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Mitch finds out about his girlfiend's family.

When she opened the card, she was once again in shock, but this time, the shock was multiplied by ten. She looked up at me with the most innocent look of surprise and delight, and lurched at me and gave me a long and heartfelt hug saying, "Oh, thank you so much Tucker. This is more than I could ever have expected, and you never forgot about the tour. You're so wonderful." She then looked up at me and gave me a long kiss on the lips, and I could finally feel her body pressing against mine, just as I had imagined and fantasized about so many times. Her lips left mine, and still in each other's arms, she looked at me as tears ran down her cheeks.

We parted and sat down. I told her that I didn't mean to make her cry, teasingly. She said that they were tears of joy, and called me a wonderfully thoughtful, sweet old man, and her best friend. She didn't know how much hearing her say that to me meant. She then looked at the gift certificate and said, "This is for two people." I said, that a tour is always more fun with someone to share it with, and that there must be someone she's friendly enough with at work, to join her.

"Why don't you come with me? I can't think of anyone I'd rather go with. Come on, that would make me so happy," she cooed.

I again, teasingly, said I could never turn down such a request from such a lovely face, but I have such a busy schedule, you'll have to give me two weeks advanced notice. She looked at me with a puzzled look, and then I smiled. We both broke out in laughter.

"Great, it's settled then. How does two weeks from today sound to you? Can you squeeze that into your busy schedule?"

I cradled my chin between my thumb and forefinger, as if in deep thought, making the "Hmm" sound. We both had another laugh.

Knowing there was no answer coming, she said, "Okay, two weeks from today. Now, let's have another glass of wine."

After a few more glasses of wine, Samantha decided to head on home. I carried her cake for her. As I put the cake in the kitchen, she stood in front of me and thanked me for a wonderful birthday. She then put her arms around my neck and drew in close and kissed me, longer than the casual kiss. My cock was against her stomach and her tits were pressing against my chest. The touch of her body against mine sent pins and needles throughout my entire body. I could feel my cock responding as she pulled away. She said that it was getting late and she still needed to shower. I wished her a good night, a happy birthday, once again, and turned and left.

I couldn't wait to get home. Between the kissing and feeling her body against mine, I was hornier than a teenage boy looking at his first Playboy magazine. I was unbuttoning my shirt before I hit my back door. I was in my bedroom, with the lights off, stripping, when I saw Samantha's bedroom light go on. Her curtain was wide open and I took my normal position, completely naked. She came to her dresser and began removing her clothes. This was a new adventure for me, seeing her taking off her clothes. I could feel the excitement building within, when she pulled her top over her head, and shook it to get her hair back in place. Her tits were swaying from side to side, which gave my cock a reason to pulse. She then placed her fingers inside the elastic waistband of her shorts, and slowly began pulling them down. As they moved down, and the top of the crack of her ass came into view, she began swaying her hips, to assist in the removal of her shorts. Watching her ass sway, and her shorts fall to the floor, was so intense, my dick was already standing tall. She performed the same procedure while removing her panties.

I was stroking my rigid old cock slowly.

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