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Locked inside the Playboy Mansion and no way out.

She left out the juicy bits from her encounters in the mall but confided that Brad's subliminal message was destroying her from the inside without divulging the nature of his dare.

"That is terrible!" the coach exclaimed.

"I've had massive headaches and horrible dreams since."

"I can only imagine what you're going through."

Even without her detailed explanation, his imagination was pretty spot on. A young pretty girl like Janine would be eaten alive by anyone who knew her secret.

"I wonder if it's possible to reverse the spell," he mused.

"I tried! I dared myself in the mirror to forget Brad's command, or to forget the passphrase, or even to forget everything, but it never worked!" Janine seemed to be at the verge of bursting into tears again.

"Perhaps it is not something that you can do on your own? Would you let me try?"

"Sure. Please do whatever you can. I'll do anything to get rid of this curse!"

Girls should never say things like that, Coach Carter thought to himself. It opens the door to too many bad thoughts and bad people. Janine was too young and too naive to know all the things that he knew.

"Okay, let's start with some easy items. What dares can you remember?"

Janine blushed a deep shade of red that was thankfully hidden by the darkness. The sun was low in the sky and was behind her so she felt safe that the coach hadn't seen her embarrassment. Which dare was innocuous enough to be shared?

"I think Janine must have said something about my clothes. I never wore skirts before this week, but ever since Professor Dawson's class, I have worn only skirts. I really like skirts now though."

"That could be because she said that you would."

"I guess that's true."

"Let me give this a shot."

"I bet you don't want to wear a skirt again."

Janine's hands flew to the clasp of her grey skirt and she wriggled to get out of them. "I don't ever want to wear a skirt again!" She exclaimed excited. "It seems like it's working!"

Coach Carter's eyes latched on firmly to the little pink panties that were left in the wake as the skirt pooled at her ankles. "That wasn't the intention that I had." Janine's eyes followed his down and she shrieked. She tore her denim jacket off in a hurry and placed it on her lap to protect her modesty.

Coach Carter cleared his throat nervously. The wind from outside was chilly and he noticed that Janine's nipples were slowly fighting back against her top and bra. "I bet you're feeling really cold because that top is no use against the wind."

Oops. Another slip of the tongue.

"Coach, what are you doing?" Janine cried out as her white top joined her skirt on the floor of the truck. She cowered behind her denim jacket as the only shred of clothing she had left.

"I can see how this can easily get out of control," he mused, trying to sound retrospective.

"You're not helping at all! How about you try reversing those two statements first before you leave me with nothing left!"

"S, sure." His cock was already hard under his jeans but he didn't want to shift or adjust while she was watching. It was beginning to get painful though.

"I bet you have full control over whatever you want to wear. There, now see if you can put your clothes back on."

Janine dropped the denim jacket to reach down and pick up the white top and grey skirt from the floor, briefly giving the coach a good eyeful. Nice tits, he thought. It's a shame that she keeps them hidden.

She started with her skirt and was happy to find that she could put it on by her own volition. She put the top on and immediately shivered. Her nipples jumped to full attention. The Coach had only allowed her to put it on, but she still felt cold with it on.

"Well, I guess I have to be specific about it? How about this? I bet that you'll feel better without your bra."

Janine's hands moved on their own and she extracted her bra.

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