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Sister Kathryn sees Father Thomas for his spiritual guidance.

It appears that everyone has gone home. Any hope of someone finding and saving her is dashed. Dejectedly, she nods. Amazing what those in the service industry will do for a little money.

Mike opens the back door to his SUV and pushes Winnie none too gently inside- her purse falls to the cement. He climbs in after her and sees that she is already kneeling on the far seat and tying her long blonde hair back into a ponytail. Mikes smirks a little and and unzips his pants. His hard penis stands proudly erect and he strokes it a few times out of habit.

With the air of trying to get something unpleasant over with quickly, Winnie leans over and wraps her mouth around his cock. She bobs and swirls her head, flicking her tongue back and forth like a perverted snake.

Mike moans and his head falls back against the headrest at the almost forgotten pleasure that is the pulsing vacuum of a woman's hot mouth. Her lips close around one ballsack and then the other before returning to the slippery wet head of his dick. She wraps one hand around his member, the other still braced against the door, and begins sliding it up and down in rhythm with her fast bobbing head. He knows what she is trying to do, and isn't having it. He hasn't had sex in some time and knows he'll finish too soon if he lets her work his cock like that.

Irritated, he pushes her hand away. Grabbing the back of her neck in one big hand and the top of her head in the other, he begins to set a much slower pace. He forces her head down on his penis further until the tip of his cock butts against the back of her throat. He can feel and hear her gagging and it excites him even more.

Mike is now simply fucking the poor girl's face at his own leisure. He pulls his dick out and shoves it back into her mouth deeper and deeper with every thrust. He is panting and grunting, his balls tightening. The girl is gagging and whimpering and choking and gasping for air any chance she can get. The noise they make in the car seems much exaggerated in the smaller space. Mike speeds up until he can take no more. He holds Winnie, writhing and struggling, against his groin, and cums hard into her throat, giving her no choice but to try to swallow and choke down his spurts of sticky hot cum.

He relaxes for a few blissful seconds after this powerful orgasm before a stroke of genius hits him. The waitress is wiping saliva and cum from her mouth, looking disgusted and regretful. He wonders if she thinks fifty bucks was worth that. Quick as a flash (especially considering he isn't as young as he once was) Mike grabs the seatbelt from the other side of Winnie's head, yanks her hands up above her head, and fashions a strange knot out of the straps. Mike laughs. He has her trapped well. If she had a choice before, she certainly doesn't now.

"You son of a bitch," Winnie says venomously, ice in her voice and fiery hatred in her eyes.

Mike has to laugh again. The stupid girl got into the backseat of a car with a random guy who was insisting on a blowjob. Clearly she didn't think about what would happen when they finished.

Of course, Mike hadn't really either. Tying her up was completely spur of the moment. He feels himself hardening again. He's never completely dominated a woman before, only fantasized about it, and watch other men do it in porn. He feels a rush of power and adrenaline. Mike strokes the long blonde hair, and then pulls on it, hard.

The waitress gasps from the pain. Her neck is arched and Mike leans down. He kisses and licks the white column of her throat gently first. Then he bites down and sucks on her skin. He leaves blotchy red marks and trails of saliva on her neck.

She hasn't really made a sound or tried to fight him too much yet and this surprises Mike. He doesn't have any experience in taking women against their will, but imagines that there should be more pleading and begging for him to stop. He thinks that he maybe even wants her to.

He looks at her, still slightly confused.

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