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When platonic roommate's away, boys start to play.

But I assume that it must be an amazing feeling. In another way, actually having sex - by that I mean getting fucked - after thinking about it and wanting it so long is rapturous as well. Obviously, since I was fucked as recently as yesterday, the interval could not be considered long. It is long though when one considers that I thought about sex every waking moment since yesterday. Even an hour of constantly wanting to be fucked can seem like an eternity. And then once you get it, the feel of a cock that enters your starving pussy is almost indescribable. I know this is hyperbole but it almost seems, It both eases the tension, finally getting it, and at the same time, increases it knowing what is coming. I'm sure that isn't the first contradictory thing I have ever related to you but it is the only way I know how to say it. Starving is the right description of the sensation that my pussy feels when it needs stimulation, particularly that of a throbbing cock.

As I've told you, Josh has a pleasantly big cock. Unlike others, I will not say that size doesn't matter but size pales when it is compared to passion. When Josh invaded my hot hungry cunt and I could tell that he was as ravenous as I was, it was sublime to be penetrated and then fucked by a passionate partner.

The only thing I could do was grunt, hang on and feel the sensations. I kept one hand between my legs and could feel his balls every time he entered me. I grunted on every thrust. Josh kept saying, "Uh, uh, uh", grunting every time he slammed into my sopping cock, interspersed with "good pussy, Rita, such good pussy"

During great sex - which frankly includes most of it - all the senses used enhance the experience - the sounds of grunts, moans, groans, accelerated breathing, and in Josh's case, him talking during sex, telling me how good my pussy felt to his cock, how wet I was etc.; the sounds of his flesh slapping against my ass as he fucked me; the slurpy sounds of a wet pussy being fucked. And the sights - even though I couldn't see much during this particular episode, I loved to see an erect cock, or the look on Josh's face when he fucked me or when he started cumming in my mouth for example. Feeling the friction of cock sliding in and out of a body cavity; the sensation of him parting my pussy lips and feeling his tongue lapping my juices; the feel of holding his cock and feeling it harden in my hands; the sensation of our tongues intertwining as we kiss passionately. The smells of a cock that had fucked and cum earlier, the aroma of arousal; the musky smell of a wet pussy.

Although obviously I was not recording each of those sensations at the time, in retrospect, all were part of the mix. Sex is overwhelming. It encompasses every bit of a person. It drives everything else away. It is like the world compresses to form this erotic cocoon around two people.

The other thing intense focus causes is the loss of a sensation of time. Therefore I don't quite know if Josh fucked me for five minutes or an hour but intellectually I know it was much closer to the former. I don't know how many orgasms I had; frankly I rarely do because I don't know where one leaves off or another starts. What I can remember though is Josh's louder grunting whenever he got ready to cum, coupled with the shorter but much harder strokes he made. Finally, he slammed into me and paused just for a second as he spurted into me...he repeated it...again...six or eight or ten thrusts and pause, thrust and pause, until he collapsed across my back and just held it as deep as it would go up my cunt.

Both of us kept repeating, "oh my God, oh my God." No other words were possible or necessary.

When Josh finally let his cock plop out of me he ran to get a towel from the bathroom.

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