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Plain Jane mother transforms to beauty and is fucked by son.

"I bought this for you. I thought you might like it."

They came together for another kiss. This time his right hand slid up and around to her front, grabbing hold of her left breast as his right hand moved down her back and grabbed a handful of butt. She moved up and down on him, letting herself feel his shaft rub her abdomen as she did. They parted and he reached for the cord holding the robe closed.

"Not so fast there, Mister", she said pushing him away lightly. "I want to see you first."

She started on his belt buckle and he obliged her by removing his shirt while she undid his pants. She slid the pants and underpants down to his ankles. He stepped out of his flip-flops and pants at the same time. As she pushed his pants to the floor, she had knelt down, and her head was now even with his rigid pole. She looked up into his eyes as her hand rubbed up his leg and grabbed him. He shuttered when he felt her hold him. His eyes closed as he felt her mouth engulf him. Her hand rubbed his balls as she sucked on him. She pulled him out of her mouth and licked the length of his shaft down to his balls. She licked him back up to the tip, tongued the hole on the end and then took the entire length into her mouth again.

He moaned and stroked her hair. There was nothing more he cared to do at this moment. He was in Heaven. He mouth was as sweet and soft as he found her pussy yesterday. She could hear him moaning and that only drove her to suck him harder. He began moving his hips. She knew he was near. He grabbed her head and held her face to him as he felt himself coming in her mouth. Never had anyone given him a better blowjob. She stayed on him and sucked every drop. She swallowed every drop. She was surprised at herself. She almost never swallowed and always said she didn't like the taste. This time, she loved doing it and found the taste intoxicating. She made herself a promise that she would be doing this again.

He reached down and grabbing her elbow, he helped her to her feet. He pulled her close to him and kissed her. The broke and she looked at him. He knew what was on her mind. He pulled her into him, pressed his lips to hers and let his tongue into her mouth. She melted into his arms.

"Time to return the favor, My Dear", he said as he moved a step back and untied the cord. He moved his hands up and slid the robe from her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. He held her naked body to his.

He moved her back to the bed and told her to lie down. He lay beside her, and reaching over, cupped her breast in his hand and kissed her again.

Then he sat up, moved down the bed and grasping her ankles, slid them back to her buttocks. She allowed her knees to fall to the sides to give him full access to her womanhood. As he moved to the center of the bed, his eyes never left her slit. He could see it glistening on her dark hair and could smell her arousal. He knew this would be something wonderful.

He moved his head down and began kissing her, up and down the length of her slit. She let out a sigh and he noticed her legs had relaxed, even more. He reached his hand in, and pulling her lips open slightly, he blew on her. A tingle ran though her body.

He kissed her slit while he held it open. He kissed it up to the top, gently kissing her clit, and then he kissed it down. When he got to the bottom, he let his tongue slip inside her. She squirmed. She had never felt such pleasure.

He kissed her again and then his tongue went in again. This time, he wiggled it inside her. She was in heaven. He began moving his head back and forth, tongue-fucking her. Her hips began moving involuntarily. He pressed his face harder into her wet pussy. He could feel her pubic hair on his nose. She was holding his head. He moved his mouth up and licked her clit. She started moaning loudly. He moved in and started to suck her clit. He thrust his right index and middle fingers into her. She came violently.

He allowed her to recover a few seconds then started kissing her clit again.

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