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Things get wild again on my daughter's birthday.

Eva noticed that each slave had the same kind of black leather collar and leash and each one had their name engraved on it in red letters.

Dragonspet was a little shorter than Dragonslave but she was also very voluptuous and had long beautiful curls cascading down her back as she gave a little curtsy to Sir Dan and Eva saying, "I am so happy to meet you. Master has told us so much about you."

"It is a pleasure to meet you as well little one," Sir Dan said.

"I am happy to meet you," said Eva

Then as the lovely Dragonspet stepped back Sir Randy took the hand of the gorgeous redheaded girl with him and brought her forward. "And, this is our Dragonspark," he added.

An absolutely breathtaking young woman with long thick fiery read hair that fell almost to her hips smiled softly. This girl was obviously younger than the others, but looking up at Sir Randy with much love in her eyes the slender wisp of a girl moved forward slowly. Eva noticed that she seemed to limp a little. The girl extended her hand standing straight and tall and proud as she smiled at her Master and then back at Sir Dan and Eva.

"I am glad to meet you both," she said with the same little curtsy, and a melodious lilting voice. Eva liked her right away.

"Its nice to meet you Dragonspark." Sir Dan said as he shook her tiny hand and gave it a little kiss. "Is the spark part of your name for the red hair or perhaps a fiery sexy little soul?" he joked.

The girl giggled a little and looked shyly at her Master. Sir Randy laughed then and told Sir Dan, "How about a little of both Dan? Believe me she is not as shy and reserved as she seems once you get her going." Both men laughed as Dragonspark lowered her eyes modestly.

"I am pleased to meet you as well," Eva added smiling at the lovely girl.

Then as Dragonspark moved back Sir Randy took the hand of a sexy full figured exquisite blonde who looked at him from under her eyelids with a sensual grin that Eva could almost feel. Smiling, Sir Randy presented this blonde with profuse masses of golden curls flowing like a waterfall around her soft shapely shoulders. She stepped extra close to Sir Randy as she gave him a look that would have melted a polar icecap.

Sir Randy grinned and with a chuckle he announced, "And this is our sexy little Dragonslut."

With that the exquisite blond turned her gaze on them and gave Sir Dan and Eva a sultry flirty look batting her long eyelashes. She had a low deep sexy woman's voice, with what sounded like a thick southern accent as she said breathlessly, "How very nice to meet you both." It was the kind of voice that could turn a man of steel to butter, and made Eva giggle softly with pleasure at meeting what seemed to be a fellow slut.

"So very nice to meet you Dragonslut," Sir Dan said as he gave the delightful blonde the once over. He made a little growling noise that made Eva laugh delightedly.

She was still laughing quietly at her Sir's reaction to the sexy slave as she gave Sir Randy's charming slave a wink and said, "I am so glad to meet you Dragonslut, and I just love your name."

"Why thank you strayangel," Dragonslut added with a throaty drawl, "I love it too, especially since my Master gave it to me." And with a mischievous grin she said, "And, I am still trying to live up to my name every chance I get."

Everyone laughed then. And as Sir Randy excused himself and led his slaves toward the backstage area Eva turned to Sir Dan excitedly, and said, "Oh Sir, I like all of them so much. They are so nice and they are very different from other subs and slaves that I have met. They are so genuine. Do you think we will every get to spend some time with them again?" She still felt some discomfort at Sir Randy's obvious scrutiny of her sexually, and she still was not sure how she felt about it, but the reception from his slaves was encouraging.

"I am sure we will Pet. And, I am glad you like them. They are all well trained by Randy and Dragonslave. But no one can hold a candle to my stray angel," he said as he gave her a little kiss on the nose.


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