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Jake asks his boss for a non-date evening but gets more.

Brian grinned. "Great. Thank you for accepting my apology, and helping me overcome my addiction," he said as he stood up. "If you need me to help you overcome your own addiction, or with. . . whatever, text me or something," he added as he passed her a slip of paper.

Kaylee glanced down at the paper, then back up, to see him walking away.

Asshole, she thought to herself. She had broken up with him almost a year ago, when she had found him in bed with a pair of freshmen. For some reason she hadn't dumped him two weeks before that when she had caught him with that slut Melissa.

The very idea that he thought he had somehow ruined sex with other men for her was absurd. She had barely even thought about him in the past ten months. Well, except for his massive eight-and-a-half-inch dong. She had a dildo to replace that, though. And it never cheated on her. She had had two boyfriends since Brian Mister Football Player Anderson and both relationships had been infinitely more fulfilling.

John, whom she was dating now, was fantastic. He was a graduate student like she was, except in Post Civil War American History. He also spoke French, which was a major turn-on.

Brian on the other hand, was a senior majoring in physical education. She had met him when he had been assigned to her to tutor. He was actually reasonably intelligent, but he was far more interested in partying and bedding anything in a skirt than studying. He was also a backup. . . something on the football team. Lineguy? Kayle shrugged her shoulders in disinterest.

Suddenly Kaylee realized she was still thinking about Brian. She let out a groan of frustration and shoved her ipad into her backpack. She would have to finish studying at her apartment.

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An hour later Kaylee was sitting at her desk, still trying to study for her exam on the Spanish colonization of North America. Every time she tried to concentrate though, her mind seemed to wander to Brian and his big dick. She had definitely enjoyed that part of their relationship, even if he was a cheating asshole. Finally Kaylee gave up, and got ready for bed.

That night Kaylee dreamed hot, erotic dreams. . . about Brian. She woke up still tired, and annoyed. "Asshole," she muttered to herself as she climbed out of bed. As Kaylee got ready to go to the gym, she mentally kicked herself for dreaming about him. Intellectually she knew she couldn't control her dreams, but it didn't stop her from being upset about it.

While she worked out, Kaylee's thoughts kept drifting back to Brian. Every time she realized she was thinking about him, she muttered to herself and tried to push him out of her mind. Even watching Fox News couldn't keep him off her mind. Instead of finishing her workout relaxed and energized for the day, Kaylee was still out of sorts and distracted. With a sigh of frustration she left to get ready for class.

Kaylee was a graduate student in Early American History, so she only had two classes. Her first one didn't start until nine in the morning.

All through class Kaylee found her mind drifting to Brian. At one point she even looked down at her notebook to see that she had doodled several pictures of him in the margins of her paper.

After lunch Kaylee went to her second class. It quickly became worse than her first one. Half-an-hour before it was over, Kaylee realized she had been drawing pictures again. This time there were several pictures of Brian's cock. The worst thing though, was that she felt aroused too.

After her second class, Kaylee usually spent the rest of the afternoon-and most of the evening-studying, and working on her Master's thesis. Today though all she could think about was Brian. It was almost like he really had infected her with some sort of sex-addiction.

By that night Kaylee was besides herself.

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