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Special Op's with a Twist.

She asked me if I liked it, I told her yes and asked her not to stop. She then asked me if I wanted to touch her, I told her yes, and reached for her bush. Her pussy was also open, and she was also very wet and slippery. When my fingers touched her, she moaned very loud, it told me how much she loved it, I worked her the way I would do myself, and as I did, her fingers did the same to me. She brought her lips to mine again, and we kissed again,

She started to move her hips to meet my fingers, as I would slide them into her. She wrapped her arm around me and pulled me tight against herself. Her body shook and I knew she was having a climax. It made me want to work faster and harder to please her, as she was doing to me. When I felt her relax her arm and slow down fingering me, I asked her if I could do to her what she did to me. She said sure, and told me to get above her and to put my legs on each side of her head. I did, and I started to kiss her around her black bush. Her legs were open and I could see her swollen lips, brown on the sides and very pink inside. I could see her hole tiny and open, I licked and kissed the sides, Shirley moaned and would tell me how to lick and kiss, and how to pull in a side lips and suck on it. I felt her fingers working in and out my own hole and I felt her using a finger to go in and out my butt hole.

Taking her lead I started to do the same things she was doing to me, it did not take long before we both were going faster and faster. I had a feeling she was going to climax, and thinking that made me want to climax. Man looking back at all that right now, it is like it was all happening right now, (instead of 17 years ago.)

Shirley and I stayed in her bed till it was very dark outside. We got up and took a shower, washing each other. She fixed us a sandwich, and we had another glass of wine, and she asked me again when my head was clear of lust not to tell a soul, not even my brother. Some time that evening I did tell her about Bill. I told her that we were so close that we had sex almost every night. She also told me to make sure that I never told anyone else that and she asked me to promise that I would not tell Bill what we had done. She told me that I should use protection and if I needed condoms to let her know, she would give me all that I would want. She explained to me that if Bill got me pregnant our baby would be born looking very freakish.

I promised her that I would not tell a soul, and since my folks did not expect me home until Sunday afternoon, I asked her that if I could stay with her till then and she could teach more about sex with another woman. How I recall her smile, of course she told me, I sent the kids to my sisters so we could be alone this whole weekend. She told me how she felt I was a free spirit and that I just may enjoy learning some new things. I told her, I had arranged for my brother to come over Saturday while she was to be gone and that we had planned to have sex all day. Laughing Shirley asked me if I had my period for the month yet. I told her no, she then asked me if Bill would mess with me when I was on my period. I told her no, She said that I should call him and tell him I started my period that afternoon. And we better wait until after I got home and was off my period. I called, and Bill was mad, but I know him, he will get over it...

Shirley made us something to eat we had some more wine.

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