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Her naughty S&M desires come to rewarding light.

Shannie had a bikini top on and some short shorts and sandals. With those items hastily pulled on to our sweaty, tan bodies, we jumped in the convertible and headed out to Barber Park where you put in to the river with the tubes.

"You wore no underwear today, I see," said Shannie.

"Well, I wanted to have easy access for anything that comes...up...", I smiled.

"Turns me on, Matt...", Shannie said lustfully. "Your cock right inside that material, all long and full and beautiful, and full of cum whenever I need it."

"We've been sure giving it a lot of practice!" I said.

Shannie reached over and unbuttoned the top of my shorts while we were driving, and pulled my cock out and started jerking it, massaging her left hand up and down while I tried to concentrate on the road. I love her so much. I couldn't stand it though, and we pulled off to the side of the road a mile away from the park and she finished me off. I shot cum up all over my chest and the steering wheel. Shannie cleaned my chest with her tongue, and I buttoned my swollen cock back up in my shorts.

The 2 hr float down the river was refreshing and fun as always. Tons of people float it all summer long, so we ran into some of our classmates and co-workers out there, and all were scantily clad and having a party. We even snuck a few beers in that Paul's older brother had in his raft, and then joined them all for a picnic in Ann Morrison park where you get out of the river. We ate some barbecue, and played volleyball and frisbee with our friends, and had a delightful afternoon in the sun. The party broke up around 7:30 though, and Shannie was horny. She said admiring my half-naked body on the river and in an athletic game of volleyball all afternoon had her pussy wet and her heart pounding with anticipation of getting her hands on me. I said the same thing, and it was true, I had had a very difficult time concealing my bulging cock in my little cut-off shorts whenever I started to get a hard on.

But, there we were once again, with the evening to ourselves and nowhere to go. We were both out of money for a hotel, there was a game going on at the ballpark where we'd used the dugout before, and our families were all home at our houses. We couldn't really go in any stores or businesses since we had very little clothes on. And the place in the woods was okay, but we were sort of getting uncomfortable with it since it did turn out to be not too far from a trail people often walked on.

"One of us needs to get a bigger car," I said. "Maybe a truck or a van."

"There's got to be somewhere around here we can get some privacy," Shannie said.

I was driving towards the airport for no particular reason, and suddenly an idea popped into my head.

"Are there a lot of bugs or rodents in the desert?"

"The desert?" Shannie asked, "No, I don't think so, why would we want to go there?"

"Well, lets see, lets go out on the freeway to where there is nothing around at all, and maybe we can find one of those little roads off to the side. When it gets totally dark, we have our privacy, but outside under the stars. No one would be nearby at all."

"I'm really loving having sex outside in the open air," Shannie said, "lets see if we can find a way to make that work.

Mountains and trees border the north side of Boise, but the south side opens up to the southern Idaho desert.

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