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He brings home friends for his deserving wife.

I slid my hand down to hold her ass over her skirt and got no resistance. She still had her arms around me when I lifted her skirt, slid my hand inside her panties and held her bare ass. She giggled nervously, and after I decided she had enough time to adjust to that, I moved my other hand up to her chest. She had let me do whatever I wanted up until then, so I pulled her top down, put my hand under her bra and groped her tits. I could tell they were perfect, and I could even tell her nipples were a beautiful size.

When I tried to pull down her panties, I got my first hint of resistance. She put her hands on her panties to keep them up.

"We should find a bedroom," she said.

"We'll see anyone coming out here. It's more exciting this way, too," I told her.

" you have a condom?" she asked reluctantly. I did have a condom, but I don't like them. If I'm going to fuck I want to feel everything.

"No" I lied.

"We need a condom. I'm not on the pill or anything" she said.

I got a glimmer of an idea, something to beat my boredom with hookups. This girl was so timid I could coerce her, and too much of a good girl to let her reputation be ruined by telling anybody. I wasn't even sure if she had had sex yet, but I was guessing she hadn't. She had already given in to my demand to hook up outside after first denying me. She was hoping that if she agreed to smaller things, I would decide I was content. Maybe she wasn't as smart as people thought. Appeasement doesn't work, and I decided my cum was going to be the Nazis invading her womb like it was Poland.

"If I can't fuck you, then you're going to suck my dick," I told her with a tone and choice of words that I didn't know I had in me.

"I....I've never done that," she looked away avoiding eye contact. I could tell she was uncomfortable and I had her on her heels. She obviously did not want to do it, which somehow turned me on even more.

"Then I'll teach you. Get on your knees." I practically shoved her down, a scared look on her face now. I took out my dick and stuck it right in front of her face. "Lick it all over to get it wet, then take it in your mouth," I said.

She looked like she was about to cry, but she saw the look on my face. I was not joking. I was in charge now, and she knew it. I knew she would do it and hope that that was all I wanted. She took my dick in her mouth and started to bob her head back and forth. It was obvious she had seen porn, but had never done it.

"Use your tongue. Keep running it along the bottom side, right below the head," I coached her. She started to lick the sensitive area. That was getting a little better. "Now stop moving your head and keep flicking your tongue across it. That's how you'll make me cum in your mouth" I said.

She immediately stopped and looked up at me. "Not in my mouth, I can't take it" she said. Finding something else she didn't want to do got me more excited. I grabbed her by the hair and shoved my dick back in her mouth.

"Just do it," I growled. I had never touched her until this night, much less in a violent way, but my dick slamming the back of her throat for a few seconds must have sent a message that I was not the charming guy she thought she knew. Tears started forming in her eyes as she looked up into mine, like they were begging. She already let me do everything I wanted, why would I think she would actually put up a fight for me to stop?

"Fine," I said angrily.

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