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Busty Jessica Bound!

I couldn't even help myself. In crowded groups of people I found myself unable to tear my eyes away from the way her tight butt shifted back and forth as she made her way up the stairs.

I think even worse than her legs and ass, her front had stolen my very soul. Her previously pudgy face, often covered with a layer of dust and mud, had been completely transformed. Clean smooth skin surrounded her bright eyes and cheery smile. Just a little lower, her breasts went beyond perfect. On the few sweltering hot days our school enjoyed, Carol donned a some tops which will stay in my memory forever. Tightly outlining her breasts in bright colors of green, red, and blue, her nipples seemed to be continuously hard against the spandex material. Though I had had no such experience, I often found myself dreaming of cupping those beautiful breasts and finding that they each fit perfectly into my large hands. I would gently begin to massage both at the same time, only to wake and find myself groping the air.

If she noticed how much I stared at her she was too polite to comment, either that or she didn't care, but my friends were kind enough to label me the stalker which I didn't really mind. I knew it was strange how obsessed I was with this girl who wasn't interested in the least, when I could be doing things with other girls. I couldn't change it though. Carol was my waking dream.

Senior year came around and I began to feel a little anxious. After this Carol would be gone and so would I for that matter, and I was still in the look but don't touch stage. As the year flew by and things didn't seem to be looking any better so far as Carol was concerned I grew pretty glum. I felt distant from all that was happening around me. At the same time I was deciding where I was to go to college I could step back and wonder what I was really doing and why I wanted to go to college at all.

Even in that haze the year passed by quickly, and senior prom rolled around before I even realized it. In my desperation I might have asked Carol to go, despite my stalker-like habits, but luckily a guy she had been seeing for a few months beat me to it. I found myself a date whom I could take and separate from at the party afterwards, for I would be damned if I didn't spend my last few good weeks of high school mooning after Carol.

The hours past quickly at the dance and me and Lacy were soon heading off to the party to meet up with the rest of the senior class. For many hours after I arrived, I didn't catch sight of Carol. I simply sat there taking down beers like a pro and biding my time. Around one in the morning I decided to take one last stroll around the place to see if I could spot Carol, and if not head home. Every door I pressed my ear to or slipped open seemed to have at least one couple in mid-coitus, but alas no Carol. Finally giving in, I picked up the few things I'd brought and headed towards the door.

Halfway down the stairs on the porch of the huge house I found Carol softly crying into her knees with her head bent between her legs. Startled, I wobbled at the entry way in pause, and then made my way to sit down beside her. She sat up a bit and looked at me with wet bleary eyes showing no recognition. Perhaps it was because this was likely my last chance, or maybe it had been all those beers, but with her looking so sad, I pulled her over hugged her head against my shoulder. Hugging her tight like I was, her breasts rested against my chest which immediately sent off stirrings in my jeans. She pulled back from me then and looked up into my face again looking sad and bewildered. She then began to get herself upright balancing herself with my shoulders. I got up with her and balancing on each other, we both seemed to glide back towards the entryway.

I led her inside to the now empty living room and sat her down on one of the couches.

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