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Finally I lost all control and I began having a very powerful orgasm. Thankfully Jack was close to cumming because I was useless to help milk his cock. As he began cumming in my ass I slumped down on the bed drained. Jack slowly pulled out of my ass and lay next to me until I regained some of my energy.

I needed to go to the bathroom and while I was in there I cleaned myself up. When I returned to the room both guys were sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for me. I told them that I had appointments in the morning so I needed to call it a night. I could tell they were a little disappointed but accepted it graciously. I thanked them for a wonderful evening and complimented them on their great technique. Tom asked if they could see me again the next evening. I explained to them that I absolutely loved sex, that is why I play around, but there was only one man that I wanted on a steady basis and that was my husband. I told them that when I was away I never played with a new guy more than once. I went on to say they may see me in the lounge again tomorrow night but it would be a waste of their time to try for another round. I would gladly acknowledge them as friends but that was as far as it would go. I kissed them both goodbye and showed them to the door.

Bill called at about 7:00 AM and I told him about what happened last night. He told me he was glad I had a good time. I wished him well in his tournament and we said good bye and we would talk later. I showered, dressed and put my makeup on, had breakfast and went to meet my morning appointment. Our meeting went well so I went to my next appointment. Things progressed well at this meeting and we broke for lunch. Lunch was excellent and the conversation was just as good. About 2 hours after we returned from lunch our business was concluded and I was done for the day. I drove back to Daytona and did a little shopping. I was anxious to see Bill the next morning and I wanted to give him a surprise welcome. I found a shoe store that had some really wild looking shoes and ended up buying 3 pairs. One pair were black 5" heels with rhinestone decorations. They were really hot. Then I went to several shops looking for some sexy lingerie. It took a while but I found a really nice purple satin garter and shelf bra set. I got excited tying it on and I knew Bill would love it so I bought it. It was now about 5:30 PM so I went back to the hotel.

I called Bill and he and the guys were still at the club celebrating. His foursome finished second so he was a little disappointed but that didn't diminish his energy to party. I asked if he was going to be OK to drive and he assured me it was taken care of. He had arranged for a ride to and from the club so he didn't have to worry. I told him I was looking forward to seeing him tomorrow. He told me he should get here about 10:00 AM, so I gave him my room number and told him I'd be waiting.

I decided I'd make it an early night so I would fresh and ready when Bill got here. I slipped into a sexy little sun dress, heels and fixed my makeup and went to nice restaurant we had been to several times before. It was about 7:00 PM when I got there and they had a waiting line. I put my name on the list and went into the bar area. As I walked toward the bar someone spoke my name behind me. I stopped and turned around and was surprised to see a couple that Bill and I had partied with on several occasions. Rhonda and George Lived in Daytona and were just out for dinner. I told them I was over here on business and that Bill would be joining me in the morning. George got me a drink and Rhonda and I chatted while he was away. She is a very sexy woman and we have enjoyed each other in the past as we are both bi. When George arrived with my drink Rhonda suggested that I join them for dinner so we could catch up. I gladly accepted.

It was nice to have friends to share dinner with and we did do a lot of catching up.

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