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Sometimes having big breasts can get you into big trouble.

The line in front of her moves forward. Jung Li carefully takes two steps forward. Her legs are beginning to feel like jelly. She is unsure how much longer she can stand. This whole situation is challenging.

With her breathing becoming heavy, Terra tells Jung Li she sounds wonderful. Terra mentions that her heavy breathing is a turn on. It is at this moment that Jung Li realizes how heavy she is breathing. She makes a concentrated effort to try and control her breathing, but the sensations are too much. She can feel an orgasm building. If the line doesn't move faster, she is going to have an orgasm before she even orders.

Marte moves from behind Jung Li and stands beside her. She can see sweat starting to form on Jung Li's forehead. It also comes to her attention that Jung Li's nipples are protruding through her shirt. Marte imagines this is what she looked like years ago, when she was standing in the same place waiting to order. She remembers how hard it was to concentrate. She remembers how the sensations would intensify and hit areas that it wasn't touching normally when she moved.

Jung Li makes it up to the counter. "I am here. What should I order?" Jung Li says into the phone. Terra gives her a list of things to order. Having troubles remembering everything, Jung Li just stares blankly at the man behind the counter.

"Let's go." someone shouts in line behind her.

"What is the order again?" Jung Li says with a shaky voice.

"I want three cream filled donuts, a dozen donut holes, a few glazed donuts like what is between your legs right now and whatever Marte and you want." Terra says.

The reference to glazing between her legs makes Jung Li even more self conscious. She realizes she needs to order. "Can I creamy donuts."

"Three cream filled donuts?" the man behind the counter corrects her.

"Yesss." she responds, "And a dozen donut holes, annnnnd a few glazed donuts."

"Anything else?" he asks.

Marte leans in and whispers in her ear. "I want a jelly donut. A warm, creamy jelly donut."

The whispers send chills down Jung Li's neck. She cranes her neck back and moans softly. The chills run down her spine to the back of her legs. "And a jelly donut." she says, her voice quivering.

"Will that be all ma'am?" the man says with lust in his eyes. He is not sure what is going on, but this girl looks like she is in heat.

"Tell him what you want." Marte says out loud.

Jung Li cannot think anymore. She is having a hard time concentrating enough to even look at the menu, but she is starving. "Cherry croissant and egg sandwich" she blurts out.

"Will that be all?" the man asks, winking at her.

The moment the man finishes speaking, Marte pushes the vibrations even higher. Jung Li feels the intense vibrations just as she is starting to answer. "Yessssssssssss." she exclaims, sounding like she is having sex.

"That will be twelve dollars and thirty five cents." the man behind the counter says after collecting all the donuts, cherry croissant and egg sandwich.

Jung Li reaches out her hand and gives the man a twenty. She can visibly see her hand shaking as she leans up against the glass display to shift her weight away from her legs momentarily. The man hands her a plastic bag with all the goodies and gives her money in return.

When Jung Li spins around to leave, she accidentally runs into Marte. Everyone's eyes focus on Jung Li. She can only imagine what they think is going on with her. If they knew that she was soaking wet between the legs and on the verge of having an orgasm, they would attack her like wolves who smell blood.

Marte can smell the sex juices emanating around Jung Li. She can see the sweat running down Jung Li's face, the now pale looking cheeks, the look of desperation in her eyes. Together, they make their way out of the bakery. Marte lowers the vibrations down to the lowest settings and turns off the rolling setting.

"Thank you.

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