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A hotter exam at the Dr.'s office.

This was the best thing I ever did with my life. With graduation from school coming closer and leaving for basic training right after I was feeling excited and sad. My long-time girlfriend wanted nothing to do with me after she found out I had joined the Marnie's. My senior prom was a disaster as my girlfriend dumped me a couple of days before the prom. As so many guys I was hoping to hit a home run after the prom. When Dawn found out I had been dumped she asked me if I would like to come over to her place the night of the prom. Her husband was very much in favor of the idea. So, on prom night I went to dinner with my mom's friend, I felt like a loser.

When I gone to their house, I was met by Dawn's husband Jim who told me to come in and asked if I wanted a drink. Being u******e I said no with that he laughed and asked me if I had ever had a drink before. I said yes, so he asked again to which I said yes. He went to get both of us a beer. When he returned, he gave me the beer and said Dawn was dressing for dinner and would be out in a couple of minutes. He was asking me about my choice of the Marine's and making small talk about how bad the war was going which I was trying not to listen to. To say that Dawn knew how to make an entrance would be a understatement. She walked into the room in a very small and very short dress with go-go boots. She was everything my dreams everywhere and so much more.

She walked over to her husband and kissed him in a way I have never seen. She rubbed against him and his hands roamed all over her body. I didn't know what to do or say all I could do was watch. She then came over to me took my hand pulling me up and kissing me. Her tongue was running wild and I could feel the excitement building in my penis. I was shocked at what was happening with her husband in the room with us. When she broke her kiss away, she said that they had a very special night planned for me. Her husband said he was proud to know me and that they had been planning this evening for some time. The point he said was to give me something so wonderful and special that I would never forget it.

Dawn took my hands and placed them on her breasts and said go ahead feel that and enjoy them. As my hands cupped them, she keeps kissing and rubbing against me. I was afraid she would notice how hard she was making me. I was so unsure what to do next. Was her husband going to become upset? Was she going to stop me and be mad at me for getting hard? What was happening here was all I could think and then hoping it was not going to stop.

It was as if she could read my mind that she stopped and looked me in my eyes and said tonight she was all mine and anything I wanted to do to her was fine. Her husband said this was my reward for wanting to service my county at a time most where unwilling to. I still had no idea what I should do, should I run out the door or should I see where this takes me. Well as most guys know at this time the little head took over. I am so glad it did.

Dawn sat down pulling me next to her on the sofa. She held me against her body kissing and starting to run her hands across my chest and working ever so lower. My hands where all over her breasts I could feel her nipples growing as I rubbed them though her dress. I also realized she is braless which I had never seen her do before. With her husband Jim watching I was not sure how much more they would let me do.

The next thing I see is Jim pulling his cock out. This made me stop dead, I had no idea what to do now. Dawn kissed me and whispered he is only aloud to watch us he will not stop us or touch us. With that she stood up and pulled her dress off as it fell to the floor so did my jaw. She was totally nude with a smooth bare pussy with only white go-go boots on. This was the first time I ever seen a nude woman standing right in front of me and boy was I excited.

She stepped closer and placed my hand on her pussy, it was so soft, wet and hot.

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