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Jan got caught twenty years after her affair.

Her throat was always so hot and wet, especially after already sucking and bobbing on Jerry's cock. My father had enough of the teasing and wanted me in my mom. Dad asked to see his wife fucked from the back, and I couldn't have been happier.

I bent mom over so her face was in front of the camera. I slapped my extremely hard dick against my mom's ass, and pulled back on her hair hard so she would lift up, exposing her large juicy white boobs to my father. I could tell daddy was ready to cum himself because he began to pump his dick head instead of the entire shaft. When I shoved my cock into mom's pussy, her body responded with a shiver and she grunted loudly, while slapping her ass back against my hips.

Mommy immediately grabbed both her jugs; she loved to hold on to them while she got fucked. Dad lost it, and came hard all over himself once again. I lasted not but 5 minutes when my hips got to smacking against mom's fat ass. My mom left her tits for my hands to grope, and moved her right hand to the top of her clit, trying her best to intensify her soon arriving orgasm. In order to coax my own nut, mom reached her left hand down between my legs and tugged on my balls ever so gently while I pounded her from behind.

Her hand on my sack pushed me over the edge and I quickly pulled out and straddled my mother's back, twisting her head up to face my dick. She opened her mouth right in time and let my spank my dick off quickly into her mouth as she allowed all of my cum to collect in her mouth. Mom waited for all my cum to hit her throat, then deep throated me one last time sucking and milking my last drop while coating my own dick with my hot man cream before finally releasing my dick from her oral heaven.

This sort of scene was all too common with my mother and I, but I couldn't help but be a little shocked about what I saw with her and Jerry. As my father said goodbye, my mother began to clean up. I asked her how her and Jerry got started and she revealed to me a very sexy truth.

"Since Dad and Jerry became close at work, he began to come over to drink with your father. You know how much Dad likes watching me with other men, and I was just so turned on by Jerry it had to happen. Every night when I would go to "sleep" I would go and the porn and lube ready. Your dad and Jerry would talk to you until you became tired and then your father, Jerry, and I would stay up all night and fuck like wild animals. You were still underage, Jay, so Jerry sort of became the one to pretend to be you, while your father and I would role play," my mother revealed.

I was so turned on by this news I was just told, I couldn't wait for the following day when my father would return. I would tell them to invite Jerry over, because I couldn't wait to gang-bang my mother with Dad and Jerry.

When dad returned, I wasted no time in telling him my plans. I told him how horny mom was while he was gone and that I wanted her night to be extra special. I asked if he could call Jerry up so we could all fully satisfy my mother. One of us in her ass, one in her pussy, and another in her mouth.

"Well son, usually your mother and I spend our first night reunited alone, but I think she would especially love your idea. I'm going to surprise her, Jay. Ill call Jerry and take your mother to bed early, then once he arrives you two can surprise her once I have her all revved up!" said Dad.

I loved my dad's plan as him and Mom headed down the hallway to the bedroom, I couldn't wait for Jerry's arrival. I went and changed into my boxers and waited for Jerry to pull up. When he did I wasn't surprised to see him in his briefs as well, also sporting my favorite piece of his outfit: a joint.

Jerry brought weed at my request, because to me it is an aphrodisiac and always gets me super horny. We sat on the front porch and puffed the joint before heading down to my parent's bedroom.

We waited at the door and peered in through the crack

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