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Monica wears more than a smile.

Bianca let a light giggle slip.

"I'm serious," Maddie continued. "Such flawless skin. You're a drag queen's worst enemy, honey."

The group erupted in cackled laughter.

"And done," she dropped her hand and leaned back to gaze at her work of art.

"Whoa!" Cynthia and Kari exclaimed.

Lanely and Dre walked over as Maddie handed Bianca a mirror.

She couldn't help but smile, effectively cranking her beauty up another notch.

"Just fucking marry me, Bee," Lanely spilled, oozing over her.

A suggestive smile enveloped his lips.

A few "oooohh's" erupted.

"Next lifetime," she teased, giving him a playful wink.

A loud buzz emitted through the apartment.

"CoCo," they all guessed.

Maddie packed up her kit as Cynthia buzzed her in.

"I'll get the drinks," Lanely offered, straightening his tie.

"Be back in a bit," Bianca called over her shoulders.

She ran to get dressed.

Spritzing on a little "Daisy" by Marc Jacob, she got for Christmas last year, she turned on her "Hipsterish" playlist while picking out accessories.

"Rill Rill" by the sleigh bells played in the background.

She skipped over to her bed and sat down on the edge.

As luck would have it, she got a manicure and pedicure the day before her date with David. Maybe it was nerves, but she wanted everything to be perfect for tonight.

Her entire body was waxed as a healthy glow emanated and gave off a look of perfection.

She turned to the door just as a figure walked in.

"Ohhhhh! Sexy! Sexy!"

She sprinted to CoCo and wrapped her in a hug.

"Baby cakes!"

CoCo laughed and her light hazel eyes danced.

"Look at you," Bianca said. "Just as lovely as always."

Lovely wasn't an accurate enough statement to describe her.

Her best friend oozed sex appeal in her skin-tight, gray, snakeskin Serpentine dress.

Only an inch shorter than Bianca, she produced the same endowed assets only on a smaller frame.

Coco's mahogany skin glittered as she beamed at her best friend.

Toned, athletic legs seeped out as the dress cut just below her thighs. The gray, open-toed, four inch Jimmy Choo's gracefully accented her.

"Girl, if I had your hips, I'd rule the fucking world," CoCo told her.

Bianca laughed before realizing she was still half nude.

She grabbed the dress Cynthia picked out and stepped into it.

Pulling it up, she loved the feel of the silk as it hugged her.

The Ralph Lauren, cherry red dress stopped just above her knees. The elegant sweet bow sash helped accentuate her voluptuous figure.

V neck line, thick straps and wrapped bodice felt tailored specifically for her body. Her natural hourglass figure heightened and teased the fabric.

She wrapped the sash around her waist and tightened it into a bow.

Looking up, she saw CoCo's mouth drop.

"You're beautiful, babe," she said, walking towards her.

Bianca "awwed" her and giggled.

CoCo's face dropped to a serious look,

"I mean it, Bee. You really are beautiful."

Bianca shrugged and stared down at her bare feet. Perfectly clipped cuticles and a blood red color stared back.

She didn't wanna have this conversation. Especially not now.

"Not tonight, Co. I just wanna put all the worrying and self doubt away, tonight," she held out her hand.

CoCo stepped forward and took it.

Her smaller build reached around Bianca's waist and let a long overdue hug answer.

"Tomorrow, we're having brunch and I'm talking your ears off."

Bianca smiled and nodded profusely.

"I got you something," a grin spread across CoCo's face.

She never even noticed the gift bag her best friend dropped near her door.
Reaching in, she pulled out a medium sized, lily white square box.

"Just a thank you for being you."

A squeal rang through the room.

She dropped the box and held a pair of glitter Christian Louboutins.

"Oh my God! You didn't!"

She threw her arms around CoCo's dainty shoulders.

"I love you, Cleopatra Colt!"

CoCo laughed. "I love you too, babydoll."

"These must of cost a fortune," Bianca let her go.

"No, I got some connects in L.

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