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You enjoy your hotel in a mountain setting.

Jack knew very little about me. You have to remember that at school I dressed very conservatively with my hair up and with my reading glasses on most of the time.

"You're that Cheryl?" he asked after Frank introduced us at the bar.

That night I was wearing jeggings (Leggings that are dyed indigo so that they look like unbelievably skintight jeans), a scoop neck tank top with spaghetti straps, and a push up bra. You could say that my tits were on display that night.

Jack didn't wait very long before he was coming on to me. Now Jack is gorgeous and it was very flattering to have this man flirting with me, but I was uncomfortable with Frank being right there.

Frank on the other hand seemed okay with it. He just stood there grinning while this man just completely ignored Frank and had his hands all over me. Frank even excused himself to go to the restroom, his usual ploy, and left me all alone with Jack.

"I can't believe how hot you look tonight," Jack said as he leaned in to me, and put his hand on my ass.

"Jack, I'm with Frank," I replied, pushing his hand away.

"Frank won't mind," he answered putting his hand back.

"Frank won't mind that you have your hand on my ass?"

"Nah, we're old friends."

"I doubt that."

"Look," he motioned down the bar, "he's standing right there watching us." I looked down the bar, and sure enough, there was Frank.

He didn't even get to the restroom, but was standing down at the other end of the bar talking to someone. He could see every thing we did.

Ah shit, I thought, he thinks that I'm going to flirt with Jack, but I didn't want to. Flirting with some moron I didn't know is one thing, but we both knew Jack, and this kind of thing can go awfully wrong.

I shook my head no to Frank, but he just stood there talking to his friend and smiling like an idiot. Jack on the other hand was getting even friendlier. He worked his way up against me, and I could even feel his erection against my leg.

"Jack, I want you to stop," I barked.

"Relax," he said as he nuzzled my neck, "Frank's all right with it." Sure enough Frank seemed to be smiling even more.

I tried to push Jack away, but he was too strong. He was the wrestling coach, and he had the physique of a wrestler. At another time he would have turned me on, but I was in love with Frank.

Frank on the other hand seemed to be enjoying the show. The final straw was when Jack pushed between my legs, grinding his cock into me, and kissed me on the lips.

"Jack leave me alone," I shouted.

Luckily the guy next to me, who was as big as house, turned around. "Is this guy bothering you lady?" he boomed.

"Yes. Please get him away from me." The guy didn't even have to do anything. He just looked at Jack and Jack backed away.

"Okay, I'm sorry. I didn't mean anything by it." Jack apologized.

I didn't wait around to argue. I just grabbed my purse and jacket and ran down to Frank. I was fit to be tied when I got to him.

"Did you see Jack?" I fumed.

"What's the matter?" He was still grinning.

"He practically attacked me."

"Oh calm down. You're overreacting."

"I'm not overreacting. He was humping me right at the bar."

"I'm sure you are mistaken."

"Frank, I know when a guy is rubbing his cock against me."

"Jack is a friend of mine."

"And he was getting very friendly with me. He kissed me," I said for emphasis.

"Jack's harmless." Frank was oblivious.

"Let's just go." I was livid. It seemed that Jack could have stuck his tongue down my throat, and Frank didn't seem to understand. I was so mad that I wouldn't even let Frank touch me that night. I had him bring me straight home.

All was forgotten until a month later when we were invited to a party at another teacher's house. It was late spring and I wore a miniskirt and a lightweight sweater. It was pretty and sexy without being over the top,

We were having a good time until Jack showed up. I think that he was a little buzzed already.

"Jack's here," I announced to Frank.

"Oh yeah," he replied sounding happy to hear it.

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