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Interviews with Literotica authors, #3: soppingwetpanties.

Reaching the end of her landing strip of pubic hair my middle finger slid over the hood of flesh covering her clit. Stephanie moaned as my finger slipped under and found her erect clit urging me. "Yes pinch it!"

I rolled her clit between my thumb and middle finger then pinched it hard as she'd asked. A subtle moan escaped her lips as she directed my caresses. "Put your finger inside."

I released her throbbing clit and moved my hand down slipping my middle finger between her lips; she was incredibly wet, my finger bathed in the juices flowing inside her pussy.

"You're so wet." I said our lips touching as I spoke.

She moved her head back licking at my upper lip before replying. "I get that way when I'm completely turned on."

I couldn't wait to have my cock bathed in her wet flesh but wanted her to beg me for it before I did.

I slipped my finger from her sopping wet slit and lifted it to our lips, in unison we both licked at the wet digit tasting her piquant flavor. Stephanie drew my finger between her lips and sucked it softly holding my wrist until she'd sucked my wet digit clean.

As I pulled my finger from her moist red lips I grabbed her hand and said. "Come with me."

I stepped out of my shoes, pants and boxers and lead her across the room to the sofa. She turned toward me as I said. "Make yourself comfortable."

She sat down on the sofa then leaned back into the cushions as I stood before her, my rock hard cock arching upward from my loins. Her eyes studied my cock until I dropped to my knees in front of her and reached out for the thin straps of her thong.

"Lift up a little." I said as my fingers drew the garment off her hips.

Stephanie arched her hips until the thong slipped off her body then lifted her feet from the carpet and placed them together as I slid the lace throng down her nylon covered legs and over her stilettos. I lifted the triangle of lace to my nose and inhaled her fragrance as she stared lustfully at me.

She smiled and asked. "Do you like the smell of my loins?"

"Absolutely." I instantly replied.

I slid my hands up the back of her legs until they rested in the bend behind her knees and with a gentle tug I pulled her toward me drawing her loins to the edge of the sofa. As I removed my hands she again lifted her shoes from the carpet and slowly spread her legs until her moist pussy was exposed to my intense gaze.

My hands settled to her knees as I studied her loins, the tumid lips of her pussy lay open exposing the moist pink flesh beyond. Just above her erect throbbing clit extended from the hood of flesh surrounding it and the landing strip of closely trimmed pubic hair was the same raven color of her sassy hairstyle. I grinned realizing that Stephanie had taken the time to color her pubic hair to match the color her hairstylist had applied above.

As my eyes moved up Stephanie asked. "Do you like my tits?"

"They're stunning." I replied as I studied her firm double D breasts.

She giggled and added. "I told my plastic surgeon that I wanted them to look like Pamela Anderson's.

"He did a spectacular job." I said as I looked up into her eyes for a moment.

My eyes dropped back to her chest as I moved forward so I could easily reach them. Her brown areolas are large; nearly three inches across, at the center her nipples are proportionate in size to her sensitive areolas hardening into sexy half inch nubs of taut flesh. I couldn't wait to hold one between my lips and tease it with my tongue.

The implants kept her tits firmly atop her body, lacking the sag most large breasted women have when they are reclined. The deep cleavage between looked so inviting and I wondered if she would allow me to slid my cock into the soft flesh.

As my fingers slid along the nylon covering her thighs I looked up at Stephanie's face.

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