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A girl's crush on two men has unexpected consequences.

"Mia, why don't you get this party started. If you will kneel on the floor... and gentlemen, if you will stand around her in a circle... good. Now Mia, start with any man you choose and pull his pants off, then go around in a circle until you have all 7 dicks in front of you." I said.

She did just as I asked taking the pants down of the guy right in front of her. He helped her by kicking off his shoes and taking off his shirt. Once he was naked, she moved to the second guy and soon had him naked as well. When she got to the third man in line, a man standing behind her reached down and pulled up her skirt, exposing her ass to the room. Mia wiggled her butt and giggled as she moved onto her next man. She undressed two more and the first man she had undressed reached down and untied her halter from her neck. The halter fell to her waist and her nipples crinkled at the rush of air upon them. Mia undressed all the men quickly now, wanting to get to the next part of the evening. Once all the men were naked Mia turned to me and asked what to do next. I told her it was completely up to her and that I was going to set up our video camera.

I went into our room where the camera was kept, retrieved it and came back into the living room to find Mia still on her knees sucking one guy off and holding a dick in each hand. Her head bobbed in rhythm as I sat up the camera. Mia moved from one man to the next, sucking here, jacking there, rubbing her breasts and butt against one or two men at a time. She was quickly getting into the groove and soon had all 7 men hard as rocks. I got the camera operational and the men pulled and prodded Mia into a half standing position. She was bent at the waist with a dick in her mouth when she felt the first fingers enter her pussy. She writhed against the stranger's hand and didn't even look back to see who was pleasuring her. To see her this excited turned me on immensely.

The man who was fingering her pulled his hand away and replaced his fingers with his dick. With one thrust, he had entered her. She moaned in pleasure and the guy she was sucking grabbed her hair and started to fuck her mouth. Mia's body moved back and forth, a sex piston designed to bring off these two men as she reached her first climax. Soon enough, the man fucking Mia's face pulled out and shot off on her face with a grunt. He was quickly replaced by another man and cum ran off her chin as she sucked this man's dick. The man fucking her pussy came rather quickly and he joined the other spent man. Cum dripped from her cunt as another dick quickly filled her pussy. Mia's knees were trembling and moans were coming from her throat as she was fucked from both ends all over again. She moved her ass round and round, intensifying the pleasure for the man fucking her until he too shot off in her. She came again and again and the juice from her cunt and the cum from her two lovers ran down her legs and onto her ankles. The sight was incredible.

Mia stopped sucking the man in front of her and lay down on the floor.

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