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Michael's strap-on purchase gets interesting.

The men in both of those SUVs were armed, submachine guns butted into their thighs, the barrels pointing to the ceilings of the vehicles, their eyes darting everywhere, ready for anything. Two men were in the front seat of this vehicle. A driver and Jacks, Stowell's burly personal bodyguard, the most macho of all of them-built like a tank; a Marine buzz cut; young, not much older than I was; Army recruiting film handsome; and clearly devoted to the general. He too had a submachine gun at the ready.

We had entered the Marine training base at Parris Island, South Carolina, and were still driving through the thick forest, toward, I assumed, the seafront. Stowell had told me to bring a swim suit-"and bring all of your notes thus far," he had added. "You only have the one set of notes, don't you, as I instructed," he tacked on.

"Yes sir, just the one set of notes," I squeaked back at him.

He'd also told me not to tell anyone else where I was going-not that I knew where I was going-or that I would be with him. That was something long drilled into me. The biography was to be a surprise. That Stowell would be running for office at all was to be a surprise. My part in this was to be totally nonexistent. I understood that from the beginning.

"I can make you disappear altogether," he said, "without a trace left behind." I believed him. He was the head of Homeland Security.

"I was doing some research on the book," I said. "Just getting a feel for the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs-nothing too deep." I didn't want to straight out lie to him. He could check on my airplane tickets. He was the fuckin' head of Homeland Security, for God's sake. I didn't think he'd check as far as the rental car I drove up into Wyoming from there.

I saw the armored Escalade in front of us veer off into a turnoff and come to a standstill. The men had bailed out of it before we'd gotten past it. The men already were deploying into the surrounding forest. I turned and looked behind us. The other Escalade had stopped too and the men were getting out of it. The vehicle we were in kept moving forward. It was just the four of us in one vehicle now. The trees weren't as dense. I was getting glimpses of the water edge of the base, open water beyond.

"Did you enjoy the attentions of Cam?" the general asked. I turned my head toward him. The thin smile on his lips was more of a sneer than a smile.

"Excuse me?" I said, a chill going up my spine.

"Cameron Olson. I assume he fucked you good."

He knew where I'd gone.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you, General," I said, trying not to have it come out as a squeak. "I was just trying to fill in some information from your years at the Air Force Academy. I didn't want to bother you with details down in the weeds like that. Just background. Nothing need be-"

"So he told you how we hazed the new cadets-between us. How we fucked them like he fucked you. And how they begged for it and lay there and took it from us. The two of us doing them together. And never spoke of it after that. Because we told them not to. Because we were football stars. Because nobody with believe them over us."

"As I said, nothing needs be-" I was sweating. How did he know? Did he have eyes everywhere, even in Wyoming? Yes, of course he did. Yes, of course he did. He and Olson had coordinated on this before I went to Wyoming. That's why Olson was ready for me.

"No matter. I don't mind that you found out. I hope you enjoyed him. Cam told me he enjoyed you. I picked you out for him, you know. I knew you'd go there. I knew you'd easily submit to him. It's lonely on that ranch of his. I send him a gift of young tail now and then. It keeps him happy and quiet. Ah, here we are at the guest house."

He knew about me.

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