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Sister finds what her brother has left.

"Will you carry me? I've always wanted someone to put me to bed and tuck me in tight so the bedbugs don't bite. I love you, Monsieur Le Blanc."

I had a feeling that she would be ready for bedtime sooner or later, and she fell right to a deep slumber in my embrace, still a twinkling flash of Sleeping Beauty and she was mine.

Her faint snore comforted me because I knew she was still breathing, and it put me easily asleep.

I don't know just how long I slept for, but when I peered over and looked where she lay, there was a gentle hand running their tiny fingers through my chest hairs, and grasping my flaccid cock, making me get hardened quickly as Anna's lips surrounded my member in her velvety smooth and oh, so plush mouth and tongue.

Just as I was about to speak, she said,

"I know what to do Monsieur Le Blanc, isn't this why you wanted me? I'm a willing and capable giver of services for Monsieur Le Blanc, whenever he desires so, lay back and let me please you by making you cum in my mouth. I can do it because I love you."

I pulled her lithe frame up to me, while I set her perception straight. "This is a troubling thing for me to say or do, but I must confess, that I did have those thoughts in my head and still do. If you want me to make love to you, then just ask me and I will completely understand, but do not think that I was just using you for my whore, because I am not."

Anna straddled me, while grinding her hips against my pelvis and her tongue explored my open mouth. She withdrew and whispered in my ear,

"Make love, not a mean love, a sweet and gentle kind of love that only two lovers share together as they meld their bodies as one soul, one spirit."

I let Anna finish removing my trousers and slip them down to my feet and onto the floor, joining her silken camisole beside our bed with a faint candlelight to illuminate her glowing body with shimmering beads of salty sweat upon her neck and face.

I laid beside her, with my fingers tracing the entire length of her pristinely erotic being that just begged to be touched by my hands and caressed with gentle and deliberate strokes, knowing what she was thinking at that very moment.

My hot breath upon her labia, sent shivers down her whole body with uncontrollable spasms and involuntary moans, of sheer ecstasy. My long tongue probed through her unkempt sex, and easily made her first orgasm come in flashes of intense and body wrenching motions of utter bliss.

Her pussy was absolutely fabulous to taste and feel upon my mouth and lips as I told her so, even though I could feel her cumming profusely, this thick and creamy mixture of endlessly flowing, tangy juice of pure Anna's essence.

I shared her sweet juice with her as I entered her warm and very inviting body that screamed to be loved, not just fucked. My need was not going to wait another second before I had to release the most massive, endlessly mind blowing climax I've ever had, but she had me so wound up that I wanted more of her simply perfect and pristine temple of my ultimate desire, and she was Anna, and she had my love for the remainder of the night.

Chapter Two, Capturing her Muse, Taming her Spirit

Before I woke, Anna was diligently working away on a rather large swatch of satiny cloth with a sewing machine, from where? I asked her.

"Where, pretell did you get that sewing machine and exquisite satin cloth from?"

She hardly even acknowledged me, but answered,

"Mrs. Cromwell found it for me, and this too. See how lovely this is? I had a vision this morning and just had to create a new dress, just to show you that I am worth more than just an easy lay, not that you weren't great last night, I had the best time ever!"

I shook my head and once again laughed at her funny manner of explaining her absence this morning, as she couldn't wait to show me what she did while I was still fast asleep.

"Tell me whether or not you like this on me.

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