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A very religious girl's first date.

As I pull the oven door down to check the food, you silently ease behind me. I close the door, stand up, and turn right into your hard chest and lustful gaze. Holding both sides of the oven handle you corner me in one place.

We stare at each other for a brief moment. Your eyes rake my body from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. You dip down to my face and slightly rub my cheek as a lion would his mate and you whisper in my ear, "What did I tell you that I wanted for my birthday?"

The intensity in your gaze and voice is a total turn on for me. My throat goes dry. I clear it and answer,

"Well, you said that you wanted me to be naked wearing that diamond necklace you bought me, but baby..."

"But what Angela?" you interrupt with a calmness that's almost scary if I didn't know you.

"I wanted to cook for you baby. You deserve a good meal for your birthday. After all it's your day." I reply.

"My day huh?"

"Yes baby, it's your day!" I say with a smile.

I reach up with both hands to touch your cheeks. You smile at me, catch my hands before they touch you, kiss them and in a swift move you place them behind my back in a strong hold. I'm definitely surprised by your actions. You weren't hurting me, it was just purely shocking. You look me straight in the eyes and reply,

"What you got in that oven is not what I want to eat. I asked you to do one thing for me and you did the total opposite. But I'm a nice man and I'm going to give you one more chance to do what I asked you do. Now, I'm going to go take a shower and when I come back, I WANT YOU NAKED!!"

I can tell that the last comment is the most important of all. You leave me with one last glare,nip my neck with your teeth and then walk away. I look your direction and our eyes meet. You give me a lustful yet determined stare. Usually that stare would make me submit to you without question. But not this time. I have a goal in mind and I fully intend to reach it.

You go into the bathroom and start the water for your shower. I close my eyes and drift into a daydream of what I believe is happening in the shower. The thoughts of what you're doing to that beautiful body of yours causes more moisture to gather in between my legs. I moisten my fingers, lift up my skirt, separate my pussy lips and start to rub my throbbing pussy.

In my head I see a vivid picture of you. I see your tall, lean, muscular body standing under the shower head. I imagine the water drizzling down your beautiful face to the tip of your toes. I see you taking the soap in your strong hands and rubbing it into a lather. You take the soap and rub your muscular arms and then you continue down to your chest getting every ridge of your beautiful six pack. You continue the soapy journey down your abdomen and stop at your equally beautiful cock. I see you taking your cock in one hand and rubbing the soap on it with your other hand. You rub your ball sac lightly with the soap and your dick comes to immediate attention....

I open my eyes right before the orgasm I've built up erupts on my fingers. My day dream of you was so vivid,it almost seemed as though I was right there witnessing everything that I imagined. I want you so bad but I'm a patient women, I can wait. So instead of undressing I go back to getting dinner ready.

I hear the water stop and the door open. I feel your presence and I shudder with anticipation of what you're going to do to me for disobeying your orders. Moments have gone by and I've become so in tuned with my own lust as well as the cooking that I almost forget that you're standing there watching me. I think about the trouble that I've deliberately put myself in just so I can feel your hard cock thrust violently in my wanting pussy and I smile.

Finally I decide to acknowledge your presence. I turn to you and I see two things: one, you're not happy and two, your cock is standing straight up. For a brief moment I re-think my plan and wonder to myself

"Did I take this one too far? Should I have done what he asked without any defiance? After all it is his day!!"

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