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College girl gets taken to her first play party.

Her Uncle Mark had said he'd put a couple of people on it, but they wouldn't have the same feel for what could be done that she did.

Over by the edge of the asphalt there were a couple of interesting shadows. She could just imagine them moving, flowing across the blacktop into the waiting vehicles. She snapped bolt awake. That's exactly what they were doing.

Susan tapped the alert on her com, putting Charlene on guard, and maybe the two guys that Behan had put out with them tonight. She had the wrench, but realized she had no real idea how she planned to take down the two shapes she'd seen. Angus had been right. She needed that combat course. She hoped firearms weren't in the mix. A wrench wasn't much good against a gun.

She moved down, slowly following the path the shadows had taken, pretty sure by now that there were only the two of them. The light on her com blinked.

"Report," it growled at her.

Swiftly she explained the situation, where she was, that there were two of them, no followers, and she was going in. There was no reply. The light blinked off.

She crawled over the asphalt, her black coveralls making her almost as difficult to see as the shadows she was chasing. There, a movement, and a shadow flitted past, almost within her grasp. She pulled back, watching it slide under one of the courier cars, something fast and low. She eased after it, hoping the other shadow was more intent on making mischief than protecting its fellow. The only thing she could think to do was to disable one before she chased after the other. The thought of simply calling on the saboteur to surrender almost made her laugh. That would make her a target for sure.

Susan caught up to what she'd tagged as number one shadow, a booted foot sticking out from under the car, the soft sound of a hacksaw cutting a brake line clear to her experienced ears. She pulled hard on the foot, grasping above the boot in case it was set up to pull off and release its owner. There was a muffled cry of surprise and the body slid out, moving to use the saw as a weapon, when she simply clobbered him with the wrench. She wasn't called Cold Cock without reason.

"One down," she breathed into the com.

They'd been issued handcuffs and Susan used them, plus some rope she'd found in the ready room. This shadow wasn't going anywhere.

Where on Earth was number two?

She caught a glimpse of movement over by the cube van, one of their cargo movers, though she wasn't sure whether that one had been set up as a command and attack post the way some were. She eeled around the car that now hid her captive and slipped after the movement. For a moment she moved into the light. A crash and the smack of a bullet two feet to her left proved that firearms were part of the equation tonight, but that had come from off the parking area, not the malevolent shadow person somewhere ahead and to her right. Maybe the shadows had covering fire. She dropped back into the shadow as a short fusillade broke out behind her. Thankfully, none of those shots appeared to be aimed her way.

As she rose out of the shadows, a quick movement caught her eye and she dropped again. The second intruder was coming after her, prepared to eliminate at least one of his problems before submitting to capture. He had a narrow knife, held low. It certainly looked like he knew what he was doing. Susan gripped the wrench more tightly, realizing that her one chance was to disable her opponent. If she hit him the right way, she could break his arm with the heavy wrench. She kind of hoped Charlene was all right in this mess.

The man took another step towards her. She prepared to strike, knowing that a miss meant injury, perhaps death. The man stopped abruptly, his arm disappearing behind with the knife, his other arm flailing, his third arm tight around his throat. The third arm in fact belonged to the middle-height, stocky man who grinned at her over the captive's shoulder.

"Thank you, Mr.

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