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While waiting for the roommate to take interest.

"Wow, you sure are wet!" He exclaimed loudly.

"Not so loud, someone will hear us," She admonished, going along with the charade.

He bent her over a chair, lowered his pants and quickly pushed his hard cock inside her steaming pussy. It felt so good to have her cunt full, especially after all the teasing, but it was a little strange to be getting fucked in front of all these people that she didn't know that well. As Ron slammed into her from behind she caught Diane looking at her with a wicked smile on her face. Sharon wondered if she knew that the hypnosis thing was all a fake. If not, what did that smile mean? It was hard to think with the wonderful feelings of pleasure radiating out of her pussy as Ron stroked away faster and faster. She was near her orgasm when he suddenly pulled out and spun her around.

"I want to cum in your mouth," He gasped.

Sharon quickly got down on her knees and took his cock, wet with her juices, into her mouth. It only took a few seconds before he shot his salty load into the back of her mouth and throat. She swallowed it all down without spilling a drop and after milking the last of it out of his softening cock, stood up. She looked for her thongs, but didn't see them. Someone must have picked them up. Now she really was as good as naked.

"That was great babe," Ron said as he pulled his pants back up and bucked them. "I want you to close your eyes again. When you open them we will have rejoined the party and I will be Ron again. But the quick fuck you had with your husband wasn't enough for you. For the rest of the evening, every time you are with a man you will imagine what it would be like to fuck him. You will not be able to stop or control this impulse. Now open your eyes and wake up."

Ron snapped his fingers with a theatrical flourish and Sharon opened her eyes. She was still very aroused and feeling the need for another cock since Ron's fuck didn't last long enough to allow her to cum. She didn't need anybody to order her to daydream about fucking all the men there; she was doing that on her own already. From that point on there was a sexual tension in the air that couldn't be denied. Sharon wasn't the only woman getting attention now; the men were flirting with the others too.

Before anything else could happen Ron and Diane announced that it was time to play the Dancing in the Dark game. Everybody moved downstairs and paired up with their spouse. But before the game started, Diane walked up to Sharon and said her trigger phrase. Sharon stopped moving and pasted a blank look on her face.

"You are so turned on that during the game you will do anything with anybody," Diane said, "Male or female. You will be a total slut. Repeat that last part if you understand."

"I will be a total slut," Sharon repeated.

"Very good," Diane responded and snapped her fingers. "Wake up!"

The lights went out and the music started. It was pitch black, but Sharon knew from experience that after a while her eyes would adjust and she would be able to see shapes in the darkness by the end of the first song. It wasn't very much, but enough to avoid bumping into other people or furniture. As she and Joe danced he wasted no time in removing her bra. Now she was completely nude, but it didn't matter as everybody would be in the same state soon as well. So she got started on Joe and removed his shirt for him.

Things progressed pretty quickly from there; in fact she was sucking cock before the second song ended. All pretenses at dancing ended after that and the game basically turned into an orgy. This was expected, of course, but it happened faster than the last time they had played. Sharon was pretty sure she was fucked by all the men there except her husband Joe. Ron even took another run at her. Once all the men were finished, she thought that was the end of the game, but she was surprised when a woman came up behind her and starting playing with her tits. She knew it was a woman because Sharon could feel a pair of tits pressing against her back.

"I'm not done yet," Di

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