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Nephew and Niece seduced by their sensual Aunt.

You don't have to be Black to be hated by White folks for the color of your skin.

Jefferson Keen and I got married right after our graduation from the University of Ottawa. The day we got hitched was the happiest day of my life. My Jefferson looked gorgeous in a Black suit and tie, and I looked lovely in a White wedding gown. The fact that my parents didn't show up at my wedding irked me but I didn't care. Jefferson and I were finally beginning our lives together.

I began working as a nurse at Ottawa's Civic Hospital and my husband Jefferson got himself a job as an account manager at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. Since Jefferson has a bachelor's degree in accounting from the University of Ottawa he should be in a better job but jobs are scarce in the City of Ottawa. Trust me, I know lots of recent graduates of local colleges and universities who work at Starbucks and Tim Horton's. Jefferson and I were luckier than most. We got ourselves a three-bedroom apartment in the By Ward Market area, and started a family.

My husband Jefferson Keen and I were a passionate couple at the start of our marriage. There was a time when the tall, fine brother from the island of Jamaica couldn't get enough of me. I stand five feet nine inches tall, curvy and sexy, with light bronze skin, long Black hair and light brown eyes. I am a Latina through and true, from my curly hair right down to my full lips, thick ass and fiery temper. Hey, it's not a stereotype if it's true.

Yeah, Jefferson and I were definitely passionate. My husband would come home to find me stark naked on our bed, face down and ass up, begging for a good fucking. The tall, gorgeous Jamaican stud would pull me into his arms, kiss me passionately and then fuck me silly. Jefferson would smack my thick Mexican derriere and then slam his thick dick into me from behind. I loved it when Jefferson pulled my hair and smacked my big ass while fucking me roughly. What can I say? I love rough sex. It's a lot more fun than the love-me-tender crap a lot of chicks seem to go for.

I loved getting on my knees before my husband Jefferson Keen to give that long, thick and dark dick of his a serious sucking. Ladies and gentlemen, I absolutely love the smell and taste of a thick dick. Jefferson's Jamaican snake has been in every hole of mine, and then some. Sometimes, my ass would be sore for days after Jefferson gave my butthole a good pounding. I love anal sex and I am not ashamed to admit it. Lots of women love to take it up the ass but they hide it. Me? I love butt sex and if loving it is wrong, then this Mexican diva definitely doesn't want to be right. Got it? Cool!

My husband Jefferson Keen and I had a passionate relationship, but then, out of the blue, things began to change. Jefferson became distant, and I soon found out why. Apparently, there's a blonde-haired White chick named Laura something or other at his job whom he calls and texts a lot. I confronted Jefferson about it and he promised me that he and Laura were just friends. I believed Jefferson, and for a while, things got better. Six months later, they got right back to where they were. Can you guess why? Jefferson was banging Laura Foxworthy, his fellow account manager at CIBC. Hot damn!

I was mad as hell. I did some research on Laura Foxworthy, and I found out that she had a boyfriend, Liam O'Keefe. Tall, red-haired and alabaster-skinned, gainfully employed as a Starbucks store manager. Since Laura was cuckolding poor Liam with my cheating hubby Jefferson Keen, I decided to get my revenge by sleeping with Liam. I contacted him on Facebook, and showed him evidence of Laura and Jefferson's affair. Liam was pissed, but I calmed him down. Three days after I first spoke to him, I invited Liam over for some fun.

Liam O'Keefe showed up at my door one morning after I drove my sons to school, and we had a long talk.

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