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He finds that vegetable life has designs on him.

When Blake returned, it was clear what his intentions were and clear what was about to happen next. He reentered the bathroom with his cock still at full mast, but this time, it was wrapped in a condom... It was clear Blake was ready to go and so was I.

Looking at Blake's condom wrapped cock brought a smile to my face and I said, "looks like someone's ready." He smiled back and said, "I think we both are." I told him, "I have some lube in the stall" and he proceeded into the stall and began lubing up his cock. With his cock lubed up, Blake looked out at me, still bouncing on my dildo and said, "get that ass in here now!" I did as I was told, stood up, removed my dildo, and walked into the stall where Blake was waiting. For the first time I was nearly eye level with him and Blake proceeded to lean in and make out with me. With our lips locked and our tongues deep in each other's mouths, I could feel Blake's hands travelling down my body. Eventually they stopped at my ass, one on each cheek, and I began to feel his fingers prying me open. Blake began to spread my ass and slip his fingers into my ass. I counted at least three fingers being inserted and felt Blake picking up a rhythmic motion as he began to finger me. I broke away from our kiss as I began to moan and whispered in his ear, "fuck me; fuck me hard!"

Without hesitation, Blake spun me around and lifted my foot onto the edge of the toilet bowel. I could hear the wet squishing sounds of Blake stroking his cock in preparation for what was about to happen and then felt the distinct feeling of his massive mushroom tip against my entrance. I took a deep breath as I felt Blake begin to slide his cock into me. I wasn't sure if it was going to all fit, but before long I could feel his stomach pressing against my ass. Blake stood there, with his cock buried in my ass, allowing me to get used to the feeling and then began to pump. He pumped slowly at first, but then began to pick it up and thrusted into me hard and fast. I began to moan, louder and louder, as the pleasure began to overtake me. I grabbed onto the stall door to brace myself as the sound of skin slapping together began to fill the bathroom.

I thought for sure the ever growing sound we were making was going to draw some attention to us; but yet we continued uninterrupted. Blake continued to pound my ass hard and began to slap my ass. The sound of *smack* rang throughout the bathroom. Blake was really getting into it now and I could hear him say, "your ass is so tight baby" and "take my big cock slut" over my ever growing moans. It was absolute ecstasy to have this massive man grabbing my hips and slamming his monster cock into me.

Eventually Blake's pace slowed and I felt his cock slip from my ass. A wave of disappointment overcame me with the emptiness my ass was now feeling, however, I knew it wouldn't last long. No sooner had Blake removed his cock from my ass, he came to the side of me, reached out, and grabbed my cock in his clenched fist. He said, "come with me" and he led me out of the stall and back into the middle of the bathroom by my cock. He ordered me "down on [your] knees" and I complied, positioning myself once again in front of his cock. Once there, Blake again ordered, "suck my cock and taste yourself" and I did as I was told and took his condom wrapped cock into my mouth. The taste of my asshole was delicious and I could feel his pre-cum starting to puddle in the tip of the condom. I told him, "I can feel your juices" and he replied, "there's a lot more where that came from." And with that Blake removed his cock from my mouth and sat down on the floor with his back leaning on the wall between the two urinals.

Blake looked straight ahead at me and said, "ride me bitch!" and I got extremely excited as this was my favourite position.

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