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Rita is totally humiliated.

How long it is she asked that further It's almost like mine. Mine is little slimmer than him. Then how long is yours she asked. I have not measured it you may feel and guess it's almost erect now I said. She started moaning, on her first moan I released her butt traveled to cup her breast from over dress. I have served her every need let me be useful to her womanly need and started squeezing her boobs, one after another.

Shahil leave me it is not right for both of us to indulge in this. Its incest we can't do it she was pushing her my hands, but force was feeble. I went on caressing her body, she was verbally apposing it, but nothing physically. She must be hungry for this since more than year.

I don't know whether she had any interest in it before we had firm bound, but now I think she too needed.

I said what more incest is. Me fucking B-I-L or fucking SIS or having threesome or SIS getting pregnant by me as you say. What we are doing is more than that. Girl friend let me be very much clear, I have one cunt and two ass holes for my enjoyment or disposal. Neither of them denies me when I am horny, may be the only invite me to fuck. That way I am more than satisfied, I always respect their desire and many times I fuck B-I-L as my duty. If you are in need of the blissful and safe intercourse you can say yes. Otherwise I will never force you, what I was thinking is you need banging urgently. Your body language is telling it. We can reach our place by tomorrow night or day after that. When I reach there I have whole world will be present. For you there is nothing for this.

If you don't need it's ok for me.

I released my grip tried turn away from her. She suddenly caught me and embraced me tightly. It was more than enough for me to conclude. I started kissing her madly and inserted my hand in her panty to feel her freshly shaven pussy. As I caressed the cunt which was already leaking juice. Found the slit entered fingering she shuddered to the touch and her moans started she was no more hesitant. We had broken all the barriers now. She was caressing my back while I was playing with her assets. I pushed my Bermuda along with undies and took out pushing by legs. Her hand automatically reached my erect rod, she hold it smoothly admired it's touch. I pushed her gagra to her waist. I was now caressing her legs thigh the touch was something totally different from both the girls I had touched previously.

Mature aunty was moaning like hell her breathing came harsh I pulled her panty to knees, she kicked them off. I wanted to kiss her body I licked her navel she urged me to proceed. I thought she is indicating me to eat her pussy. I took my mouth to her pussy, she dragged my head by hair nothing now. You just enter my forbidden place now just ride me, I am in no position to sustain any more. I positioned over her she took lead she hold my ramrod and place over her old choot's opening and urged me to move.

I was entering very hot canal of her lovely cunt. It was tight enough to make me slow as it was not serviced since over a year. I slowly plunged my meat into her tight slit. It took several strokes to reach her bottom. I started slowly humping her while holding her still clothed shoulder. She was in such a hurry she did not allow me even disrobing her. I place my hand over her blouse and squeezing them still clothed. She was rolling her head to left and right.

I went on pumping her for several minutes at a stretch. She shuddered twice but didn't allow me take rest nor she rested. I went on pumping her she was oozing her cunt juice now and then. I too didn't stop till she urged me to stop. At last I too reached climax, started humping her like machine gun and when I was on the verge to release I asked where to release.

She said don't worry I had tubectomy you fill there.

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