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Patrick finally has it out with Marie's father.


"No one told me last night was a spy mission," I said. "Laurel, I know that you listened carefully for every piece of information that might give you an advantage down the road. It is your unique combination of intelligence, intrigue, perversity and reckless stupidity that got you where you are today," Svetlana replied. "I'm also sure that you feigned being so overwhelmed by ecstasy or pain that they did not realize you were taking in every word."

"You sure know how to make a girl feel good about herself," I said. "Your new friends asked for a lot. First, Ron Club Jr. called and said they would come to my condo at 8:00 and I was to stay dressed in my power suit. I knew most of the guys from business, the financial news or the Daily News. There was Ron Club Sr. trying to look like a billion dollars with a guy I recognized as a man with whom I'd met at the Russian Consulate, I think his name is Gorsuchin. Ron Club Jr. and Rich Club his younger brother came of course.

"I knew Hadly Baxendale who I once represented in a contract matter. I saw Baxendale at the Met opening with his notorious fourth wife, Peggy Sue. Peggy Sue actually whispered to me then that she didn't give a shit about opera but it was fun showing off her boobs in a low cut $15,000 dress to a bunch of rich society types. She graciously added in her thickest West Virginia accent that she thought my boobs were nice too if not as big as hers.

"I knew of Hartwick Pines, the lumber tycoon and his notorious wife, Julietta, formerly a Ukrainian model.

The last of the older guys, Tom Palsgraf, I met at a private trunk sale for chinchilla coats with his stunning new Swedish wife, Brigit. Quite a presence that Brigit. She'd be amazing even if she weren't 6 foot three inches tall.

Two younger guys, Dave and Adam were introduced as friends of the Club brothers.

"After the men had collected in the living room here and sat in the chairs facing my futon couch like they were here to watch the Superbowl, they asked me to strip slowly. Club Jr. gave a running commentary about how I was a high powered attorney but also a sex slave because I was a greedy submissive slut who loved sex and abuse and had been willing to risk whatever virtue I'd ever had for a lot of money. I was not happy with this introduction but I was in no position to argue as I stripped down to nothing. The crowd literally cheered as I unfastened my bra. Despite everything in my past, I blushed and felt like a complete fool all over again as I eased down my bikini panties and presented my body and elegantly shaped pubic hair like a razor sharp new model sports car.

"Ron Jr. then said, 'as you can see, Laurel is hot as can be despite her being over 40. They take care of their property real well and don't give the women any chance to slack off on keeping up their figures. Now here is where it get's fun. Slut, or should I say, Madame Counselor, please place your beautiful boobs into my paws so that I can brutally torture them.'

"I inhaled. I did what I must do and walked over and placed by breasts directly before his hands. I was hot and scared and wished I could have stopped playing the lottery seven years ago before I lost the lottery that rendered me a sex object that had to accept such abuse. Before he touched my breasts, though, Ron Jr. said, 'Maybe, Adam, you should work on these first.' I was afraid as I placed my breasts directly into Adam's hands not knowing anything about him. Adam, though, began to very gently stimulate the underside of my breasts and lightly touch my nipples with his fingernails and tips of his index fingers so that I got more and more excited. You know, how I always do. My Montgomery glands stood out like tiny mountains and my heartbeat was increasing. The two whole days since I'd been penetrated seemed like a long drought. I was aroused and there was no point in trying to hide it.

"An order from Ron Jr.

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