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.." and even without looking I could tell she was biting her lip. It took me a second to remember that our meeting was the one at 4.

"What is troubling you? Were the...umm...pre-requisites not met?"

"Oh no, that isn't it - perfectly done, actually, quite enjoyable - but you sent this in late last night. If you really are going to succeed, you have to take this seriously and not wait till the last minute."

"Oh is that all?" I asked with a laugh. "Well I could have sent this in last Wednesday if I knew that mattered!"

"Oh really..." and the furrowed brow again. "I guess I should make the assignments harder then..." she said to herself. I laughed, but I could tell she was thinking of something. Then she turned to face me in her seat. "Did you enjoy your...assignment?"

"Well, yeah, of course," I said, but didn't like where this was going. I should have known to expect the unexpected from Erin.

"Good...and I assume enjoyment was mutual?" She was biting her lip again.

"From my perspective, yeah, I didn't see anything to the contrary..." Her brow was furrowed for a moment, then she nodded to herself, seeming to come to some agreement.

"Good..." she said again. She was silent so I looked over, and we locked eyes. She smiled - that huge, bright smile, the one I last saw around my cock - and while she smiled, started to unbutton her long wool coat. I had to look back at the road, but when I looked back at Erin she was still sitting facing me, but wearing nothing but her fluffy white boots, her coat in a pool around her on her seat. "I didn't know you'd get to my house so soon, I wasn't quite ready but didn't want to keep you waiting..." Again the coy lip bite. I had to pull my gaze away from her body back to the road. Didn't matter - the sight was burned into my memory. Her body, hidden before in our last meeting, was breathtaking - her skin was creamy white from head to toe, the only exception being her lips and smallish areola and nipples, all a matching pink. Her breasts were perfectly cute - probably 34B, perfect for her small frame. Her legs were smooth and folded next to her seat. I stole another glance back at Erin, and she was smiling coyly still. "Hope I don't distract you too much, but I wanted to thank you for your work. It deserves something...extra."

With that she slid herself closer to me on the bench seat. Her petite hand unzipped my coat and in one smooth motion snaked itself into the front of my pants. "Ooh..." she cooed as she found my cock hard and bursting. "I think we need to do something about that." Erin deftly unbuckled my belt. I pushed my ass up so she could slide my pants down - I had learned, from Erin first and then Robin, not to bother with underwear at work anymore - and my cock was free. She moved her head down as she lightly stroked me. I could feel her warm breath close enough to my cock that condensation was forming. I urged my hips up, trying to just get a touch of those sweet lips. Suddenly she bolted upright, gripping my cock more firmly. I was steering my truck into the long winding entrance to the company, and while I was preoccupied Erin took that moment to throw her right leg across my lap.

"Hey!" I exclaimed "I have to see!" I swerved a little but regained what little control I had.

"You better concentrate and not get distracted" she said in her mischievous voice.

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