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The girls get rescued.

Patrick had been very emphatic that he would respect our boundaries, and I have to say he was a man of his word. I was actually fully expecting - maybe hoping? - he would succumb to temptation and plant his penis right into Ann right then and there while those irresistible high-heel-clad legs reached for the ceiling, but Pat did just as we agreed and leaned forward, putting his face right where mine had been just a minute before.

For most of my marriage, the thought of another man with my wife would have broken my heart. In this moment, I was surprised at how exciting it was to simply watch on as the hottest girl I knew received sexual pleasure. Patrick slid his hands underneath Ann's sexy ass and pressed his mouth against my wife's sacred opening, sliding his tongue where only mine had been for at least the last four years.

If I thought I couldn't stand the sight of my precious spouse's being sexually treated by another man, obviously I would not have suggested this event in the first place. What I didn't expect was to be entirely turned on by it without reservation. As my pretty wife gripped the comforter on either side of her and wrapped her legs around this man's head, I was delirious with lust. There was not an iota of discomfort or jealousy. I guess, after all, Ann and I were so secure in our trust in and faithfulness to each other that inviting another man to even fuck her was simply another means of bringing enjoyment to each other as spouses.

Patrick was really going to town on Ann, too. His hands beneath Ann pushed her pussy up to his mouth, while Ann's legs pinned Patrick's head in her erotic trap. As Patrick munched on my wife's twat, Ann whined and moaned, taking her eyes off me only because she had closed them to relish in the pleasure of two men's taking turns to eat her delicious pussy.

Meanwhile, I couldn't help but beat off a little. Although nothing was more fun than having sex with Ann, I had done her literally hundreds of times. I had never, however, been able to just watch her have sex, and, boy, was it a treat. Seeing the entirety of her body writhe with pleasure and that dark Italian skin glisten with sweat while her arousing legs wrapped around Patrick's head and crossed at her ankles, the silver anklet shining in the light, just like the polish on her toenails that were exposed through the front of her shoes - taking all of it in was hotter than anything I could have anticipated.

I was kind of caught in a trance for a moment as I watched this near stranger eat out my precious wife all the way until Ann reached her second orgasm of the night, moaning through each wave of pleasure that crashed through her body. As she came, she clutched the comforter beneath her and closed her eyes again as she enjoyed two men's taking turns to bring her to oral bliss. As the orgasm still raked through Ann, Patrick politely pulled away, not wanting to overstay his welcome. As soon as Ann opened her eyes, Patrick looked to me and asked, "Can I fuck her?"

A year ago, such a question would have been mad. No one else could touch the love of my life! However, now that the moment had arrived, a culmination of quite a wild ride, Ann and I were both in agreement to let the poor bastard take a run with the hot, young woman in what was essentially the second phase of living out this decadent fantasy.

"Go for it," I barely managed in response, not because I was conflicted but because I was in disbelief. Without much of a reaction, Ann dutifully crawled to her hands and knees, pointing her ass toward Patrick and awaiting his move. At this point, I stood up and stepped closer, choosing to watch for just a minute or two before jumping headlong into our wicked plan.

Patrick joined my wife on the bed, kneeling behind her and placing one hand on her back as the other held his cock in place, which he guided toward Ann's prized opening.

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