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Muscular girl wrestles & humiliates tenants

She would cry out as the finger worked lightly over her bruised anus, then again as the finger pushes open her sphincter to coat the area just inside her hole. Her relief at the finger's exit lasts only as long as it takes for the oil to begin its burn. The pepper oil is a satisfying compromise -- the small amount of oil easing the plug past the sphincter while creating a burn on asshole. And if the plug carries with it the residue of the oil down the deep, dark path of her rectum, all the better.

He pushes the putt plug against her bruised and burning hole as she screams her distress into her pillow. Its a credit to his training that she would never think of moving away but remains, ass offered upward, to allow for the torture of her already tortured hole. Her swollen sphincter doesn't part easily, even coated with oil, and a long few minutes of pushing and twisting is necessary before her asshole opens. This is her begging time, as the plug makes it's slow decent into the depths of her bowels. Please, I'll be good. Please. Oh god it hurts...hurts so much. Please. Please. I'm sorry. I'll be good, I promise. I'll be good.

As the widest part of the plug reaches her sphincter, he stops to allow her to feel the full impact of the stretching of her hole. He waits until her crying has stopped, then waits another minute for her to quietly accept this modification of her body. Then, recognizing the slight body shift that signals her acquiescence, he pushes the plug all the way.

When the butt plug is finally fully lodged, Phase Three begins. A heavy wooden paddle is applied to her lower bum, directly onto the butt plug. These are swift, hard hits that punish her buttocks while slapping the plug deep inside her. She never knows how many she will get. But she knows that he will stop only when he twists the butt plug and her scream tells him that she is as bruised on the inside of her ass as she is on the outside. Next would come an overall beating, from the crest of her buttocks down to mid-thigh. Sometimes he would use a cane, if he wanted blood, but generally he used an old-fashioned razor strop that he had found amongst his late grandfather's effects. As with his other beatings, the strapping would be methodical, hard and precise, stopping only when her pale buttocks went from white to crimson to black and blue.

The removal of the plug was a hellish nightmare. With the same, slow movement he used to push it in, he would pull it out. By now, however, like her asshole, her entire ass was a bruised mass and the slightest movement caused excruciating pain. The inside of her too, was a mess, the plastic butt plug having rubbed her rectum raw, and the jarring hits of the paddling having taken the plug deeper than it should have gone, tearing whatever had laid in its path.

He'd take a picture at this point, of her black and blue buttocks surrounding her gapping asshole and her open, oozing cunt beneath it. Despite her pain, or because of it, her cunt would spread open, her cunt lips engorge, and a creamy white substance cover her crotch and run down her thighs, mingling with the blood out of her ass. This picture was kept in her punishment book, as a reference in the unlikely case that she would forget the consequences of her disobedience.

If she had been particularly bad during her punishment -- making too much noise or moving too far -- this was when retribution would be paid. Her anus would once again pay the price by suffering through another beating with the leather strap. This time, however, it wasn't only the outer rim of the hole but the soft flesh inside that would lie open and vulnerable. This extra punishment had happened only twice, very early in their relationship. The pain had been so intense that, for the only times in her life, she had fainted. The punishment would always continue upon her revival. She since learned exactly how long and how loud she could scream, and how much she could move.

Generally, however, after the picture was clean up time.

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