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Fiona drives to Victor's without her clothes.

Everybody beneath the age of eighteen in fact had managed one way or another to excuse themselves from the activity. Which meant aside from some inevitable incest there was nothing for Bryan to feel bad about when he turned The Device on full blast.

He had to admit that his uncle had good taste in women. Keera was a little over on the short side for a woman but she was incredible. This was Dylan's first time seeing her in person but she was just as stunning in person as she had been in photographs. Even the wedding dress was doing a poor job of hiding her figure. She was slender, not much working up top but she had an ass that no amount of layering could conceal and a beautiful face.

If the bride's maids were triplets they must have gone out of their way to do their hair and make up alike. Three blonds stood in a row holding their little bouquets each identical to the one beside them. Delicious mounds of flesh strained the plunging necklines of their rose red dresses. The hem of the dress was only half way down their thighs so Bryan had a great view of their long legs and high heels.

Patience wasn't usually one of Bryan's strong suits so how he managed to make it through the entire service before activating his toy was difficult to believe. But something inside him really wanted to wait until the end. The newly married couple had just finished saying their vows. The Priest gave permission to kiss the bride. When their lips locked Bryan turned it on full blast.

He was near the back of the church and he could see the change in her eyes the moment it happened. Keera's entire body changed the moment it hit her. Her arms tightened pulling her newly wed husband against her but her eyes were the real change. No longer starry eyed with happiness they burned with raw lust. Bryan was the only man in the room who wasn't caught off guard. He was the only one without a reaction. Not a gasp of shock like the priest with the up close view, not the muffled cheers of the groom's men nor any of the other surprised murmurs the men were making.

The women were making sounds too but none of them were of surprise. They were pure unbridled lust cut loose into a small room. There was a sudden shift in the room that Bryan could smell in the change and it even go hotter in the room as all the women literally tackled the man nearest to them. At first the men were confused trying to fight back against the women but that only last a few seconds. There aren't many men who can resist a woman with her tongue down his throat and her hand down his pants and that was the exact scene all over the church.

"Oh my God this shit works." Bryan mumbled pulling out his camera phone and wading through the knee deep orgy to get what he really wanted to see.

It seemed that patience wasn't one of Keera's strong points either because she had already abandoned her husband who couldn't manage to pull his way out of the tuxedo fast enough. Instead her head was down beneath the priest's robes and even though she was completely concealed it was obvious exactly what was going on. Her entire body was bobbing up and down and the priest was clinging to the pulpit so tightly his knuckles were turning white.

Bryan's uncle had eventually given up on getting his pants all the way off, there were too many clips and claps to make that easy but he could fish his cock out through the zipper and yank his wife's hips out from beneath her. He threw her dress up over her back and yanked the thong to one side pushing into her double teaming his wife.

That actually made Bryan pause and look at the device.

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