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The sun never sets here; it merely darkens for a moment.

You then climb on the bed and kneel next to me. I gasp as you start to slap my breasts, short stinging slaps that make my nipples expand and harden. You lean over and take a nipple in your mouth, biting and sucking. Your hand never ceases to pull and twist my other rock hard nipple.

I moan as you begin to slap them again. With each slap my breasts grow harder and hotter. Eventually, they are on fire- rings of heat encircle them, radiating out from my painfully engorged nipples. Each sensation you inflict sends a jolt of electricity to my pulsing clit. Finally, when I can stand it no longer, I reach down to touch myself. You stop slapping and grab my arm, twisting it painfully back towards the headboard. "Did I say that you could touch yourself?" you ask. I moan in response and spread my legs wider, attempting to focus your attention away from my tits. "You slut. I'll work your pussy over when I am good and ready. But now you obviously can't be trusted." You smile as you pull two short lengths of rope from out of your back pocket.

"Please..." I start to beg, but already it's too late. My wrists have been firmly tied to the bedposts above my head.

"Keep those legs spread," you hiss, "or they will have to be tied too." You lean down to further spread my legs apart and flick the tip of my clit with your tongue. I cry out as frustration sweeps through my body. I raise my hips in vain to try and make further contact with your tongue. You shake your head slowly as you pull out a longer length of rope. You straddle my waist and begin to tightly tie up my breasts in a figure eight pattern. I cry out and strain against my restraints as my breasts become hard globes that stand out from my chest. "That's better," you murmur as you continue your abuse. The sensation of each slap, pinch, bite and twist is increased a thousand fold due to the cut off circulation. My breasts have become the whole world; twin circles of pleasure and pain.

The torment continues as you proceed to ice my nipples and clamp them with clothespins. The clothespins sends a fresh jolt of sensation to my already aching clit. My hips grind and rotate beneath you. Juices flow from my vagina, I feel the wetness running down the crack of my ass and pooling underneath me. Just as I am about to beg you to stop, you take your hands from my breasts and reaching around, slide two cool fingers deep into my pussy, testing the wetness. I moan as my vaginal walls contract and clamp down trying to increase friction against your fingers. Fluids swirl about your fingers and run down the palm of your hand. "I see your ready," you say, as I beg you for release with my eyes and low whimpers, "but if you think sluts deserve an orgasm with out earning one, you are sadly mistaken. Your mouth needs to a little work before that happens." You then thrust your dripping fingers between my lips. I lick them frantically, tasting myself, trying to please you.

"Not good enough," you say as the sound of your pants zipper coming undone reaches my ears. Your fingers are replaced by the head of your cock, pressing against my eager lips. I open my mouth and you wordlessly slide your cock deep into me. I lick and suck the head of your cock, savoring it's velvety texture and salty fluids. I lap at the sensitive underside of your cock, feeling it harden, it's tip pressing the back of my throat. I struggle for a breath as I feel you swell on the verge of orgasm. Suddenly you jerk your cock out of my mouth saying, "that's enough, bitch. We need this to last a little longer."

You reach over to the bedside and take a long drink of ice water, keeping several cubes in your mouth when you are done.

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