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A little machismo?

But his strong solid tongue caused her coils to slip.

"Yes mistress, I want to so much" he kissed her mouth and shoved his coiled tongue in to it and continued to heave heavily on top of her.

"Then you must believe your mistress that both Doxy and Roxy are happy that I kept you to myself and would have had it no other way. I know you missed them, but we had to make you well again. So I am sorry that we had to take them and your pleasure in them away briefly. But your mistress promises you that you woud not only understand but fully forgive her and agree that she was right all along.

But your mistress does not need to be patient with her pet male. So now that she has had you do her kissing of largess you will make her happy at once and give her your forgiveness to her." She said to him knowing he could deny her nothing when he was like this. What he said next left her stunned! She was so sure he was nothing but carnal lust at moments like this, every fiber of his being devoted to deriving sexual gratification from her body with an all consuming need to shed his season with her with any part of her anatomy where she would allow him. She was about to find out how wrong she was.

Instead of forgiving her unconditionally as she expected of him because of his mating frenzy William was not so compliant saying, "Only if you allow Roxy and Doxy to resume having sex with me again, I will do whatever you say to do about not giving them my seasons, it will be only for you." William actually hissed "seasons" in a fair imitation of Saurian and continued. "I will avoid having intimacy with them unless you give me your leave. But you must give them leave each once a day.

I don't care what this is all about, but they miss me and I them and all we need to do is agree that I will save myself only for you. I can do that for you and them! And you should have trusted me to do so in the first place, damn it!" Foxy was stunned at the strength of his conviction and humbled by him.
She could feel his excitement as he said all this, the building electric current played all about her tongue. But she actually feared him too much to command him to halt and wait until she permitted him his seasons end.

But he ceased on his own and looked down on her breathing deeply, occasionally twitching in her egg chute cup. "Please Pet Male, you must kiss me again all over my face, and make for me my apology. Your mistress should have known pet male only plays at pet male and is her Beach Male always even in play. But you will please forgive your mistress her errors in this way and make her happy again knowing that you have forgiven her wronging of you." She told him in the feminine voice that she usually used to melt him with.

William didn't melt.

"Are Roxy and Doxy invited here for sleep cycle?" he pressed his demand still.

"Yes!" she said and did her version of Mcgivvers giggle that they had learned from Doxy way back when.

"I will forgive my mistress anything of course." He told her as he found new places to kiss her face. He didn't mind her lack of lips as he was happy to share his with her to make up for any shortages.

She had him fuck her like that for some time longer to wear him out.. It help stop him from using his greater strength leaving her with fuller control for the sleep cycle season's turning.

His sweetness was ripe and almost ready. And though she had him lathered up in rutting with her for all this time he showed hardly any sign of flagging anytime soon. But she was in control of him and she could take his season at command. And he did like that so very much! So while he might have liked to sex play longer in this assignation, she was ready to end his delight shortly. It was time to surprise him.

Roxy made to summon Roxy and Doxy to the command deck out side the limits of human hearing so William wouldn't hear.

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