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The family, fearing new snow, head for home and more fun.

You can hear me moving around the room, the rustle of clothing, the opeing and closing of a drawer. You can hear my footsteps as I again draw near to you. I place my cool rubber-encased hand against your ass and ask to scooch yourself down the table until your legs are hanging off. In this way I can fully examine your ass.

I gently pull apart your cheeks, looking closely at your brown star. I touch you with my finger and the rubber of the glove pulls at your hole, stretching it to the side. I lean in closely and you can feel my breath on your most private parts. I can hear your breathing quicken and you raise your ass slightly off the table. I press you back down with one hand, patting your cheek firmly. Not yet.

I step away from you for a moment. You can hear me fumbling with something before I again approach the table. You feel the fingers of one hand pulling your cheeks apart wide, wider. Cold gel hits your asshole, and a fingertip begins to push past the brown barrier. I barely slip the finger in, allowing the bundles of nerves in that particular part of your body to come to attention. I see your sack has tightened and pulled your balls into your body.

I remove my finger almost before it's entered you. I squirt more jelly onto your anus, allowing its coldness to slide down to your balls.

I again probe you with a finger, this time pressing it all the way into you. My fist bumps into the softness of your ass cheeks repeatedly as I continue with my exam. I twist my hand with each forward stroke, moving faster into you.

This time I use two fingers, pushing past your hole, pulling your cheek out to the side with my other hand. I like your reaction to what I'm doing, but you're getting a little loud. I shush you and give you a little spank. I reach down and feel for your cock. It's stiff and red. I squirt jelly onto my palm and stroke your cock while I again go back to pumping my fingers into your ass.

I think it's time to show you how much I appreciate a good patient. With your heart pounding, your hips bucking and your breath gasping, I stop what I'm doing. You hear me again moving around, the opening of cupboard and the rustle of clothing. You shut your eyes, wondering what's coming next.

Again my hand touches your cheek. This time I have no gloves and my warm fingers feel good on your ass. I stroke your beautiful mounds of flesh appreciatively; stroking, then lightly spanking, then squeezing you. You can feel I'm wearing a dong strapped to my hips. It touches you, bouncing against you lightly as I play with your ass. You can hear me pick up the jelly and squeeze it out of the tube. You can hear the wet sounds of me smearing the jelly onto my dick.

My hands again spread your cheeks wide. Your hips are raised in anticipation. I place the head of my glistening dong against the already slick opening to your ass. You grunt as I push into you, feeling the pop as your sphincter allows me through.

I begin with long slow strokes, in and out, pressing my cock fully into your ass, feeling your cool cheeks against the bones of my hips. I intersperse that with quick thrusting, and I enjoy your response. You begin moving in rhythm with what I'm doing. It doesn't take long before I can use your signal to determine how I go about fucking you. I run my hands up and down your back, around your hips. I spank your ass hard, watching the redness rise to the surface of your skin. I begin fucking you in earnest now, slamming my hips against your ass, digging my fingers into the fless of your cheeks.

You're making noises, soft ones, small sounds of pleasure and pain. Your sack is red and tight and wrinkled, your cock stiff and engorged. I reach up and pull your arms down to your sides and hold your wrists tight as I continue to fuck you.

"Cum for me, baby," I say to you. "I want to see you cum for me."

You've moved down further from the table so you're standing and your cock is free, with your torso resting on the table.

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