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When my roommate told his girlfriend about me I couldn’t say.

A naked dark elf female, a rare slave, was fastened to a cross, her toned, sweating black body gleaming with magic lamps feeding off her skin, stuck with needles to her body. A dark elf patron kissed her lips and twisted a nipple, adjusting the lighting. Their dinner came, a naked waitress swinging her hips as she brought a plate full of fruits and kissed the patron's cheek.
"Mistress, your favorite. Pears sweetened with girl cum, and grown in Alraune's lap. W-would you, if possible..."

Her patron smiled brighly, kissed her cheek and tipped her generously, audible over the din. "Buying your freedom so early?"

"I...well, I am planning to marry that young man you see..." The naked waitress squirmed, her hip purse jingling with new coins. "My mistress insists I pay my way out first."

"Good girl." The elderly dark elf kissed the human's cheek. "Work hard for your freedom and the boy, I like it."

Shiri's jaw dropped.

"I am NOT believing this. This must be a dream."

Kayra nearly doubled over, laughing. She tugged her leash. "Must have been a culture shock. TEEHEEHEEEEHAHHAHAHA! But don't worry. Lescatie 's influence isn't here. There is pleasure here, every day, each day. We love, kiss, fuck, scream in pain and do it all over again."

She pulled her neck leash. "As will you. Let's keep going. This is the Love District where most entertainment, sex and lovemaking commences. Up next is the Crafts District where we put you humans to work."

She led Shiri down a pink-marbled road until they both overlooked a secret valley dotted with fields and mine shafts.

Scantily dressed human men and women worked the fields, tilling, planting, cleaning and working them, overseen by dark elves in leather. Crafts sheds full of men and women worked textiles and clay products for mundane life, mines bustled with huge monster girls pulling carts of ore and metal for production.

They passed a tailor's shop, full of mannequins for clothes and equipment.

Shiri could swear some of the mannequins squirmed under the clothes, and leather covering. She need not imagine further, as a Dark Elf tailor brought a bottle of water, bottle-feeding the "mannequins", all human girls in diverse sets of bondage and immobilization, laid with clothes to wear.

"Oh Gods."

"Well, it's easier to be dressed and look pretty, don't you think?" Alexandra smiled, seeing a Dark Elf couple try some clothes on, both women, next to a squirming, gagged human girl for a mannequin.

The mannequin's lower body, between her legs showed a tiny dildo stuck inside.

Shiri gulped.

"Guaranteed daily orgasms. We are nothing if not generous."

Not to mention scarecrows. Shiri passed a field full of scarecrows, each a naked human girl tied to a cross, blindfolded and gagged, adorned with hay clothings, moaning and squirming to chase away crows.

Whenever a crow flock landed, a Dark Elf raised her whip, striking the "scarecrows"' buttocks, eliciting a yelp and chasing the crows away with laughter.

Shiri realized Alexandra had been caressing her plump ass. "Like the scenery?"

"Oh God..." The human wizard gasped.

Alexandra laughed. "These are adventurers, paying back their attack by being made into scarecrows." Shiri gasped when Alexandra squeezed her bubble-butt, hands teasing her panties.

"Come, next is the Commercial District where we well humans and mamono for their services. And where you'll be spending your time.

Shiri followed her quickly, handcuffs shaking.

She might have come seeing more than she bargained for.


A trek across the farms and factories brought them to a circular plaza where wooden platforms bustled with life, money, and of course, naked bodies taken in chains.

"This is the Slave Market, with the best exchange market across the Reik. We pride ourselves on the sexual prowess of our men and fertility for women."

Shiri shivered, Dark Elf women, brokers each, haggled, poked, prodded, kissed and exchang

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