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Hot Italian woman yearns to be taken.

Just as she finishes stumbling through dialing Demi's number, I use the leverage I have to pull her toward me, her crotch now past the front of the chair. A slight giggle at the jolt soon gives way to another gasp as I grab both sides of the thong and tug. Almost instinctively, she presses her legs down on me, causing her hips to rise and the musky material to slide away from its former position. As soon as she relaxes, my hands slide to the back of her thighs while moving into the leg holes of the thong. By slightly raising her legs and releasing my shoulders from those hot quivering thighs a moment, I also move away long enough to slide the silken treasure straight up and off those beautiful legs.

Now she is panting with lust - but still trying to hold a (somewhat) understandable conversation as my hands hold the back of her knees toward the arms of the chair and my tongue begins to dance on her swelling labia. "Yes, Mmmmmmm... this is Ms. Ryan... Mmmmmm... Ms. Moore ... asked me - oh, yes - to call you... and - Oooooohhh - tell you that - Oh, fuck! - that she needs you to - yes, oh, YES! - to keep the - Oooooooohhh - kids overnight. AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! - Sorry, I have to - FFUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!! - go now..." her voice trailing off but her moaning increasing as she searches for the base. I hear the 'click' of the connection ending when her hand hits the base, but the physical pleasure is too much for her to concentrate on resting the receiver into the cradle, and she gives up after the second try.

I could care less if the phone gets hung up. My mouth is locked onto Meg Ryan's sweet heat with my tongue caressing her growing clitoris, its hardness becoming dominant, and the musky wetness oozing from her now-thrusting sex calling out to my lust-driven intensity. She grabs my hair and pulls me even tighter to her aching pussy. Taking my cue, I press my mouth even harder against her and lightly press my teeth together, gently biting her bulging clit. Moaning - almost screaming - with animal-like growls, she releases my head and begins to claw at my back, her head thrown back in heat and her breasts heaving in raw pleasure. Seeing this usually playful woman lost in sexual ecstasy because of what I am doing to her causes my own pressure to rise and stiffen even more than I had ever imagined it could, giving me the feeling that this throbbing unreleased has built to the point of having a life of its own, such that unintentional holding back has ensured me several hours of hardness. And what a time for this to happen!

Neither Meg nor I hear the shower shut off as Demi steps out and grabs a towel. She doesn't hold it very long because she hears the sounds surging from the room, and walks in to find her friend making her own music. Demi smiles, any hint of disappointment at having had to shower alone now erased as she sees her friend consumed in the throes of passionate drivenness. For all her acting study, Demi Moore is really a method actor, mentally creating the character and situation and "becoming" that person. And every character she plays stays with her, becoming part of her total person. She became the desperate whore she played in "St. Elmo's Fire" by being an easy lay. She developed the stripper in "Striptease" by wearing a mask and ACTUALLY working as a stripper in L.A. She knows no other way to make it work for her.

Consequently, as the steam drifts upward from her naked form, while water again slides downward from every part of her torso and drips from her still-throbbing pussy, she feels the easy-lay-whore and the Tits&Ass-swaying-pole-dancing-stripper emerging and ready for hot sex play.

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