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My cousin Veronica and I get even closer than ever.

Looking to the side she catches sight of her reflection in the bedroom mirror, easily but softly illuminated by the silvery moonlight. Instinctively, under her self-critical gaze, she broadens her shoulders and straightens her back, in doing so lifting her breasts and accentuating the roundness of her buttocks. She's pleasantly startled by what she sees. In the unforgiving light of day she is normally quick to find fault in her body. She is uncomfortably aware of the paling of her pallor and the lessening elasticity of her skin. Her obsessive critique would see a drooping of her breasts, a post-childbirth rounding of her stomach and a heaviness to her thighs. But now, in this subtle pale light, her breasts are fashionably full and rounded, her stomach is gently curved and her thighs are athletically firm and lithe. Is the light causing the mirror to tell lies or are the hours of running, swimming and tennis finally paying dividends. Were the compliments he lavished upon her this afternoon evidence of genuine adoration of her beauty, or just the lustful platitudes of a typical man seeking gratification of his sexual desires.

Oh he was genuine, she muses, recalling his soft voice, his gentle touch and his fierce passion! He hasn't fooled me with flattery and well-intentioned deceit, he has simply opened my eyes to what I am...a mature, sexy, beautiful woman!!!

She continues to study herself in the mirror, re-appraising each curve and swell of her body. She runs her fingers softly over her breasts...from the first gentle swell, following the deepening of her cleavage, warm and damp under her fingertips, before cupping her hands lightly underneath. Her mind drifts back to the harsh heat of the afternoon, when he stood behind her and held her breasts in just this way...she recalls the warmth of his chest against her back and the insistent pressure of his awakened member against her buttocks...and inevitably she recalls the way he delicately ran his thumbs over her nipples, as she is doing now!

The pleasantly tingling sensation centred around her stiffening nipples is deliciously familiar. She rolls her thumbs over and around each growing bud, sighing as she recalls the soft kisses he brushed against her neck. She remembers with a smile how he had suggested then that she tie her hair up so that he could fully appreciate the beauty of her long and smooth neckline. She squeezes her nipples harder now between fingers and thumbs...he had done this too, whilst nibbling her neck and biting her earlobes.

Then, she had leant heavily against his body, surrendering to his touch, while snaking an arm behind his head. Her other hand, she recalled with a hint of embarrassment , hand slipped instinctively between her legs. The need to enjoy the burning waves of pleasure centred there had seen her inhibitions evaporate. Now, she lay back on the damp sheets, at first continuing to pinch her hard deep pink nipples...unwilling to leave behind the memory of his hands on her breasts, his fingers sending shots of electric pleasure through her nipples. Inevitably though, now, as then, she couldn't resist the lure of greater pleasures and ultimate fulfilment pulsing insistently between her thighs.

She reached down with her right hand and cupped, almost protectively, her cotton clad pubic mound.

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