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"It's supposed to make the champagne better somehow... To enhance the flavour."

"Oh! Cool!" she said and tasted the bubbly drink. "MMMMMM! This does taste yummy," she raved as she licked her lips in a seductive manner.

Spike looked on with a gaping mouth. "I'm sure it doesn't taste as yummy as you do," he purred.

"Hey we have all night for tasting each other. I want to check this place out." With that she took his hand to head into the heart of the club.

"Lead the way Slayer!"

Buffy scanned the club and liked the dimly lit atmosphere. She saw that there were gothic wall sconces that held large flame-like bulbs. The walls were dark reddish brown, like the colour of dried blood. She whispered back to him, "No wonder you picked this place."

"What can I say Slayer, I love it when humans think they know how to be vampires!" he said with a sly grin.

Turning her attention away from her sexy blonde boyfriend, Buffy was thinking that she liked the dark alternative music. It was always full of emotion and angst, fear and belonging, purity and sexuality all at once.

The dance floor was in the centre of the Raven and down one level. It was an open space that everyone on the main level could look down at the dancers from all sides of the room. Buffy stopped and looked below at the writhing bodies.

Spike led Buffy down the far right staircase. Once at the bottom, they found a private booth that said 'Reserved'.

"Hey Spike, we can't sit here. It says it's reserved."

"Uh, yeah... For us!" He said with a flash of his pearly whites.

"Wow, all this? The champagne? The limo? Reserved table? What else do you have up your sleeve there William?" she asked.

"Just you wait and see Pet! The night is just full of wonderful surprises to be viewed by those lovely green eyes of yours."

Buffy pulled Spike to her and kissed him passionately, tasting the fruity champagne on his tongue. She pulled away and said, "Let's dance," and pulled the peroxide blonde vampire out onto the dance floor.

Spike held Buffy to him closely as they moved their hips in a grinding fashion. The music was slower than all the songs that had played since they stepped into the club. It was pulsating and the strobe lights flashed to the beat in unison. Others on the dance floor were hypnotized by the melody coming out of the speakers. Partners held each other close, hands roaming on backsides, up shoulder blades and through hair. Blue eyes stared into green, drowning in the spell of each other.

Lost in a haze of arousal, Buffy didn't realize that little red butterflies were flying around her.

"What the..." she said confused.

She stepped back and both she and Spike looked up to see not butterflies, but rose petals falling from the ceiling.

"Oh my god! I have never seen anything so beautiful in my life!" she said breathlessly.

"I have," Spike whispered next to her ear, then nuzzled her neck. "It's all for you Buffy."

"What? This? For me?" She asked amazed at the site of all the petals in her hands. The smell was overwhelming, as the other dancers would step on the petals to release the heady perfume.

"Spike, you did all this for me?" She stared in wonder at the man before her.

"Buffy, I would do anything for you! I would give you the stars. I would give you the moon. You have allowed me to have the sun - the sun that is in your eyes, every time you look at me. In your face, every time you smile. In your hands, every time you touch me. Buffy, you are the heaven that I will never see and I just want to be able to give it all back to you."

Buffy gazed at Spike with such tenderness that she never thought she would feel towards him. Spike gently rubbed away a tear that fell on Buffy's cheek.

"Hey, none of that now," he said quietly. "I still have a few more delights for you," he added as he entwined his fingers with hers and led her back to their table.

Back at the booth, they refilled their glasses with the bubbly beverage, and then a waiter approached with a silver tray, placed a silver bowl in front of Buffy and removed the lid.

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