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Mom and Kyle continue to try to make a baby.

We met at a wine bar in Torquay and Tracy was wearing a short white Lycra dress with no bra and you could clearly see her nipples standing out. David suggested we went to a club he knew that played our kind of music. In the bar we had drunk a bottle of champagne and once in the club we ordered another. We both danced with Tracy and every man in the club was looking at her gorgeous body so scantily clad. Before we knew it the club was closing and David suggested going back to his house since he was having friends back for a few drinks.

We shared a taxi back to David's and Tracy sat between us and I noticed her hand rubbing his crotch, not surprisingly he was getting a hard on.

Once in David's house he had four of his friends there and he put on some smoochy music and opened some more wine. I excused myself to have a wee and whilst upstairs I found the main bedroom which had a king size bed with black satin sheets. I noticed David had a reel of bondage tape.

When I returned downstairs Tracy was dancing with Robin and I looked at her, she was resting her head on his shoulder and his right hand had moved to her bum giving it a gentle squeeze. Robin lifted his head and kissed Tracy full on the lips, I could see her gyrating against him and obviously putting her tongue down his throat. Robin moved his hand to her breast and tweaked her right nipple through her dress. At this point Robin was pushed away by Roy who quickly put his lips on her neck whilst at the same time stroking her leg. Tracy was obviously very horny and loving every bit of the attention she was getting. Next thing Tracy was rubbing Roy's Prick through his trousers, all this was happening in front of me and boy did I have a hard on .

When the record finished I suggested we all moved upstairs and we all went to David's bedroom. Then Tracy told all 6 of us to strip to our underpants and stand in a line. This we did I stood at the far end of the line with David at the other end.

Tracy went to David and flipped his cock out of the top of his pants and sucked him for about 10 strokes, David shuddered with pleasure and pulled Tracy's head hard onto his cock.

Tracy pulled away and moved to the next giving the same treatment until she reached me. She kissed me full on the mouth and then moved to my cock saying "remember what I like".

She sucked on my cock and then I noticed David behind her kissing her back and then some one else was reaching for her breast with another sucking on the other breast. Then Robin was reaching between her legs and feeling her clit. Tracy stoppe3d sucking since she had her first orgasm, we then carried her to the bed and laid her on her back, Tracy cried out to me for me to fuck her. I then slid between her legs into her sopping cunt whilst Roy put his cock in her mouth which she gobbled gratefully. The sight of all this was too much and I shot my lot into her. I pulled out and was replaced by David, he fucked her and Tracy screamed she wanted everybody on her. Soon everyone had a part of her whilst Roy came in her mouth, Robin meantime had his fingers in her ass and soon David shot his lot into her whilst her nipples her so erect from all the sucking. I instructed the others to lick the dimples on her inner thighs whilst Robin fucked her and she sucked my cock, again I couldn't hold back and for the first time she swallowed my cum.

Tracy by this time had had a dozen orgasms and been fucked by all six of us so lay very happy on the bed.

David winked to me and then we turned Tracy over and taped her arms and legs to the four corners of the bed. Then we lined up and One by on fucked her up the ass, whilst we waited our turn we pleasured her by fucking her tits, her mouth or licking her clit. As you can imagine Tracy had someone in every orifice all at the same time and all we heard from her was "yes "and "harder".

When we had finished David cut the tape from Tracy and four of us carried happy but exhausted Tracy to the Giant ensuite bathroom.

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