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Indian army man returns to experience a sister-brother sex.

You'll immediately realize why: your legs will be extending outward until they're completely straight.

She'll give you a mischievous grin as she scoots around to your feet. She'll begin to remove your shoes, and any other footwear, until you're left with the soles of your bare feet facing directly toward her. She'll look up at you again, with that kind-hearted smile, and start cooing:

"I think you can smile for us. I think you want to. And I think you're going to do it all... by... yourself." She'll begin lightly tracing one finger in confident ellipses around the sole of your foot. She'll be observing you as you attempt to remain passive. You'll try to breathe slowly and hold a straight face, and she'll know exactly what you're doing. Then, with some unpredictable adjustment of her technique, she'll make a smile start to appear on your face, and you'll press your lips together to suppress it.

In doing that, you'll have given her all the information she needs. She'll know exactly where your breaking point is; the point below which, you can relax and ignore the imposing sensation, and above which, you'll have no way to stop the reaction of your body to her techniques. You'll realize this, and look back at her out of nervousness. She'll be smiling at you.

"It looks like our colleague would like to smile after all..." the woman on your right will observe.

"I think you're right," the woman at your feet will respond. "In fact, I think our dear friend will give us a simply wonderful smile in exactly fifteen seconds," she tells the lady at the camera. That's what they'll do to you. They'll inform you exactly when you're going to smile for them, and then they'll make you watch yourself do it.

"Fifteen. Monitor on, please," she'll say.

The lady by the camera will adjust a control, and an image of you will appear on the wall. You'll be able to see yourself, strapped to the chair, the soles of your feet facing the camera. The lady by your feet will count down in a whimsical voice. When she reaches twelve, she'll raise her hands slowly, placing one set of fingertips on the sole of each foot. When she reaches eleven, she'll look at you with a smile and a nonchalant raise of her eyebrows.

When she reaches ten, she'll begin to trace her fingers in a pattern around your soles; all ten at once. The feeling will be much more intense than her initial test, and you'll have to tense your entire body to keep your composure. You'll be able to withstand it, but as you resist, you won't be able to help giving her all the clues she needs. As she counts down through nine, eight, and seven, she'll be testing you for sensitivity based on the reactions of your feet, your face, your breathing, and the tension in your arms. As she passes each of six, five, and four, she'll flick her nails in slightly different spots under your toes. Each sharp sensation will come extremely close to taking you over, and you'll only just be able to maintain control.

You won't want to admit it, but by this point, she will have demonstrated that she's capable of manipulating you with excellent precision. She'll lean toward you, looking you right in the eye.


You'll hear the woman at the camera making adjustments. The woman to your right will watch you intently.


The woman at your feet will circle her nails around your heels, causing you to feel an intense sensation. It will be so distracting, so disarming, that by the time she finally says "one," you'll feel as though you need to scramble to get your mental resistance back. But there won't be any time, and the woman at your feet will be a step ahead. In one expertly smooth motion, she will run her nails around the sides of your feet, over the balls, and upward again from your arches to linger in effortlessly light strokes under your toes. You'll have no choice but to enjoy the ride, and feel your anatomy take you over. Your cheeks will tighten in an expression of joy. Your lips, which you've been trying to clamp together, will fly apart to reveal a broad, delighted smile.

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