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Another sex orgy - this time with pain for him.

He wasn't sure how to properly set a table or even cook, but wanted to make sure that he was available to help any way that he could. She turned from the stove and smiled at him.

"Do what you want," she stated.

What did she mean? Did she want him to surprise her like Vicky had taught him? Did she know what he and Vicky had done and was using it to taunt him? Was it all a big game to just punish him before sending him back?

"Relax Lucky," her voice called him back from his dark thoughts. "Just do what you want."

He figured he'd put his new knowledge to the test in order to please his new master. He marched over to the tiny woman and yanked her pants and panties down with one great motion. She started to turn, but he held her firmly with one hand all while pulling his pants own pants down to the floor. He worked his dick hard and started to push it against her pussy when she threw an elbow into the side of his head so hard that he stumbled back a few steps. He looked up at her in shock to see her looking angrily at him.

"What the hell are you doing," she growled at him.

"I'm sorry," he stuttered. "You said to do what I want and I thought that meant you wanted me to surprise you."

"Well, I was certainly surprised," she snapped while pulling her pants back up. "Is that what Vicky taught you?"

"Yes," he answered with his head hanging down. "I'm sorry, I misread my orders."

Cheryl sighed away her shock and anger. "That wasn't an order. I was just telling you to do what you want to do. I didn't mean to force yourself on me while I cook dinner."

"It won't happen again," he promised as he stepped back and pulled his pants up.

"Now don't go making promises I don't want you to keep," she teased. "In the right time and mood something like that might be nice."

The rest of the evening had went smoothly with no more miscommunications. Lucky had eaten dinner and gotten ready for bed. Cheryl had disappeared for a moment before coming back out of her room while wearing a bathrobe.

"I want to have sex with you," she said in a soft voice as she stepped into his bedroom. He was lying on his back above the covers in his underwear and could feel his dick begin to grow as Cheryl stepped out of her robe and crawled on top of him in the nude.

He pulled his underwear off and kicked them out of the way as she pinched his cock between her fingers and aimed it into her as she sat down on top of him.

"Yes," she breathed as his dick began to push her open.

She lowered herself further and further until she was setting evenly on his lap and he could fee her pulse pounding around him. She placed her hands on his chest and began shifting her hips back and forth. Her breathing grew deeper and he placed his hands on her sides to help keep her steady as she rode him.

She slowly laid down on top of him and he took over by placing his hands on her ass cheeks and began sliding her body up and down on his dick like a puppet. She nibbled his neck and ear while he worked her up and down a bit faster at a time just like Vicky had taught him. He was in complete control of his orgasm. He could hold it as long as he needed. Her breaths were soon carrying sounds of soft crying as her pleasure peaked to its next plateau.

"Don't stop," she moaned as he continued his increased speed a little at a time. He could feel her vagina walls tightening and knew that her orgasm was coming soon. She began moaning something, but through her deep breaths and gasping for air, he couldn't make out what she was saying exactly.

Before long she was making a chirping sound while announcing her orgasm. He could feel her pussy sucking on his cock, begging for his cum. He was holding out a bit longer though. He didn't know if she wanted to keep going to finish. Her breathing was settling back down and she began to set up on his lap again as she looked down into his eyes.

"I want you to cum in my mouth again," she announced after a few moments. "I want to try to take your entire dick into my mouth first."

She slid off of him and curled her body around until she

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