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He loses contest & loses the trappings of manhood.

icky turned and said to her, "How do you buy fish?"

For heavens sake who educated men?

"You buy a whole fish, a whole fillet or point to a pile and say x pieces please, x being your required number of servings or simply say eight ounces or any other weight of you choice of fish."

"What choice do I have?"

"The names of the type of fish are on the trays along with the prices."

He continued to look dopey.

Bobbi sighed and asked how many persons did he have to by for?

"Just me. My wife is away and I'm sick of pizza and her pre-prepared frozen servings for one."

"Right I'll buy and you come home and eat with me."

"But I don't know you."

"But I recognize you. You are Rod Fiskin, the award-winning child photographer. If mothers trust you to photographer their children I ought to be trusting enough to take you home to feed you."

"I really can't accept."

"Please yourself. Just ask for ten pounds of shark and grapple with that in your kitchen."

"Is that a joke?"

"Jesus," Bobbi fumed. "You are pathetic."

She walked off to the far end of the display to look at the cod.

He arrived beside her and said, "I apologize for being an idiot. Usually I'm not this stupid, or at least I don't think so. I was panicking, being in territory unknown."

"Accepted," Bobbi smiled, looking up at him.

He looked at her stunned, and whispered, "Jesus."

"What's wrong now?"

"You are the face they desire."

"Look Mr Fiskin. This is becoming a little tiring."

"You don't understand. If I front up with your photograph and they accept it we could split the $30,000. I accept your offer of a fish dinner."

"I rescinded that offer."

"No you didn't. You just walked away in a huff because I didn't get your joke."

It was a standoff.

She finally buckled under his determined stare. "Very well follow me home to dinner. My husband and two children are away for the weekend."

"I'm pleased about that."

She glared at him.

"It means I can talk to you about the Skylark Lavender project in peace."

"Is it to be marketed in this country?"

"Yes," Rod said, looking surprised. "You know about the product."

"My beautician imports it. It is a blend of essential oil produced from Scottish and French lavender."

"Yes and the makers intend launching it country-wide here in a multi-million-dollar marketing push. The advertising agency has sent out an SOS for 'the face' to launch the project. Your skin looks great, you are honey blonde and your eyes are azure."

"Well yes but..."

"Point to me another woman with that combination in the thirty-five to forty-five age group? Believe me they are rare. Eliminate the uncooperative ones and you make that number extremely rare."

"I'm no model."

"Can you keep still and accept instruction?"

"Are we talking sex?" she giggled and Rod grinned and said she really did have humor.

Slightly embarrassed Bobbi said she believed she could take instruction and then noticed Rod was staring at her breasts. She felt compelled to say it so said it, "Are you missing sex?"

Rod shook his head clear and said simply, "Missing my wife, yes."

At that point Bobbi assumed she'd landed a potential seducer but the timing was not right to press that line of thought.

As they were leaving King Neptune's, Rod asked could they go to his studio for some test shots after dinner.

"This fish is in ice. Why don't we do that first?"

"You are very cooperative. A great idea."

Bobbi followed him in her car.

Outside the studio Rod opened the door of her coupe.

She said, "I show quite a lot getting out of this low-slung vehicle."

He promised he'd live after taking in such a sight and they laughed. Bobbi slid out without showing anything because she was in jeans.

He mocked her. "In future please wear a tight skirt.

"Just a skirt?"

He grinned and she decided to say no more.

The upstairs studio was formerly a restaurant. The bar was still in place. He walked behind the bar and asked, "A drink to relax you while we tour."

"A vodka martini please."

"My drink too."

After the tour, not that there was much to see but she was interested in the ch

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