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Kidnapped and leading a new life.

I don't look down. You prefer to always look into my eyes when we are together. You know I enjoy being this open to you and so you demand it of me.

I want to touch you and for you to touch me. Your smile down at me a cue that permission is given. Stretching upwards my hands slide up the legs of your khaki's and deftly unbuttons and opens your fly. I lean close to you and breathe deeply of your scent and nuzzle against your most private of places. Slipping my hand inside your boxers and stroking you softly before drawing you out. You're already hard and knowing I've aroused you already to this point empowers me. I love to feel the silky texture of your cock in my hand and for a few seconds just enjoy you slipping across my palm. You feel my tongue at the base of your shaft, and then feel it moving up the underside slowly until reaching the ridge around the head. Circling around and across and finally closing my mouth around you. Sucking gently in and out twice and then slipping downwards to take you into my mouth deeper. My left hand is still around the base and as I pull upwards it matches each stroke. Gradually my tempo increases and I know you're enjoying it because I hear your breathing become ragged and your cock swells slightly between my lips. You feel my hand caressing, cradling, and gently kneading your sensitive sac with my fingers. Quickening my strokes and making my lips a tight O around your shaft, I know you're close to an orgasm. Your fingers tangle and tighten in my hair and you begin to thrust into my mouth. Throwing your head backwards you cry out and explode into my mouth. Gulping I swallow mouthfuls of you and still continue to milk you for more, greedily stroking you beyond your climax to drain you completely.

Finally the last waves of your orgasm subside and I release you gently with a kiss on the purplish head. Sitting back I once more look up at you and wait for further instructions.

"You please me well, pet. "You finally say when the ability to speak returns to you.

"Thank you, Michael." I answer and give you my brightest smile.

"Lay on the bed on your back, pet." The command is given and you're already walking over and I realize I've not moved quickly enough. Pushing to my feet I round the bed and quickly climb on top and lay across the middle with my hands dangling off one side and feet off the other. You shed your shirt and pants quickly and stand beside me. Kneeling down beside the bed you press your lips to mine and kiss me passionately. Our tongues dancing against each other, we taste and explore each other's mouths. You caress up both arms and down again to my wrists. Holding them in one of your large hands I feel the silk scarf loop around them. I purr deep in my throat in anticipation of what is to come.

Standing now, your fingers are gliding over my nipples and rolling them between your thumb and forefinger until their both hard. You lean down and capture the right in your mouth, and sucking as much as you can into your mouth. I am delirious with pleasure and moan loudly.

"That's it my sweet pet, let me know you're enjoying my touching you." You take the left nipple into your mouth and repeat trying to take all of it. Your fingers are rolling the other nipple, pulling, pinching it relentlessly. I feel my thighs slick now as my excitement increases. My body tenses and I feel that familiar building deep in my body. Your mouth sucking hungrily at my left breast and your hand on the right are driving me crazy. With the ease of a skilled lover you switch to the right and I feel your fingers stroking, tugging, and pinching occasionally slapping gently against the aroused and sensitive skin of my breasts.

My hips are rolling, trying to complete what you've started in my breasts between my legs. "Please?" I beg in a loud whisper. You chuckle and I feel the bed shift as you lean on one side with your knee.

"Beg me, pet, beg me to give you releas

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