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Wife spies on hubby at strip club, & makes friends.

I wore my regular T shirt with a pair of yoga pants. I wore the yoga pants not to show of my butt, which frankly was worth showing off but I wore them because they were comfortable and provided me enough flexibility to run around.

I had gotten used to the other women gawking at me for wearing what they thought were revealing clothes and an unbecoming of a married woman in her thirties but fuck them, who cares, I thought.

The other ladies were done with a couple of rounds of the park before they decided to call it a day where as I had finished 5 and decided to go for another 5 before getting back home. Soon, the park was empty and I was the only person on the jogging track.

As I was jogging, I heard footsteps behind me. I could hear and feel them getting close rather quickly. I didn't bother to look back at who it was but I was aware of that person's presence and I thought it must be just one of the neighbors and continued jogging.

"Hello....Rhea..." I heard Jacques' distinct voice next to me. He was jogging right besides me and was flashing me his usual boyish smile. Startled at first, I smiled back at him when I realized it was him and we continued jogging.

" holiday..." He said.

"Ohhh...I know...great..." replied.

"You jog everyday?" I asked him and realized he didn't understand what I had said when I saw a puzzled expression every day.

" do everyday?" I asked, gesturing at him, hoping he'd understand.

"Yeah...yess...Wake early but today Sunday...So late." He replied. He must be an early riser because I hadn't seen him in the track at all in these days.

We slowly walked back to our building after we were done jogging. The summer sun hadn't been kind even in the morning and I was sweating. My wet T shirt stuck to my body, clearly outlining the curves of my well maintained figure. I had noticed him stealing glances at me when we were jogging but now that we were facing each other, he looked at me more openly.

"You...teacher eh?" He asked as he sipped Gatorade from his sipper before offering me a drink as well. I was tired and thirsty and with a delicious drink in front of me, I just grabbed it and started drinking.

"Yeah...." I replied after I gulped down a large sip.

"What you teach?" He asked.

"I teach English literature to school children." I replied.

"Hmmmm...tres bon. You teach to speak English?" He asked.

"Meee...Uhh.... I don't know...I don't take private tuitions." I replied hesitantly. I barely knew the man and I had no experience in teaching English to foreigners. Due to the colonial past, Indians were fairly acquainted with English even if they hadn't received formal education so teaching them, especially young children was not that difficult. But teaching a man who had no connection to English...I just wasn't sure. Besides, I didn't expect such a request.

"Please...without English...uhh...Tres live here." He replied, understanding my hesitation and persuading me to teach him.

"Uhhh...let me think." I said but he continued his persuasion. I hadn't taught a foreigner before but Jacques wasn't completely alien to English, he could speak to survive, so I didn't have to start from scratch. I thought for a moment more and then decided to go for it. It would be a new experience I thought.

"Ok Jacques. I will teach you." I replied to which he smiled sweetly. His dimpled cheeks, his smile showing the sparkling white teeth and his blue eyes made him look very cute and gave a glimpse of child in him but at the same time, his sweat soaked shirt and his chiseled arms gave a glimpse of his manliness.

"We start after lunch today?" He asked.

"Ummm...okay... "I replied. I had nothing else to do on a boring afternoon so I'd rather spend time doing what I do best, teach.


"Come Inside. Please sit down." I signaled him to sit on the dinning table in the living room.

It was late in the afternoon when I had finished all my chores when Jacques came to my door.

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