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Somali dominatrix meets a black American man.

I hear the snaps as it put into place. She makes eye contact with me; anger emanates from her eyes. She watches me as she makes the ball ring tighter. She attaches and tightens the separator between my balls. I scream but only saliva seeps out of the corners of my mouth. She rubs, strokes, and licks my swollen balls. I squirm and twitch with the pain as she opens her mouth around my balls and sucks.

The harness gets tighter as I get harder. I can feel myself pushing against the rings and strain with the pressures of the ring and separator.

She rises and returns with a vibrator. A pillow is squeezed underneath me. Kneeling between my legs, she probes the tip of the vibrator over and into my prostrate. She takes out the anal plug and inserts the vibrator, fucking me in the ass the way she normally likes it. She then replaces the anal plug. I am on verge to cum or explore but can't; the constraints are too tight.

The gag from my mouth and the nipple clamps are removed. She straddles me facing backward. She bends over and licks the sensitive bulging sections of my shaft between the rings. She examines and sucks on the bright, red, and tight head. She got a great ass and the butt plug in it accelerates my desires for it and her underlying shaved snatch, moist lips protruding. Just the pink head of the butt plug is sticking out. She stretches her body shoving her butt in my face and commanding, "Bite on it."

I bite on the plug and she moves her well-lubricated butt slowly back and forth fucking herself in the ass, occasionally stopping for me to regain my grip on the plug with my teeth.

Rising up she takes off her tank top and massages her nipples. She then attaches the nipple clamps to her erections. "Watch me masturbate," she says as she starts to finger herself showing me every movement, lip and crevice. Using her fingers she spreads her lips for me and fingers her clit to hardness. She looks at me occasionally, demented, making sure I am watching every move, the gyrations of her hips fucking her two fingers.

Showing no emotions, she takes a double dong and works herself in front of me. It moves slowly past her wet lips, her pussy sucking it in. She stares at herself, looks blankly at me, and then straightening her body, she proudly takes it in deeper. She stands up, "You like my dick?" she asks. Her arms raised, she turns around giving me views of the eight-inch penis protruding from her. It looks so real. There's a slow slush and sucking pop; she pulls it out. She inserts the dry end into her. She gets down on all fours like an animal and crawls around like a dog and then over me, "Eat my dick," she says as she stretches over me on all fours. She watches me between her legs take the wet cyber-skin dong in my mouth, fucking me in the mouth. Her wet vagina wrapped around and gripping the one end are just inches from my face. The other end is protruding from my mouth.

Intently she removes her nipple clamps, massages her nipples with her juices. She takes out the dong, straddles, lies on top of me and kisses me on the lips. She pushes her breasts and nipples into me. My throbbing, bobbing, harnessed penis is bumping into her legs and ass. She moves her butt up and down teasing it and stimulating herself. It causes me to gyrate uncontrollably and unsuccessfully as I try to hump her.

She rises and rubs the dong up and down her slit and over her clit. She takes the dong and pushes it partial in and pushes the other end towards her ass and rests herself on my chest pushing it against her g-spot and squeezing her legs around me, pushing her nipples into me, fucking herself.

She gets up and straddles my head facing my throbbing and tortured cock.

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