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Marie has an encounter with a total stranger in a theater.

Sue and Bill stood watching and then she pulled him into the booth. She was about to shut the door when Bill put his hand out and stopped it from shutting all the way. He whispered something to her and then looked directly at me. He moved the door a little more open and he paused. His eyebrows raised in a questioning way. I smiled and moved to join them. Bill pushed the door more open to let me in and the three of us were in a booth together. The door was locked behind us.

Sue looked at me and smiled. She took my hand and squeezed.

"This is so naughty!" She exclaimed, then turned to watch the movie.

For the next several minutes I just stood and watched as Bill snuggled up behind Sue, his hands rubbing her ass. She was still for awhile, then began to move her hips slightly in a circular motion, pushing her behind up to meet his caresses.

I leaned over and told Bill to look down at the walls. The booths on each side were now occupied and through each glory hole a man was watching. Bill looked back at me and grinned.

He continued to rub his wife's bottom, but now he was raised her dress as he did so. Before long he pushed the dress up, slowly, and I heard Sue issued a moan of approval. She had no panties on! I could see that firm little rear. Boy, did she have a nice ass! Next Bill put his hands on her hips and bent her forward. Sue reached out with her hands to place them on the walls and steadied herself. Now I could see her cunt, a cute and tantalizing pussy pushed out between her legs.

She was still trying to watch the movie, her head raised as she bent over slightly, but when Bill put his hand on her cunt and squeezed, her head dropped and she breathlessly said: "Oh yes, honey."

For quite a while Bill continued to play with her, teasing the pussy lips, using first one hand and then both, pulling them apart, stroking them. Never once did her touch her clit. He certainly knew how to tease and arouse a woman. Despite the highly erotic nature of the situation, he did not hurry. I could see, and hear, that Sue was wet, and getting wetter.` Then Bill raised Sue and turned her around. She closed her eyes as he lifted her dress. She did not resist, raising her arms to help him remove it. "I can't believe we're really doing this," Sue said, her eyes closed. I was correct, there was no bra. Her breasts were medium in size, very firm and pert, and the nipples were a bright pink. Standing out and hard now, they were remarkably large for such a small lady. They must have protruded a half inch or more.

Bill immediately moved his head down and began licking one of those pink nipples. I waited. If they just wanted me to watch, I did not want to overstep. But Bill lifted his mouth off the nipples and turned to me. With a grin he motioned toward the other one. I did not wait and Sue was soon enjoying having a mouth on each nipple. She put a hand behind the head of each of us and held us to her breasts. She made a sound that sounded like purring.

"Oh, yes. I always dreamed of this." I looked up to see her eyes open, watching us. Her body was not still. She was undulating in a sexy way that left no doubt that she was aroused and enjoying the attention.

I placed a hand on her flat smooth stomach and began to rub gently. Gradually, as I continued to first lick, then suck, her nip ever so slightly with my teeth, my hand made circles that descended minutely with each downward movement. My hand came to within an inch of her public hair. Looking down I could see that Sue was a real blonde. Fine, whispy very light blonde hair, no darker than that on her head, made a patch above her clit.

I kept my hand at the same level, not daring yet to put it on her clit or between her legs, although I badly wanted to grab a handful and squeeze her there, but using just my fingers tips traced back and forth along her lower stomach.

"Hummm," she said, softly. "Hummm."

After long minutes of teasing, I heard the word I wanted. "Oh, touch me. Touch me. I'm so hot!"

My hand just brushed lightly over her clit and mo

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