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Being friends with benefits is always a fun ride.

Also, I wondered why I was so accepting of participating. As far as I knew, Ophelia had put her up to it. I couldn't ask Circe as she forbade me discussion of any kind concerning it, and I had already promised her that I wouldn't discuss it with Ophelia, either.

When Ophelia arrived, she and Circe went into the kitchen to begin dinner, which would be rib eyes that Circe had marinated this morning at breakfast. I did what little homework I had, then joined them once the call to eat had been given. The wine poured freely, even after dinner was over. I loaded the dishwasher, then announced that I was going to get my shower. Ophelia and I did make plans for sex tonight, so I wanted to get an early start of things.

When I returned to the living room, they were walking down memory lane, so I left them to it and went to my room and read a few chapters for Friday's Women and Gender Studies exam. Ophelia joined me around eleven, got her shower, then told me how last night really turned her on and she wanted me to wake her up like that again. "Sure thing, baby," I told her, and just lay there as she dozed off to sleep. I continue to lay there even as my burning eyes called out for the sleep they so deservedly needed, hoping-???Was I really hoping???-that Circe would soon enter, but she never did. Finally, at three o'clock, I removed my boxers, then lifted the covers and began lightly rimming Ophelia's ass. God-damn, I love her ass. It is soft and sweet and just the thought of it gives me major woodage.

I went from light rimming to deep tonguing, and from there to just plain, old-fashioned eating it. She awoke with an "Ooh!" and before I knew it, she had turned to where she was sitting on my face. Soon, though, she moved down and allowed me access to her clit even as she took my cock into her mouth. She was already sopping wet, and my cock was throbbing in anticipation of anything she might choose to do to it. She swallowed it whole, then a gurgle of sound pushed past my dick as she came hard in my mouth. I lapped it up and sucked her clit hoping to incite more. She kept me in her throat for another few seconds, then came off me and jerked it wildly.

"Oh fuck, baby, here it comes," I told her, and she put just the head in her mouth, running her tongue all around it until I spurted off. Like every time before this, she swallowed every bit. She continued to softly suck me, then slowed, then stopped. She lay on her back-maybe she was finished for the night, but I wasn't. I mounted her, bucked her legs up, and entered her ass. "Oh, God-damn, Fi-Fi. I love this fucking ass."

"You better fuck it right," she told me as she began to masturbate. There was about a minute's silence, then she said, "Oh yes. That's it. This is your ass, Benny. Fuck it like you want to. Oh shit. Fuck it like ... Fuck it like ... UNNHHHHH!!!!!" and she came hard. I just love that twisted look her face adopts when she has a big one, that look that says nothing compares to the here and now. It always gets me to the edge, and I was ready to explode. She plopped one of her thick nipples into my mouth and I growled around it as I came inside her ass, then I lay on her bosom, out of breath, both satisfied and thankful that this was the woman with whom I chose to spend my life. Yet, if that were the case, why did my immediate thought go to Circe?

I lay next to Ophelia and she cradled herself on my shoulder, and we remained that way, asleep, until the alarm clock went off at seven. Today we did shower together, but no hanky-panky. I got out first, dressed, and made my way to the kitchen to find that once again Circe had made breakfast. A few minutes later and Ophelia joined us.

"We're out of orange juice," Circe announced.

"I just bought that last one about two days ago," Ophelia said.

"It was sour. I had to dump it. I could go get some more."

"No, you're still in your pajamas," Opheli

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