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Adelaide & Molly make a sales call.

Think of me as the person that is going to make your sex life marvelous with Chad. You will do everything you need to do to get Chad to cooperate with the project. You will encourage Chad to let me hypnotize him. You will tell him how nice it made you feel and it will help your love life with him. Will that make you feel better about being naked in front of me?"


"Okay, Sara. I am going to waken you again. This time you will feel good. If something bothers you, you will tell me. One, two, three, waken." She again opened her eyes. She looked calmer. Lisa had sat through the whole thing.

"Sara, how do you feel now?"

"Tim, its still weird but at least I'm not freaking out. Is it necessary for me to be naked?"

"I wanted you to see what it might feel like. Lisa, you can move and talk. Sara you can get dressed, if you want to. You don't have to." She did not jump up.

"Lisa, have you ever fantasized how it would be to have a woman caress your body?"


"How about you Sara, have you ever had such fantasies?"

She blushed. "I suppose so. Mostly because of my problem. Lisa, don't even think about it."

She jumped up and started getting dressed. Lisa and I laughed. "Sara, I want you to come back tomorrow night and we will have a small Valentine day party. Bring Chad. Lisa, come here and kiss me."

She came over and sat on my lap. She reached around my neck and gave me a passionate kiss. Sara again gaped. "You two are going to embarrass me."

"Sara, there is nothing to be embarrassed about being in love. I love Lisa." I kissed her again.

Sara was now dressed. "Hey you guys, time out. I'll see you tomorrow night with Chad."

After Sara left, Lisa looked at me quizzically. What was that all about? Why did you want me naked around Lisa and why did you want Sara naked?"

"You mean besides being able to oogle two beautiful women?"

She smiled. "Yes."

"Sara confided in me that she has never had an orgasm and that is why she won't say yes when Chad proposes to her."

Lisa looked shocked. "You are kidding. She actually told you that and its true?"

"Yes to both questions."

"What are you going to do about it?"

"I am going to direct her and Chad in their love making and help both of them have monstrous orgasms."

"Oh, you are, are you? Why don't you start at home?" Lisa took my hand and lead me into our bedroom. She sat me down and put her hand on my zipper and pulled down. My cock sprang into action. She opened my zipper, loosened my belt and pulled my pants down. Who was controlling whom? Lisa grabbed my very erect cock and slowly sucked it into her warm mouth. Her soft lips started at the head of the penis. She licked the opening as she sucked it into her oral opening. I could feel her tongue on the sensitive head as I went deeper into her wet, sexy mouth. She smiled up at me as she sucked.

I felt her vagina from the back. Sopping. I rubbed her clit and she moaned. I used all of my will power to avoid coming. Suddenly she stopped sucking and slowly withdrew from my engorged member. "Tim, please, now make me have a glorious climax. Do your magic, please?"

Lisa was in effect hypnotizing herself. She lay back on the bed. and her eyes got glassy. She closed her eyes and her entire body became limp. "Lisa, go deeper and deeper into trance. As you go deeper your body will become more and more aroused. Your nipples are becoming more sensitive as I speak. Your cunt is sending you signals that are coursing throughout your body. Your cunt is spasming with arousal. Every nerve ending in your body is sending you strong erotic signals. Your arm pits, ass, feet, neck and face are flush with feeling. Your pussy is anxiously waiting for my engorged prick. When I enter you the feeling will spread throughout your body and build as I pump your body. When I tell you, you will have your strongest orgasm yet. You will feel it in every nerve ending of your body."

I spread her legs and got her in position to accept my cock.

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