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Meeting boys while on holiday.

"Lean in closer," Shelonda ordered, "but don't touch. Nothing should be touching your partner but the tips of your fingers."

Tascha noticed she was on edge watching the two women; she could only imagine how erotic they found the situation. When Peter called "Time," Marissa pulled Ilsa's face to her and kissed her hard.

"Now, now," the Player laughed. "There'll be time for that later, ladies."

The next set of numbers was 6 and 2, so Don, Keiko, Amy and Igor moved to the center of the bed. Jamie said, "OK, girls, let's see how hard you can get your partners without using your mouths."

Keiko and Amy immediately began to stroke and caress their respective partner's cocks. Tascha noticed that Don responded quicker than Igor, though Amy certainly gave it her all, pulling and caressing Igor's cock all over, as well as fondling his balls. Then Keiko turned around and backed up against Don. She started doing a kneeling bump and grind against him, which Tascha had no doubt would make any man rock hard in seconds. Then Keiko reached behind her and Tascha could tell she was working Don's cock into her pussy.

"Uhn-uh, Keiko," Jamie said, laughing a little.

"You said no mouths," Keiko protested.

"And now I'm saying no pussies," Jamie smirked.

Keiko opened her mouth, but then the Player announced that the time was up.

It was Tascha and Natalia's turn next, and Tascha promptly rolled a 4 and a 3. Jamie, the Player, Shelonda and Peter crawled to the center of the bed.

Tascha said, "Jamie and Shelonda, face each other. Good, now start kissing." The two young women immediately and enthusiastically started making out with each other, running their hands all over their partner's backs and backsides. "OK," Tascha said, "you two guys, each of you get behind one of the girls. Take your cocks and push them between their legs. Don't enter them; just get your cocks up there along their slits and clits. Feel free to use your hands on the ladies."

The Player was sliding his big cock back and forth between Jamie's legs. His head was actually poking out in front of her. He had his big hands on her large tits, squeezing and holding them. Peter was doing much the same to Shelonda, though he had reached around and down to get his fingers on her clit. The two women, who continued to make out, were clearly in a state of heightened arousal; Tascha could see that the Player's cock was shiny with Jamie's wetness. The men were also really getting into things. Everyone around the circle was watching the show intently, including Natalia, who somewhat belatedly said, "Uh, time."

Don rolled two 2's, so Amy and Igor took center stage. Without any hesitation, Don said, "On your hands and knees Amy. Good. Igor, fuck her. Give it to her hard."

Amy grinned at Don, and then scrunched up her pretty face as Igor pushed his big cock into her from behind. With his strong hands on her ass, Igor did as he was told and fucked into Amy's pussy with deep, forceful strokes, shoving her forward on the bed. Amy's tits swung underneath her and her face contorted with a wild assortment of expressions as Igor plowed into her. "God damn!" she exclaimed. "Yes! Fuck me!"

Then, Keiko announced, loudly, "Time's up!"

Igor immediately pulled out of Amy and started back to their part of the circle. Amy stayed there, panting and stunned by the sudden lack of fucking.

"Any other guy would have kept going anyway," the Player observed.

"I know it," Don said with obvious satisfaction.

Tascha was definitely seeing a different side of Don.

"Now that we've gone around the circle once, we'll double the time," the Player said. "So, when the sand runs out, flip the timer over. This means the person watching the time will have to pay attention. Oh, and now the other team mate does the directing, except for Amy and Igor, of course."

The die came up 3 and 4, so Jamie, the Player, Shelonda and Peter returned to the middle of the circle.

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