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Catherine shows more than she planned.

Taking her left nipple between his fingers, he proceeded to put the clamp in it. The action prompted a hiss of pain from genie, but like a good sub, she remained still. She was silent when he put the second clamp on.

The pain from the clamps was, at first, excruciating. But then it became erotic. She could feel a direct connection between her nipples and her clit. She actually had a small orgasm when he put the second clamp on. It was the most amazing feeling especially when combined with the sensation of being his property.

Stepping back, Charley once again looked at his new possession. Satisfied that she was properly adorned for now, he decided to walk her around the house to let her fully appreciate what she was wearing. So he tugged on her leash and walked toward the door. Hampered by the hobble, she followed slowly. The bells chimed softly as she walked. He walked her around the house, taking care to avoid any open windows. It was a slow walk but gratifying. He knew that she was slipping into that submissive state all good subs reach at some point, a place where they feel totally owned and free of all problems.

"Master, may this one speak?"


"This one would like to pleasure her Master."

"You already do pleasure me with your obedience. Anything more will be at my command. I think I need to emphasize your place."

With that, he led her back into the bedroom. He unfastened her wrists and allowed her to place her hands in front of her.

"Go to the bed and place your hands on the mattress."

As she followed his command, he went back to the box to get a butt plug and lotion. Moving back to her, he stopped once again, this time to admire both her beautiful ass but also the picture of submission she presented. While standing there he rubbed the bottle of lotion to warm it slightly before squirting some onto the butt plug.

"Hold still." With that she felt the tip of the plug touch her delicate anal flower and then the pressure as it made its way into her ass. This was only the second time something had been in her ass. It was a strange feeling, a little painful but not unpleasantly so. Then it was fully inside her. She felt so full. Then she felt the tug of the leash.

"Straighten up. You will wear that plug for the rest of the day. If you need to go to the bathroom, you may ask for my permission to remove it. But you will put it back inside you as soon as you are finished. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Master, I understand."

"Good. Now go stand in that corner and face the wall. Stay there until I tell you otherwise."

With that, Charley unhooked her leash and watched as she went over to the corner. This was just another way to emphasize her submission. It was actually very hard for him to have her do this as he was so horny. He wanted her desperately but knew he must be disciplined in her training if she was to be able to easily slip fully into a submissive state in the future. Deciding he needed to distract himself from that erotic vision before him, he left the room and went to check his email.

After 30 frustrating minutes Charley could not contain himself any longer. He had to have her. Standing up so abruptly, he almost knocked the chair over as he made his way back to her.

When he got back into the room where she was standing, he caught a glimpse of her peeking over her shoulder as she waited for him. That was a violation of the spirit of what he commanded but he had not explicitly told her not to. Next time he would be clearer in his commands.

"Step back from the wall but continue to face it. Good. Now bend forward and place your hands on the wall. Spread your legs. Very good."

With that, he unzipped his pants, freeing his raging hard on. Then without pause, he thrust into her pussy. Her pussy was, if anything, wetter than it had been earlier. He was rough in his fucking. His cock plunged in and out, bruising her pussy lips slightly in his ardent desire. All the while, the little bells attached to her nipple clamps were ringing in celebration.

The feelings sweeping over gen

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