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How she'd like to be woken up.

My eyes widened as my entire body blushed.

"Arrogant, too. Hmmm. No matter. That can be fixed as well. You think yourself superior, but you can be turned into a playtoy at will," she said.

*I don't think so,* I thought, although I didn't say it out loud.

"Yes, you can," she said, and she fixed her glance on my torso.

I didn't understand at first what she was doing. Then I realized what was happening, and a cold hand gripped me. I was changing.

My bare bottom was still pressed against the wall. However, I could feel it swelling. More embarrassing was the fact that my breasts were growing as well. I couldn't see the rest of the changes, but it was obvious that she was turning me into some kind of lush-bodied beach bunny.

I tried to keep my voice steady. "Look, you don't have to do this. I'll leave, alright?"

Her voice remained level. "No, Cat, you won't. You need a lesson, dear." She gestured slightly, and I could feel the whisper of my pubic hair falling off. Tamara had just effectively shaved me. Grrrrrrrrr.

Then, unexpectedly, I found myself sliding over to a table. My freedom was short-lived, however; I suddenly found myself bending over the table, my swelled boobs pressing on the table, my bare bottom sticking up.

"Oh! Stop, Tamara! I said I'd leave!" I said.

"I know you did, dear. But that's not good enough."

At that moment, Deborah and Cindy exited the kitchen and came to stand next to Tamara. Deborah placed a casual hand on my bare bottom as she talked to Tamara.

"The truck arrived this morning, and the order was fine," said Deborah. "The receipts were dropped off at the bank yesterday, and the freezer repairman left a bill."

Grrrrrr. This was humiliating. They were talking casually, like I wasn't actually naked, stuck in a slutty, bent-over position on a table. Deborah kept a casual hand on my bare bottom the whole time.

"What about Rosie?" asked Tamara.

"She won't come back," said Deborah, "and I can't really blame her. She was a decent cocktail waitress, but she really got tired of all those guys pawing her all the time. Mario makes the drinks a little too strong, and it's tough on the waitress."

"Alright, we'll deal with that later," said Tamara. "Meanwhile, I know you and Cindy had a tough morning. Would you two like a little relaxation now?"

"Oh, that would be wonderful, Tamara," said Deborah.

I found myself standing on my feet suddenly, then turning and facing Deborah. Deborah looked much calmer than she did earlier. She looked at me and shook her head.

"You're right, Tamara. She is a pretty thing. It's a shame she's such a little bitch," she said.

"Indeed," said Tamara. "Still, that's correctable."

My face burned as they stared at my naked body. I couldn't believe everyone was still there, but not a single customer had moved. Many of them were smiling openly at my predicament. I wriggled in humiliation for a moment, but then my knees lost all strength and I dropped to a kneeling position directly in front of Deborah.

"Now, Cat," said Tamara, "show Deborah you're sorry."

My eyes widened. "What?! I don't do that! I'm not bi!"

"Oh," said Tamara. "That's a shame. It would have made it easier. No matter." Her eyes dropped down to my swelled boobs then, and just like that I felt them swell even more.

I shrieked and crossed my arms. "Stop!" I said.

"You're barely past a double D, dear. I'm sure you can go several more sizes before-"

"No! I'll do it!" I said, reaching out and raising Deborah's skirt. I drew her panties down her thighs, absently noting they were pink, and leaned closer to her sex. My mouth was inches away from her pussy, the closest I had ever been to another girl's private area.

I felt panic in my belly. "I...I really have to do this?!?" I said.

Tamara looked down at me lackadaisically, and I felt my lips swell into plump thickness. I gasped, then took the plunge. I pushed my tongue into Deborah's slit.

Deborah's hips twitched slightly in response, and the crowd at t

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