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Jehovah's Witness teens find each other.

The first couple of days the girls would double team me teasing me and making fun of me. But I found it very arousing and sexy hearing both ladies whispering and giggling in there sexy Scottish accents. I spent most of the time walking around with a massive hard-on.

There was no lock on Lorraine Kelly's bathroom door. I would have an early morning and late night shower. It was one of those posh glass cubicle showers, that you could see into if standing in the bathroom. Lorraine Kelly would time it correct every time and, accidentally or on purpose walk-in on me while I was naked showering. In the mirrors reflection I swore on a couple of occasions Lorraine Kelly's eyes were fixed to my massive cock. She would always giggle in that Lorraine Kelly Scottish cackle make up some excuse and leave.

My evening shower used to be predictably 8 p.m. while the girls watched Coronation Street. So Wednesday night at 8 p.m.. Dressed only in a robe. I was not expecting anybody to be in the bathroom and just push the door open to be greeted bye the Vision of my fantasies. Lorraine Kelly was stood in the shower wearing that tropical print bikini that she had worn in that famous episode of her show. The shower head was spraying her body sexily with warm water. My cock sprang to life standing to fool attention as I watched Lorraine Kelly in the shower dressed in that bikini.

I never heard Rosie creeping up behind me until she made me jump by pulling the robe off me from behind releasing my 12 inch cock, which slapped hard against me belly standing fully erect.

"I spoke to my mother about my anxiety about your massive cock." Rosie said.

"At first I don't think she believed me about your size, so we worked it out when you showered so mum could get a glimpse and good look at it." Rosie giggled.

"I'm telling you after seeing your massive dong, my mother is more than willing to help us out. She even told me she's never seen one that size before, dad's cock is only six and a half inches when erect, and that was the biggest she had ever had." Rosie giggled.

I looked behind to see Rosie, was stood completely naked, she wrapped her arms around my body and let her tiny pale white hands grasp my massive member. And began to Pump It up and down as we both took in the fantastic spectacle of her mother Lorraine Kelly showering in the shower in the bikini. I watched as the water cascaded over her head down her rich chestnut Brown hair, down over her sexy shoulders down her back and over her fantastic arse. Water cascading down her front between the cleavage of her perfect ample tits over her mummy tummy, filling her belly button with water. The water cascaded down here tanned legs soaking her sexy pedicured feet.

"So what are you going to do to my mother then with your big fat prick? Are you going to make her suck it? Or are you going to slide it between those wet tits? Or are you going to fuck her pussy deep with it I make her cum hard on it?" Rosie moaned.

My god I thought I was going to explode all over Lorraine Kelly's bathroom. When suddenly Lorraine turned off the shower and stepped out into the bathroom with us. Her eyes were drawn straight to my massive member which was being pumped up and down hard by her naked daughter Rosie.

"You pair are so naughty, tempting and old 58 year old woman of adultery, I've been loyal to your father Rosie for over 30 years no other cock has entered any of my holes lips or hands. I've never been tempted until now." Lorraine Kelly moaned.

Rosie was nibbling my ears and neck as she masturbated me. Lorraine Kelly her mother was seductively licking her lips, and biting her bottom lip.

"Fuck fuck fuck my Scottish twat is aching to be invaded by your massive English caber, I'm going to enjoy showing my daughter what she has been missing out on." Lorraine said.

Lorraine Kelly untied her tropical printed bikini top, letting it drop to the floor revealing to me for the first time her magnificent 36 double d tits.

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