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An Agent must navigate a survivor's memories.

"Two gin and tonic" and with that, he calls the bartender and takes our orders.

"So what are the both of you doing in such a dirty place?"

"Having some fun. And what is a handsome guy doing in such a place to?" Liz is silent by my side, her gaze is sweeping again and again the club, not believing what she's seeing. He skips and doesn't answer my question.

"You're both friends?"

"You could say that" I say with a smirk.

He watches me closely as I think for a moment he just guessed what our relationship, or whatever it was, was really about. But our drinks arrive at that precise moment. I toss the thought away and drink.

"Alli, let's go dance now, I want to have some fun" she winks and I just know that FUN is not only including the dancing. She proves her point my turning on my vibrating panties. I gasp at the sensation and Liz just takes my arm and leads us away from the man.

The dance floor is really crowded but our bodies are really close, rubbing each other. I throw my head back, moaning from the pleasure I get from my panties. I have my back to the crowd, with only Liz's face to see. She leans and whispers in my ear.

"That hunk from the bar can't stop looking at you since we left and he does seem to be curious about you" I can't help but moan, feeling so horny and knowing that the man is looking at me is working me a lot. My friend increases the intensity of the vibrations. My clit isn't stimulated enough for me to cum, but it is really cranking me up.

As we dance, our bodies close, our tits touching, our dresses are riding up our asses. But I can't care less. I'm so far away from reality that the only thing that matters is what I'd do with Liz once we'd get back to her place.

I kiss her hard, showing her how much I want her. She kisses me back, in a real French kiss kind of way. Our skin is starting to sweat and make our dance seem even dirtier with the way our bodies sway together. The energy from all those people around us is intoxicating, drowning us in lust and the want to fuck. And the fact that Mystery Man is watching me from the bar just makes my movements even wilder. I want to drive this man crazy and I only need my friend to participate.

It's hard for me to concentrate though, with all those people and my pussy is screaming for attention. It's even harder to speak with all those things around me.

"Liz... Liz... I want that guy. I want him to watch us as we fuck each other crazy. Just watch. He'll stay beside, but I want someone to watch us."

"I don't know... we don't really know him and all"

"Fuck that shit.... I want him"

I kiss her savagely, showing her how much I want this man whom I don't even know his name to be around. We kiss for several minutes, our tongues wickedly fighting.

"Come on Liz, it'll be good"

"Well, it sure looked good" we both turn towards that voice I'd learned to appreciate in so little time.

"Now Handsome, what's your name?"

"Jack. And your girls are....?"

"I'm Alli and this is Liz"

"Nice to meet you officially" he chuckles. His voice is deep, rumbling, sending shivers through me.

"Now... Jack, we'd both want to offer you something"

"And that would be?" I look at Liz to make sure she's still OK with this. She nods.

"See, Liz noticed you really looked a lot towards us"

"And that means that...?"

"We'd like you to come with us for the night"

"Oh really? And what would happen then?" He asks, as if no one already knows the obvious answer.

"We want you, to watch. BUT, you can't touch. That's the only rule" He smiles, I can see in his eyes he really is interested by the offer and aroused.

"Alright, I'll come along"


Liz unlocks the door of her place, her impatience making her movements fast and rough.

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