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Marina finally gets the rough treatment she's longed for.

I wanted her to feel embarrassed, even humiliated, by my action, but I couldn't tell how effective it was.

It wasn't long before Becky did begin react though, her breathing became less coordinated again, and she started to move her hips sinuously against my thighs. I answered that by pulling my finger right back until it was only just inside her and then working my next finger in alongside it. Becky gasped as the two fingers slid back into her rectum, and then moaned with pleasure very quietly at each thrust as her second orgasm began to creep up on her.

"Will you fuck my arse?" She asked after a while and when her orgasm seemed closer. She had urgency in her voice, as if she really, really wanted it and wanted it right now.

"Wait and see."

"Are you going to fuck my arse? I want you to fuck my arse."

I took my fingers from her rectum and slapped her hard, once on each buttock, making her cry out from surprise and pain.

"I said, wait and see! If you feel my cock slide in, you'll know your arse is going to be fucked. If you don't feel me enter you, then it isn't going to be, is it?"

She was silent.

"Do you think you've proved yourself as a slut?" I asked after a short pause.

Becky nodded silently in reply.

"Tell me what you think you are."

"I am a slut. I am a complete, nasty, dirty, sex mad slut. I will do anything you wish, I will be fucked in any hole you wish, by anything you wish - or anybody you wish."

She looked back at me with the glint of lust in her eye. Her bottom might have been sore, but the things we were doing were making her feel very horny and up for anything. She was deliberately talking dirty with the intention of egging me on, something she confirmed with what she said next.

"All I ask is that you spank me and use me as you see fit, and make me cum as often as you like."

"You don't think you should be making me cum then?" I asked her sarcastically.

She realised her mistake. "Of course. I didn't mention it because I thought it went without saying."

I had to give her full marks for a good recovery.

"Then you had better start now. Kneel down and suck my cock."

If you have never been in the position to simply order a beautiful woman to kneel and suck you off with every expectation of obedience, then you can have no idea of the buzz that comes with it, even before her mouth closes over you. To make a woman act like that gives a tremendous feeling of power, almost like an Eastern Potentate with his body slave.

Becky is always very good with her mouth, and this time in particular the moment her lips closed over the head of my cock I knew I was going to enjoy it. She seemed as though she were determined to give me the best head she's ever given anyone and she really worked at it. I looked down at her kneeling between my knees and I could see just the top of her head as she concentrated solely on my pleasure.
The first thing she did was to coat my cock with a layer of saliva, running her mouth and tongue along its length until it was all wet and shiny. Then, making a ring from finger and thumb she started to rub them up and down my shaft, while her mouth worked on my cock head. God, it was good. Her tongue traced wet rings around my head, swirling and circling round and over, while her lips pistoned up and down in concert with her hand, sucking hard on me all the time. Then her hand wrapped itself around my balls and rolled them around, sending me another step towards heaven.

I'm tempted to say that I could have stood Becky's attentions forever, but that wouldn't be quite accurate. In truth I could have stood them until about five seconds after I'd shot my load into her mouth, but that's a physical limitation not a preference, and I have to say that Becky's mouth over my cock that day was one of the most fantastic sensations I've ever felt.

I had intended that this should only be an instructional interlude before I reddened

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