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Jacey's step-brother demands to see her naked.

The trail only went for about thirty or forty yards, but plunging deeper and deeper into the trees, it seemed much longer. When Sarah finally pushed through into a clearing she was met by the welcome sight of a large lake that was totally hidden from where they had stopped by the roadside.

Liz had already lowered the zip that ran from her neckline and was thirstily drinking in some refreshing water from the bottle she had brought with her. Her helmet was off and Sarah once again caught herself standing almost opened mouth as she couldn't help but drink in the sexy body of her step-mother. Liz's nipples seemed very prominent and, even more shocking, Sarah thought she could see the marked outline of the older woman's pussy through her tight body suit.

"Let's swim," she suddenly announced.

Before Sarah could argue, her father's wife began to strip. As her step-daughter watched, Liz lowered her zip even further, stopping just below her navel, and pulled her suit back to reveal her firm breasts. Even after giving birth to two children years ago, they still seemed firm and Sarah couldn't help but notice how the large erect nipples were jutting out of pale pink areola.

"Give me a hand with this, will you? It's more difficult when you're sweaty."

Almost in a trance, Sarah stepped forward and began to help her step-mother to undress. She knew now that Liz hadn't been wearing a bra and if the view between her legs was anything to go by, she didn't expect to find any panties on her step-mother either. Liz simply sat down on a picnic bench, leaned back on her hands and grinned at her step-daughter in amusement, her eyes seeming to sparkle as the sunlight beat down on them. Seemingly innocently, she placed her legs over Sarah's shoulders and lifted her bottom off the bench to allow the slightly younger, but incredibly embarrassed woman to pull off her suit.

As Sarah removed Liz's cycling shoes then began pulling the suit off over her feet, she could feel her heart pounding at the sight of her step-mother's naked body. Her smile now looking more mischievous than anything else, Liz left her feet on her step-daughter's shoulders a moment longer than was necessary.

"Your turn," she said to Sarah as she got up and ran into the lake.

It was only now that Sarah realised her step-mother was expecting her to strip off too, in front of her, here, in the open, and no swimsuit of any description to be had. As Liz splashed around in the water and shouted encouragement, Sarah told herself that it couldn't do any harm out here, in the middle of nowhere. And the water did look very inviting.

Slowly, she pulled down her own zipper and tugged her suit off her shoulders before her nerve failed her, pulling it all the way down her body and off. As she heard a whistle of appreciation from her step-mother, she turned to face the other woman. Standing there in her underwear, her white bra and panties exposed to the outside air, she wondered if Liz could see how hard her nipples had become under her bra and if she herself was giving Liz her own camel-toe impersonation. Not as naked as the older woman, knowing that Liz was watching her, waiting for her, she somehow felt even more exposed. She really had no choice now but to take everything off. Liz was watching her, a surprisingly hungry look on her face. Reaching behind herself, she unhooked her bra and let the straps slide down her arms, the cups falling easily from her breasts. Tossing it on top of her cycling suit, she decided to go for it. Hooking her thumbs inside the waistband of her panties, she knew she was about to expose her most intimate area to her step-mother but, then again, hadn't the older woman done just that to her moments ago?

Telling herself not to be so prudish, she slid her panties down her toned legs and tried to ignore the tingling building between her legs and wondered exactly how much of her

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