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A sex starved girl from a small town lets loose in the city.

I guess my husband had something special planned, and I was right. About an hour into the drive, John and Dan were sitting on the rear bench seat, and I was on my hands and knees in front of them, sucking them each in turn. Katy was behind me, playing with my pussy and ass. We pulled off the road, into a gas station. I expected Nicole to get out and pump gas, so we could continue, but that wasn't the plan. They made me stay there, working on the guys, until each had cum on my face and hair. Dan handed me a flannel shirt, told me to put it on, but not to button it. Instead, they had me put a belt on to hold it shut. Unless the wind were to catch it, I was pretty much covered. Well, unless I bent down or moved too much, then my ass or tits would flash.

They had me get out and pump gas, but not clean the cum from my face and hair. I pumped, then started to get into the van. Nicole stopped me, and said that we needed coffee. She sent me into the store, to get coffee for everyone. I have to say, I was a bit embarrassed, but also very turned on by the looks I got in the store. I heard a few guys call me a slut, a couple of girls called me a whore. Standing in line in front of a few college aged guys, holding 5 cups of coffee, I heard one of them mention that they could see "the nips on that slut."

"She's probably naked under the shirt, you should check," said one of their girlfriends. He tapped my shoulder, and while laughing, asked if I was wearing panties or shorts, or was I really that slutty. He had to have seen my face, with cum drying on it. The girl said that whores don't care if you look, and she pulled the back of shirt up. Yep, there I was, hands full, face covered, with my bare ass and pussy exposed to all.

I blushed for sure, but the guys behind me did offer to buy the coffee for me, so it sorta worked out. I got back to the van, climbed inside, and off we went. John and Dan took turns using my pussy until the next stop, about an hour later. Again, they both gave my face a cum bath, and sent Katy and me into a convenience store for coffee and soda. We were given flannel shirts again, with belts to hold them shut. Katy kept teasing me about the cum on my face, and kept flipping up the back of my shirt. Thankfully (and a little bit frustratingly) the store wasn't crowded, so nobody really got much of a show. Katy offered the guy at the counter a flash if he'd give us the drinks for free, and no surprise, it worked.

Back to the van, and an hour more of being used by John, but not Dan. He had taken over driving, so that Nicole would have a chance to see what Katy and I had to offer. Her shaved pussy was a nice change up from the hard cocks of Dan and John. John gave me one more facial, and Katy managed to rub her soaked pussy all over my chest. I think someone must have cum inside her at some point. Nicole had me lick her pussy and tongue her asshole for around 20 minutes, then when we were around 10 minutes from our destination, she crawled up to Dan, and face him a great round of road head. I loved watching her engulf his thick cock with her plump red lips. When Dan was almost there, Katy made me start rimming Nicole again, while she kept sucking Dan. John was plunging his cock into Katy as hard as he could, using her pussy like he'd never see it again.

Nicole stopped sucking Dan, and switched me places. Dan unloaded all over my face the second I had his balls in my mouth. John came inside Katy, and she licked him clean. The van had stopped moving, and I realized that we were at the end of the street that my family lived on. I asked for something to clean myself up, but John said that wasn't part of the plan. Katy instead had me lie down in the van, and crawled over my face, letting John's cum and her pussy juice leak out onto my face and into my mouth.

Katy pulled on a hoodie and a pair of tiny shorts, then handed me a short, pretty sheer sun dress, which I started to put on as the van started moving again.

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