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At dinner with a stranger, she is dessert.

Even the King and Queen look eager to get away to somewhere private. Once I'm even slightly aroused, the Awakening just stokes up everyone else's desires around me."

"I don't think it is that alone, you are a very sensual woman. You need to come to my keep or Blackhawk Hall sometime. Christi loves a woman with red hair, and so do I," Arilee whispered huskily, and then covered her mouth and blushed. "Well, perhaps the magic is affecting me. I don't usually talk like that. I do mean it though."

"It amazes me how many women feel like we do. I thought I was all alone in the world. I even thought terrible things about my sister until I discovered it was in me too," Danica mused.

"We are a unique group, but I think it is a desire all women have - to some small extent. We are, after all, quite a bit prettier than men, and tend to smell better."

The two women laughed, and then Danica noticed Celes and Andrea whispering together on a couch across the room. "I'll have to come visit, certainly," Danica said with mischief in her voice, adding a wink to emphasize it. "There's something that has been waiting too long that I need to attend to tonight, though."

Arilee glanced at Andrea and Celes, "They've never been together, then?"

Danica shook her head. "Celes always desired her, but she was cursed in that old body. As to Andrea, I don't see how anyone could resist Celes."

Arilee's face broke out into a crooked grin. "You should bring them when you visit."

Danica laughed, and then saw Darkniciad approaching from the doorway. He had left the gathering to examine the clones some time earlier, and he wore a pleased smile now as he approached.

"I have broken Zoraster's enchantments upon them. For now, I am leaving them slumbering, because lingering traces of the magic will persist for some days." Darkni sighed then, and looked back over his shoulder, "Would that Zoraster had resisted the temptation of evil. His skill in magic and his mind are nearly without parallel. I am amazed by the advances he made in cloning magic."

Danica asked, "Will they be... What will they be like, now?"

Darkniciad's brow furrowed. "My guess is that they will be much like children. I would assume that they will learn more quickly than the average child, however. Zoraster's manipulation of their minds and insertion of memories and feelings provide them with a development reference normal children do not possess."

"Will they be like us - the people they were copied from, I mean?"

"Only to some extent," Darkni replied, "The nature of one's upbringing has as much to do with who we become as what we are born with. I have little doubt that they all will possess some skill in magic, and the clones of you will likely have psionic powers as well. They will all need to be carefully nurtured, because their powers will develop far before their minds. The normal controls nature places upon such abilities has been broken by Zoraster's manipulation, and they could endanger themselves or others unless taught to control their abilities."

Danica asked, "Did I do the right thing, bringing them with me?"

Before the wizard could answer, Arilee interjected, "You followed your heart. There can never be wrong in doing that."

Darkni smiled and said, "I could not have said it any better. I believe there may be means to suppress their abilities until they are prepared to deal with them. It will be fascinating to see how they differ from you as they grow."

"I hope they aren't as much trouble as Devan and I were," Danica sighed.

"Every parent wishes that," Darkniciad noted with amusement.

"I gave up on having children years ago, and now I have a dozen," Danica remarked with equal amusement.

"I offer any aid I may provide. Now, I believe I will join my wife, as I can see irritation in her eyes," Darkniciad said, and then nodded before crossing the room toward the now-smiling woman.

"I will probably be going soon," Arilee said when Danica turned back to her, "Cerebus looks anxious to return to his wife, and I'm having a little difficulty th

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