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Jennifer felt a small thrill rush through her as she remembered when she had enjoyed such things. Her hand rested on a table as she looked at a picture of a woman spread eagle on a large wooden X, stretched taught by bindings on her wrists and ankles, another strap around her waist.

She turned and found her hand resting on a leather binding attached to a chain at the corner of the leather covered table. Her fingers danced across the chain, and for a moment she wondered what it would feel like to be stretched across this table, and have Bill on top of her prostrated and helpless form. Her stomach tightened and her nipples stiffened slightly at this mental image.

Jennifer angrily shook this out of her mind. She didn't do that anymore, and she told herself she wasn't going to be sucked back into it now. She had that demon purged from her long ago, when Jeremy had cheated on her and then abused her. Never again would she be helpless.


Bill had been driving on I-16, out of Savannah; after a morning meeting with his broker, and then had reluctantly accepted the inevitable lunch invitation. He was headed west, and was ten minutes past the main Statesboro exit when his cell phone buzzed at him. He growled "This had better be an emergency, It's my weekend away damn it." He reached for his cell phone and a couple button pushes later, was reading the message at sixty-five miles per hour. He read it twice to make sure he was not mistaken. "I think this qualifies."

"Secure Door Breach" was the entire message. Three words that told him everything. Jennifer was in the basement, and he needed to be there soon to talk to her. He needed to talk to her before she ran screaming from the house.

He accelerated to seventy-five, and made an illegal U-turn across the median, and accelerated back towards Statesboro. He got off on the right exit. He pushed past the speed limits on all the roads towards home, ignoring a yellow light that turned red as he reached the intersection. Fortunately during the entire drive, his radar detector had remained silent, and no police observed his somewhat reckless driving.

Jennifer was looking at the books on the shelves. Bill had a similar display in the office. His five published mysteries were lined up; in order of publication, on a shelf with book ends the only other decoration. There were six books here, all by "Sierra" and they were laid out the same. Could he have written these too?

Jennifer picked up the one on the far right, the newest one upstairs. Opening the book, Jennifer found that it had been published two months ago. "A Family Tradition of Bondage" was the title, and Jennifer couldn't believe it. Was it possible that Bill had been writing two different types of books, normal mysteries, and this porn.

The next book to the left was "Collected Short Stories by Sierra" and Jennifer looked at it. It had been printed ten months ago and Jennifer had another piece of the puzzle figured out. Bill was writing this porn using the pen name of Sierra.

Jennifer suddenly felt him behind her, she could always tell when he walked into the room, his presence just called to her. Jennifer had always considered this evidence of a serious attraction between then, but now it wasn't as welcome as usual.

Turning she saw him standing there by the steps. She was struck once again how good he looked. Blond hair hanging down to his shoulders, a tan sports coat over blue jeans and a sport shirt. The blue/gray eyes that shone with intelligence. The cute little cleft in his chin. Jennifer loved the way he looked, even the slight bulge halfway down his nose, showing where it had been broken playing water polo in college.

"I figured the clues out." Jennifer said by way of introduction.

"Yes you did, and now you know the secret of the basement. So Ms. Sherlock Holmes, what do we do now?" Bill asked.

Jennifer felt panic swell and a sudden rush

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