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She stayed the night at a hotel, and the following morning, she headed for Montr__al. She parked the car in the long-term parking lot, and purchased a first-class ticket to Milan; all on the same credit card. Later that day, she went through security and to the boarding area. She struck up a friendly conversation with a young woman, with blonde hair. They talked for hours waiting for their departure time. Patricia asked the young woman to watch her carry-on for a moment, because she thought she saw a friend. She went over to a young man, took his hand, and talked to him about nothing really important. He smiled at her, because she was really pretty, and in hopes of something more happening, while they were on the plane.

She told him she would see him later, and he nodded his head. Patricia returned to her seat and asked the young woman for a favor. She said, "I know this is going to sound crazy, but would you change seats with me. I am sitting in first class and my friend is sitting in coach. I would really like to sit with him, if you know what I mean."

The young woman was stunned. Patricia was offering her a five thousand dollars first-class ticket, in return for a one thousand dollar coach ticket. Of course, she would do it for her. She would do it for her in a heartbeat.

They exchanged tickets and Patricia reminded the young woman to acknowledge the appropriate name as she boarded the airplane. She even remembered to give the woman her baggage claim tickets. As the aircraft began its boarding procedures, first-class passengers were boarded first. The young woman stood up and worked her way towards the entrance to the Jetway. Patricia moved closer to the young man just for show. When the young woman turned around to waive, she waved back. As soon as this act was over, Patricia headed for the exit. She picked up her car and drove to Washington, D.C., using nothing but cash.

Now she had to establish her bona fides, with the people there, to get their help and put Bruno Valentino away for murdering her mother, and her schoolmates. If it were up to her, she would take every penny that he had first, and announce on the radio that she had done it. Then let the bastard, try to get her. She would slice him open, using the blades on her ice skates.

On Monday morning, she opened an account at the PNC Bank in Arlington, and took a taxi to the Hoover building. She thought the building was as ugly as hell. She walked in and the guard asked her what her business was. She asked to speak to someone in the organized crime division, because she had some paperwork they might be interested in.

She waited for ten minutes before an agent came down, gave her a visitor's badge and took her up to see his boss. The man immediately got on her nerves

"What do you have for me, little lady?"

"Who are you talking to scumbag?"

The agent standing next to her nearly fell down laughing.

"Okay, let's try this again. How my I help you, ma'am?"

"I am sure you know my name. I gave it to the man downstairs. They do not let terrorists into this building unescorted. This young man, said hello to me downstairs using my name. Would you like to try it one more time?"

"Hello Miss Parent, how may I be of assistance to you?"

"Hello, Special Agent Campbell. I have in my possession paperwork that may help you take down the Valentino family. My father, William Zabo used to work for them nearly 20 years ago. He set up this system. He believes they are still using it today to get around the currency laws and banking rules to move money around the world. Would you like to see this paperwork?"

"Miss Parent, I would give my eye teeth to look at it."

After perusing the papers for a few moments, Campbell said to his assistant, "Get forensic accounting in here now."

"Miss Parent, how long have you had this in your possession?"

"That is a little tricky to answer. Technically, the answer would be twenty years. Physically, it would be three days."

"Would you care to explain the disparity in that time period?"


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