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Valerie and Marcus finally make it.

Ron walked up behind her, and pushed two fingers inside her wet slit while pushing his thumb into her ass. Working his fingers in and out slowly, he heard Laura moaning in pleasure as her holes were being explored. She pushed back slightly, but not much as she knows that he loved teasing her.

Slowly, he slid his hand so that her holes were empty. Ron took his fingers and sucked the juices off them. He pushed the fingers into her asshole, wet from both her juices and his saliva. Laura shuttered briefly, then relaxed. She loved her ass being played with, almost more than vaginal sex alone.

Easing behind her, Ron took his cock in his free hand and started sliding it up and down Laura's slit. It was so wet that it almost instantly slid inside her pussy, causing both members to gasp audibly. Ron quickly pulled his hand from her ass and used both hands to grasp her hips, so that he could force himself to slowly ease into her waiting pussy. He held her still and pushed his throbbing cock inside her, as slowly as he possibly could so that he could enjoy every possible moment that he could.

Laura bit her lip. She both loved and hated this part of it. Part of her craved the long build up, making her legs get weak and her body ache with the anticipation. The other parts of her wished that he would grab her tighter and force his cock deep into her, making her scream as her pussy stretched around his cock. She wanted to be used, to be pounded, to be left sore and exhausted.

Ron started sliding his cock back and forth, his length seeming longer than his 8 inches, his girth almost feeling like a coke can. He gripped her hips tightly as he started building momentum. A few, short seconds later, he was pounding his entire length inside her, his balls slapping against her cunt lips, the sound echoing throughout the room.

He took his left hand off her hip and started slapping her ass as he called her his little white slut. The slapping of her ass was off rhythm of his balls slapping against her. He loved watching her ass jerk with each swat, the sharp intake of air and the sound of her joyous whimpers. He likes when they finish and he could see the red reminders on her ass.

A few minutes later, he eased out of her wet pussy. He reached up to her hair and pulled firmly. Laura loved having her hair pulled. She loved being controlled and moved; it helps her forget about her responsibilities and obligations.

Ron guided Laura onto the couch, putting her on her knees as he pushed her head down against the couch. Her ass was raised near the edge of the couch. He moved to the side, enjoying the view as he move behind her again. This time, with ease he slid inside her. He put his hands on her ass, spreading the cheeks wide. He naturally moved his thumbs towards her anus, taking a grip and spreading her asshole wide open.

He loved gaping her ass. He loved that she loved being used for sex; all three of her holes for his pleasure. He started off fast this time, slamming his cock into her pussy, balls slapping away as he pushed his cock in as deep as he can go before pulling out. He loved watching as his black cock would disappear into her wet, pink hole as he continue to drive his cock in and out of her.

She couldn't be quiet if she wanted. The pounding of his cock and the slapping of his balls caused her body to react. He abs contracted and her moans became louder the longer he kept at this pace. It took less than a minute for her to scream and moan at top volume, more than evident that she was about to cum. Ron took the queue and gripped hard as he kept his cock deep inside her, letting her hips buck and her ass push back as she came, her juices beginning to leak down her thighs.

As her climax began to subside, he started thrusting inside her again, digging his fingers into her ass cheeks as enjoyed the feeling of her flooded pussy as her juices started flowing.

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