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An innocent, refined wife falls under a woman's control.

Looking down, she saw that her nightie had been pushed down to bare her breasts, and she blushed as she remembered the wonderful dream she had.

Thinking, "If that is what a sleeping pill does no wonder people become addicted!"

Slipping the straps of her nightie back up to her shoulders, she pushed the crumpled hem down to her ankles. She could feel the wetness between her legs and blushed again at how she must have orgasmed in her sleep.

The doorbell rang allowing Christy no more time to think about it. She slipped on her slippers and grabbed her robe. Walking to the front door, she felt a drip of wetness between her legs. She lifted her nightie and touched herself surprised again at how wet she was. She even brought her wet fingers to her nose and smelled it. Surprised again because she knew she did not smell like that. Her tongue slipped out to taste it, and she knew she did not taste like that either.

The persistent ringing of the doorbell would not allow her any more time to think about it. Grabbing a tissue on the way, she wiped her hand clean.

Ironically, she slid the chain off and unlocked the door opening it only a little as most people do when answering the door in their pajamas.

Surprised, Christy saw a dark lean stranger with a square jaw and dark hair falling on his brow standing at the door. A nice smile and bright eyes looked at her in a very familiar way.

'Yes? Can I help you?' She smiled in return.

Mr. Handsome replied, 'Well, yes as a matter of fact, you can. Is it possible for me to use your phone? Mine's not connected yet and the movers were supposed to be here hours ago.'

He could see her hesitance in letting a strange man in her home so he continued.

"By the way, I am Jake Morris and I just bought the house next door, so that makes me your new neighbour. I came last night but the movers weren't due until today but even so, they are late."

Feeling better after the introduction, Christy opened the door and invited him inside.

'Thanks, you're a life savor.'

After showing him where the phone was, Christy went into the kitchen to make coffee. Turning she saw him standing in the doorway watching her in that funny way again.

Noticing how she was reacting to his look he quickly explained. 'I saw you last night, standing just outside your patio doors.'

'It was so hot last night. I took a sleeping pill and went out to enjoy the evening breeze before it kicked in.'

Concerned, Jake asked, 'Did you end up sleeping ok?'

'Yes. Actually, I slept very well. Thanks for asking.'

Christy felt she almost knew him from somewhere; he seemed so familiar to her. Jake caught her staring at him.

'Is anything wrong?' He asked.

Embarrassed for getting caught staring at him, Christy answered, 'I am sorry, it is just you seem so familiar to me. Have we met before?'

Laughing, he responded, 'Maybe in your dreams, pretty lady.'

Part 2 His Dream (Part 2)

After pulling her little red sports car into the driveway, Christy opened the door and a long leg stretched out with its lovely twin following close behind. Her peach skirt slid up to her thigh as she stepped out and Jake did not miss a single second of it. Going to her trunk without even noticing him, she bent over to retrieve a few grocery bags. Jake was rewarded with a peek at her great ass as he strolled over to stand beside her just in time to grab the bag that almost fell from her grip.

'It seems you too are a life savor, Jake. Thanks.' She smiled up at him.

They walked side by side to the front door where Jake took the other bags from Christy's hands so she could get out her key to open the door.

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