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My erect nipples proving to him that I was as aroused as he.

He swallowed hard again and licked his lips.

As I slowly sat down on the edge of the chair I kept my eyes upturned toward his. Once seated I whispered. "I need to suck this beautiful cock."

My hands moved across the space between us and I placed them on either hip then slowly slid his jeans down until gravity took over and they fell around his shoes.
His cock surged directly in front of my lustful stare.

"Suck it." Steve said as I inched closer and closer to the throbbing erection.

One red tipped hand moved to cup his balls from below while the other circled the pulsing shaft at the base.

I wet my lips while I studied his cock. A matrix of veins crisscrossing the shaft each one throbbing with every heartbeat. The wide flaring corona with its tiny circumcision scar where it blends into the shaft and his pear shaped cock head all inviting my moist lips to pleasure him.

I opened my lips and slowly took the head between pressing the tip of my tongue against the small slit at the tip. I was rewarded with a drop of pre-cum its sweet taste causing me to moan softly and my saliva glands to open providing more moisture to my wanton mouth.

I lightly scratched and tickled his balls with one hand as my other held him firmly at the base of his cock shaft.

Very slowly I took more and more of his beautiful cock in my mouth coating each inch with salvia and massaging each inch with my lips as it slid in.

I pause when I felt the tip pressing at the opening of my throat then bobbed back and forth with half his wonderful cock in my mouth.

My hand released his balls and moved up to my shoulder to gather a handful of hair and pull it in front.

Letting the hair slid through my hand I slid it down to the tip between my thighs. I moved my mouth back until his cock slipped from my lips pausing to kiss the tip before moving back more.

My eyes were fixed on his. A soulful stare that told me he was enjoying this blowjob immensely.

I used both soft hands to wrap his cock shaft with silky smooth jet black hair only the flaring corona and head exposed.

His smile acknowledged that he'd fantasized about this very thing.

"Jerk it." He begged.

My hand began moving back and forth stroking his hair covered cock causing Steve to groan deeply.

I leaned forward again and took the head between my lips softly sucking it and massaging the sensitive corona with my moist lips.

"That feels so fucking good." Kozmerl exclaimed.

His cock surged trying its best to find its own way to be deeper in my mouth and I knew that if I continued with this sensual hair covered hand job he would explode in my mouth.

I didn't want that happening just yet so I released my grip and just let my hair surrounding his shaft as I began taking more and more in my mouth.

"Yes!" Steve exclaimed as I again had his cock head bumping into the tight opening of my throat.

I didn't push it through even though I wanted that more than anything. No I wanted the camera to capture Steve as he impaled my throat with his rock hard throbbing cock.

I pulled back again much to his dismay and as he slipped from my lips again I looked up and whispered. "I want you to fuck my throat."

I fully expected Steve to reach out and grasp my skull and drive his cock down my throat but before he could I stood up from the chair.

His momentary confused expression disappeared as he watched me walk around the desk and sit down on the edge facing away from him. I hoped the camera caught his expression as I walked but I wouldn't know that until later when I replayed the tape.

I lifted my feet and placed them on my chair then slowly lay down across the desk. My hand gathered my hair to make sure it would be hanging down over the edge as my shoulders came to rest on the cold surface of my desk.

Steve was already facing me his hand slowly stroking his throbbing erection.

I tilted my head over the edg

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