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Pirate captain's threats to ravish married woman.

It still had visions of the lovely young woman with the seemingly perfect calves. My mind drifted off to thoughts of sweaty feet and sneakers. Socks getting soaked with delicious sweat. I soon found myself drooling over feet that I had not even had the pleasure of seeing. I felt a bit foolish.

Again I tried to return to takings pics, when all of the sudden I heard the pitter patter of jogging feet approaching. With my camera still stuck to my right eye, I spun around quickly. Snapping pic after pic after pic as the lovely calves ran by me for the second time. Happy with myself i smiled like a cat that had just caught a canary. I turned around where there was some shade from my own head to view the pics I had just taken on my barely new digital camera.

As I viewed the pics I could feel my mouth starting to drool and my limp member begin to stir. Suddenly I heard the sound of jogging feet in the near distance. I whirled back around and the young woman stopped by a nearby water fountain to get a drink. As she drank I stared at her calves and her sneakers trying to imagine what her feet looked like and smelled like...dare I even think what they tasted like? Perhaps.

The young woman walked over and sat in a small spot of grass near the kiddie sprinkler fountain. She sat there for a few moments so still. I took the liberty of snapping a few more pics of her feet in her dirty sneakers. She leaned back on her elbows and I watched as she moved her feet from one side to the other in some sort of strange rhythm. My eyes following each time.

Left to right, right to left... After a minute the young woman sat up and began to remove her shoes. She took each one off slowly and placed it beside her in the grass. Her socks were a pristine white. They looked brand new, but in my mind they didn't smell new. Oh how id love to be able to smell her odorous socks. My mind began to daydream for a few seconds, til I noticed she was taking off her smelly,sweaty socks.

She tucked them inside her sneakers. Her feet were perfect. They looked delicious glistening in the afternoon sun. The young woman got up and walked over to the kiddie fountain and walked around in the shallow water that had collected at the bottom. All I could do was stare at her feet and her socks tucked neatly inside her jogging shoes.

After a few moments of being in the water, the young woman returned to the grass and retrieved her shoes. I watched intently out of the corner of my eye as she slowly made her way to her car. Then it happened. A most glorious thing happened. One of her socks fell out of the sneaker it was tucked into. My heart jumped for joy. It was all I could do to keep from running over to collect the dropped sock.

So I sat and watched as the young woman started her car and drove slowly down the driveway of the park until she was totally out of site. I couldn't believe my luck. This had to be one of the best days of my life. After a minute or so, I got up and casually walked over to where the sock had lain. Slowly I bent down and picked it up. I decided not to smell it out of fear of someone may be watching me, so I tucked it inside my jeans pocket and went to sit inside my car.

Once inside my car I took out the sock and put it near my nose. i could smell the young womans sweat mixed with some sort of lotion or perfume. It was a heavenly smell indeed. the excitement of having the sock in my very hands was almost too much for my growing member to handle. It soon was begging to be let out of my jeans and I could feel the pressure of the zipper against it.

I peeked around, to make sure no one else was around or near my car. I slowly unzipped my jeans and my throbbing cock sprang forth like an arrow shot from a bow. Shiny precum covering the head. I took a deep breath and inhaled the young woman's essence once more. I began to feel the hint of the horizon of my impending orgasm.

I took the sock and slipped it over my hardened cock.

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