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Coming home.

You turn your head, unable to see a thing, but just moan.

"You better not have been playing, my little slut," you hear me say, suspicion in my voice, as I walk into the room.

"No, my Master. I wouldn't disobey my handsome Sir," you say lustily.

I say nothing, and you lay there, dreading that I am mad. After a couple of minutes you hear me open my bag, and turn your head, trying to use your other senses to get a hint of what I am doing. You smell some sweet perfume, and look around quizzically.

After a few moments, you feel a loop tighten around your left ankle, and your pussy begins to throb, knowing you are being tied up. You let loose a soft moan, eager for what is coming, as you feel me tighten your leg to the bed. After a few moments, your left hand is quick to follow. Once your left side is secure, you hear me walk around the bed and kneel next to your right ankle.

As you feel the material tighten to hold you down, you feel a kiss on your left ankle, very soft. You don't even think, just give in to the pleasure as the mouth begins to slowly, and very softly move up your left leg. The mouth reaches your knee, when you feel the loops tighten quickly on your right hand, and secure your last free limb to the bed.

"What-? Sir? What is goi-" is all you get out, as you feel a long, slender finger slide slowly into your very wet pussy, wiggle around, and get withdrawn.

"Yes, she is very wet, Sir," you hear a female voice say, and then you hear a mouth suck the cum off the finger. The mysterious voice continues, "I can't wait to taste her, she is delicious!"

You feel the kisses, now noticing the stickiness of them which is likely her lipstick, as they continue where they left off. As you feel her body move up your body, she rests part of her body against your leg, and you feel a bare breast and leg. Realizing this mystery woman is likely naked, and subservient to your Master, you almost cum right there. You actually do cum when you feel her kiss the sensitive inner thigh, moving ever closer to your pussy.

You don't squirt, just buck against your bindings a few times, getting the sheets even wetter as you gush juice, and you feel the woman use two fingers to take some of your cum and then you hear the soft smacking of her lips as she sucks it off with a soft moan.

She goes back to her task after you hear a soft smack, realizing I just slapped her ass softly, and she kisses her way the rest of the way up to your pussy. You feel her pull back, but only momentarily, as you feel her slide something hard up and down your pussy, then feel that same object being slid under you.

"Lift up now, this will be much easier and more fun," she says, and you lift up eagerly, her hands helping you where the bindings make it hard. You feel what you think is your fox tail plug slide in, and stretch your ass, making you almost cum again, and you realize this plug is a lot longer and thicker than yours.

You feel her pull back completely again, and after a few moments hear her moan, a bit louder than last time, and she lowers her mouth to your right leg, beginning to kiss her way up, but even slower. You are taken by surprise when your mouth, which is open due the near constant stimulation and pleasure, suddenly has hard soft flesh pressed to your lips.

Not questioning, you turn your head and open your mouth, licking the head of my cock. After a few minutes of swirling your tongue around the head, tasting the saltiness of my pre cum, you take the head in your mouth. Moments later you feel the woman softly bite your inner thigh, making you moan, which sends reverberations up my cock. I moan, and you are rewarded by another small helping of pre cum, which you hungrily swallow, having missed the taste of my cum.

I begin sliding my cock in and out of your mouth, and you open your mouth wide for my full width.

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