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Bobby moves into his new town and quickly develops a crush.

I got on my knees and looked down at my cock which was still in her. I pulled it out and gently began to rub against her pussy lips. Looking at me, she reached around and under her legs and began to massage my testicles while she stroked to top of my cock with two wet fingers.

I moved my shaft up and down between her lips and they wrapped around my cock like a little blanket. I felt the heat rise in my balls and the exquisite pain begin to move forward. I tried to hold back as much as possible as Julie teased and pulled at my balls. All of a sudden, she moved and put me into her mouth again and finally there was no stopping and with a muffled grunt I felt my cock swell in her mouth and then burst as a long hot jet of sperm flew out of me and against her cheek and down her throat. She moved her hand quickly to encourage more and more of my liquid and finally she reached and squeezed out the last thick drop and swallowed deeply.

My head lolled and my arms hung limp; sweat dripped from every pore. I was totally spent. Julie continued to kiss my shrinking penis, licking my balls and sending shudders of post-orgasmic contractions throughout my body.

We collapsed onto the ground and looked at each other, kissing lightly.

"Wow" I finally managed to say. "That was both unbelievable and totally unexpected."

Julie just smiled and then sidled even closer. Her breath was warm and sweet when she said to me "I've been looking forward to this for almost five years. I know it sounds contrived, but the truth is that every year I have seen you, despite the relationships I've been in and that fact that you have a family, I've thought about this. Every year. And I want to do it every year from here on out too."

I began to stiffen again as I realized that for as long as we both did this event I'd be raising more than just money.

THE END----Part I


Part II

While my two brains were contemplating the prospect of annual bliss filled encounters with Julie, she broke the reverie and said, "What time is it?"
"About 4:00" I replied after looking at my cell phone to check the time. "Why"?

"Shit, shit, shit" she swore distractedly. "I have to go". And with that, she pulled on the bikini bottoms she had hidden in her towel, strapped on the top and made to leave.

"Whoa" I said. "What's the rush?"

"It's Rachel" she answered. "I am supposed to meet her in five minutes and she will be pissed if I'm late". And, worse, she is going to know that I've been fooling around with someone."

"How will she know that and, more importantly, why do you care?" Then, thinking, I added, "Just don't let her know it was me."

Julie gave me a small smile and laughed, "There is a lot you don't quite get do you? Don't worry, our secret is safe."

"What the heck is that supposed to mean?" I queried. I was confused and feeling as if there were something so obvious that I must be an idiot for missing it.

"Shhh" whispered Julie, kissing me lightly on the lips. "Forget about it. I'll see you later". And she then quickly zipped open the door to the tent, looked around to make sure she didn't recognize anyone and slipped away leaving me naked on the ground.

The rest of the afternoon passed slowly. Everyone ate their fill and hung out in groups talking about the day and making plans for the early morning departure. Riders continued to stream in until the early evening and all of us rued the idea of taking almost 12 hours to complete the first day's ride.

As the sun drifted lower, the live music ended and even before darkness fell people began to make their way to their accommodations for the night.

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