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Dave and Tanya meet old friends.

"What?" Lucia demanded, outraged. "He can't prove plagiarism "

"He can if I tell him you copied me without my permission." Cale responded with a sly grin.

"Why would you do that?" Lucia asked, angrily wiping away the start of a tear in her right eye.

"Well to be honest, I don't see why I shouldn't. I mean we can't really say I've been getting anything out of our arrangement. I do all the work while you date your idiot jock boyfriend." Cale accused.

Lucia's cheeks coloured with anger. "How dare you..." she started. "... never mind that, I thought we were friends "

"We were, when we were twelve." Cale responded, letting a little emotion slip into his voice. "But I don't think a real friend would have taken advantage of me the last two years the way you have." "He went on, before she would reply. "I know you need to get into university, but you could have at least pretended to still be my friend. I mean we were really close, and you just cut me out of your life, letting me back in only when you needed me for something. Well I hate to say it, but that doesn't cut it for me."

"So what do you want me to do then?" Lucia asked, her eyes aglitter with tears. "I have to pass this class to get accepted in the spring."

"Well that's pretty simple." Cale answered with finality. "You use me for what you need. So I'll use you for what I need."

"What do you mean?" Lucia asked, her voice wavering. "What do you need?"

"Get on your knees." Cale ordered, pointing to the ground at his feet. "You're going to earn every single lab report for the rest of the year. Starting now."

"You're out of your mind." Lucia said, backing away a step.

"Nope. I know exactly what I'm doing. And if you don't get on your knees by the time I count to five, you can kiss university goodbye." Cale said. "One. Two. Three..."

"Wait, wait, wait a second Cale " Lucia exclaimed.


"Fine I'll do it " Lucia said in despair, her cheeks running with tears. Looking up at Cale's raised eyebrow, she slowly lowered herself to her knees. Cale responded by merely pointing again at his feet, and Lucia was forced to humiliatingly shuffle on her knees towards him. Cale found himself struggling internally as he stared down at Lucia as she knelt before him. Seeing her there on her knees, her cheeks stained with streaks of mascara as tears rolled down her face, he fought the urge to bend down, pick her up, and hold her, whispering that everything would be okay. Setting his jaw, he focused on changing his frame of mind. After all, it wouldn't be the first cock she had sucked, and after everything he had done for her he had certainly earned the reward. Steeling his resolve, he spoke.

"Take your sweater off. Now."

Lucia's hands trembled as she slowly began to pull her light blue sweater up her midriff, leaving her chest bare except for her frilly white bra as the sweater came off over her head. Cale admired her breasts, large round D-cups that filled her bra utterly, spilling over the top and leaving a hint of pink nipple poking out from under the edge. Letting his eyes drift back up to her face, Cale realized that Lucia was staring at him from under her tears with a look of almost quizzical interest, wondering what was going through his mind. Not wanting her to see the weakness in his resolve, he quickly moved on, ordering her next to remove her bra, and watching with satisfaction as her breasts bounced out, free and clear. Despite their size and weight, they were surprisingly pert and perky, sitting high on her chest with nipples pointing straight out.

Lucia felt utterly exposed and exploited, kneeling topless on the hard cold classroom floor. She resolved inwardly that no matter what happened, she would not remove her jeans, would not allow Cale to be the first guy to fuck her; not like this. Whatever the risk of his telling the teacher the truth about their partnership, it was not worth her giving away what was only hers to give once. She would fight him if she had to, and hurt him if he tried.

"What now?" she asked, her voice wavering in expectation

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