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His voice began low, but rose to an angry roar. "Tell me dear, sweet, faithful wife . . . how many employers purchase seductive gowns for their governesses and give them expensive pearls to wear? How many governesses spend the evenings waltzing in their employer's arms? How many governesses are engaged to the men who employ them? He did say you were engaged to him, didn't he, despite the fact that you're married to me?"

Any guilt Leanna might otherwise have felt was overshadowed by her own jealousy. Her eyes glittered in the candle light as she taunted him in return. "And tell me trustworthy, devoted, monogamous husband . . . how many spouses have the gall to present their wives with their mistresses on the first night they arrive in their new homes?" Her voice took on a high-pitched tone that was heavily laced with sarcasm as she continued. "Oh, by the way dear, this is my lover, who just happens to be the mother of my child. She is going to be living here with us, at least until I can get rid of you!" The last few words came out as a choked sob as Leanna blinked back tears.
Trevor had momentarily stopped his pacing, completely caught off guard by her interpretation of the events that had happened. As she watched, his brows drew together in the blackest of scowls. He began to advance toward her again, the muscles in his cheek trembling as he attempted to control his rage.

"In light of the fact that you have spent the last several weeks consorting with another man, it seems obvious to me that your accusations are nothing more than a feeble attempt to avoid the blame for your own actions. You know perfectly well that I had no idea Eliza would be waiting for me. Until the night we arrived home, I thought she was still married to another man."

Leanna was not of a mind to accept his logic, and she gave a bitterly caustic laugh. "Well that didn't stop you from accepting her right back into your life once you found out she was available!" Leanna continued backing around the table, more from habit than any real awareness of what she was doing. "Once you found out she was widowed, it didn't take you long to pick up right where you left off! Tell me, how long was it after I left before she climbed back into your bed?"

Trevor inwardly cringed at how close to the truth her statement had come, but not from any desire on his part! Still, the accuracy of Leanna's accusation stung, and he lashed out.

"Dammit, I never wanted Eliza," Trevor roared, with an impatient slash of his hand. "None of this would have happened if you hadn't gone running off."

Leanna gasped in outrage. "I had no choice but to leave. You made it abundantly clear that you loved Eliza and not me. You forget, I heard your cozy little conversation, about the child that you had together. I saw how Eliza was throwing herself at you, and you weren't exactly fighting her off!" Leanna again stamped her foot in fury, the last remaining pins in her hair beginning to come loose so it fell in tangled curls around her face.

Trevor began advancing on her once more, narrowing his eyes to mere slits. "Just like you weren't fighting off your lover tonight," Trevor shouted, chafing at the memory of the other man holding her in his arms, ogling her generous curves, putting his hands on her bare flesh. Trevor's voice dropped back to an ominous growl. "Tell me, how long have you been his lover? Since that first night you left me? Did you sigh as he kissed you, moan as he caressed you? Did you act the little whore for him just like you did for me, begging him to take you?" Insane with jealousy from the images he had conjured, Trevor hurled the table onto its side and took a long stride to stand nose to nose with his wife. His booming voice shook the panes of glass in the windows. "Dammit woman, how long did you wait before you spread your lovely white thighs for him?"

This time, Leanna didn't back away, but instead raised her chin and glared back at him, standing her ground in the face of his towering fury.

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