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My Master rams His cock down my throat for Halloween.

He teased me with the vibrator off and on, making me twitch and fall against his side, though it was never enough to make me orgasm again.

I felt embarrassed, well maybe, but not really. I liked how he was controlling me, keeping my cunt soaked through the evening, keeping my womanhood warm. At his will, my toes curled in my shoes and my knees came together. I wasn't completely obvious; the edge had been taken off with the orgasm I had experienced recently.

As we were conversing with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, Adam put his hand on my upper arm and pulled me away. We went down the hall to the restroom the hostess had pointed out. My arms started aching from being pulled so tight, however, I never complained. My husband brought me into the little powder room. It was tiny, but large enough for us to fit together, almost comfortably.

We squeezed inside and Adam looked at me, "Do you need to pee?" he asked.

I shook my head, "No, sir."

Adam smiled, "Very good... Let me see what I've been doing to you," he said. He lifted the skirt of my costume up over my hips.

I looked to the side, seeing myself in the mirror. My skirt bunched over my hips and soft purple silk outlined the bottom of my hipbones. I watched as my husband's hand closed over my mound, rubbing my wet panties against my flesh. My eyes closed and I whimpered softly against his touch. He held me firmly between my thighs, massaging my pussy through my panties, the silk gathering more of my juices.

His mouth was against my ear. I could hear his heavy breath and his coarse voice clearly, "You're soaked." He pulled my panties to the side, tucking them into the crease between my thigh and vagina. He traced his fingers against my folds and his lips kissed my earlobe between words, "Madeline, you're so fucking hot. You looked an absolute delight orgasming in front of all our friends."

I fell back into the corner as he touched me. My cunt was helpless under his care. I lifted my foot and propped my heel against the sink, spreading my leg open, knocking my knee against the door. I moaned and whimpered, feeling my husband's fingers smear my nectar over my clit and apply just enough pressure to make my legs tremble. I opened my eyes and looked up into his. Connecting with him as my face crinkled and my lips quivered.

Adam pressed two thick fingers inside my hole. I sighed as he drug them against my smooth walls. The sound my cunt made was so slutty, I was leaking. He pulled his fingers back out, still hooked into shape. He brought them in front of my face; they were shiny and slick, coated with my fluids.

I opened my mouth and Adam smeared my juices on my lips before pushing them inside my mouth. I sucked my flavor from his fingers, rubbing my tongue against them and dragging my lips up and down between his knuckles.

"Do you taste good?" he asked, watching me suck his fingers like his cock.

I nodded and mumbled, "Yes, sir," with his fingers still in my mouth.

He pulled his fingers out of my mouth and I licked my lips getting every bit of my cunt juice from them. I watched Adam pull up a bit on his slacks and then kneel down before me. I dropped my head back against the walls and looked at the mirror. My legs were spread wide, so filthy and slutty. My husband's head diving into my cunt. This would be a visual that would stick with me.

Adam's mouth fed on me, devouring my pretty bald pussy. His tongue drug against my pink lips and flicked against my clit. I felt his beard scratching against my soft flesh. His tongue and mouth greedy for every morsel of me. I purred and fought to keep quiet.

My husband probed his tongue in and out of my cunt, soaking his mouth with my fluids.

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