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Blackmailed into new activity.

"Would you not like to feel and taste it, Florence, you wont be disappointed, you see!"

Still confused she fought against the idea of going against all she'd been brought up to recognise and yet the sheer chemical exchange between this very attractive man endured her to feel it as he guided her hand slowly to it, showing her how to manipulate its contour with thumb and forefinger, teaching her how best to masturbate it, how best to stretch it right back and feel the presence of his sexual wanting of her, All the time, with each move she made, whispering to her just how good and wonderful it felt. As if instinctively she surprised herself by taking it deep into her mouth and starting to suck it like he had said he wanted her to do. Once the initial move was made she experienced the sheer velocity of a very warm and wonderful feeling shoot up her spine as she tasted the earthy saltiness and pungency of his very long and throbbing cock, easing into her very throat as she quickly discovered how to take it deep throat, despite never ever having done it before.

She must have spent a good quarter of an hour simply discovering the art of oral masturbation but he wanted her to stop, saying he wanted to save it for her first fuck. At first she was shocked with his uncouth language and yet, given the circumstances it was really stimulating and he was soon between her outstretched legs and giving her some of which she had just enjoyed of him, the wonderful lovely deep feeling of his oral enjoyment of her, the touch of his mouth and tongue exploring every sinew of her femininity and the real urge now of wanting to feel his cock inside despite the consequences and her upbringing, it was far too good to miss and her sensuality was such that she was in a complete heavenly trance just waiting for him to take her deep and complete. He was truly taking every advantage of his employee in the most intimate way and soon she felt the pain but then the sheer joy and thrill as her passion exploded in a way she could have never envisaged and he was deep up inside and trusting into her young virgin body m but no more - now she was a 'real woman' he shouted and ready for the 'steer' as he took her again and again in various positions, until they were both utterly exhausted.

Later when she came downstairs to her room sobbing she encountered Jean who asked what the matter be? The master had his way with her despite her initial reluctance and any notion she formerly held that that intimacy was linked only within a marriage commitment was utterly destroyed.

"It is nothing" stressed Florence, "'tis just the time of the month." Now she felt dirty and confused that it had ever happened at all,

"I don't believe that for a moment!" Jean returned, you are not the first you know and you won't be the last I'll be bound. You look so flushed and beside yourself."

Florence was well aware that Jean knew what had happened but of course she was sworn to secrecy, and to be prudent at all times else she would definitely have to go, that she must be grateful for the master's countenance and be there at his demand.

She clutched the five sovereigns in her hand, he was generous enough but she felt dirty - her only thought that it would help her mother get a few things she so desperately needed for the home, that they had been living in like slums.

"Next it will be more, Florence for I have a lust for you that grows and grows and grows!" Her master's words and actions flashed repeatedly in her mind as he dressed himself, ordered her to do the same and be off "without so much as a murmur - it is our secret!" he stipulated.

Florence was well and truly stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea but she couldn't hide her feelings from Jean who was astute enough to know what was going on, and that coupled with a lot of envy - she having been employed by the family for nigh on ten years, and the master had never given a sparkle for her, was a recipe for resent

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