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Now she seeks vengeance.

She voiced her pleasure in groans, as I buried myself inside her and let out a loud, primal cry of pleasure. Lucy grasped the sheets, moaning, she felt her own hard cock start to spew against the bed sheet.

"Oh I'm cumming," she cried.

My back arched, I thrust extra hard, really deep inside of her and then my dick pulsed and it seemed to explode. I spewed thick gobbets of cum deep into her, thrusting up higher than ever before, squashing her beneath me as I strained to lodge my cock ever deeper. I was pulling her whole body down, forcing it onto my throbbing cock as I shot my load.

I collapsed on top of her, my cock had filled her insides until cum leaked past my softening member and the tight sentinel of her anus.

"That was so damn good, I have never had sex to rival that ever before," I panted.

Lucy had a satisfied smile on her lips. I reached around her, she was just recovering from her orgasm, I found the sheet under her covered in cum. I gave her cock a gentle stroke,

"You shot your load, too, let me lick you clean."

She rolled toward me, her pretty cock flopped over her thigh, and lay leaking its last drops down her tanned skin. I leant and gently licked and sucked her tender dick, it twitched at my ministrations and dribbled a little more cum onto my tongue. I slowly massaged her balls to coax more sweet honey from them but they had given their all, as had she.

I lay beside her afterward, kissing and whispered loving things to her, then got up from the bed.

Lucy watched as I left the room, her ass must have been sore but not like it was in the past, it was a pleasant soreness borne of love.

I was grinning from ear to ear when I returned to the bedroom, Lucy watched as my cock swung between my legs. I put down the bottle of wine and two glasses and kissed her,

"Here's to us," I said and we both drank to that toast.

By Spitz Harder

Changed and tempted Chapt. 3

Lucy, a slim, tanned, Thai Shemale, was working on the evening meal that night and I was laying table for our Master, Mr Gregory.

"Good evening Jenny," he said from the doorway.

I turned and hugged him; his head as usual was laid on my breast, he loved to suckle from me but I was clothed at this time of night. Lucy and I always dressed for dinner, one reason was that the house cleaners arrived at eight o'clock.

Mr G. had hidden cameras to film Lucy and I, so I was not surprised when he said,

"I'm so glad you two were able to consummate your love."

I kept quiet knowing more was to follow.

"You do realise that I want to film, in close up, your intimate moments."

I nodded, this was inevitable, he did pay a lot for me and kept us in luxury for this reason. He continued,

"I have ordered a sculpture for the garden and will have it sited so the afternoon sun will illuminate the culmination of your love."

A couple of days later, after a morning spent sun bathing, Lucy and I went towards our usual garden seat and stopped at the new sculpture. It rose from the left at a 40 degree angle to curl upward, back on itself and stop. The curl section was split into a deep 'V' cleft, facing it was a wave like structure that curled towards the cleft and flowed back down to the ground.

We stood and admired the bright white concrete shape, I kissed Lucy and manoeuvred her to stand between the 'V' shapes and leant her backwards through the cleft to lie head down on the smooth concrete angled surface.

I kissed her lovely rounded breasts and soon brought her nubs of nipples erect, sliding, kissing I travelled down her belly to kiss her thighs which were now resting in the upward curve. I kissed her and pulled her gently towards me and her bum fitted the curve nicely and the upward curl supported her legs as she bent them back toward her breasts.

This left her legs wide apart and presented her sweet ass pussy to me and, I now saw, a row of cameras built into the front of the wave like sculpture.

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