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Why had her service to Kada led to this? When she felt hands pull her forward, she went along meekly. She was maneuvered onto the robe, which provided a thin layer of comfort. Her skirt was inched up her legs, his fingers sliding along the flesh of her thighs.

The clouds were thick above her head, promising a gray day despite the brilliant morning. She felt slightly cool air on her inner thighs and looked down to see the material gathered around her waist, and blushed as she took note of Zand'n's scrutiny. His hand slid between her thighs and she felt fingertips gently poke at the moist cleft beneath her manhood. A finger slid in, and then another, and she felt them wiggle around firmly as he sunk them in deeper.

She lifted her arms above her head, giving out a soft moan as his fingers slid in up to his knuckles, flexing within her and scissoring. One of his tentacles slid into her tunic through her collar, to wind around a breast and rub against her nipple. Her hand slid along the surface before coming to rest on his leg, squeezing it. Another tentacle wound around the base of her cock before winding its way upward. It was much like the dreams she'd had before...

With her free hand, she tried to push herself up. A tentacle wound itself around her midsection, one of the two longer tentacles that every Teuthid had. A pair of tentacles opened his shirt and pants, pulling out an organ that was modestly befitting of its owner. She did a quick assessment of it. It was large, but it could fit, if he was patient. She reached down to touch it, fingers loosely wrapping him about halfway down the shaft. Moving her fingers downward took her to a sac that was tight and heavy, and she didn't doubt that he would have a rather... substantial release.

He gave out a pleased groan before shifting around, placing himself between her legs as he sat on the back of his feet. Thus pulled into his lap, she was eased backwards, her head comfortably supported by a tentacle. Having withdrawn his fingers, Zand'n lined her up with the head of his tumescent organ, easing its tip within her moist folds. He continued to gently pump her as he eased more of himself within her, and she took a deep breath, bidding her body to relax as he continued his intrusion.

His hands held her firmly by her hips. She looked up into his eyes, and saw Kada beyond, turned to the side. This really is happening, Leneivi mused as he slid in further. She wiggled around a bit, shifting to be more comfortable at this angle, toes curling as the tentacle continued to pump her. His endowment only just fit into her, and she gritted her teeth as he pressed further, their pelvises nearly flush to one another.

His hands slid up and down her hips, caressing her sides. She heard her name murmured, his accent slurring the 'v' as his right hand reached up to cup her unattended breast, rubbing it through the linen that hugged it.

She shifted against him, clenching slightly as she shifted her legs, making herself comfortable around him as she loosely wrapped her thighs against his sides. Her reward was an approving hum.

He shifted his hips, starting to sway a bit. Gritting her teeth for a moment, she felt her body clench around him as he slid out a few inches, before thrusting back in. She breathed out as he filled her, his ponderous flesh impossible to ignore or forget.

"Zand'n..." She arched as he thrust back into her firmly. She doubted she could ever feel so full, from anyone else, in her entire life.

"Do you wish for more?" he demanded. She gasped and nodded. Already she was weeping precum, and she ached to be satisfied.

"I want to hear it," he ordered as he pulled out almost all the way, and thrust back in sharply. This caused a soft mewl to burst from her throat.


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