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Miss Plainwell from the comic strip Frazz.

Ashyr hummed a soft sound of curiosity. A little bit of concentration later, and her blades took on a sickly green cast. How she knew to do this, she wasn't sure. It was like a gentle prodding in her mind. But now she was sure that there were low levels of acid damage added to her weapons.

"Oh?" Althaia responded. "Sounds like you have faced things like this before, Selene. Did you fight one while I was unconscious?"

"Sseeing asss they rode in on one, I would have to ssay yess." Slasjowskew responded laconically.

"Acid will work on the spider-tanks, if you target the joints." Caleldra confirmed.

Althaia, being the hardiest of the group, was the one to open the door, which seemed to lead to nothing more than another passage, albeit one where she was immediately attacked by monk-robed faceless human-sized automatons that moved jerkily but scarily fast, and spat boiling steam and punched with thunder. Althaia quickly cut one of the first ones down. "I thought you said these things were tough." She said cheerfully.

"No. Those things are not tough. The spider-tanks are tough." Caleldra said seriously. Which was even more ominous than her usual giggling.

The party wrecked the lighting-fisted mechanical monks - which was accomplished with only a minimum of electrocution, Ashyr and Althaia getting most of it. Then they advanced forward. The party rounded a corner, emerging into what was probably the largest room they had seen yet. Machines were endlessly taking apart and rebuilding other machines, running round and round in a pointless waste of energy, but apparently the factory could not turn itself off. Althaia took a step back. "Seriously, how tough are these things? Because I do not have the best feeling about this..."

"We fought a couple mechanisms, but we never managed to kill a spider one. The one we captured... well, Caleldir thought he would have to kill himself to even have the power to pull it off." Ashyr responded "Though, to be fair, he thinks that's the solution to any fight. He didn't, in the end, thank the goddess."

"They killed my hell hounds like they were pups. And that was just one of the spiders and three of my hounds." Selene added.

"They were really fun to ride. Too bad you weren't awake for it, Althaia."

"Ugh, it was not fun." Selene groaned. She'd just felt sick and confused the entire time, what with her newfound condition and worries that stemmed from it.

Althaia swallowed a little. "So... these things are that tough, then."

Caleldra nodded. "Very. Perhaps you should de-collar me for this fight? That way I can keep them from overrunning you."

The nymph's eyes turned red. "Excellent. I can use a challenge." She breathed. Both drow seemed ready to protest the uncollaring of the fetch. Before they could, however, the nymph turned to Caleldra to do just as the madwoman asked.

"Don't make us regret this..." Selene warned in a threatening tone. The younger drow was sure she'd be able to orchestrate something to make the Caleldir imposter bitterly regret betraying them. Selene was drow. She was creative like that.

When the group entered, a red light covered the room and a loud, obnoxious buzzer sounded. About twenty of the clockwork monks and four spider tanks turned towards the group. "...Shit." The younger drow threw up her arm, pointing directly at the upper leg joint of one of the four spider tanks. A line of acid shot from her finger. She managed to slow it down just as the creature started to pelt the area with fire and lightning, interrupting the attacks.

Ashyr went down to fighting position near Selene, trying to stay out of her line of fire and keeping anything hostile for getting too near the pregnant drow. Before she might have tried to run headlong into the fray, but without Bard or Caleldir to watch Selene - pregnant Selene - she didn't feel comfortable with straying too far from her cousin. "Do not die, Althaia." The ranger warned. "We don't know when Caleldir will be able to rescue you."

Althaia did not seem to heed the whole 'do not die' thing.

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