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Her voice, from the dream, echoed in his head: "Fuck me, Daddy!"

As the rush of orgasm passed, he felt like he was going crazy, that he'd been infected with some sort of sexual virus that was destroying his will, turning him into a single-minded lust-crazed monster that wanted nothing but to possess his beautiful teenage daughter.

He thought of that moment, when they held each other and cried. That was what he wanted: Emotional intimacy. He didn't need to fuck his flesh and blood, his sweet little girl. He didn't need to corrupt the one good thing he had left in his life. No. He'd be a good father to her, and resolved not give in to this madness that had somehow swept over him.

In the darkness, he slipped back into sleep.

On the other side of the house, Elyssa slept. In her dreams, she relived a moment when she'd seen her parents making love. Their bedroom door was open a crack and, although she didn't mean to look, once she had she couldn't tear herself away. She remembered her father's body, so strong, hovering over her mother's more fragile frame. She remembered her mother's fingers reaching up to hold his face, their lips meeting, all the while his hips moving up and down, fucking his beautiful, glistening cock into her mother's upturned pussy. Their moans of pleasure were quiet, their motions gentle and controlled, yet there was a kind of loving passion that made Elyssa's body catch fire and burn. She felt drawn to them, wanting to help them along, to bring them closer to completion, to share in the love and passion they gave to each other.

As she had watched, she reached down, pulling up her thin nightgown, running her fingers over her bare pussy. It was wet, soaked, dripping with juices, and she dipped her finger in, pulling it up over her itchy clit. She moved her finger in time with her father's thrusts, slow and steady. She could tell that her mother was close, that she was going to have a powerful orgasm. She wished, then, that it was her beneath her father, that she was being fucked by him, feeling his beautiful hard cock deep in her womb. He went on and on, far longer than any of her teenage lovers, who barely got inside her before they popped. Her body ached for that kind of love-making. She knew she'd never find it with boys.

She watched, rapt, as her mother began to cum. She pushed up, her legs gripping his hips, pulling him deep into her spasming pussy. She pulled his face to hers, kissing him hard, moaning, her body jerking against him. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight. As her mother's orgasm began to subside, he began moving again. This time, her mother began to moan more loudly, his motions sending her body into another intense spasm of pleasure. His hips moved faster, and he drove his cock into her, forcefully pounding against her. Their bodies slapped together wetly, and she could tell that her father was rounding the corner toward his own huge cum. She wanted to see him spurt, to shoot his hot sticky cum all over her mother. He didn't pull out, though. His body went stiff, and he cried out, as his testicles pumped their contents deep into her mother's womb.

In her sleep, she whispered, "Fuck me, Daddy!"

Chapter 4

For the first time in 19 years, there was a palpable tension between Carl and Elyssa. Both could feel it, both knew its source, but neither could bring themselves to confess the dark desires they were both so desperately trying to repress. Their normal morning hug, once easy and loving, had become awkward and nervous. Worse, each thought the other somehow knew of their perverse desires, and assumed that the distance the other held was born of revulsion.

At the table, with the soft morning light filtering through the kitchen, Elyssa sat with her legs pulled up, nursing a large cup of steaming coffee.

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