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Hot cousins' behaviour drives parents to extreme measures.

Billie spread her knees as far as she could and sat straight up. With her hands on my chest she used her thigh muscles to raise herself up and then relaxing she slid back down. We watched each other's face.

Tracing my fingers up her sides I cupped her breasts with both of my hands. She placed her hands over mine and held them to her tightly. As her hips started working faster she took my hands and interlaced our fingers. She then pushed them up over my head.

Stretching out on top of me, we kissed. Billie squirmed down forcing my cock up into her deeper. She still had my hands captured in hers as she lightly nibbled and kissed my neck. At the moment, she was the one in control.

A shiver and a tremor ran thorough her. Her breath caught, she said, "Oh... what a tiny 'O'... I've never had one like that..." Another tremor ran up her belly, her areolas puckered and her nipples grew taut.

Her heat, her passion, her frenzied lovemaking was all I could stand; I groaned, gritted my teeth and flooded her. Feeling my eruption, it triggered her massive release; bucking and jerking her toes scrabbling for purchase, Billie's fingers crushing my fingers.

Holding one another we breathed hard and then started laughing. Her forehead against mine we shared our joy. Just being together was wonderful. Being together and making love was spectacular! Why couldn't everyday be like this?

With her stretched out on top of me, with us holding onto one another, with the combination of our lovemaking and the sun from the beach; we drifted off to sleep.

Movement woke me. I opened my eyes to Billie's warm smile as she looked down in my face. She pulled forward freeing herself from my limp cock, rolled over and slipped into the bathroom.

A few minutes later I heard the water running. Afterwards she came into the bedroom with a warm washcloth and bathed my cock and balls. When she was satisfied with her task she leaned down and kissed its head.

Looking over her shoulder as she walked out of the bedroom she asked, "Want a sandwich?"

I told her I did and she returned a little later with a tray containing pita bread sandwiches filled with avocado, sprouts and sliced fresh tomatoes. There was also ice water and a side dish of olives, sliced celery and carrots.

Of course the real treat was the visual effect of Billie sitting nude eating her repast. Her back straight, her head held high, her shoulders held back and down, rib cage pulled in just like her Pilate's instructor had taught her. Her legs were crossed Indian style.

Watching Billie's breast rise and fall as she breathed and ate her sandwich was tantalizing. Her breasts aren't large, a little more than a handful, her areolas are about the size of a quarter and her erect nipples like pencil erasers.

As my eyes traveled downward they recorded her wonderful flat and defined abdomen ending in a trimmed and groomed pubic patch. The position she was sitting in exposed her sex. Her smoothly shaved outer labia and dainty inner pussy lips were exquisite.

Billie noticed my arousal. As we finished our meal she took the tray back into the kitchen. Upon returning she crawled between my legs and started playing with my erection. She leaned down and engulfed me with her mouth.

With one hand around the base of my cock and the other fondling my balls she worked me with tenderness. She took me all the way down her throat. As she came up her eyes would meet mine.

I thought she would tease me for a while then crawl up on me and take me inside her. She didn't. Billie knows how to suck cock. She enjoys the musky man smell and the taste of the pre-cum. Usually when she sucks a guy off, she'll take the cum down her throat.

As she bobbed her head I told her I was about to cum. She quickly glanced up at me, smiled and went back to her oral lovemaking. My eruption was strong. Billie surprised me; instead of taking it down her throat she took my ejaculate directly in her mouth.

When I had finished she sat up, smiled at me and swallowed my load.

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