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The aunts' story.

I was jealous of her. She them surprised me and put on a tiny black mesh g-sting panty. Saying it was just temporary; she would make a show out of removing it and give then give it to Ted to carry.

I said, "Damn, that dress is hot! You will be having every guy in that place drooling all over you. You're hardly leaving anything to imagination. I hope you will give me a chance to wear it someday."

The night was a blast! I dance with as many guys as I could and almost every one of them got their hands on my ass. My pussy was dripping juice down my leg I was so horny. A few brave souls even got a finger in my pussy while I squeezed their hard-ons through their pants. It was a blast playing with all those hard dicks. I never thought I would ever be doing that.

The last guy I danced with caught my attention for some reason. I dance half-dozen dances with him. We hit it off great. I loved the way his hands caressed my bare ass as he cupped it in his hands. I could feel his erection against me and I wanted him. I felt many hard dicks pressing against me that night but his was the only one that I wanted. He was the only guy that I actually unzipped his pants and got my hand around his dick until he came in my hand. I surprised myself by actually licking my hand clean of his cum. I don't know why but I felt a strong attraction towards him. His name was Gary. We exchanged phone numbers and promised to get together.

I told Val and Ted about this guy and what I did to him. Val said, "I know she saw you lick your hand, I wasn't sure why you were doing that until I seen him zip up his pants."

I said, "I don't know what got into me with him. All the other guys that felt me up or that I felt them up, it never crossed my mine to jerk them off. There was just some kind of bond between us that spurred me on. I needed to make him happy. And it didn't even cross my mind not to lick my fingers clean of him. I wanted to and he tasted good."

"Well are you going to fuck him when you two get together," she asked.

"I really hadn't thought about it until you asked, but Yes, I probably will." I said.

Then she said, "Well we had better hurry and get you to a doctor and get you on birth control pills immediately."

When we got home everyone went straight to their rooms. I had just started using my friend when Aunt Val called and asked me to come to their room. They were both naked on the bed and Aunt Val was sucking on his cock. She stopped and told me to get on the other side of Ted and she would teach me how to give a blow-job. She didn't have to tell me twice, I quickly got on the bed. She showed me a couple things and the told me to try them. I said, "Are you sure." She said she was and if she wasn't she would not have called me in there.

I slowly placed my mouth on his dick. The sensation was awesome. Val and I kept taking turns; she would show me a trick then let me try, until Uncle Ted said he was about to cum. Val said, "Be my guess dear. Taste it right from the source instead of off your hand." I wrapped my mouth around the head and gave a couple good sucks and he went off in my mouth. I wanted that cum and swallowed as fast as I could and I don't think I missed a drop. Val said, "Well, you don't have to worry whether or not you will be a good little cock-sucker or not. We now know you will be fine at it. And you'll never have to worry about getting pregnant this way either. I don't think I've told you this but I don't have to worry about Ted ever getting me pregnant any more. He had a Vasectomy a few years back."

"Now help me get him hard again so he can fuck me again.

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