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Cathy's first time becomes Mark's first time too.

He was patient and he let her move and he pressed her naked backside. Auntie was now squeezing her own busts inside her pajamas top.

'Take off your underwear and let me hold your cock.'

Uncle got up and strip his bottom clothing. He went back on her pussy and continue to make the oral sex for her and she was making so many movement as she become more excite. Her hand was holding his big cock as she try and make the masturbate for him. 'Oh, I wish Li-Wen can see your big fat cock now. She is so soundly asleep.' Auntie told him and he was getting the erotic and start move his backside to fuck her hand.

I hear Auntie making the louder voice because she want me to hear her get the nice feeling. 'Oh, your dirty mouth is making my dirty bi feel so nice. Your dirty tongue is making me so pleasure like a small cock. Eat. Eat more and smell more and rub harder your dirty face on my cunt.' I knew she was getting more and more excite and her orgasm must be so closer. She was now holding the head so tight and making her bum up and down so faster to get the nice feeling. Uncle did not make any noise. His nose was maybe inside the Auntie vergina and he must try so hard not to drown by her pussy. She was holding the cock so hard and I see it was so hard and big. But she was only interest to get the best orgasm because she know maybe I was watch her make the oral sex for the husband his mouth.

At least she grunt and make the groan and shout more the dirty words. The she hold his face not letting him go as she come. She hold him for many minutes and then she let go the bum down and I see his face was so much sweat and her pussy water. But his cock was still so hard and long. He wait for Auntie to ask him to fuck for her. But she just rest and he turn the body and sleep inside the blanket with her.

'It was so nice, especially with Li-Wen sleep inside the room. I hope she can see me get the high climax.'

'You are so wet tonight. I like the taste of your water. It is better than my best wine. My balls are hurting because I also must fuck. Please let me enter your smelly bi now.'

'Later. You like the girl to hold your cock so much?' She asked him suddenly.

'No, only yours. Maybe some nice girl like you. If you allow me.' He admitted like the sheep.

'Ok, you fuck the face so well and I get the nice feeling tonight. Maybe I try and get Li-Wen hold your cock.'

'She is asleep.' He answered as a matter of fact.

'That's right. You think she want to hold your old cock if she know. She has many young cocks to hold and fuck. She is so younger and many men like her.'

Auntie came over to my bed. She pretend to shake me slightly. Then she turn to her husband and say, 'Come over. She is sleep so peaceful. Tonight I allow you to enjoy a bit.'

It was so cold, but Auntie and Uncle were nude below. Still he get outside the blanket and come to my bed. Auntie take hold my hand, she whispered 'Li-Wen, hold your uncle's dirty cock.'

I pretend I was not hearing, so Uncle knew I must be asleep. His cock was so big and so hot. He come so near and Auntie take my hand and put his cock on it. Then she pretend use her hand to make my finger hold the cock so tight. She continue to press my hand, only make the pretending because she can feel I was so anxious also to try and hold the Uncle cock the first time.

I find the cock was like the wood, so hard and so unbend. The head was coming out his cock water and making my hand slightly wet. I can hear the Uncle breathe so hard. He ask the wife, 'held her hold harder because it is so nice.' Then he began to move his backside like fucking my hand. I knew he was enjoying so much and then Auncle sudden stop him. 'You must not come out the spirm now. I will allow you fuck so hard and come inside my vergina.'

Auntie she put her hand under my blanket and feel my panty.

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