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My wife & I on vacation.

He removed his t-shirt, and Calee ran her fingertips through the hair in the center of Roland's chest.

"Ooh... please. Let me see..."

He slipped his thumbs into the waist of his shorts, and pulled them away from his body, but didn't lower them. Calee leaned forward and looked down.

"Huhh- so wide," she said with a gasp, her finger-nails digging into Roland's chest as her whole body flexed. "Please, Rollie, let me see it all," Calee cajoled. She looked up and Roland met her with a kiss, his hands moving from his waist to her rump. He felt her nipples stiffen as they brushed his stomach.

"Ok, Calee," Roland softly said, returning his hands to his shorts. He unbuttoned them, unzipped the fly, and let the khaki shorts fall to his feet.

"Uhhh- " she gasped again as Roland's cock sprung loose, and she took a step back onto the balcony. "Its...too big, Rollie. How can I..."

Roland followed her out, and brushed her short hair with his fingers. "Its ok, Calee. Let's take everything nice and slow." He stroked her neck and back as he led her to sit on the loveseat.

Calee didn't say anything at first. She only looked at Roland's penis in amazement. She reached out to touch it, to run her dark fingers over the bulbous, red, head and thick pinkish-white shaft.

"You are so big. Twice as big as..."

Roland didn't let her finish, kissing her slowly while she handled him. His hands gently stroked Calee's thighs. She cradled his balls in her palm, his cock resting on - covering her thin forearm to her elbow.

"I don't think I can - "

"I though you weren't scared," Roland said softly, his hands sliding farther up along Calee's inner thigh. "Don't worry," he whispered in her ear, barely audible with the waves crashing in the distance and the strong sea breeze rustling the palms, "I will take care of you."

Roland's fingers approached Calee's groin, and he felt the intense heat just beyond. The soft brown skin beside her pussy was already damp, as was the loveseat she sat on.

"Oh...ooohh..." Calee moaned as Roland slid his finger along her slit.

"Lie back, Calee," Roland whispered in her ear again, kissing her there, then behind her ear, and down her neck. She smelled like incense, orchids, and firewood. He took his time, and touched his lips to every inch of her cocoa skin.

"Yes, Rollie," she breathed, leaning her back against the cushioned arm-rest, and bringing one leg behind Roland along the back of the loveseat. He sat, his engorged cock up in the air.

Roland kissed her clavicle, throat, and chin, before tonguing her lips and mouth. She responded in kind, as he worked his finger slowly between her moist, sensetive, folds.

"Mmm," Calee moaned as she toyed with Roland's penis, tugging and twisting as he moved lower and tenderly kissed her breasts.

"Hahhh-" she gasped when Roland circled one areola, then the other, before gently nibbling her nipples. He licked and softly tugged as they swelled, then slowly inserted his index finger into Calee's wet opening.

"Huhhh- huhh-," again Calee gasped with pleasure. While slowly moving his finger in and out of her, Roland, alternatingly, took her breasts in his mouth, licking and sucking them."

"Mmmmmm~" Calee moaned, arching her back as Roland kept toying with her tits using his mouth and tongue. As Roland slid his middle finger inside her, Calee's hips moved in response. "Aaahhhh-"

With his two fingers, Roland twisted and turned, gently stretching Calee's extraordinarily tight pussy. "Are you ok?" he asked, feeling the snug fit.

"Aahh - aahh, yes Rollie..." Calee cried, her juices flowing around his fingers.

He brought his thumb down through her whispy tuft of pubic hair, and began to gently press just below it, at the base of Calee's clitoris.

"Ooooh, oohh -" Calee was now riding waves of pleasure, tingles of sensuality throughout her body like she never experienced before. She had never been pleasured, never pleased, never made so wet.

Roland couldn't ignore Calee's pussy any longer.

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