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Be careful what you ask for; she may give you more.

Rush helps my cocksucking when it comes to not gagging when being mouth fucked, and he was clearly unable to resist my talent.

He tried to distract me, playing with my cock as he stroked my nipple, but even near the edge of orgasm, I remained in control of his will. He made a couple more feeble attempts to leave, all easily defeated by pleasuring his slippery cock, but finally, his cock as hard as ever, his will grew firmer.

Helped by one of the more absurd incidents I have seen at the baths. Though my now main partner was against the wall, I had also remained involved with a couple of other men, especially the one who kept going down on me. However, towels started to be tugged as a man left the space, soon causing a voice to say 'that's my towel.' As this continued a bit, I tried to find my bottle of rush, but it also seemed missing.

Considering the hurried confusion at one point, it seemed likely that the man just getting off the platform somewhat hurriedly had taken the bottle. In the grand scheme of things, it just didn't rate highly, especially since as soon as the involved men settled out whose towel was whose, the man on my left was still available to suck. Part of what added to my amusement was knowing that the towel I now had was different from both my original towel, and the one that had replaced it.

Finally, after at least three more attempts to leave, he positioned himself so that my mouth could not engulf him again, and as the saliva slowly dried, my stroking lost its hypnotic effect. I wondered about his schedule - a lot of visitors to the baths are married men, such as myself - but unconcerned, as the point of such submission is how purely voluntary it is on the part of the person, who only needs to stop giving in.

After he left, I moved over to the gloryhole section of the dark room, keeping track of my things. Without my bottle, but still enjoying getting sucked by another man who had settled between my spread legs. Reaching up, I found a cock sticking through a glory hole.

Shifting position, now able to start licking this new cock's soft and stretched skin, though without taking it into my mouth, and old compromise from my glory hole days, one that still makes sense now that the bathhouse has a gloryhole wall. I do love going down on men, though it still requires either extensive mutual playing beforehand, or a certain aroma filling my being. A gloryhole is extremely intense for the man whose cock is beyond the wall, but obviously, no 69ing will be occurring. Finally, things wound down. Leaving me in a thoroughly drained and wobbly state, amazed to see that another hour and a half had gone by.

The sheer variety of what can occur during such visits is one of the bath's most powerful attractions. Particularly when it comes to group sex. The steam room is a reliable place for such encounters, though the heat that is generated tends to run up against the heat that already exists, limiting the total time possible to spend in participating in a freewheeling gay orgy. The steamy space is larger than the darkroom, and encountering strangers in all manner of arousal can often lead to what so many male sauna visitors desire, becoming part of a gay orgy of willing men. A group sharing the same interest in getting of with other men, without any women around.

Which makes a certain sense, even when possessing a distinctly bi orientation, not gay. The only way to have group sex is with a group, I have explained several times to my bi friend. Even she, a woman who is as slutty as I, finds the idea of having sex in such a fashion to be unattractive, at best. For her, the explicit directness seems to be part of the reaction. After all, foreplay in the steam bath is essentially the same as hot sex, after a quick determination of whether someone is available.

A gasp, hand brushing in return after the first contact, stopping and turning - there exist any numbers of ways to signal availability on the part

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