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The saga concludes.

I stood and moved close; we embraced and kissed again. He slid his finger into the top of my thong and pulled it back; then, he backed away ever so slightly to slide them down off of me. He cupped my balls then rubbed while looking into my eyes. I asked him to get on the bed while I walked over to lock the door. Simply shutting the door wasn't enough. I felt so aroused walking naked and barefoot across the soft carpet. My cock was so hard that it barely bobbed with each step. As I walked back, he was laying on the bed with his hands behind his head.

Matt said, "What do you want?"

"Shhh, my turn."

I crawled cat-like from the foot of the bed, then sat staring at his crotch. I fumbled with his zipper. He helped me unfasten them then pushed them a little past his cock. He wasn't wearing underwear and as I stared at his cock, I realized this was the moment I'd been craving. He was enormous and appeared to be pulsating. I continued to look then grasped it. It was like holding a python. I looked at the head, thinking it looked just like mine, thinking about the many times I had looked at pictures and wondering how it would taste, how it would feel in my mouth. I licked the tip and kissed it. I closed my eyes and I took it into my mouth. I felt the warmth and tasted him for the first time. He had a slight musky odor, not unlike going down on a woman, and it was nice. I couldn't believe how hard something could be, yet at the same time, so soft and velvety. I sucked gently on his head, swirling my tongue around the edges. I took him in, sucking and licking, giving my best, tasting his manhood. I got into a rhythm, enjoying the slurping sounds and the light pop his cock made each time he came out of my mouth. Matt let out a soft "oh" and "that's nice" as a long sigh.

Completely uninhibited, I sucked his cock, deep-throating until my eyes watered. I cracked a little smile as his small patch of pubic hair tickled my nose.

"Slow down," he said, "lick my balls a little."

I ran my tongue back and forth along his inner thigh, rubbing his shaved legs with my hands. I moved my face under his balls and breathed deep as I smelt his strong musky odor. I flicked my tongue then gently sucked on his balls. I made my way up his body and licked his stomach. His flesh was tan, tight and a little salty. I teased his nipples, biting and then blowing on the wetness left behind by my mouth. He rolled over on top of me. Again, I enjoyed the wetness of his kiss as he pressed his cock hard against mine. I wrapped my legs around him and begged.

"Fuck me," I whimpered.

He smiled. "Be patient, we have all night."

I smiled too. I ran my fingers lightly up his back and enjoyed the feel of a naked man against me, skin to skin, feeling his taught muscular body. We slowly ground our hips into each other, rubbing our cocks together. I ached to feel the fullness of him inside me, but I tried to enjoy the moment as he embraced me. He pulled me to my knees, got on all fours and took my cock into his mouth. I watched in the mirror as this gorgeous man sucked my cock, touching me and fulfilling my fantasies. I begged him again to fuck me. He continued to suck me as his hand made its way to my ass. He tried to slide a finger into my ass and I winced a little at the discomfort. He licked his finger and slid it in more easily.

"Enough," he said. "Let's go to the hot tub.

It'll relax you more and you need to relax for this to be enjoyable."

We stood. I wrapped my arms around him and he pulled me close. I looked down at our cocks touching, looking as if they were looking back at us. I enjoyed the beautiful site for a moment before he spoke.

"Everything ok?"

I smiled and replied, "Yes."

I felt uninhibited and free.

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