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Mysterious invitation brings him to beach house.

Her moans grew deeper and louder as soon as he started sucking and slurping on her sweetly swollen nubs.

"Oh god, Daddy, I'm gonna cum again!" she cried.

Realizing how sensitive his daughter's nipples were, he sucked them deep and hard while he fingered her steadily. Within a couple of minutes, the inner walls of her pussy were clamping on his fingers as she groaned through an orgasm that seemed to go on forever.

The girl's climax left her momentarily breathless, while Chance pulled his cream soaked fingers out of her pussy and smeared all the moisture over the tips of her beautiful tits. Then he spent some time licking it back up, cleaning her lush orbs with his mouth. His cock was raging with need and straining against his pants. He wanted to take his daughter right then and there more than he'd ever wanted anything, but the car was cramped and he didn't want her first time to be in a parking lot. He wanted much more for his precious girl than that.

Yet it was impossible to resist those next few minutes kissing his daughter's sweet mouth and exploring her succulent tits with his hands. Finally, he forced himself to lean back in his own seat and pull the car back onto the street.

As he drove back to the hotel, Riley left her seat half reclined and never bothered to pull the top of her dress back up to cover her tits. Chance had no idea how he managed to keep the car on the road, especially when his daughter reached over to feel the bulge of his raging hard on through his pants.

"God, Dad, you're still so hard. Let me take care of you. I'll take really good care of you, I promise."

"I know you will, babydoll," he replied. "We're gonna take really good care of each other. Always."



Chance wasn't sure how he managed to get back to the hotel parking garage without having to pull over again, but he was relieved when he finally got into a space and could turn all of his attention to the amazing angel sitting on the seat beside him. She put her seat upright again and pulled her dress back up, finally covering her tits. Chance watched every move she made and didn't miss the smile that graced her supple lips.

It wasn't easy to control his excited hard on as they got out of the car and had to walk back through the lobby to get the elevator up to the floor they were on. Chance walked his daughter the whole way with his arm around her, and no one paid them any more attention than they would have to any other good looking man in his late thirties with a beautiful, much younger girlfriend.

When they got back inside the suite, there was no question about where they were going. Riley merely followed her father into his bedroom. He sat down at the foot of the bed and watched her slip off her shoes, then pull the stretchy material of her dress hem up her body and over her head. His breath caught in his throat as he gazed at his eighteen year old daughter standing before him in nothing but a tiny, black pair of thong panties that were still wet and molded to her luscious pussy.

"I'm kinda big, Dad. Sorry," the girl said, looking down shyly.

Chance quickly got his shirt and pants off, and sat back on the bed with his hard cock jutting straight up.

"Come close, darling," he told her softly. When she stepped closer, Chance sighed deeply and placed his hands on her hips. He ran his hands all over her shapely legs and ass, and up along the front to massage her weighty tits.

"You're perfect," he went on. "So much more amazing than you know, and I'm dying to show you just how much."

He started kissing her body. Hungrily, but so gently at first, as if she were made of something delicate. Her breathing grew audible, and her body moved with her deepening inhales and exhales. She made a whimpering sound and touched the back of his head. He pushed her thong down and slid one hand between her smooth thighs, letting his fingers trace over the warmth of her mound and slit.

"I didn't think anyone would ever make me feel this way," she said softly.

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