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College girl gets taken to her first play party.

Her hands felt like fire as I groaned and my ASS pulsed with desire. I just stood spread as she pulled my ass into her big hands and gyrated me, GOD I wanted cock BAAAAD!!!

I could tell she was growing feverish so I begged.

"Please rip my little hole open now?"

"I am anxious to see how pleased you will be at how tight I am on your big thick cock."

I was a little shocked how easily these words came out of my mouth.

I didn't care what happened as long as my sexually sensitive skin kept getting attention. Her touch was that of a predator, preparing me, getting me hot, making me weak, breaking down all my defences for her assault and it was working.

"That's it she whispered, no inhibitions; use your body to beg for a FUCK!!"

I grinded against her cock, pulled at her ass and moaned like a desperate little girl.

She made me chirp as a finger pushing hard into my ass lifting me up to my toes. The sensation of being rammed with her finger after teasing my hole but not touching it was incredible.

"Come I want to parade you around."

And she guided me around the room on her finger.

"That's it chest out ass curled up into my palm, standing on your toes. Here I got you a present, put those on."

She pointed to some 6" red slut heels. I leaned over as her left hand held the front of my left thigh fingers curling under and by my balls. She lifted making sure my ass stayed high so she could pump her finger in me. She rubbed her cock against the side of me in gyrating motions moving my hips making it very hard to put on the heels. My hands were shaking and I kept dropping them and having trouble with the straps. Then I felt two fingers pump hard up my ass and I exhaled hard with a yelp. She pulled me to my toes and I really was off balance but she held me up easily by the hips and started intensely


"Feels good doesn't it? What a pleasantly tight little FUCK you will be."

I finally got them on and stood up tall. She pulled up on my hole and made me raise my ass nice and high behind me. I felt really slutty in the heels. Her fingers constantly kneading and slowly pumping my asshole.

"This is how you stand."

She said yanking up on my hole as if my ass could point up any higher.

"I saw these long firm legs when I walked behind you showing the house. It was then that I knew I had to see them in high heels, tan, shaved and glistening."

She pulled her fingers out of me and stood back.

"I don't want to go too fast."

"I want to tease you and prime your body a little more before devouring you."

"What do you want me to do, I said, I'll do anything."

"I know you will."

She uncovered a wall and there were about 20 hard cocks sticking out from it at all different heights and angles.

"Fuck yourself."

She said.

"Fuck everyone of them."

I couldn't believe the command as I unknowingly wetted my lips. I drop from my lips fell on my erect cock as I approached the wall.

I walked up to the first one and turned sticking my ass back and easing against it pushing onto it and moaning. I gyrated for her then pulled off. I'd drop to my knees and backed onto my 2nd dildo and humped it. Then I stood on my toes and slide down on one pointed up. As I stared in her eyes I keep standing on my toes and dropping on it harder and harder. I mounted and sucked one after the other slinking around the wall and really getting into it. Just seeing how nasty I could be. I screamed and whimpered and took some really frantically hard and it felt soooooo good but they were all 5" and thin so none of them satisfied me at all, just made me want more.

"That's good."

She said as she stroked her cock, which seemed to be even more massive now.

"Mmmmm that's nice. Now that you are a little looser come here."

I walked, no strutted like a SLUT, over to her side. Her hand had lube and she stroked me.

"Mmmm you have developed nicely.

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