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An orgy with Ritu.

"I'm sorry I didn't understand earlier. I've always liked you, and when you said you were going with Brittany, I was a little... upset."

Suresh could feel himself starting to smile. Ruby actually liked him?! "I completely understand," he said earnestly, "I have kind of liked you, too."

Ruby's face brightened even more, and she started smiling. Even in her state of dishabille, she looked beautiful to him when she smiled. He gently kissed her nose, and got a giggle in return. "Maybe we can make some plans tomorrow, after all this stuff is over?" he asked, and received a shy nod. His heart leapt. Maybe something good would come out of this situation after all!

The music changed suddenly, to more of an R&B style, and he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around to see a girl smiling. She was a prototypical sorority girl; bleach-blonde hair and a fake tan, around 5' 5", wearing a little black dress. "You're Suresh, right?" she asked, and he nodded. "Brittany told me that you would dance with me. Come on!"

Suresh turned back to Ruby, looking confused, and she shrugged her shoulders. "It's no big deal," she said to him, "I understand you don't want to be here anyway. Just have fun and we'll talk tomorrow." Suresh smiled, and tried to kiss her again, but was pulled away forcibly by the woman.

"No, no, no!" she exclaimed angrily. "First of all, you never touch the help. Those pledges are off-limits to you. Second of all, I'm the one you're dancing with. You had better not even think about looking at another woman when you're with me!"

Suresh looked over his shoulder at Ruby, and she shrugged again, looking a little sad, but also determined. They both realized that none of this was their choice, and as a result both decided to just get through the rest of the night, with the promise of a better tomorrow.

His face was forcibly turned back forwards by the blonde girl. Now she was definitely frowning. "You're looking at the help again, Suresh. We're going to have to punish Ruby to teach her a lesson because of your behavior." Suresh started protesting, but she cut him off. "Listen, if you don't want your 'girl' there to be worse off, you're going to do whatever we say, agreed?" Suresh agreed readily. "Good!" she said. Then, her expression changed with almost alarming rapidity to one of a broad smile. Suresh smiled uncertainly in return. "Now, let's get busy on the dance floor!" she said.

What followed was quite sad, to be honest. Suresh was never very good at dancing, and he kept involuntarily looking over at Ruby whenever possible, only to be repeatedly redirected by the blonde. Giving up eventually, he just flailed around uncertainly, while the girl sinuously circled him. She constantly kept rubbing her hands around him, and deliberately rubbed his crotch repeatedly. Slowly but surely, he started to become erect under her careful ministrations.

While he tried to keep it as discreet as possible, he could tell from her face that she had noticed his... predicament. She then appeared to be gesturing to someone over his shoulder, and he gasped as someone else started rubbing their hands around his waist. He turned around and looked into the green eyes of a beautiful redheaded girl with scattered freckles and a beautiful pair of breasts that were displayed, milk maid-style, to the approval of everyone present. The first blonde girl clapped him on the shoulder, and then the second girl took over.

Soon, it became a blur for Suresh. Girl after girl was dancing suggestively around him. He was completely lost and confused. One girl after the other would come up to him and start rubbing her ass in his crotch for several minutes, and then leave as quickly, many of them giving him a slap on the back as they left. Against his will, it was soon obvious that he was erect, and the pouch in his pants started pointing out, revealing its full 3.5" glory. Unfortunately for him, it seemed like they would rub against him even harder in response.

Embarrassed, he tried to pull away when the

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