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Tanya felt that frission of excitement run up her spine - she was no longer working out, now she was performing for Jeff. She could feel the Lycra bodysuit strain as she moved. The feeling was so erotic to her. Every curve was outlined and enhanced by the bright colors and body-hugging material. Man she needed a break! She wondered how much of her performing did Jeff want to see? Tanya decided that it was time to find out.

"Hi Jeff, come to workout?" Tanya called out as she stood up from the weights.

Jeff licked his lips and swallowed. "No."

Tanya smiled to herself. She was happy married to Paul, but he wasn't home as often anymore. He said it was work. Tanya didn't know if that was true, and she really didn't care. She had only 2 stipulations: First, Tanya had to be satisfied, and second; Paul had to be discreet. Paul's answer to the first was to buy a couple vibrators 'for when he couldn't be there, and Tanya needed a little something'. Tanya had a better idea.

"No workout, huh? Then why did you come down here? We both know the only thing down in this basement is the gym and the laundry room - and I've done the laundry." Tanya smiled a little encouragement at Jeff - she wasn't sure how much leading she would have to do.

Jeff watched a bead of sweat drip between Tanya's breasts. He swallowed again - he was getting hard. "I came to see if you needed anything. I... um ... I was gonna go to the store... and .. uh ... well ..." Dammit, he was stammering like a kid with a crush. He was 18 - a man!

"You must be psychic or something Jeff! I was just thinking that I could use a hand from you..." among other things Tanya added silently. "Could you come with me for a sec?"


Jeff's eyes followed Tanya as she crossed the room. He stepped back to make room for her to pass, then followed her to the washroom. He frowned ... was this not what he hoped? Guess not, she just wanted chores done.

Now it was Tanya's turn to let Jeff pass. She knew this would be easier if she could get him in first - there was enough room for the two of them ... it was a large for a bathroom. As Jeff passed her, she glanced down and saw that the erection which had been pressing against his pants for the last couple minutes was easing - she would fix that!

Tanya entered the washroom & locked the door behind her. Jeff thought he heard the lock catch and turned to look questioningly at Tanya. Jeff gasped, Tanya was stripping off her workout clothes! Her back was to him as she moved the shoulder straps down her arms, then her hands went to the waistband and pushed. She had to move her legs apart & bend over at the waist to free the thong from the crack of her ass. As she stepped free of the bottoms, Jeff realized she wasn't wearing anything under the workout clothes. Except for her socks & shoes, she was naked from the waist down.

Tanya turned to him, "I hope this is OK with you, Jeff. I've needed a break for the last 3 sets." She turned to the toilet, crouched over it and let the stream go. The room was silent except for the hissing stream of urine. Jeff watched Tanya pee, Tanya watched Jeff's crotch - the firm bulge was back. Tanya smiled - she was going to have a great time!



He was mesmerized by the display in front of him so it took a bit before he realized she was calling him.

"Jeff," Tanya started again once his eyes moved up to her face, "I need you to lay down on the floor." Jeff blinked twice, then was down on the floor in a flash. "Thank you. I'm very delicate, so I need you to clean me well, Jeff. If you do a good job, you will get a reward" Tanya said as she walked over to Jeff and lowered her pussy onto his mouth.

Jeff wasted no time.

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