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Evans' eyebrows rose at this departure from standard procedure, unique in his years of service. But rather than presume to ask the reason for his master's unusual behavior, he responded: "Good morning, sir. I have laid out your daytime clothes, will you require anything else before I go to breakfast?"

"No, have a leisurely meal."


That evening, although Douglas heard muffled sobbing as he passed Owen's door he continued on his way, electing to give it an additional day or two.

He couldn't. He went back.

Lying next to Douglas, Owen fell asleep quickly but later he had another nightmare. Douglas picked him up. "Were they chasing you again?"

"Yes" Owen whined.

"Who were they, do you know?"

"The other servants."

In Douglas's arms Owen was soon calm. Douglas held him for a few minutes more before lowering him, lying down again, and saying goodnight.

Owen reached for Douglas's hand and turned away, trying to pull Douglas's arm around him. "Hold me, Jimmy."

Douglas hesitated briefly but then he moved up against Owen's back and surrendered his arm.

Not since college had he known the pleasure of intimate contact with another male body. Only now did he realize how much he had missed it.


In the morning, Douglas was jolted awake by a loud "Oh!" as Owen let go of his hand and turned to face him. "Oh sir, I'm so sorry, I don't know how I could have"―

He was stopped by Douglas's hand placed firmly over his mouth: "It's alright, it was the medicine." Douglas took his hand away. "Did you sleep that way with Jimmy?"

"Yes. I'm so sorry."

"I told you it's alright" Douglas said, relieved that Owen's anxiety over possibly having offended his master had apparently prevented him from noticing Douglas's morning erection resting on the cleft of his behind. "Go back to your room now and get dressed for work."

For the next three nights, Douglas left Owen in his own room despite the sounds he heard as he passed Owen's door. It broke his heart, but he was hoping that left on his own, Owen would acclimate to the new environment.

Grayson reported each day that Owen was struggling with his assigned tasks, plainly fighting fatigue and pretending not to hear the muttered remarks directed his way. On the fourth day, Grayson's report included the fact that the staff had added a new grievance to their list of reasons for disliking the indentured servant: "Because he has declined to visit the pub with them on Saturday nights, they say he is aloof."
Douglas shook his head in disgust. "No wonder they're causing him nightmares. First they say he's not good enough for them and now they say he's unsociable. These people are impossible!"

Grayson agreed. "And their attitude is taking a toll: He eats so little that Mrs. Emerson considers it an insult to her cooking. He looks drawn, I'm sure he is losing weight."

Douglas decided to take Owen back in for a week, though not in his bed. "Have a single-size bed moved into the master bedroom. Tell the staff that I've said he's to sleep there temporarily. And I'll take over giving him the medication."

That night, after listening for half an hour to Owen tossing and turning in the small bed, Douglas called to him. Owen came and stood next to the four-poster, waiting to find out what was wanted.

Douglas raised a side of the blanket. "Just be back there before Mr. Evans arrives in the morning."

Owen eagerly climbed in.

"Turn around" Douglas directed. "We'll sleep the way you and Jimmy did."

Owen turned onto his side. Douglas moved up against his back and put an arm around him. Owen took Douglas's hand, and hugged Douglas's arm to his chest. "Thank you."

A little later, Douglas was dozing when he felt Owen move. "Is anything wrong?" he asked.

Owen turned toward Douglas, smiled drowsily at him, and murmured "Oh no" before turning away again and pulling Douglas's arm tighter around him.

That smile set Douglas's heart aglow.

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