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Henry and Jase develop their relationship.

She was shocked. No-one but the Priests and members of the royal house ever step foot in there. The room was small, and the gold on the walls was highly decorative. Before she had a chance to take any of this in, she was whisked out of that room and deeper into the structure of the temple. She was lead down a steep staircase, one that turned back on itself to allow you to walk down comfortably. When they were again down to the ground level, she was taken outside.

The crowd was being addressed by another Priest atop the temple, so their attention was still at the top of the temple. The murmurs were continuing, but the volume had begun to decrease. She was taken to a public room, but the door and windows were secured, closing out the light. The heat has become stifling, and sweat trickling between her still-naked breasts. Quietly, the Priest handed her a dress, and she slipped it over her head, greatful for his thoughtfulness. Then his voice breaks the silence.

"I had heard of ones such as you, but had not thought to see one in my lifetime."

His words sent a shockwave through her. Ones such as she? What did he mean? Before she could ask the question, his voice continued on.

"The old histories speak of those who are chosen by the gods for special duties. Ones with the strength to survive death, to go forward to do the works for the gods, to gather the energies from others such as yourself. You must be trained, though, and to do this, you must go from here."

She at last found her voice, and had a question that must be answered.

"If there are others such as myself, how is it that no-one has heard of it?"

"Because the superstition and fear of the people will not accept some truths, even when they can be proven over and over. I do not know all that you must be taught, but I know of someone who can help. You must

trust me..."

A gust of chilly winter air swirled around her again, traveling up under her coat to touch her legs, making her shiver, and bringing her back to the present. Looking at her watch, she realized that if she didn't hurry, she wouldn't make it to that cafe he is so found of, and that would cause an argument. While she did that occasionally just for the fun of it, this is the first time we have seen each other in about six years, and they had much to speak of. Hurrying on, she quickly reached the cafe, and saw that Jarod was just being seated by the waiter. She saw him look up, and recognizing her, waved. Holding the coat closer to herself, she made her way through the crowd to where he was now seated.

"You could not have perhaps taken a table inside, Jarod? Just this once? Just for me? How in the name of the Gods can you stand this cold?"

"Ah, but Dom my love, with you around, the blood boils. The chill air is meant only to keep my passions at a simmer so that rational thought is possible." Smiling at Dominique, Jarod stands and pulls her hand to his mouth, at the very last second turning it to place a soft kiss on her wrist. Then stepping back, he pulls the chair out for her so that she could sit comfortably at the table.

"Ah, Jarod, what a tease you are. Is that any way to greet someone you haven't seen in so many years? And after I come such a long way, to this miserably cold place, just to see you?"

Putting her hands on the back of the chair he had pulled out for her, she leaned over it to give him a long kiss on the mouth, moving her mouth as the kiss broke to nibble on his ear. As she did so, her coat gaps open, revealing her outfit underneath. As she drew back, she saw that several men were eyeing her with interest. Bah, what interest are they? Mere mortals, more often than not below contempt. Pulling off the coat, she shivered again. Sitting down, she folds her arms in front of her.

"If coffee is the only way that you are going to offer to warm me up, then just make sure that it is not mocha. You know I have no stomach for chocolate."

"Dom, don't you think after all this time, I know better than to buy choc

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