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Husband and Wife finally discuss her continuing adulteries.

They were being blackmailed; Susan had some sort of hold over them, they weren't able to control themselves at school, and now Linda Jenkins wants them to be her slaves. None of the options were very good.

Beth spoke first. "Since I went to Vegas, I've had no control over my body and I've been forced to choose between one bad option after another. Just to regain some control over my body is worth being your submissive. Yes I'll accept your help." "Me too," agreed Trish.

"Good, then I want to be here when you call Susan. When are you calling?"

"Tomorrow at noon is when we're supposed to call. We were coming here over lunch to call," Beth stated.

Okay then tomorrow it is. Now after watching you two in class and now kneeling naked in front to me I'm fucking horny and I need some relief. Do I need to persuade you two to pleasure me?" Linda smirked.

"Oh no just let us go and we'll take care of your needs," Beth answered for them both as they were both very aroused and needed some relief as well.

Josh called Karen and arranged to meet her at the internet caf__ a few blocks away. Josh got there first and grabbed a booth in the back corner. He spotted Karen as soon as she arrived. She was hard to miss, her long green and platinum hair combed out into a large afro, her short jean skirt at least 10 inches above the knee with her dark seamed thigh-highs ending just at the bottom of her skirt. Her four inch wedges made her 5'10" height even more imposing. She was a natural blond, however it hadn't been that color for several months. Karen was something of a rebel. She wasn't in any clique per se but moved within all groups easily. Pretty, different, fun, but she was her own person. There were a few problems a year ago just after she moved into the district, but she quickly put an end to them. No one knew exactly why but shortly after someone would start any problems soon they were her best friend and did almost anything she asked.

Josh caught her attention and waited till she walked over. "Josh, 'sup, why all the way back here? Is this some kind of spy shit?" Karen said with a big smile.

"Man have I got news, but you must swear secrecy. If you work with me I'll give you something you've always wanted," Josh told her excitedly.

"What? Secrecy really, okay I swear, what's the news?" Karen asked.

"Alright, how would you like your own sex slave?"

"Sex slave, what kind of sex slave? Male or female, and do I know who it is?" Karen peppered Josh with questions.

"Slow down Karen, I'll explain everything to you but remember, talk to no one, okay?" Josh emphasized.

"Okay no problem but tell me what's up," she answered.

"Who at school would you like to have complete control over?" He asked, knowing exactly what her answer would be.

Karen thought for a moment then a big smile broke out on her face. "I would love to have Ms Collins at my mercy. She failed me last year and wouldn't let me do any extra credit to avoid summer school. That bitch ruined my entire summer." Josh could hear the venom in her voice.

"Well I'm going to make your day. If you do exactly what I say, Ms Collins will soon be crawling up to you and begging to be your slave."

"Really, how? And what do I have to do?" Karen asked as her face lit up.

Well I don't know if you knew that Ms Collins and Ms Martin went to Vegas over spring break.

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