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I saw another opportunity to mess with Gavin's head and I ran through the house stripping my dressing gown and nighty off as I ran. I started hot water running into the kitchen sink and was rolling my bar of soap around in my hands when I caught Gavin looking at me out of the corner of my eye. I washed my armpits first and then my neck. I smiled inwardly as Gavin's eyes popped out on stalks and then I started soaping my breasts...really slowly...I re-soaped my hands and washed down over my belly. I was really making a meal out of washing down my body. When I reached my pubic hair I was going to stop...I'd expected Gavin to have knocked on my door by now but he was just standing there watching me wash down over my body.

I made more suds on my hands and started washing over my pubic hair, I opened my legs and started washing down over my labia...I had a massive pleasure jolt as my soapy fingers rubbed over my clitoris, I chose that point to look in Gavin's direction before I took my body too far down the pleasure path.

"Gavin...what the hell!"

Gavin grinned over at me as I grabbed a towel and held it in front of my soapy body.

"I've brought a letter over from the postman!"

I opened the back door a crack and Gavin pushed his hand with my letter in it through the crack. We were just the thickness of the door apart...a glass panelled door...I deliberately let one corner of my towel slip from my fingers as I took the letter off of him. Gavin's eyes popped out of his head again. At that close proximity to the door the obscured glass really didn't work as efficiently as it should have.

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I didn't bother to rinse the soap off of my body; I just dried myself with the towel as I walked up to my bedroom to get dressed. I watched Gavin and Paul talking again; I only caught bits of the conversation as the wind was blustering in different directions but Gavin was telling Paul what he'd just watched me doing. Paul threw his sponge into the bucket and he went back in his house. I looked up to their bedroom window, Gail had closed the curtains after Paul fucked her in the middle of the night but they were open now...Paul must have opened them when he got up. Gail was sprawled out on the bed, there were no covers over her and she didn't wear a nighty to bed. I watched their bedroom door open and Paul walked in the bedroom pulling his trousers down as he walked. I was right; he wasn't wearing underpants under his trousers. Paul rolled Gail onto her back and pulled her legs open wide before jumping on top of her.

I stood there watching Paul and Gail fucking for the second time in eight hours, I saw her checking her watch over Paul's shoulder, I looked at my bedside clock as well, the look on Gail's face was one of boredom as her husband humped into her body. Gail was clock watching all the time she was being fucked...she let Paul have just five minutes before she started wriggling about and faking her orgasm again. He'd finished and rolled off of her before the hand on my clock ticked to the six minute mark.

"Wow...what was that for?"

"I've been talking to Gavin from down the road, he's been peeping at Vicky Clarke and he was telling me all about it..."

"Well, I guess I should thank Vicky or Gavin...not sure which!"

Paul walked to his window; in his hurry to strip off he'd thrown his trousers against the wall under the window. He looked over the road, he was looking up, I had just pulled on my white bra as Paul looked over, I pretended to be looking at myself in the mirror, swinging my body from side to side. Because Paul was lower than me he didn't get the full view of me that I got of him. When I faced the road again Paul was hiding behind his curtains, peeping around the outside edge of the curtain.

I took my bra off again as Gail joined Paul at the window, she was sta

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