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Bridget's adventures as a Union spy in the Civil War.

Marge was just as determined; "I used to change and burp you, young lady, and I vowed to care for you as one of my own. I'm not stopping now." To be honest, I was glad I wasn't going to have to face that big, empty house alone.

The young men and women of the Pack played a game unique to werewolves that evening. A cross between Aussie Rules football, polo and sumo wrestling, it was played in wolf form on a large grass field behind the Pack House. The ball was a rugby ball that was mostly deflated, making it easy to grip. Two teams of twenty, identified by different colored paint marks on their heads and sides, lined up across a center line. The end lines were the goal line, and the first rule was how to score. If you ran the ball across the opponent's goal line you got one point, but if you tossed it across the line and it was caught in the air you got two points. The rectangular field was marked with paint, and that led to the second rule: if you left the field, you could not return, and that included the goal line. This kept one wolf from dominating the game, and handicapped the higher scoring team. The third rule was no biting. The game ended when one team scores five points.

The red team, led by Next Alpha Dave, had a simple strategy. He had picked the largest wolves he could for his team, and planned to use their size advantage to knock their opponents out of the field of play and get a numbers advantage. The white team, led by second Alpha son Nathan, went with smaller and more skilled players. Their strategy was to use their speed and passing ability to get around the defense and score quickly while they had numbers.

I was shocked when I was picked for the White Team. I protested that everyone else was in wolf form, but Nathan said he had a plan.

Most of the Pack had turned out to watch the carnage, lining the sidelines and looking out the windows. The captains gathered in front of the Alphas as everyone quieted down. "Dave, what is your team name?"

"Champions." He was full of pride and I had to smirk.

Doug looked at our team. "And yours, Nathan?"

Before he could reply, I yelled out "Off Constantly."

Everyone looked at me funny. "Hey, if we lose, it's not like they can brag about it. Hey everybody, we beat..." Amanda clamped her hand over my mouth as our team lost it and the Champions glared at us.

Alpha Doug held back a grin as sent us to our respective sides. The teams lined up on the goal lines and he placed the ball into the center of the field. When he was clear, he raised his hand, and when he dropped it they were off. The field became a mass of fur and teeth, and the game was on.

Let's just say that it was a good thing we had a competent medical staff and werewolves healed quickly.

The red team came out with the ball and ran a wide circle in formation. The single wing offense bulldozed the white team defenders, knocking them over or forcing them wide. I stayed clear of the stampede as it passed me in the center of the field. Six teammates were pushed out in the first minute, although they managed to roll and drag out two red team members with them. Dave's confidence cost them, as they didn't anticipate the white team wolves leaping over their line and taking down the ball carrier. Like a shot, Derek was off running with Amanda streaking past to his right.
I looked back as three red team back line defenders rushed out to meet the pair. Two moved towards Derek while the last covered Amanda. With a move worthy of the NFL, Amanda juked right then spun hard left. Derek leaped up between the two wolves, flipping the ball high and forward with his jaws just before he was knocked back ten feet, landing hard on his back. Amanda streaked to catch it like a frisbee dog before slamming it down in the endzone for two points.

"WOHOOO!! Go Amanda!!" I got caught up in the action, just like the fans.

The jumping

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