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Instructor and student find lust and maybe love in art class.

It was cold outside and I was warm in here. I removed myself from Luke's quasi-embrace and went to retrieve my phone. I emailed my class sections that office hours would be rescheduled. And that was that.

"You're a bad influence," I said as I walked back over while removing my shirt at the same time.

"I'll take that as a compliment. You seem like someone that could use a little corrupting," he grinned, holding an arm out to pull me back in to bed. I fell on top of him and immediately began to kiss him. Not surprisingly, his hands found their way back to my cotton covered rear end.

"Now Rachel, these silly things need to go," he ordered.

I leaned back on my elbows and allowed him to do the honors. After pulling them off, he began kissing his way up my left leg. I fell back on my elbows and enjoyed the feel of his now lightly stubbled chin grazing my skin. I used my legs to pull him towards me by wrapping them around his waist. "Well, ok then!" he half laughed.

He still had his boxer briefs on and I could feel his newly awakened cock pressing against me as we kissed, his one hand holding him up, the other stroking the side of my breast. My goosebumps were obvious.

Rather quickly I could feel my own moisture against the fabric of his underwear while his leg was between mine. It definitely wasn't his. I ran my finger nails lightly up his back and leaned up to nibble his ear a bit.

"What are we to do?" I asked.

Luke didn't respond. He simply took my hands and pinned them above my head. I was strong, but he had leverage. I also had no desire to go anywhere. He began to be a little more rough when he kissed me and nibbled my neck. God he felt good.

"I think you need a proper fucking," he said matter-of-factly. It took me off guard to be honest.

I spread my legs wider in response, challenging him to provide for me what he said I needed.

"No no. Turn over," he said.

I did as I was told. I was turned on being out of my comfort zone. On my hands and knees, I felt exposed, like Luke was examining me. I felt his hands knead my ass before he pulled my hips back towards himself, his cloth-covered erection resting between my ass cheeks. When I moved to sit up on just my knees, he lightly pushed me back down.

"No, I want to look at you from here first," he said as he gathered my hair in his hand and pushed it over my shoulder so he had a full view of my back. I groaned as his cock pulsed between my ass cheeks. I didn't say anything.

His hands traveled down my back towards my ass again, this time going further down to rub my pussy from behind. It seemed like an unfair advantage on his part. I was completely naked on my hands and knees. He was somewhat covered and had the upper hand.

He continued to rub me, pushing my legs further apart and dipping his middle between my pussy lips. I jolted forward a bit, not expecting that.

"Stay there," he said as he got off the bed.

What? Where are you going? I screamed to myself.

I couldn't see him from my vantage point but heard him rummaging around a drawer. And then I heard the sound of foil tearing. Ah, so that's what he's doing.

I felt the bed shift as he returned and knew he was naked and coming up behind me. I could see his shadow on the bed from the light coming in through the window. He didn't say a word. He just rubbed his now-covered cock head between my exposed pussy lips, spreading moisture around himself. I didn't even try to stifle my moans. Then he leaned forward and pushed my back down so my ass was high in the air, my head turned to one side on the mattress.

"That's a sight," he commented while he repositioned himself behind me, grabbing his dick in one hand, one of my cheeks in the other. He pushed the head just in enough to make me gasp.

"Actually..." And he moved again and grabbed my hips to turn me over again. "If I'm going to fuck you, I want to see it in your eyes."

I knew my hair was a hot mess, spread behind my head on the bed, my arms extended above me reverse gripping the side of the mattress.

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