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Nye gets a shock.

She began pulling off her top and then reached back to unhook her bra. Her 42HH breasts sprang free. Her thick nipples were like my thumbs and her areola were the size of bread plates.

I reached up and took what I could fit of her pendulous breasts into my hands and began to knead them. Bending in I sucked her big nipple in my mouth and worked it with my tongue. She moaned aloud as I assaulted her giant tits. She kept undressing, dropping her slacks and panties to reveal her large womanly frame. I pulled her onto the bed and her fat jiggled and rolled as we wrestled on the king size mattress, my cock slapping and flipping around on her plentiful skin.

She reached down with her thick fingers and began stroking my hard shaft; the feel of her meaty hand on my dick was heaven. I palmed and squeezed her tits with one hand while my other slid down across her large belly and made its way to her pussy.

When my hand reached between her legs I found her swollen thick lips and immediately felt the heat and wetness of her crotch. She began humping my hand, as she slid around and engulfed my cock like it was a turkey leg at Thanksgiving. I easily slid two fingers into her dripping snatch and began furiously finger fucking her. I could hear her moans and groans increase as I jammed my long, thick fingers into her. She deep throated my cock taking it all the way down her gullet.

The sounds of our bodies coming together plus our combined weight on the bed was making a ton of noise, and that is why we didn't hear the adjoining doors open as we fucked on the bed. My first realization that someone else was in the room, was the tiny gasp I heard near the door. I looked, Trish was still oblivious, and there stood Rebecca, in just an oversized t-shirt, with a hand up between her legs stroking her blonde teen pussy.

My cock got even harder if that was possible as I watched the teen finger fuck her pussy. I began really fucking her moms face as I resumed my fingering of her mom's cunt. Rebecca seemed completely enthralled by the goings on and was nearing her first orgasm. Trish was also getting very close and as soon as I felt Trish's first spasms on my fingers, I pulled her head up and made her see her daughter standing in our room masturbating.

Trish screamed but was unable to stop the orgasm that rolled over her, dulling her senses. The scene was so hot, my cock spontaneously erupted, sending my cum straight into Trish's face and hair, as she bucked my fingers squeezing out the last few contractions of her orgasm.

Seeing my cock explode was too much for Rebecca and her knees collapsed under the excitement causing her to slide down the wall as a teen orgasm rocked her plump body.

Trish began to come around and immediately wrapped a sheet around herself. Worried what her daughter might be thinking, she went over to Rebecca.

"Are you ok sweetheart?" Trish asked

"I'm just fine mom." Rebecca replied

"That was the sexiest thing I have ever seen, and I want to see more." Rebecca continued

"I'm not sure that's such a good idea honey" Trish said.

"But mom, I want to feel the way you both did; it looked like so much fun. I want to feel his thingy and I want you to touch me and make me feel good, please?" Rebecca inquired. Trish responded, by dropping the sheet and taking Rebecca by the hand and leading her to the bed. Trish reached over and grabbed my now quickly hardening cock and presented it to her daughter.

"This is a cock." She said to her daughter matter of factly. "It can bring you so much pleasure if you know what to do with it." She continued as she slowly slid her hand up and down my now rigid member.

"Can I touch it?" Becca asked innocently. I nodded my approval and Trish removed her own hand and guided Becca's hand to my dick.

"Grab it firmly, but not too tight, and then start sliding your hand up and down" Trish instructed.

Becca's small hand just barely fit around my throbbing cock.

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