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An arrogant young woman is cursed into a form befitting her.

Then she climbed back up on the bed and straddled Ian once more, taking his cock in both hands and stroking slowly. "I'm going to ride you, stallion." She rocked her hips forward, until her cunt was up against his monolithic meat, and started to slide up and down slowly, coating the underside of the spit-slick shaft with a thin sheen of her pussy juice.

"You weren't kidding about being hot, little lady... you're drenched."

"It's your fault, sexy." She rose up and positioned Ian's pole right under her slit, and then dropped heavily on it. She yelped slightly-despite their many encounters, she was still too tight to take Ian easily. Even as wet and ready as she was, the shock of taking every inch of Ian's thickness in her all at once caused a twinge of pain.

But it was a good pain, and it came with that delicious sensation of being stretched that she'd come to love. She slowly settled into place, hips rocking gently, and Ian's hands came up to rest on her thighs. "Quiet, little lady," he said in a stage whisper. "Don't want people coming in to investigate. They might get the wrong idea."

"Oh?" she replied, leaning forward and putting her hands on Ian's broad chest. "I think they'd figure that there was a hot little cheating bitch fucking a big-dicked stud behind her boyfriend's back. And that would be... exactly... right..." As she trailed off, she started to rise and fall, slowly at first but quickly building speed.
Jess's skirt had ridden up around her waist by this point. If someone had come in the room, they'd have seen her pert ass as it bounced up and down, her cunt lips stretched thinly around Ian's impressive shaft, her skirt a thin band of black just above her hips, her long, dark hair dangling down in front of her over one shoulder and just brushing against Ian's chest. Her tits were practically spilling out of her tiny red shirt. The two lovers gazed deeply into each other's eyes, their mutual passion obvious to any observer.

Ian rolled, and Jess laughed as she found herself underneath him. "I thought it was my choice," she said playfully. Ian didn't answer, but his hips rose and fell, and soon Jess's playful objections were lost as she started to writhe and moan underneath him.

"Quiet," he said again, and then he quieted her himself with a passionate kiss. Her arms came up and wrapped around his neck, holding him close as they kissed and her hips rolled and he drove into her like a piston. The bedsprings started to squeak, so Ian slowed, so that the only sounds in the room were the sounds of their breathing and the distant throb of the bass from the party coming through the floor.

Jess wrapped her legs around Ian's waist, unwilling to let him go. Their kiss ended, but their embrace did not. Ian could feel Jess's hot breath against his ear as she whispered, "Fuck me, baby. Fuck me and send me back to Kyle with your cum dripping down my leg." He closed his eyes and focused on the feelings-of her legs as they encircled him, of her breasts crushed against his chest, of her lips grazing his earlobe as she continued to whimper and whisper more filthy things to him. And most of all, the feeling of her cunt gripping him like a velvet vice, her walls rippling around his shaft.

Normally, Ian and Jess fucked like demons. This was something different. Ian's thrusts were slow, measured. Each time, he speared Jess to her core, and she gasped and bit back ecstatic moans. The need for secrecy and silence compelled them to do this, to eschew the rough, almost violent sex and replace it with this intimate embrace. But even now, their need for each was clear; they hadn't even been able to undress before starting.

Ian's lips sought out Jess's, their hunger for each other demanding it.

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