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My Math Professor talks to me about my test grade.

"I was just taking a break from editing. My eyes were getting tired."

Ellen smiled, "I know what that's like. Believe me, staring at numbers all day can be rough."

"I know what you mean."

"You're probably wondering what I'm doing here."

"Yeah, I don't think we've formally met before."

"That's because I don't associate with assistant editors," Ellen said with an arrogant smirk. "However, Mr. Halpern has told me all about you."

The mood of the conversation suddenly changed, and Sara's eyes widened.

"He has?"

"Oh yes, everything," Ellen replied. "I've got an important meeting soon, but I wanted to personally deliver something. So here it is."

Ellen handed Sara a small package. It was an unmarked plain box, which was fairly light in weight.

"What is it?" Sara asked.

"Open it later. No one can ever know. Remember, you've signed several confidentiality agreements."

Sara held the package and looked at Ellen with a surprised expression.

"Are you part of know...the good..."

"I don't discuss rumors with new employees," Ellen winked before leaving.

The awkward moment was over when the chief financial officer walked away. Sara was left holding the package. She knew that Chloe would be returning at any moment, so she got up and headed to the bathroom.

Sara went inside the bathroom stall and sat down.

She opened the box to see a small 3-inch oval device, which was smoothly shaped, alongside a small container of lubrication.

There was a letter underneath. She picked it up and read the note:


I've been admiring you from a distance. So far, you're doing an excellent job. As for the contents of the box, they are simple to use. Apply the lubrication inside of your anus. Twist the small device, and it will gently vibrate. Insert the vibrating device inside of your anus for the rest of the day. It will be uncomfortable, but you'll soon be accustomed to it.

Come to my office at 4 pm and I'll remove it. Will you be a good girl?

x Mr. Halpern

For a brief moment, she didn't know how to feel. The whole thing was escalating to a point which made her nervous. But the wetness between her legs disagreed. She was aroused. There was no doubt about it. And she wanted the promotion more than anything.

Sara put the box on the floor and held the small lubrication in her hand. She opened it and squeezed it onto the tip of her finger. Then came the weird part. She briefly sat up and lifted her skirt. Then she pushed the tip of her index finger inside of her anus. Nothing had ever gone inside of her anus before. Several guys had asked, but she always declined.

But for Mr. Halpern, she was willing to make an exception, as she lubricated her own ass with her index finger. At least her finger was thin, she thought. It was uncomfortable, and when the job was done, she pulled out.

She used toilet paper to clean the lube from her finger, then she tossed it inside the toilet to flush later.

Next, she picked up the small 3-inch vibrator. Even though it was short, it was fairly thick, which made it dreadful to think about. It had a long string on the bottom so it could be pulled out. At least she didn't have to worry about the device getting stuck in her ass.

There was no point in waiting. She needed to get back to work so she could finish editing the horribly written article.

She twisted the object, making it vibrate gently. Then she reached below and pressed it against the ring of her anus. It was very uncomfortable as she expected, but the lube made it easy. It was a bizarre sensation feeling the vibrations against her little hole. But it also felt good. It stimulated nerve endings she didn't know existed.

After the ring of her anus adjusted, she pushed the device deep inside of her rectum, stretching her canal. More nerves were being stimulated by the vibrations inside of her ass, and it slowly started to feel good, despite the tight stretching feeling.

When she stood up, it only became more uncomfortable. But she had no choice but to get used to it.

Sara adjusted her dress,

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