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Doc and Mr. Sex Attend a Trust and Team Building Retreat.

Over and over his fingers traced the contours of her face and caressed her neck, her ears, and her lips.

When Junie caught his hand in hers and pressed it to her lips, softly sensually kissing his palm and then pulling his thumb into her mouth, he growled and took her lower lip between his fingers and drew her face to his. His blue eyes were sparkling with humor and excitement. Junie realized instantly that kissing Bob was infinitely different than kissing Donna. He was not patient. His mouth took hers and demanded a response, overpowering her senses, taking her breath away.

When he let her up, she was intensely aware of her heart racing. She put a shaky hand to her lips. She saw Donna looking at them in the rearview mirror and she smiled a shaky smile. Donna smiled back, a warm encouraging smile. "He can be pretty intense sometimes."

Bob had one arm wrapped up around her, holding her firmly against him, his hand gently stroking the inside of her arm, the backs of his fingers rubbing up and down along the side of her breast through her dress. Junie could feel her nipples tightening at the sensation of his fingers on her skin and the telltale touches against her. Bob's voice rumbled softly in her ear. "Is it okay for me to hold you and touch you like this?"

Junie felt a shiver shake her and she whispered, "Yes, Sir."

"Do you like how it feels?"

"Oh yes."

Bob held her close and did not stop the soft touches on her arm and the edge of her breast as the world slid by. Junie could feel her body slowly softening and relaxing against his warmth, waves of sleepiness slid over her. She stifled a tiny yawn.

"Are you sleepy, Junie?"

"I am sorry, Sir. I did not sleep at all last night. I was too frightened and then too excited about seeing you. I guess all the emotions kind of kept me on edge and at the same time wore me out."

Bob continued to stroke her arm, tracing lazy circles on her skin. "If you are tired, close your eyes. Let yourself float. If you fall asleep, it will be okay."

Junie yawned again and stifled a tiny giggle behind her small hand. Her eyes were heavy and blinking softly. She could feel what seemed like years worth of tension slowly loosening, easing. As her eyes drifted shut, she thought to herself of how rigidly controlled she had held herself, never letting herself truly relax. To let go of the control would have let the loneliness pull her under. She would have sunk below the waves of despair. It felt so good to finally let go of it.

A deep shuddering sigh shook her. Bob made a deep approving murmur and laid his lips on her hair. She had no sense of the passage of time. Junie did not move until Donna called softly from the front seat, "Wake up, sleepy heads. We are almost home."

Junie sat up and looked out the window as they drove down a long, narrow, gravel driveway. Firs and cedars loomed tall on either side of the road. Junie looked out into the rich, green, moss covered ground and tree trunks. The dim, green depths of the forest seemed mystical, almost a temple. She craned her neck, trying to look up, to see the tops of the trees. "The trees are so tall." Her voice was small and awestruck. "They are second growth, but many of them are almost a hundred and fifty-years-old. This area was logged a long time ago." Bob sounded proud and protective.

"Are they yours, Sir?" Bob had an almost shocked tone. "Mine? How can a man own something eternal? I am their shepherd. I am their servant and their worshiper. I count myself lucky to be a part of their existence."

Junie looked at him, her head tipped to one side. "You love them."

"More than you could imagine. They have old souls. If you listen, they have a lot to say."

"You will have to teach me how to hear them, Sir."

The car broke free of the deep green corridor.

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