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Daughters whored out.

He stopped at the foot of the bed and kissed me again, grabbing the hem of my blouse and pulling it up. In an admirable show of restraint, I let him take it all the way off before I started undoing the buttons on his own shirt.

When I'd gotten it unbuttoned, he shrugged it off his shoulders and unhooked my bra. My breasts spilled out, gravity pulling them down. He was already on to pulling down my pants, but when I reached to undo his belt, he grabbed my hands.

"I told you," he said. "I want to take you apart with my tongue."

"You already are," I said, standing on my toes to kiss him again.

He turned his chin up, keeping me from reaching him. "I haven't even touched you yet," he said. "And I bet you taste amazing."

I groaned and rested my head on his chest. "You're going to kill me," I muttered.

He let go of my hands and hooked his thumbs around the waistband of my slacks. "It'll be fun, though."

"Oh, yes," I said, wiggling my legs and stepping out of my pants. "Very fun."

"Panties off. Get on the bed."

I was in such a rush to do what he said that I ended up tripping and falling face-first onto the mattress. He laughed even as he helped me back up. "Graceful."

"I always am," I said dryly, adjusting my glasses to sit on my nose again.

"You good now? Not gonna trip again?"


He grinned. "Then get on, liefje."

I crawled to the middle of the bed. He followed me, carefully putting me on my back. He kissed me again, stroking my flank with a broad hand, and then started to work his way down my body, kissing my jaw, my neck, my collarbone. He paid special attention to my breasts, laving each nipple until they were both hard. He nuzzled the hollow between them and kept going down, kissing over my abdomen until he had to push my legs apart to get his head between them. I pushed myself up on my elbows.

Johannes looked up, locked eyes with me, smiled devilishly, and oh so carefully flicked out his tongue to brush against my labia. I sucked in a breath at the new sensation. He kept going, licking slow, broad strokes, and my elbows gave out. He put his hands on my thighs and I let him push them wider, making more room for him. His tongue found my clit, and I gasped.

That must have been what he was waiting for, because he picked up the speed, swirling his tongue around my clit and then licking down to the end of my labia and back up, repeating the pattern until my hips were bucking and I was damn near sobbing with how good it felt. His arms wrapped around my thighs to hold them steady. He took a deep breath and pushed his tongue deeper, finding the more sensitive nerves in the folds of my labia and then -

Oh, shit. "Johannes," I moaned.

"I got you, liefje," he said. His tongue licked my pussy again and I cried out, coming all over his face. My vision whited out with the intensity of it.

When I remembered how to breathe, he was laying next to me, idly playing with my hair. "Your jeans are still on," I muttered.


"Take 'em off, I wanna return the favor."

"It wasn't a favor," he said, but he undid his belt anyway. He had to get off the bed to take his pants and boxers off, and my breath caught. He really was a beautiful man, muscled and tall and just grey enough to be distinguished instead of old. I hadn't really seen him clearly in the lab, but now I could see every inch, and what wonderful inches they were.

"Enjoying the view?" he asked.

"Oh, yes," I breathed. "C'mere, you."

He got back on the bed and I rolled over to my hands and knees. When he was settled, I took his dick in one hand and tentatively licked it. It was salty and musky and kind of weird, but I licked the head again and pulled my hand up slowly. I was rewarded with a moan.

Emboldened, I took the head into my mouth and moved up and down, not far, just getting used to it - the pressure on my tongue, the taste of his skin. I kept looking up at him, watching his reactions, trying to figure out what came next. I'd only ever seen blowjobs in porn, and had certainly never given one before.

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