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Carin is determined to find out about her sexuality.

At the same time I really didn't want a relationship I was enjoying my freedom. What I needed was a friend with benefits and no strings. Someone that I was comfortable with that would come by occasionally and give my pussy a good pounding. My only dilemma was that I had no idea were I would find that person. There's nothing but females in my office at work and that was pretty much my only circle of friends.

It was very early one Saturday morning when the answer to my horniness arrived, and I cursed myself for not thinking of it months ago. I was awakened by the sound of a lawn mower by my bedroom window. It was Hector, my lawn serviceman, he's been doing my lawn ever since I was divorced and we have developed a very friendly relationship. Hector is Hispanic in his late 30s and fairly good-looking. I've always thought he was cute but never gave any thought to him in a sexual way. I peaked out my window and saw that he was about halfway finished with the front yard. I smiled as I watched him and thought to myself that he has no idea what he's gotten himself into this morning.

I only had on a long T-Shirt that just did reach the top of my thighs, that's usually all I sleep in. I waited until I heard the mower in the back yard and I grabbed my water bucket and proceeded out on the patio supposedly to water my plants. It was a pretty cool morning and I could feel my nipples stiffen as the morning breeze cut through my skimpy t-shirt. I waved at Hector as he pushed the mower towards my direction. He smiled and gave a waved and nod. I waited until he was a bit closer and I reached up in an attempt take one of my plants down from the hook. Knowing full well that my ass would be exposed to Hectors full view. I heard the mower shut off and before I knew it Hector had come up behind me. "Do you need help with that?" he asked. I had already gotten the plant down and reply to him that "I think I got it".

I never turned to look at him, but I bent over to put the plant on the ground which I knew would give him a birds eye view of my dripping wet cunt. I finally turn my head around to look at Hector, still bent over, I asked "Can you give me a hand here Hector?" I heard him say "I can do better than that" and the next thing I knew I was experiencing sensations I had never felt before. Hector had his face buried between my cheeks and his hot tongue was sending chills throughout my body. I was panting and calling God and was obviously getting loud because Hector suggested we go inside before we alert the neighbors.

We had only gotten to the kitchen when Hector bent me over the table and continued with his magic tongue. I was bucking and pushing my ass into his face. Hector did something that I had never had done and never even thought about. I felt him rubbing a finger over my asshole and in an instant he had it in my ass. It hurt for a minute but soon became more pleasant and made me even hotter. It wasn't long until I was begging him to fuck my ass. Hector finally came up for air and his face literally looked like a glazed donut and rightfully so, because I had had several orgasms from his tongue-lashing.

I was still stretched out across the table when Hector came around to face me. The bulge in his pants looked painfully huge. I immediately reached out to feel it, it had been so long since I had a cock in my hand. I fumbled around with his zipper, eager and nervous about getting at his cock. Finally Hector helped me out and undid his pants. I reached in and pulled out a beautiful piece of meat, at least 7 inches and thick as a cucumber.

In all my years of marriage I had never indulged in oral sex, and until this day no one had ever taken a tongue to my pussy.

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