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Her gift to her husband? Her sister.

I was so excited I said "I'm thinking this is just OK right now."

"I'm sorry I spilled the drink." I said. His cologne was intoxicating for me. I stroked my hand on his leg. "Do you mind?" I said.

"Well, you're in charge" Leon said.

"Are you OK here." I said to Sean.

My mood changed from nervous to feeling seductive and powerful and in control.

"Your pants are still wet." I said, and touched his leg so I could feel him through his pants. Sean started kissing me on my neck and I relaxed onto the bed. Were we really doing this? I said to myself.

Leon sat there and then lightly ran his hand on my thigh and chills ran down my spine.

I pulled on Leon's belt and he unzipped his pants.

I ran my hand into his pants and played with his pubic hair. Suddenly they were both kissing me on opposite sides of my neck and each of them had a hand on my leg.

Sean gently pulled them apart and began feeling me through my wet panties as Leon ran his fingers lightly up and down my leg. I plied my hand in his pants and held his growing cock in my hand. The first touch of that soft skin.

We stayed like this for a while and when I turned my head Leon kissed me softly on my lips, his hand holding my breasts. He lips were full and warm. He sure knew how to kiss.

The smell of Makers Mark on his breath and cologne. I felt myself let out a deep moan.

Then Leon kissed my neck. I turned my head and Sean gave me an equally deep kiss while kicking off his pants. They both unbuttoned my blouse. Sean kissing me with Leon kissing my breasts while they both fingered me.

I laid there between them stroking them both while they slowly caressed me all over.

I never thought I would have been like this between two men feeling the contrast between them. Sean was hard as ever but Leon was not half erect and perhaps a little apprehensive.

I sat up holding on to them appreciating the dark package in my right hand and what it might have in store.

At one point they both started stroking themselves. I delighted at seeing them both straight up jerking for me. I couldn't help but compare them. I imagined Sean liked this as he was as hard as I ever remember. Watching the way they both looked at me I realized just how much control I had.

I laid down again between them and stroked Leon and felt him get so deliciously stiff in my hand. I concentrated on the curious penis, so much fuller than I was used to, with silver high lights on his hair against his dark skin. I stroked it and watched it pulse. I was happy he was a mature man.

I could feel Sean pulling on himself behind me as he watched.

Leon was lightly running his fingers on my arms and I said ,"that feels so good."

Then Sean said in my ear, "would you like to have him to yourself?"

"It's so good." I said.

Sean said, "We could try something we never did before."

Then Leon said, "My wife and I discussed this kind of thing. She is not very possessive. When I called her before I mentioned that I had met you two. I mean she has told me that if the right occasion arose it would be OK with her and I often thought of watching her but maybe I should go."

Leon stood up. I sat up and held my hands on his legs looking at the small of his back and lovely dark ass. I had thought about this for so long I didn't want it to stop right now.

He stopped still and let me touch him. I reached up along his thighs and caressed. His skin was smooth and soft. I reached through his legs and his balls filled my hand like two large black figs. I held his ass as I put my face into the small of his back. I stood up and put myself against him with my hands around his broad chest and then down to hold his erection pointing straight up.

He reached back and held my ass as I stroked him and I bit the skin on the back of his shoulder glancing at Sean on the bed. I turned with my back to him and fell with my hands on the bed and pulled the covers back to the fresh soft linen sheets.

When I looked at Sean, he told me he never saw the pupils of my eyes so big an

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