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Husband wonders what went wrong.

I see your nipple stiffening as you let you a sigh. I wonder what you're thinking about as you touch yourself.

I quietly step back further into the shadows and take off my clothes, as quickly and quietly as I can. My cock is already hard, thinking about you, and it makes it difficult getting my pants off.

I hear you moving in the bathroom, and then you turn out the light and step through the door into the darkness of the bedroom. You're wearing a robe now, the towel still wrapped around your hair.

I quietly step up behind you and put my hand over your mouth. I feel your body stiffen as you try to pull away.

But my other arm is around you now, pinning you to me. I slip my hand into your robe and feel your skin, still warm and a little damp from the shower. My hand finds your breast and I squeeze it.

I take my hand from your mouth, and you blurt out "I just had a shower!"

I ignore this and tell you to BE QUIET.

I pull your robe open, and take both your breasts in my hands. I squeeze them and play with them, feeling their fullness and their weight. I'm holding your body tight against mine, and even through the thick cloth or your robe, you can feel my hard cock pressed against your ass.

I kiss your neck, my mouth open against your skin, breathing in your scent. My hands continue to explore you, squeezing you, pinching and twisting your nipples until they are stiff and erect.

You whimper a little as I bite your neck. God, I love your taste! I feel you trembling as I squeeze you and play with you.

I pause for a moment to pull your robe roughly from your shoulders and off your arms. You try to turn toward me, to see me, but I don't let you. I drop your robe on the floor, and taking the soft belt, I loop it around your wrists, tying your hands behind your back. And then I pull your body against mine once again.

You are helpless as I caress you. You feel my hot breath on you as I whisper in your ear... "you've got such nice tits... such big, hard nipples for me to play with, don't you baby?"

I pinch your nipples to emphasize my words, before sliding my hands down your body, over your soft skin.

You feel my rigid cock pressed between the cheeks of your ass, a trickle of precum running wetly down, lubricating us as I rub against you. My hands continue to explore you. You feel my hand slide between your legs, touching you, caressing you. You feel my fingers brushing lightly over your swollen lips, teasing you.

I can feel your heat now, your wetness. I slip my finger between those sweet lips and slide it up and down, spreading your juices. I rub my cock against your ass, humping you as my finger slides into your pussy. I can't believe how wet you are. I spread your juices, using two fingers now, sliding them in and out, running my slick fingers over your hard clit.

Wordlessly I guide you to the bed, leaning you over, pushing you down. I make you spread your legs, your ass in the air, your upper body on the bed, hands still tied behind you. I reach under you and touch you. You feel my fingers spreading your lips, holding you open. You feel the head of my cock press against you from behind, and then push into you. You gasp as I pull back and then thrust forward again.

My cock pushes deeper and deeper into you, filling you. You're so wet, so hot... I start to fuck you, my cock sliding in and out with long strokes, sliding almost out of you, and then thrusting back in, deep inside you.

My hand is still beneath you, playing with your dripping pussy, your juices drenching my fingers. I rub your clit as I fuck you, responding to your gasps and moans. You push your hips back against me, matching the rhythm of my urgent fucking, taking my cock deep into you as my fingers bring you closer and closer to orgasm.

I thrust into you faster and faster, my hand rubbing you. You know I can't stop now - you know I'm going to cum in you. I feel your body start to stiffen and tremble, and I know that you are going to cum too.

Oh fuck! Oh god, yes baby! Cum wit

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