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Ariel pays off the last of her poker debt on trip.

Their tongues collided and gently writhed, teasing and probing each other's mouths. He brought a hand up to the back of her head and ran his fingers through her hair; his other hand moved down to her peachy arse. She felt herself begin to moisten as her hardness pressed up against her. His hand ran from the firm cheek of her buttock, over her hips, along her taut side and to the swell of her breast, his thumb circling the nipple. Lisa was pleasantly surprised by his unexpected early physicality, and the dampness in her knickers intensified.

They took the short walk to her flat in near-silence, stopping occasionally to kiss. She found his kissing intoxicating; the slight roughness of his chin signifying his masculinity, his strong hands beginning to explore her tender body. She loved the kissing, but couldn't wait to have him to herself behind closed doors.

As she slid her key into her front door his arm moved around her waist, and she felt a hand slide her hair from her elegant neck. His kisses sent an electric shock down her spine, taking in her nipples and aching clitoris on the way. She loved the kissing but needed him inside. The door opened and she stepped forward, taking his hand and leading him to the bedroom.

Before she'd even switched the light on she had turned and held his broad face, before kissing him deeply. She needed him now, she needed him naked and hard. His hands raced over her body, urgently exploring her, tugging at the hem of her shirt. She pushed him gently back and rested on the edge of the bed, fixing her glare on him in the gentle light the night cast through the window. The shadows hid his eyes but she could sense him burning for her.

Lisa lifted the top over her head and heard him let out an involuntary moan as her breasts were unveiled in the moonlight. She leaned back on the bed, supported by her arms, and let him drink in her body; her long brown torso, her impossibly pert breasts, their roundness topped by dark aureole and thick, long nipples.

He moved towards her and touched her shoulders as she looked up at him. His hands caressed her and felt the weight of her breasts, the nipples hardening yet further to his touch. He moved his head down to kiss them.

"Not yet" she whispered, pushing him back up. She ran her hands up his strong thighs and to his belt. "Shall I...?" she whispered coquettishly. He nodded, and she moved her hands to his belt, allowing her thumbs to linger over the hardness manifesting itself beneath his flies and down his inner leg, hinting with the promise of pleasure to come.

As she slipped his jeans down, the true length of Chris became apparent to her, solid against the material of his boxer shorts. She ran a finger down the length of him, feeling the veins and ridges standing proud, and the velvet hardness within. Finally she slipped down the shorts and let him bounce free into her face.

She wrapped her long fingers around him, feeling his hardness and scenting his excitement. For the first time she took him into her mouth, delighting in the taste of his beautiful cock. She was able to fist both hands around the shaft and still fit the end into her mouth, running her tongue across it. Lisa slipped the wet cock, dripping precum now, from her mouth and dragged it down to her nipples, circling each one with his heavy penis.

This seemed to be too much for Chris; his hands found their way under Lisa's arms and she was roughly pulled up and pushed down onto the bed. His hands were scrabbling at her belt and she threw her arms behind her head to allow him full access to her body, lifting her pelvis as he pulled off her jeans and socks, leaving just her soaking blue-spotted panties behind.

Chris could see how the dampness in her gusset had turned her knickers translucent, making her hairy pussy lips clearly visible beneath.

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