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Randy's ordeal continues.

Her firm, silky body was an entrancing combination of swelling breasts and thighs, and he gaped at the velvet-like, smoothly shaven honey-covered pussy that she was exploring gently with her fingers now, the junction of her slightly spread thighs. The thin, pink, full length shaven cavity of her openly spread cunt caused his mouth to water, and his tongue flicked over his lips in keen anticipation as he watched the glassy expression in her eyes.

He paused and took a bowl from the bed side table which contained chocolate ice cream and syrup. He scooped some of it out and plastered the young wife's breasts and nipples with cold ice cream and the syrup. Sheela gasped and cried out as cold tongues of lust licked at her nipples. Her breasts felt enormously hard and heavy and swollen. Her aureoles and nipples on her breasts were sticky with the ice cream and chocolate syrup he had poured over them. Bending over her Rohith kissed her mouth hard, thrusting his tongue in and out. She moaned and writhed under him, sucking his tongue eagerly. He bent his head to her breasts and she cried out thickly as his heavy tongue rolled over one breast, then the other licking the ice cream coated breasts. She felt her breasts would burst, her nipples snap off. He worked them insistently under his lips and teeth, sucking, nibbling, and whipping the hard nipples with his tongue.

"Oh god Rohith oh god," she whimpered.

"Oh ma uhhhh OHHHHH uhh Oh Rohith! Uhhhh OHHHH!" Sheela gasped.

He crushed her swollen breasts together and sucked them simultaneously, nibbling at her stiff nipples. Her body arched and she cried out thinly, writhing and lurching under him. Flames of pleasure licked at her breast-tips and cunt. Her hips heaved and gyrated wildly under his body. Slowly, he slid a hand down her slit and her body whipped back.

"OHHHHHHHHH uhhhh yes uhhhh yes!" she cried.

She arched, her hips quivering and shuddering, her cunt streaming her juice copiously now.

"Oh, Rohith, that's so good, darling," Sheela shuddered at the warmth of his mouth on her tits and his fingers on her snatch. She watched his strong fingers manipulate her cuntlips. She loved having his fingers on her hot little pussy. Stick your finger inside me, Rohith, she told herself. Please, stick your finger inside me! He didn't stick a finger inside her, but he rubbed her clit at intervals and the overheated young wife sighed.

"Keep rubbing there," she said. "I love it when you touch me like that." She moaned helplessly when he swirled his tongue over her tit. He inserted one finger inside her pussy and forced one more inside her tight cunt. His fingers made squishing sounds in her juice-soaked pussy. They slipped around and she was embarrassed at the sound her sweet little pussy is making. She couldn't help lubricating a lot

Rohith continued sucking and licking her cherry-tipped boobs. He tangled his fingers in her cunt and extended his thumb into her ass-crack. He rubbed his thumb over her ass hole, and she trembled and tried to push his finger away.

"OHHHHHHHHH!" she cried.

Sheela closed her eyes, spread her legs wider still. Rohith smiled naughtily down at her luscious naked form as he got out of the bed and took a jar of honey. He had asked the room service to bring it along with their dinner. Rohith took the honey jar, uncorked it and slowly tipped it over her body from a height. The honey spattered her body, dribbling and trickling over her breasts, down her belly, into her navel, into her crotch, through her cleavage. Sheela gasped. Sheela's body glistened with the honey. Keeping the half empty honey bottle aside, Rohith began massaging her body with his hands, spreading the honey all over her flesh. It seeped into her flesh, making it tingle and warm, arousing every nerve and fiber. Her cunt dripped with excitement and her breasts felt hot and heavy, the nipples quivering stiffly. As his hands rolled all over her body, she writhed and squirmed, gasping softly.

"Oh god Rohith oh god," she whimpered.

Rohith again started kissing and sucking her breasts f

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