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She can't stand him, but can she resist him?

"That bitch!" she said.

"What the room at 234 is too small, so she said." I replied leaning against the wall.

"Too small huh?" I could hear the smile on her voice. "Fine!" she said. "Two can play this fucking game." she said.

"What game?" I asked.

"Nothing. Don't worry about it." she said. "What are you doing after wards." she asked.

"I have to do a few things. That's why I am trying to hurry and get this done." I said. I did not want to tell her, that I was going home to play an online game with people I never met in person.

"Ok. Well I was going to let you fuck me in the ass again, but it can wait till tomorrow." she said. To this I perked up. Then I heard a man's voice. "Remember tomorrow, your dick, my ass. It's a date." she quickly said then hung up. I cursed myself. Hell I would rather fuck her perky Latin ass then play a fucking video game any day of the week. I kicked the wall which was not the brightest idea. As I began to move the last of the stuff. I heard keys jingling moving toward me.

"Wow look at you." Monica said from behind me.

"Yeah. Thought I would get a head start." I replied. She was dressed in all black dress skirt, with some cleavage showing, and a large slit on the side of the dress leg, that went from the ankle all the way up to the thigh. Which was unusual for her. She used to wear sundresses or jeans, and shirts that hid everything.

"Lets see what you got started." she said as she walked past me. "It's excellent. I will get the broom and dust pan. If you want to get started with moving things in. I got two guys to follow me from 234. So use them." she said back to me.

Between me and the two guys. We quickly moved a few things into the room. Mainly a rounded desk a double sided desk, three computers and some chairs. As we packed up the truck. One of the guys looked at me.

"So what's so important about this place?" he asked.

"What you mean?" I replied.

"She said, she had to set up here and not at our store." the other said.

"She told me the room there, was too small." I replied shutting the truck. They both looked at each other.

"The room over there, is twice as big as that room." they both smiled.

"Then I don't know." I shrugged.

"Whatever. We get paid anyway." they both said as they got in the truck. I walked back inside. Now things were starting to bother me. I was sweating. I was irritated at missing the chance at a piece of ass. And now this bullshit. I walked into her make shift office.

"What's going on Moni." I asked.

"Oh no." she said as she arranged paper work on her desk. "You only call me Moni. When you're pissed." she said turning towards me she leaned against the desk. "What's up?" she said. She flipped her blonde hair to the side. Looking at me.

"You know. What's up. Why this place. The guys just told me the other room is twice as big." I said to which she rolled her eyes and shook her head.

"Idiots!" she said under her breath. "Fine!" she said folding her arms under her breasts. Pushing them upwards. She knew I was a breast guy, this was to serve as a distraction. And it was working. Her cleavage was doubled with her arms under them. She had nice curves all over especially since she had lost the weight. Looking at her now, I could see how big they really were.

"I wanted to keep an eye on things. I miss this place. It was mine for nearly ten years." she said. "You can't expect me to just give it up." she shrugged.

"Yeah but you walked away." I said trying not to look.

"Very true. More like ran." she smiled. She walked over to me. "Look it is your place now. Well yours and Rachelle's." she said placing a hand on my chest. "Just think of me as an observer." she smiled. Her green eyes piercing at me.

"Ok. Just no more lies." I said looking at her.

"You got it.

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