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ou want to be here?"

"Perhaps. Tell me more about your Social Club."

Julie could tell Clare was not a woman that could simply be told what to do and she'd submit. She could tell this was a woman who was used to getting what she wanted and Julie was trying to figure out exactly what that was.

"I like to think of my club as a business for entertainment. Everyone that you saw in the main section comes here to, um, shall we say enjoy themselves in a way that can't or won't at home."

"I gathered it was something like that as I waited for Jake."

"Do you know him well?" asked Julie.


"He's a performer. Maybe my best performer."

"And what about you? Are you a performer as well Julie?"

"Oh of course. I love being in front of people. What about you?"

Before Mrs. Pinotti could answer, Jake walked in.

"How's the crowd tonight?" Julie asked Jake.

"Horny. Like me."

"Clare and I were just discussing being in front of people."

"Clare?" Jake had a puzzled look on his face until he realized that Julie was talking about Mrs. Pinotti.

"Oh. Well Clare. You can sit on the couch over there, Julie and I have some work to do." He told Mrs. Pinotti.

"What if I prefer to participate instead of just watching?" She asked.

"Maybe you should just watch Jake," Said Julie teasingly.

She walked over to Jake, put her hands on his crotch and felt his shaft as it began to harden. Julie pressed her body close to Jake, rubbing her breasts against his chest and laughed as she looked over her shoulder at Clare.

"He's got such a nice cock."

"Yes. I know he does." Clare replied.

Just then an announcer was heard welcoming the ladies and gentlemen to the Havana Royal Social Club.

"Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen. Tonight's entertainment will feature our very own club owner, Miss Julie and the handsome stud you've all come to know and enjoy, Big Jake. If anyone cares to join them or put on their own show, please come to the announcer's booth in the back corner."

"Looks like were up. You ready?" Julie said to Jake.


The office began to rotate, taking Clare by surprise. The west wall pulled back and Clare saw the entire room of people she had passed earlier all sitting and staring towards the threesome. Most with drinks at their tables, some still engaged in whatever sexual act they were doing before the announcement.

"Hello everyone!" Julie started.

"I'm so glad you could make it. Tonight Jake and I are going to have a little fun. He's even brought a special guest. Everyone say hello to Clare."

The crowd made loud whistles and shouts of appreciation to a new member to their club. It didn't hurt that Mrs. Pinotti was an attractive and voluptuous woman. Her stylish look was out of place, but no one really cared. Mrs. Pinotti felt a rush of excitement go straight to her pussy. She certainly wasn't expecting this. Jake could see a little fear and a lot of excitement in her face.

He walked over to her and whispered,

"Just relax and watch the show."

Jake took off his sport coat, his muscular build and think body were pleasing to the crowd. Music began to play and lights were dimmed so that the crowd was hard to see behind all the spotlights that shone on the stage. Julie wasted little time taking off her clothes and the crowd shouted out their appreciation.

She strutted over to Jake, slapped his face and then unbuttoned his shirt. Kissing her way down his bare chest. She licked and sucked on his nipples before she put her hand down his pants. Again the crowd shouted out to her.

"Take it out! I wanna see his big cock!" an anonymous woman shouted, followed by whistles from other admirers.

Julie took her time, teasing not only Jake but the audience as well. She bent over in front of him, feeling his cock pushing against her flesh. The crowd couldn't see his stiffening shaft rubbing against her naked ass, but Julie sure could feel it. His hard cock strained for release.

Julie used her experience as a dancer to perfection.

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