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Charlemagne smiled, "I think you did good, and you sounded like you. I would like to know about these other deities though. Did you get another message?"

I shook my head, "No, I just ran through the events of last night and made some interesting observation. Those observations lead me believe she was speaking for all of them. You tell me I'm observant."

She nodded, "You Don't gamble..I know!" Everyone chuckles again as we head to the door. I see father outside waiting and I signal him to come inside for a second. He steps in, I looked at him with a smiled, "Fascinating sword; It has no history of the previous owners just the abilities left behind. It's the only one making the judgment; when she released the spirits it became a vote of one. Do you know any other moon blade wielders and are there and in the Knights?"

He looked at me, "I know of one, why do you ask?"

I sighed, "I know there are four active swords, and four that are dormant if I spoke with the one wielder I would know if she changed more than my blade. Sixteen other are either destroyed or the house has died out but the sword could be claimed by another house if one of these lost blades were found.

If she changed the others the blade is the only vote if she release those spirits as well. Those are powerful tools to have on a battlefield. Did you know how many there were? That the sword is over 10,000 years old?" he shook his head, "I never thought to ask that question but I didn't realize that there are only four active ones at the moment. As to the age I didn't know it was that old." I nodded, "I got the list of abilities."

My father smirks, "I only knew of five so far and you got them all?"

I nodded, "It had nobody to debate, I know you added drow to the list of creatures it hated. Is the one person you know agreeable to a private confidential meeting?"

He shrugs, "I can see what I can do, how many creatures does it hate?"

I smiled, "Just about everything I will be facing orcs, ogres, giants, and drow. Probably why the goddess wants me to have it. For the war in just over 40 years. Yes I know, when and if my mercenaries can keep them contained that long. It will be 40 years from the day my daughters are born, and I know that day too..." He looked shocked and I open the door. "Best if we get going if you can arrange that meeting before we get dragged into the palace I would appreciate it."

He nodded, "You're going to the palace?"

I shrugged, "If the King and Queen saw all the events last night we will all be called into the palace."

He nodded. We head out for the clearing all sixteen of us a few minutes later than I like. I pick up the pace to make up time. We get there a few minutes early but the elders are waiting. I looked at them, "Thank you for coming. You all know what I have asked for the areas I want to establish the village. To answer your first question why forty square miles for the village, the answer is to get the same amount allocated on the other side by the humans. The Elven side of the village will be at least fifty percent forest that will be in the village charter. Second question is what are we building with? I want the garrison built with granite.

Which we can get from the human side of the border on just the other side of the river. Not a long haul if Jarron does his job it will be built by dwarves and be able to withstand time and siege if necessary. The one and only Elven church would be built by the church; and wood used in the construction will follow the rules; as well as the clearing of the site which my people will handle.

Every tree that's taken down five will be planted in the land on the other side of the river.

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