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Angie fills in for an anal whore.

I don't need to cum. I want to feel your slippery cum pump deep inside me."

I continued to increase the speed and strength of my hip movements, driving his long hard cock deeper into my ass. I also increased the speed of my rocking hips and rolling abs, to force more and more stimulation and manipulation of his massive cock. My own moans had increased in volume along with my movements. I was now moaning loudly, as I forcefully fucked my ass with his long hard cock. I felt my hands gripping his chest tighter, as I added more force and strength to slamming my asshole up and down his massive cock shaft.

I heard my moans raise to a higher pitch, as I exerted more and more strength into forcing my asshole up and down his massive cock shaft. With my acceptance of the pleasure I received from my subservience to Ben and my own desire for more, I had completely thrown out my desire to stay quiet, so I was free to make as much noise as my body seemed to needed to. I had felt a weight lift off my shoulders that allowed me to do whatever felt good and whatever I was told to do. It was a freeing epiphany on my part and I was relishing in it.

I felt my hands digging into and gripping Ben's muscular chest with greater intensity, and I worried that I might be causing him pain or discomfort. But I threw out that line of thought and worries, as I concluded that he would tell me if I did something that he did not like. I also came to the conclusion that he enjoyed a bit of pain mixed in with our bouts of rough ass fucking and cock sucking, considering he had cum so explosively when I had accidentally bit him as he was viciously pounding my tight boy hole.

I remembered back to being horrified that I had bit him. I had expected to be yelled at or punished for causing him any pain or discomfort. But he had brushed off my sincere apology, and with his rough handling of my balls during our last round of ass fucking, I figured he knew I enjoyed it as well. I knew that I did not enjoy inflicting pain. I didn't think he enjoyed causing me a lot of pain or discomfort, just the right amount to add some extra spice to the moment. I began wondering what else he liked to do or have done to him. I was sure that I would find out eventually, but my mind was aglow with different fantasies of dominance and submission. I knew we both had a fetish for his signature leather clothing. I thought of how hot it would be for me to lick his cock and balls through his leather pants, as he had me do on other occasions.

I wondered if he would enjoy to strap me down or immobile in any leather bondage restraints. Would he enjoy some role playing scenarios, possibly to relive that first encounter in the alley? Would he enjoy if I were to give him a full body oil massage? I doubted I could keep my mouth and tongue from his cock, balls, and asshole if I gave him a massage. I imagined how hot it would be to cover his muscular body in warm oil. Feeling the slippery way I would move against his body.

I was drawn back to my current movement of forcing my asshole up and down his massive cock. I felt my ass cheeks slamming down against his thighs every time I pushed my asshole down on his long hard cock. I worked my asshole up and down his cock shaft even harder and faster than before. I needed to feel him cum inside me again. I wanted to make him cum all on my own. I wanted to feel the amazing way his long hard cock would suddenly go completely rigid inside my ass. I wanted to feel his cock head enlarge and twitch, as it was buried deep inside me. The way his body went tense right before he filled my boy hole with his hot man seed.

My hip movement forward and back, then rocking of my hips, and the rolling of my abs all increased as my desire to make him cum intensified. My moans increased in volume, as my hip movement drove his massive cock deeper and harder into my ass. I moaned out, "Cum for me, Sir. I want to feel your hot cum deep inside me. God, your hard cock feels so fucking good in my tight asshole. Please, cum inside me."

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