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On Jakku, a man on the run meets a beautiful scavenger.

I softly rub my hand up and down, holding on firmly, but softly. I get faster and faster as your breathing grows more and more laboured. You suddenly pull my hand off of your penis and pull me close to you. You look deeply into my eyes and you kiss me so passionately that I think I just died and went to heaven. We make out for a good 5-10 minutes and you pull me on top of you.

I stop because I realize what is happening and I realize that I don't want our first kiss to be one that you won't remember. You look at me kind of hurt and confused and I just smile and kiss you on the cheek. You ask, "Why'd you stop?" I just look at you and you move away... "Ok, but can I have a blowjob. Please?"

You know that if I had given you a blowjob it would be my first time and you understand that but you want to be the first so I give in to those amazing brown eyes and crawl over you and wrap my lips around that warm, hard cock that's waiting for my mouth. I move my head up and down and I can hear you trying hard not to make too much noise but also expressing how good it feels. You start bucking your hips into my face. Wanting more and not wanting me to stop what I'm doing to you.

You push my head off and pull your pants up really fast and break your belt loop, but it doesn't matter to you. I look up and you whisper, "You're brother is here..." I can see the anger in your eyes and try and tell you just wait until he leaves and then continue, but you don't want to take that chance. So, I just rest my head on your shoulder.

~ Back to Christmas ~

We have mini argument about whether or not it was a good thing that I gave you a blowjob when you were drunk. Finally, I say, "Whatever." and we leave it at that. I move down on the bed and rest my head on the pillow next to you and just look at you. You start playfully poking me in the sides getting me to move closer to you and then finally just wrap your arms around me.

I start playfully poking you back and you gradually move my hand down to your rock hard cock. I pull my hand away kind of shocked, but not really because I know that just the thought of me gets you hard.

I tentatively move my hand closer to your penis and slide my hand inside your boxers. We sit there kind of silently, then you whisper in my ear, "I can't believe you are doing this." I speed up a bit and you nibble my ear.

My pussy is so wet at that point and I want you to touch me. As if you were reading my mind, your hand works its way between my legs and starts rubbing my dripping pussy. Your thumbs starts pushing on my clit and rubbing it in a circular motion and my breathing gets shallow. I try to contain myself and continue giving you a hand job, but I think your goal is trying to get me off. You pull your hand away from my pussy and you push my hand off of your cock. You say that you want to take things slow with me. You want to be with me for a long time and you don't want things to get weird.

I sigh and agree with you, but then I slowly put my hand down your pants. You wait about 10 seconds before telling me to stop. Sit next to you wanting to take things further. I want you so bad you have no idea. I move my hand down around your penis again and this time you wait 20 seconds before telling me to stop.

I look around for something to entertain us, then, while you're deciding whether or not you want to fuck me tonight. I find a pink fluffy thing in your sister's room and start hitting you with it... It makes a "boing" sound when you hit it against something. I repeatedly hit you with it and you grab my hand and take it out of my hand. You start hitting me with it and then your sister comes in, and asks what the hell all the noise is for... She looks at us and the pink thing and just shakes her head and walks back out of the room.

You stop and ask me if I really want to give you a blowjob.

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