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Denver, on the booster, put him a little more than cock-level with the top of the washing machine. That was when I got my first look at his fully-grown cock. He faced my direction, almost. I backed away from the door, looking now from a side-angle, hoping he couldn't see me. I don't know why, but I had to watch. Denver placed his hand around his hard cock. I felt my own spring to action. He gently let it fall all over Matt's cock. Matt twitched, adding to the rhythm of the washing machine.

Now, if seeing my little brother's cock wasn't enough of a shock to the system, the next part took its toll on me. Denver grabbed his erection and stroked it gently, calmingly. He let it hang over Matt's body, and paused. I wondered if they were going to stop, and secretly hoped they wouldn't. But I was wrong- they weren't stopping. The games were just beginning!

Suddenly a small trickle erupted from Denver's dick. Then it sputtered into a golden stream. Denver was fucking pissing on Matt. My cock, surprisingly, went rock solid. "Oh, Denver..." I muttered under my breath, setting the groceries down. Bright golden piss splashed all over Matt's cock, stomach, chest, and face. He opened his mouth wide, allowing Denver to fill it up with his hot piss, then spitting it back out. I quickly undid the zipper of my jeans, and slid my bursting cock out of my briefs. When Denver had no piss left, he climbed on top of the washer as well, forcing his piss-soaked cock into Matt's mouth. Matt took it in gratefully. I watched as Denver fucked Matt's mouth, until he came. Then Matt stepped over onto the dryer, as Denver sat up on the washing machine. Denver lied onto his stomach, reaching over the gap between the machines, to take Matt's cock in his own mouth. He sucked him off very quickly, and Matt erupted with cum, which Denver swallowed. They smiled, and then Matt aimed his deflating cock in Denver's direction, soaking his hair, back, and ass with his steamy piss. I pulled and pulled at my cock, until I came. When I looked up, the boys were gone. I breathed in deep.

I couldn't really face Denver for a few days after. Our usual friendly brother-like conversation dwindled, and I kept making up excuses to leave the house when I knew he'd be home. It was silly of me, but I was having a complex. Just how much did I enjoy watching my brother suck a guy off and piss on him? Was I gay? Was I attracted to my own family? Was it both?

After about a week of avoidance, Denver got the idea. He came to my room one night after dinner. "I'm studying," I said.

"Come on, let me in, Ty. I gotta talk to you."

"Fine, whatever." I knew this couldn't go on forever.

To my surprise, Denver came into my room shirtless, with nothing but boxers. This is normal in our house, but I could feel my cock responding. I hoped my tight jeans and briefs could support my cock enough that he wouldn't notice.

"What's up, little Bro?" I asked. He closed the door.

Denver looked me in the eye. "Why are you avoiding me? Did I make you mad?"

"It's nothing like that, Den." I said, laughing. "I'm just busy." I lied.

"Come on, Ty. I know something's up." He sat on my bed, as I sat at my desk.

I looked away, not saying anything.

"I know you watched us." He said.

Shit! Shit, shit, shit. "What?!" I thought he couldn't see me from where I was behind the blinds.

"You watched me and Matt fooling around on Monday, right?" Denver smiled, embarrassed. "I know you're probably disappointed that your little bro is into guys too, huh? I didn't want to disappoint you, but I just really love pissing on cocks, and having them piss on me. It's such a nice sensation-" He looked at me. "Oh, I'm sorry..." He blushed. "I get carried away sometimes. Look, I know you're disappointed in me, but can't we get over this? Can't we be bros again?"

I choked. "Well... Den, actually, I..." I stammered, probably turning more red than he had.

"Yeah?" He looked at me with big eyes.


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