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Boss & two assistants discover new ways.

.. distracted in your work."

I looked her straight in the eye, "I've done everything that's required of me, Ma'am. If there are problems, they would be due to the handlers who haven't acquired the client's requests properly."

"So as far as you're concerned, everyone you've done work on are... Satisfied?" She got up and walked around the desk.


Stopping right in front of me, she leaned back against the desk her stern eyes at mine, "How satisfied?"

I thought of an answer but then the door opened and I could've slammed my head down. Katie stood at the doorway in a crisp white blouse, a short, gray, plaid skirt under and knee-high boots, a crossbody bag on her. Fuck, she was so hot, obviously had come from hanging out with her friends.

She stared at us, confused for a moment. "Umm... where's my dad?"

Helena smiled and stood up straight, "You must be Katie! I'm Helena. Your father's at a meeting right now. Please, have a seat right here," she motioned for the seat beside mine. I wanted to warn her to just leave but Helena had blocked our line of sight that it was all too impossible.

Katie pulled her the strap of her bag off her shoulders as she approached, "Is something wrong?"

"Not at all," Helena answered, reassuringly, again gesturing for Katie to take the seat beside me that she had turned to face my direction.

She smiled at me as she sat facing me. Helena never missed a beat, "Ahh you two know each other?"

Katie looked up at her, surprised at the question, "Yes, Adam's been working for my dad for a while now. He's one of the top designers here."

I grinned, I've never heard her speak of me professionally before.

"I also understand Adam's been teaching you things," Helena went on, smoothly I might add.

"Yes, he's shown me around and taught me a bit of the creative work here," Katie replied, innocently. I could only watch in worry at the trap Helena was obviously leading her to.

"How creative?"

Katie looked up at her, confused, "I'm sorry?"

Helena smiled, walking over behind Katie's chair, "Do you like older men, Katie?"

Katie shifted uncomfortably, looking at the window this time, "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Really now," She looked up at me, "Adam?"

"It's not my business ma'am," I answered, worried at Katie's discomfort now. Helena stood right behind her.

"Undo the two buttons of your blouse, Katie," Helena ordered.

We both looked at her surprised, Katie tried to get up but Helena pushed her by the shoulders back on her seat. "Your father listens to me, because he knows who I am. You better do the same for his sake and yours."

"What did my father do?" Katie was starting to tear up.

"For now, he's cooperating. I suggest you do the same!"

Katie closed her eyes and tears dripped down as she undid the top two buttons of her blouse. Helena reached down and tugged at both sides, increasing the open view, revealing the creamy, full cleavage, held together by a thin, black, lace bra. I swallowed hard and looked away, trying to keep effect on me at bay.

"Look at her Adam," Helena taunted, "How can you not admire such a fresh, young body."

"This is inappropriate and unprofessional, Ma'am," I replied, still looking away, "and a violation of her rights."

Helena laughed, "Don't pretend to be coy with me. We both know you're anything but."

I could sense Katie tearing up. She was always quick to tears.

"Look at her, Adam, tell me what you do with her."

I did my best to ignore her until I heard Katie pleading, I turned and Helena was slipping her hands down and inside the lace, squeezing and mashing her breasts.

"Please don't," Katie pleaded.

"Mmmm... they are so soft, Adam, so nice and her nipples are so hard already," She pulled the lace apart and under, pushing Katie's breasts up even more, baring them to me. Fuck!

Katie cried out as Helena closed her fingers on her nipples, tugging at them, I could see her thighs tightening together.

I swallowed and looked up at Helena, "Please stop this."

She smiled, "only you can," she closed her fingers and t

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