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Audrey discovers the history of the house.

As my hormones began to take control of me, I found my aunt more and more attractive. I would spy on her while she was laying out at the pool. I would push open my curtains just enough to see her. She would be lying there in a bikini, her large breasts heaving in the warm sun. I lived in the bedroom downstairs, so I got a great look at her. I would peek out my window and jack off while looking at her. Once in a while, I would get brave and go up to her room. I would pull out one of her silk panties and wrap it around my cock. I would stroke my dick, feeling the smoothness all over. Of course, leaving a little special stain on the crotch of her panties was always a thrill. I figured she never knew about it.

During my college years, I decided that I wanted to spend summers with my long time friends in the country. I wanted to hang out with them as much as possible, at least that's what I told my mother.

I pulled up to my aunt's house in the middle of the afternoon. Of course, she was laying out and it was a beautiful site. She told me that I could have the same room, so I took my things inside and began to unpack. She yelled for me and asked me to bring her a glass of iced tea. I walked outside with it and she told me she would be laying out for at least another 45 minutes. Here's my chance! I made my way upstairs to her room. I looked outside to see her still lying on her chair. I made my way over to her private stash of underwear and pulled out a pair of silk panties. I pulled out my cock and began to stroke it. I imagined her bending over the bed and letting me fuck her.

I stopped looking out the window and sat on the floor next to the bed. I continued to play with myself and imagine her going up and down on my dick. I opened my eyes to see my aunt standing in front of me with a look of shock on her face. She asked me what in the hell I was doing. Without even hesitating, I told her that I was attracted to her and I was thinking about her while I masturbated. "Well, I'm very flattered, but I'm your aunt!" The words didn't bother me at all. She was an attractive and very sexual woman.

She then had a twitch in her eye and said to me, "Well, in this house, we masturbate in private. Now that I've caught you, you must be disciplined. Take off your shorts." I did as I was told. She then sat on the bed and told me to lie down on her lap. As I laid down, she swung back her hand and smacked my ass. Ohhh, that felt so good. As she continued spanking me, my cock continued to get harder and harder. I began to pump my cock between my aunt's thighs in rhythm to her hitting my bare ass. My aunt began to really get into it, as I heard her moan as I thrust my cock between her meaty thighs. She then stopped and told me to stand up. I stood in front of her, cock at full attention. She grabbed my hot ass and pulled me closer.

"I want to watch you masturbate." I grabbed my cock and began stroking for her. Her words got me hotter and hotter, "I used to find my panties with cum stains in them. But I noticed they only came up around summer time. I figured it was you, but I wasn't 100% sure. Now I know." I asked her if she would take off her top and show me her tits. She said I could look, but couldn't touch. She peeled off her bikini top to reveal what I have stared at for most of my youth. She had large nipples which stuck out about __ inch or so. I continued to stroke my cock until I couldn't stand it anymore. She said it was ok to cum on her tits and that's exactly what I did. My cum shot out and splashed on her tits, sliding down between her cleavage and some onto her nipple. I had never cum so hard in my life.

I walked over to the hamper to get her a towel when I noticed a pair of her used panties.

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