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There's Us.

Ashamed for all the wasted years. Where had this come from?

"You're having an affair aren't you?" He concluded.

"Yes." She replied after a long thought. She was not sure whether she was or not but rather than explain or deny it she just owned up. She raised her head to look at his face but his eyes were shut.

"We can make this work." She said.

He had just licked where another man had been. The thought made him almost wretch. "I don't think I can." He replied.

Irene rolled off of him. Their bodies were sticky with sweat and sex.

"I'm sorry. It's over now. It was only..."

"Makes no difference." He sighed, climbing out of bed and heading for the shower.

Irene could not help herself and fell asleep. When she awoke he was gone. She never saw him again.

She spent the following week simply enjoying her unexpected liberation. Bob had gone, Robbie was still away, Gavin seemed to be ignoring what went on between them. She spent several evenings contemplating her future. What did she want to do now? What did she need?

Financially she was reasonably secure, that did depend on carrying on the business with Gavin. Her house was everything she could want. Robbie was a big worry but he would be going to university in a couple of months so as long as he behaved himself till then it would be OK.

Her problem, she decided, was that she had no social life. She had no friends as such and therefore no prospective lovers. The last week or so had seen her sexual horizons expand beyond any recognition. The thought of falling back into the routine of late night battery powered fumblings was an absolute no-no. Irene needed a lover and frankly, she needed one soon. Having spent a week thinking about her various recent sexual encounters, she was getting quite frustrated. What she really needed was someone to talk to.

The phone rang at Gavin's house.

"Elaine? It's Irene."

"Hello, Irene, how lovely to hear from you." Elaine said with a noticeable amount of uncertainty.

"Elaine, I'm sorry to spring this on you but I really need someone to talk to and I owe you an apology for the way I kind of forced you and Robbie... You know."

"It's OK Irene, I'll survive. Is that what you want to talk about?"

"Partly, there's just so much happened that I... Could you come to my house? Please. I'd be so grateful."

"Where's Robbie?" Elaine asked with a hint of suspicion.

"Don't worry, he's in Ibiza until tomorrow.

"OK, what's the address."

They arranged to have lunch together at Irene's house. Elaine was more than a little curious about what had happened after Irene and Robbie had left her. Elaine had three main memories from her encounter with Irene and her son, Irene kissing Robbie, Elaine actually sucking Robbie's big cock and the feeling of panic as Robbie prepared to mount her. She had never intended to be unfaithful to Gavin that day, things just got out of hand.

Things had changed a little since then. She had hooked up with her neighbour Louise and only last night she and Gavin had crossed the line with her and Mike. They had swapped partners and she had been fucked by Mike, her first real experience of another man since her marriage, of course she was not counting Robbie. She had watched Gavin fuck Louise's anus, just as he had done to her a few weeks before while Irene looked on. The memory of that day was emblazoned on her mind, Irene was her first lesbian encounter and just thinking about it gave her a tingling feeling between her legs. She was not really sure why she and Gavin had chosen not to pursue that relationship. Probably they both thought business and pleasure should not be mixed.

Regardless of the reasons, Elaine spent an hour on getting ready, choosing to wear a flower pattern dress and heels, hidden underneath she had matching white bra and knickers, it was a warm day and she chose not wear tights.

She arrived at Irene's house at the appointed hour of noon.

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