Jerry entered the bathroom I told him to take off his clothes and help me wash Darcy's back. He didn't have to be asked twice. Hopping in the shower with us his cock was already three quarters hard and rising fast.

With Darcy facing Jerry and in between us, I started soaping up her back. Jerry was rubbing his hands all over her breasts and teasing her nipples. He put his head down and started sucking on them. Darcy was stroking his now very hard cock and pushing her fine ass against mine. I backed away and soaped up her incredible tight ass cheeks and up her crack pushing my slippery fingers into her tight little asshole. Grabbing her by the hips I pushed my cock against her soaped up ass and handed the soap to Jerry so he could wash her front. My hands slid around in front to play with Darcy's pussy and cup her breasts.

After Jerry had her front side soaped up we both continued to caress Darcy all over with our hands. Turning her sideways between us we worked together fingering and teasing her pussy and breasts. Taking the soap from Jerry, Darcy soaped up his front and then mine. She then proceeded to stroke our soap-covered cocks, one in each hand. She was really starting to squirm. Jerry was pumping his fingers in and out of her pussy and I was rubbing her clit. She let out a load moan and squeezing our cocks hard, she came right as I shoved a finger up her ass.

We rinsed the soap off Darcy and then she did the same for us. Jerry and I continued to touch and caress her hot body and she was doing the same to us. As she finished rinsing the soap off Jerry I pulled her back to one end of the shower. Then I pushed her head gently down towards Jerry's cock. She bent at the waist and grabbed his cock and started licking, stroking and sucking it. I got between her legs from behind and shoved my face into her wet, hot ass and flicked my tongue across her sweet and tender asshole. Pushing my tongue into her ass I shoved two of my fingers up into her pussy and started fucking her with them. Jerry was holding her breasts and pumping his cock in and out of her mouth.

With a groan Jerry said "I'm coming" and Darcy kept right on sucking his cock swallowing the first shot of his come. Before Jerry was finished shooting his cock popped out of Darcy's mouth as she started coming on my fingers. Jerry was shooting come across her breasts and reached down and covered her hand with his helping her continue stroking his cock until he finished. "Holy fuck" Jerry said. "That was awesome. Fuck, that was awesome."

"Oh my god you're right about that." Said Darcy. "Let's get out of the shower and on the bed, I'm really ready for a good fuck now." Grabbing my still hard cock she said. "I've got one big hard cock ready and while I'm getting my pussy pounded by this I'll help get that beautiful cock of yours ready to go again. How about it Jerry?"

"Shit it's already starting to come back. I think I'll be more then ready in just a couple of minutes." Said Jerry.

With that we dried off and ran into the bedroom. Darcy put Jerry on his back on the bed. Getting between his legs and her ass in the air she went right back to work on his hardening cock. Looking back she smiled at me and said. "See if you can slide in from behind today." Smiling, I placed myself behind her and spreading her knees slightly. I rubbed my cock up and down her very wet slit. I continued to tease her with my cock rubbing her from her asshole to her clit. I could hear her moan on Jerry's cock. I pushed into her pussy and groaned myself from the exquisite pleasure it gave me. It was almost enough to make me come so I stayed buried inside not moving for a few seconds to recover.

As the immense feeling to come subsided I started stroking my cock in and out of Darcy's pussy.

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