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Reformed outlaw finds redemption with a genie's help.

Without a word, Sora leaned back against the base of the sofa as Tyler rifled through the candy. He picked up several pieces then brushed the pile aside, scattering bits of colourful confection all over the rug. He pulled himself forward on the rug towards his wife as she sat with her legs spread apart.

Dropping his clutch of candy onto the floor beside him, he picked out a small piece of sour-apple tangy taffy. He placed the soft candy between his teeth and leaned in close to his Sora. She wrapped her mouth around it and quickly the two of them worked to pull the stretchy, sour-sweet candy between them with their lips, tongues, and teeth.

"Mmm," Sora moaned softly as she licked her husband's upper lip, claiming the last bit of taffy for herself.

As she savoured the taffy in her mouth, Tyler continued to kiss her, moving across to her cheek then to her chin. He slid down to her neck as she tilted her head back. He covered her with wet, loud kisses. His fingers moved to the collar of her costume, hooked the zipper, and slid it down to her belly with a deliberate ease. Parting her red costume slightly, his tender kisses resumed their downward course along her soft, tan flesh.

Her breathing growing heavier by the second, Sora reached down and picked up a pack of large jelly rings. She fumbled with the packaging with one hand but managed to pull out one of the squishy loops of jelly just as Tyler had peeled back one side of her costume revealing a firm, sloping breast.

"Wait. Wait," she breathed.

Tyler leaned back a little and watched quietly as she took the ring and placed it over her dark brown areola, her nipple barely fitting in the hole of the sweet. He smiled crookedly then quickly attacked his wife's literally sweet breast with his tongue. He licked and socked at the soft candy covering the it and her nipple, along with her fingers that held it in place, with his saliva.

Sora curled her bottom lip back over her teeth, cooing softly each time his tongue brushed over her stiffening nipple. Her high cheeks were glowing pink as the heat within her intensified.

As the candy slowly melted away from the incessant lashing of his tongue, Tyler reached up to her shoulders and yanked her costume down, pulling it past her elbows, fully baring her heaving chest. Grabbing two lengths of Pixie Sticks, he bit off the ends and poured the colourful sugar all over her breasts and stomach, filling her belly button.

"I did say moderation, didn't I?" she joked.

"Fuck moderation," he grinned and tossed aside the empty wrappers.

Sora giggled then sighed as Tyler went to work on her. He slalomed his tongue over her body lapping the sugar spilled over her milky tan flesh. He savoured long hard sucks of her nipples, enjoyed the smoothness of her stomach, and swirled his tongue around her belly button before using his tip to lap out the sugar that filled it. Her belly hitched as his licks tickled her, and he flicked at it with his tongue every time it did. Tyler took his time rolling his mouth over her body until every last grain of sugar had been removed from her skin.

Tyler kneeled back, breathing deeply. His lips and chin were flecked with coloured sugar. Sora slipped the sleeves of her costume off her wrists and wriggled to her knees. She pulled at the bottom of her husband's tunic.

"Zeus' turn," she said with a sharp grin.

Tyler helped her lift his one piece costume up over his head. He readjusted the laurel on his short, curly, caramel-coloured hair. He kind of liked the olive-leaf crown. His boxer shorts, however, were quickly discarded leaving him as a god should be: in his full natural glory.

Sora took a moment to admire her husband's nude, athletic body. His white skin was pulled tight over well-defined, long muscles. Her eyes narrowed on his erect member: hard, rippling, and with a slight curve. She bent down and claimed it quickly in her mouth.

Tyler tilted his head up and rubbed his wife's bare back as she bobbed her head up and down on his length.

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