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I video my wife with other men.

They were completely naked as Uncle Brian sat back on the couch and mom knelt on the floor and she was playing with Uncle Brian's snake as mom told it was and then introduced me to the name "penis". She then put it in her mouth and sucked it and played with it and I actually saw it grow and get stiff-like and I didn't know what was next.

Then they went into the bedroom and told me to come and watch the fun that was about to start. Mom laid on the bed and spread open her legs and Uncle Brian put his snake inside mommy and they were making all kind of noises and mom was using the word fuck a lot and the next thing I knew Uncle Brian's snake was squirting this white gooey stuff all over mom's face and then she licked it all off. She explained to me that men love that and when the goo is inside the lady it could make a baby. I was shocked and didn't know what to make of it.

She did have her fun all the time and I tried not to be home much when she did because I was kind of scared. I turned 13 and I guess I was changing. I already had my period for a year already and I was starting to notice the boys in my school and wondered if I would want to have sex with them. I walked to school and to get to my school, I had to pass our middle/high school and some of the older guys were cuter than the boys in my class. I started to talk to them a few times and one of the guys told me that he wanted me to meet him one night at the library and I agreed. I was there a lot anyway because I was trying to study and keep up my grades to make mom and dad proud. Dad saw me twice a week and he got remarried and his new wife was nice. I never told him about what mom showed me because I didn't know if I should.

I met Greg at the library one night and he said he had a car so he would drive me home. In the car, he started to kiss me and I kissed him the way mom showed me and he was shocked. I told him that I know how to have sex and suck a penis and everything. He wasted no time pulling off the road and unzipping his pants and I sucked and he exploded in the same way Uncle Brian did when I watch them the first time. Greg told me that I was good for my age and said his friends would like the same and he would be having a party.

As I entered high school, I was sucking guys off almost every day and having sex on occasion and I was more fond of giving blow jobs than actual sex for some reason. I was getting a reputation and didn't realize it for a while. My grades dropped and I was failing and mom was too busy with her own sex and I didn't care anymore. I wanted to be a nurse and I threw that all away. They wanted to see my dad but I told them he was away a lot. I some how made it through school but didn't have grades good enough for college.

I worked during the day and I got fucked and I sucked at night. I went on the pill because I didn't a baby to tie me down from having my fun. I was in 23 and out with some friends one night and I had my eyes on a few guys that were hanging out together and I approached them and I initiated the sex and they gang banged me and I was just a full blown whore like my mom. I was good as far as for going to work everyday to make money, but tried to go out a few nights and get screwed and fucked every change I got.

A few more years passed and I got a promotion at work and they had no idea about my home life and I never made any passes at any of my male co-workers so I was always sober and always put together when I was at work. I attended parties they threw and never got close to anyone to hang out with outside of the office. I liked my life as a cock sucker and whore and it was no one's business. Mom was slowing up a but she settled down with Uncle Marc and she was content. I was still on the loose and she tried to tell me to watch myself and I told her I got this way because of her and it was too late to stop now.

I didn't have any friends because I

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