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Mom, son and Sis get better acquainted.

What's more I think you would like some more wouldn't you?"

"What, I er no, I can't, I am married, I..."

Johannes suddenly stood up. "Come on Toni, show me the way to your bedroom, it will be more comfy there."

This is where I expected the night to end. I expected my demure wife to say no thank you, you need to leave. But no, I was both shocked and excited to see my lovely wife stand up and as if in a trance take Johannes' large black hand and head toward the stairs!

I quickly made a dash for my closet once again and hoped that Toni would not notice anything untoward. As I stood there, my heart was pounding. I couldn't believe that my fantasy of my wife being seduced might really come true. But with a black man, where had that come from? I had no inkling that Toni might be attracted to black men!

Before I had time to ponder that further, the lovers appeared in the bedroom. Johannes grabbed my wife and turned her to face him. He then resumed kissing her with passion as his big black hands roamed all over bare back. As I watched I could see his hands working to undo the zipper on her dress. What would she do? As he slowly pulled it down her sexy back, he then slipped the shoulder straps off her and helped the dress to slip sown her lovely body, until it pooled around her sandals.

Instead of being shocked or panicking as I thought she would, Toni stood back and quickly undid the buttons on his shirt and then once his muscular chest was bared she ran her delicate fingers all over his muscles. Slipping his shirt off, she then bent and licked and nibbled his nipples, something that always gets me going. She didn't stop there however, as she slowly unbuckled his pants and then helped them down his legs. I could see an obscenely large bulge in his boxer shorts and I watched spellbound as my lovely wife knelt down and quickly pulled the last barrier to his manhood down.

What a sight it was and one I will never forget. My wife dressed only in thigh high nylons, thong panties and heels, kneeling in front of the finest specimen of black American manhood. Slowly, oh so slowly her fingers with red painted nails took hold of his rapidly erecting column of flesh. She slowly jerked his foreskin back and forth and this caused him to moan in delight. As she continued to play with his cock it gradually reached its full magnificent erected state. It had to be ten inches long. Ten inches of solid black muscle.

What happened next shocked me even more. Looking up into his eyes with a broad smile on her face, she opened her mouth and took his cock into her pretty mouth! She had never done this for me in all our marriage saying it was too dirty. And yet here she was stuffing several inches of another man's cock into her mouth! Again I was struck by the symbolism of her fingers adorned with the rings of her fidelity to me, stroking another man's cock, pleasuring him as I knew she could.

I felt so jealous and sick in my stomach. This was my idea, I had sown the seeds over many years and now I was watching the results. My wife was acting on my myriad of prompts, and was enjoying an illicit fling with another man. I began to wonder how far this would go? I didn't have long to wait for my answer.

Johannes put his hands on Toni's head and moved her sucking mouth from his cock. "That's enough for now, I want to save my spunk for later. Let me please you." Helping my wife to his feet, he then picked her up like a doll and laid her lovingly on the bed. Our bed. Our marriage bed! Johannes knelt between her splayed legs and reached down to remove her thong. As he pulled it clear of her legs he held it up and I could see that they were drenched in her sticky juices. Johannes took then and pressing them to his face inhaled her womanly essence."Mmm, I love the smell of a woman in heat, so damn sexy."

So saying, Johannes then dipped his head down and proceeded to use his tongue to feast on Toni's snatch.

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