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Alone in a country hotel, Theodora entertains herself.

"But then again ... maybe not. Let's see now," she murmured as the hand started to travel downwards and Batgirl strained hard to see past her bosoms again as the hand and butt-plug disappeared down between her legs.

Batgirl was mortified that she was so helpless, but the sense of anticipation was so incredibly arousing! Suddenly she felt the smooth end of the butt-plug nuzzling along the line of her outer labia lips, gently running up and down before delving deeper and triggering a whole flurry of mixed alarm and pleasure signals in Batgirl's already befuddled brain.

Catgirl had been bent forward as she positioned the wicked device, but now looked up into Batgirl's eyes to watch as the confusion built up in the young crime fighter. With an almost evil smile she drew the butt-plug upwards and started to circle Batgirl's already sensitised clit. Her thigh and tummy muscles tightened hard and she had trouble breathing again, then the tip was drifting downwards again and pushing deeper between her open lips. Batgirl still could not breathe as the anticipation built up like a coiled spring within her and for a moment or two longer Catgirl held the butt-plug just on the tip of Batgirl's vagina, slowly circling the entrance enjoying the mixture of frustration and anticipation dancing across Batgirl's features.

Batgirl had completely given in to her animal instincts. A thin "mmmmmmm" escaped from her lips as she strained her hips and pussy forward, trying hard to entice the tantalising object within her.

Then Catgirl acted!

With a whoosh, Batgirl let out her imprisoned air.

"Jesus!" she exclaimed loudly again as the white tube at last pushed into her moist tunnel sending a crescendo of pleasure right round her stricken body. It didn't matter that the butt-plug was small. It was just the sense of relief that SOMETHING was finally delving around her innermost lair. Batgirl sagged against her bindings again, but Catgirl wasn't about to give her any respite as she started to twist and manipulate the head of the butt-plug around the inner linings of Batgirls now tingling pleasure gorge. "Ohhhhhh!" was all batgirl could manage as the tense sensations started building again in response to the gyrating object deep within her.

Catgirl was clearly enjoying herself, but a quick glance through the window into the other room reminded her of her real task and with a sigh of annoyance she slowly withdrew the butt-plug leaving Batgirl panting and incredibly frustrated yet again. "That's what I like about our sessions Batgirl," her tormenter whispered into her ear. "You're such a sport - and so easily aroused!!" she continued as she waved the butt-plug in front of Batgirl, now almost dripping with her innermost juices.

Through bleary eyes Batgirl watched the object disappear downwards again and she instinctively flinched as she felt the rounded tip running through her pubic hair, nestling and pushing against her clit for a few more tantalising moments before running lightly across her sexual lips again. This time it didn't stop, despite Batgirl willing it to sink back into her gaping vagina. Batgirl was now consumed with both desire and alarm as the tip continued its journey under her bottom and started to circle the tight little muscle group around her anus. She was suddenly consumed by a sense of dread. There was absolutely nothing she could do to stop her most private part being violated!

Catgirl paused again to heighten the sense of apprehension before using the tip of the butt-plug to tease apart the protective muscles and easing the smooth plastic about a third of the way in.

Batgirl had squeezed her eyes shut as her whole body became focussed on the sensation of invasion at her rear end. After a short while she relaxed slightly and opened her eyes. It was uncomfortable, but not nearly as painful as she'd feared. Much as she hated herself for it, she found the combination of the wanton invasion and her helplessness even more arousing.

"There, that wasn't so bad was it,"

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