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Sister's on line dare game.

Mac adores the simplicity and the space that her room provided, and chuckles as he felt the soft carpet floor take in his own socked feet. He sighs again as he feels Del's hand caress his left shoulder. "Why don't you get comfortable, tiger, and I'll put on some study music. That way, it won't be too quiet" she sweetly says to him.

Mac nods as he makes his way to her bed. "Sounds good. What have you been listening to lately?"

"Well, I usually just blast some WWE tunes, but lately when I read, I've been really getting into Pentatonix."

"Yes, yes! Definitely Pentatonix!" Mac laughs in glee as he sits down on the floor. He positions himself on the left edge of the reading table, with his back cushioned on the edge of bed. In that position, he figures he would have the same view of her feet he had earlier in class, just now on a more submerged level. Delilah sets and connects her AUX cord into her laptop. Using the extra USB slot that is free, she plugs in her speakers to get a better audio experience from her music. Looking back at Mac, she smiles and asks "Hehe, comfortable?"

"I'll get there," he responded.

"Be there in a bit, just setting up here!" Del shouts as she swishes her finger on the touch screen of her laptop. She opens up the music app, finding the Pentatonix album she was searching for. Smiling as the music finally echoes through her room, she makes her way to her table, looking at the ever-ready face of Mac.

"You know, it was actually kinda hot when you ignored me in class today," Mac admitted to her. "Kind of a innocent, but not-so-innocent way."

Delilah chuckles, taking another step towards him. "Hehehe, yeah I noticed. You were just squirming in your jeans. Only this time, I have a legit reason to ignore you!"

"Haha, yeah. Just don't forget about me under here!"

"Don't worry, I got it all under control."

As Delilah turns on the small lamp, she finally pulls up her rolling chair and sits down in it. Her flat covered feet make their re-debut in front of Mac. The lighting is just right, and Mac crosses his own legs together, leaving plenty of space for Delilah to work her shoeplay magic. She looks down at him again, and makes one last explanation. "I'll also be doing some new ideas I came up with for the shoeplay, but I'll be sure to do the usual stuff I did at school. I know how much you enjoyed that."

"Oooh, sounds exciting" Mac says while fiddling with his thumbs, showing off his obvious eagerness.

"If you can help yourself, try not to touch my feet just yet. But, you're more than welcome to sniff my flats. But ONLY if they're not on my feet," she said, sticking her tongue out at him at her challenge. He sticks his tongue out back at her. "No promises, but I'll do my best."

"I know, tiger. This is only the first phase," she says with a wink. " I gotta read now. See you in a hour!" And with one final smile, she raises back up to the table and begins to turn the page on her textbook.

Precisely 5 minutes pass. Mac watches on, staring at her legs and feet with optimism. Delilah is all into her book, with her toes in her flats pointing into the floor. She rolls her chair back a bit to allow her legs to stretch out. Mac looks on as she lifts her legs off the floor, the pantyhose absorbing the light from her lap. She rotates her lifted ankles from left to right, allowing them to pop slightly. The constant rotating make the flats touch each other consistently. She allows her legs to lower back to the floor, and brings her chair back towards the table.

Mac stares at each movement her flats provides as she wobbles her toes back and forth on the carpet floor.

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