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She struggles with wounds left by a cheating beau.

He marveled at his little vixen slurping fervently on his shaft until traces of pre-cum were seeping onto her tongue. That only seemed to make her suck more eagerly, a woman worshipping his cock as if it was the only thing that mattered. His knees gave out. He sank down heavily on the tiles of the bathroom floor as she began tenderly sliding her tongue up and down his length, only to smother his cock once more with her hot little mouth. He reached underneath her with both hands to gently fondle and caress those sexy tits, groaning his encouragement as she tried to suck him dry. Then, in the last moment before the throes of orgasm would have made his churning balls explode, he managed to push her back and hold off his release.

"Let's stand up, darling. I don't want to waste my precious cum. Not yet. Hop on."

"I missed you today. Where were you?" his wife whined. But she mounted him even as the disapproval in her voice vanished, replaced by her sigh as his cock sank deep up her cunt. Her hands were gripping his back as his cock slid through her tight slit. Her ass cheeks felt the cold tiles of the bathroom wall as he pinned her there with his masculine bulk. He thrust up into her again and again and again, grunting with a rhythmic cadence as he fucked this woman who drove him absolutely crazy with affection...and desire.

"Where were you?!" his wife repeated, panting as they fucked, her tone letting him know he couldn't get by without answering her.

"Work...uh...was...uh...very demanding...uh!" he managed, his grunts deepening as his shaft felt the delicious squeeze of her vice-like cunt around his girth.

"Was it?" she panted. Her eyes looked at him with tenderness, love...and lust. "Time to forget about all that. Now kiss me," she ordered. He leaned forward, their lips joining as her tongue took power over his. He didn't mind. In fact, he loved it. He kissed her back so voraciously that he almost forgot to breathe. Her hips hugged his waist as he kept lancing his shaft deeper and deeper into her soft, welcoming wetness. She cooed louder the more he fucked her. The way she moaned drove him wild. It made him feel like the luckiest man alive.

Then her hands were clenching as the orgasm exploded in her loins. Her cunt gripped his cock like a tightened fist, spurring him to an eruption of his own. He groaned a low, plaintive cry as he blasted his wife's pussy with his seed. He kissed her ferociously as he pinned her against the wall, pumping her full of his cum...until at last, realizing he was leaning against her so that he had her breasts crushed against his chest, he stepped back and pulled her to him. He enfolded her in his arms. She sighed and nuzzled against him. They just stood there like that until the water from the shower finally went from hot to warm, warm to lukewarm. Lukewarm to cold...

Khalil turned off the water and handed his wife a towel. Later, as they lay in bed, his naked body draped over hers, she shifted restlessly.

"What is it, love?"

Ravenna turned. Her innocent eyes looked happy...but somehow if she was searching for something she'd never find.

"Lately you've been working a lot, and I've been thinking..."

He frowned, not liking the expression on her face or the tone in her words. His hand slipped down to her sex, toying with her clit. She gasped.

"Khalil, stop." Her protests died as he fingered her slowly but surely to an intense climax, her cunt cream leaving a distinct wet spot on the sheets. Then he gathered her back into his arms, thinking he'd safely dodged a bullet.

He hadn't. A half hour later she nuzzled him back awake.

"Khalil, we need to talk."

"About what?" he said sleepily.

"I know when we married, I promised not to ask...but part of me wonders..."

"Wonders what?"

"This life with you, I wouldn't trade it for anyth

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