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Maggie is a hostage; would-be rescuer Ryan is shot.

Her hips started to take on an independent life, grinding up and down my waist, leaving a wet smear all the way up and down. On the downstroke she would reach the point where her buttocks lightly brushed against my erection and then would start to move up again.

I felt like a cheap sex aid being used for its intended purpose, and I can tell you it felt great.

Eventually Eva pulled on her breast a little harder and pulled the nipple free. The breast bounced back to its normal shape, but the nipple was now swollen almost to the size of a large grape and covered with indentations. Like most of the rest of us by now, it was dripping wet.

I lost sight of the breasts when she leaned forward, wrapped her arms around me and started vigorously kissing me, but I could feel those engorged nipples jammed into my chest.

Moments later, however, my awareness of her nipples was overridden as she slowly - oh, so slowly - started to slide herself down onto me. She matched the slow timing with the cycle of motion of her tongue against mine. This would have been a well-planned attack to overcome my resistance if only I had had any resistance for her to overcome. It would have taken me over the edge in an instant if she had not already taken me there twice in the last few hours.

As it was I am embarrassed to say that I just lay there barely responding and simply soaking up the pleasure that this sexual dynamo seemed determined to bestow upon me. As I took in the sensations I gradually became aware that Eva was assailing me in all sorts of ways. One hand was lightly stroking my ear, the other my hair (or what was left of it). One foot was sliding up and down the inside of my leg. And all of this synchronised to the other movements of her tongue on mine and her nipples on my chest. And of course that all-encompassing sliding of her warm, wet tightness slowly impaling herself on me. The effect of the smaller movements added an almost subliminal element greatly emphasising the already overwhelming sensation of the main element of her velvet massage.

As I continued selfishly to let her pleasure me, I noticed even other factors adding to the effect. There was a regular wet sound from where I was plunging into her and out again. Her breathing was very slightly vocalised with a faint sigh at the start of each expiration. And again all in time with all the other sensations. Even as I was aware of exactly what she was doing to me I lost myself again in the wonder of the orchestra she was playing on me. I think I simply lost my mind for a while. I certainly lost track of time as my brain became too engrossed with the pleasure to be aware of anything else.

At one point I noticed that the orchestra was out of time. The sigh had become an irregular grunt and the peaks of pressure of her grip on me (in several places) increased in intensity. After a short while the conductor seemed to regain control and the various stimuli resumed their gentle rhythm.

This "out of time" feeling recurred perhaps two or three times more, each time settling again after a short while. I wouldn't even have noticed them if they hadn't contrasted so starkly with the perfect timing in between.

Eventually I felt again that slow feeling of another orgasm boiling out of me. I could almost feel it building from right down at my toes and gradually taking over my whole body, cell by cell. When it reached my hips I thought that was it, but it continued up to my chest, my arms and up to where Eva was kissing me, when...

With no further warning my entire body contracted.

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