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A break in the storm.

You're too funny sometimes."

Friday arrived and it was a warm sunny day. At 11:50 there was a knock on Chip's door. When he opened it, a beaming Wendy gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and rushed past him.

"I didn't want anyone to see me here, especially Nancy!"

She was wearing bright red short shorts with a crop top t-shirt. With a easy spin, she kicked off the shorts and ditched the thong and stood in front of Chip, naked from the bottom of her breasts down.

"What did you call that thing? The Get Ready Anal Plug? Get me ready!"

Chip was still standing in the doorway with his mouth completely open. Wendy was shaved and had a great looking pussy just winking at him.

"Ok, then. Let's get started. Let's use the spare bedroom bed. I have things setup there."

As they walked down the hall, Wendy said "how much of the conversation did you hear at the sex toy store?"

Chip smirked, "enough to know you'd like to try this on Dan."

Wendy hopped on the bed and turned to Chip with her legs wide open. "Ok, gimme that toy!"

He handed the toy to her. Bulb side goes in first. Obviously, the tube connects to this small box.

He tapped something on his iphone and there was a small squirt of lube. And it slid in her like it belonged there.

"Ok, let me know how this feels? I'm going to turn the vibration on and increase the bulb size to pingpong ball size."

Wendy purred "oh oh oh."

"Too much?!?"

"Oh no, this feels fine. And" she tugged at the toy "I can't pull it out."

"Ok then, let's increase the thickness" and the iphone made a click click click sound as Wendy laid back and moaned.

"Oh, oh! This is great." as her hips bucked every so seductively.

"How big can you go?"

"Let it rip! I love a big dick. I'll take a big dick in the ass any day."

Chip could see Wendy had a slutty mindset and tapped the iphone and it made another click click click sound. The thickness grew to a 3 inch circumference and the craw began to happen. Wendy was thrashing now. Grinding her hips against the guest bed's pillow. She had broken out in a sweat and her t-shirt had pulled up to her chin. Showing a great set of breasts that bounced to the grind of her hips.

Chip was getting a boner.

It was another 4 minutes of orgasmic grinding when it was obvious that Wendy had orgasmed and the bulb made a soft pop and deposited a warm soup spoon's worth of thick, Vaseline-ish lube deep into her butt.

She had rolled over on her stomach and when the toy had finished its task, it slid out. Leaving an inviting gaped anus.

"Chip, could you?" she said softly. "I can see you're ready there in your pants."

It didn't take him 5 seconds to slide his giant erection into her and with her warmth, he came almost in 1 minute.

The two of them laid there for a minute or so breathing heavily. He was still inside her, starting to soften and feeling the trickle of warm lube and his cum leaking out. His hands around her holding her breast.

Wendy said softly "Thank you Chip. I haven't had anything like that in years! Dan isn't interested anymore. We won't mention this to anyone, right? And is there any chance I could get a toy for myself?"

Chip reached around her and kissed her on the lips. And again with his tongue pressing into her mouth.

"Wendy, anything you want! It's been ages for me and I'm really sorry I came so fast."

"Chip. Did you try the toy on yourself?"

"Yes, and no. It wasn't loaded and it was a preliminary 'craw' so the f-ing part wasn't as good as you got."

"Well! Let's clean this one up and I want to see you go at it."

Wendy sprung out of the bed, leaking like crazy now.

"Well, where's yours?"

"Wait Wendy, this one can be yours. I have 6 prototypes. I have a good one for Nancy's husband tomorrow. We need to 'package up' a gift box for her. You'll need to drop this in boiling water to keep it sterile."

"And well try it later, I'm wiped out"

They spent the next hour with Wendy doing a gift box with a bow

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