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The boy panicked and said, "Oh no, don't do that. I'll do anything you ask."

I couldn't believe the way that Brooke was manipulating this young boy. He wouldn't get fired. Actually, he'd probably be the most popular boy in the pizza parlor. The guys will be fighting to deliver to our address the next time we order a pizza. However, the boy didn't see it that way and continued to follow Brooke's orders.

Both of the boy's hands were shaking as he removed the towel, leaving Brooke standing there completely naked again. The young boy held the towel up to block Brooke's view as he reached into his pants to adjust himself. It appeared that the boy had a raging boner and there wasn't enough room in his pants for it to grow. I started to feel sorry for him.

Brooke stood in front of the boy and with both of her hands clutching the pizza box, she raised the box over her head and said, "I'm waiting!"

The boy nervously made another attempt to wrap the towel around Brooke's naked body. This time he positioned the towel so that the top of it was even with her nipples. From my view looking down, I could see the tops of her round rosy nipples showing above the towel and I knew that the towel wasn't going to stay on very long. As the boy slowly walked to the door, Brooke exhaled, sucking in her chest and the towel slipped right down to the floor.

Brooke said, "Excuse me, where are you going?"

The poor boy said, "I have to get back to work."

Then he looked at Brooke's face and said, "I mean, I'm going nowhere. I mean, I have, I'll get the towel."

The bulge in the poor boy's pants was so uncomfortable that it wouldn't even allow him to stand up straight. I knew that I had to figure out a way to save him from Brooke and then I got an idea. I'd walk downstairs like I was going to take a shower and announce that I needed a towel. I'd take Brooke's towel and then the ordeal would be over for the boy. Without a towel, there'd be no reason for the pizza boy to stay, so he'd finally be allowed to leave.

Then I remembered that I was only wearing skimpy white panties. I decided to follow through with my plan and proceeded to walk down the steps with my bouncing bare boobies right out in the open for the boy to see. When I entered the living room, I pretended to be shocked to see that someone else was home.

I looked at the pizza boy and shrieked, "Oh my, who are you? My clothes...oh no, I'm in my underwear!"

The boy looked shocked as I tried to hide my breasts from him. The material of my little undies was very thin, so the shadow of my dark pussy hair was showing right through the front of my panties.

As the boy stared at me in disbelief, I said, "I'm really sorry, I didn't know anyone else was home."

Brooke said, "Oh, hi Danielle. I didn't know you were here. This is the pizza boy. My hands are full and he won't help me put my back towel on. He's just taking advantage of the situation and using this opportunity to gawk at my naked body."

He stammered, "That's not...that's not true!"

Brooke said, "Yes it is, and now you're trying to look at Danielle, too, because she's only wearing panties. Why don't you show him the proper way to wrap a towel around me?"

Still trying to cover myself with my hands, I said, "Wrap a towel around you? No way Brooke! I can't move my hands. I don't have any clothes on. He'll see my titties!"

Brooke said, "Then I'll just have to borrow your panties!"

I screeched, "What? Hey wait," but it was too late as Brooke slid my underpants down my legs, leaving me stark naked in front of the pizza boy.

I said, "Brooke, how could you? Now I don't have anything on. I'm naked and a boy is staring at me!"

She replied, "Well I'm naked, too!"

The boy just stood there dumbfounded. He was holding onto the towel while watching two naked girls argue right in front of him.

Acting like a good girl, I said, "My daddy would really be mad if he knew that a boy saw me naked."

Brooke asked, "Then why are you walking around the house without any clothes on?"

I replied, "I didn't think a

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