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Leanna gets more than she bargained for at the ball.

He kept moving his head from the road, to you, to the road. I slowed down a bit, and he had to move ahead because of the cars behind him.

You deep throated me a few times, and massaged my balls. I wanted to squirm, but had to stay focused on the road. I glanced to the right again, and there was another car, this time with a gorgeous woman staring wide-eyed at your cunt. A big smile came across her face, and then she had to look back at the road. This time I sped up a little, tailgating the car in front of me.

You removed your mouth and started to stroke me. I saw an opportunity to pass on the left, and did. I passed 2 cars rapidly, and then pulled back into the middle lane, right next to another car. I looked over and saw a very attractive couple in their early 20's, one male driver, one female passenger, she leaning over him, both craning to get a good view of your dripping womanhood.

While continuing to stroke, you said "pull over at the next rest stop. I want some of that."

The next rest stop was about 3 miles ahead, and you wouldn't touch me the whole time. I pulled off the highway. It was one of those rest stops that didn't have a bathroom, so there weren't too many cars. The cars we saw all had people in them. We pulled up as far from any cars as we could. There were picnic tables about 50 feet away, but no people at them.

You said "we're going to make a run for the picnic tables, without putting any clothes on."

My cock leaped at the thought.

We opened our doors slowly, and looked around. There was no way to know if any of the people in the other cars were looking, but honestly, we didn't care. We both got out, and nonchalantly walked to the nearest picnic table, my erect cock swinging ahead of me, and your ass jiggling behind you.

So far so good. I sat down on the bench, facing out to the road (thus making this even more risky and exciting) and you turned, moved your ass toward me, grabbed my cock, made an adjustment, and plunged down on it. Hard, fast, and squishy. You began to ride up and down, and I began to meet your movements with my own. I figured your eyes were closed, but I couldn't help checking out the surroundings.

The doors of a car about 100 feet away opened, and two people got out. They began to walk toward us. I got a little nervous until I recognized them as the young couple we had last seen on the highway, ogling us a few minutes ago. And they were even hotter than I originally thought.

They didn't hesitate at all. They walked straight toward us, and stopped about 15 feet away, and just stared. The man had a big bulge in his pants. The woman looked a little giddy.

I whispered to you "We have company."

You opened your eyes, and not missing a beat, you said "Hello. Come closer so you can see better."

Stunned, they did. During all of this, you kept moving smoothly up and down on me, letting your finger massage your clit to heighten your excitement.

The couple stopped about 5 feet away.

The man started rubbing the front of his jeans, and you said to him "feel free to let it out and enjoy yourself."

He unzipped and a huge erection popped out. Wow, I knew this would get you even hotter, and you started moving faster and plunging on to me deeper.

The man started masturbating, and you looked at the woman and said "well, what about you?"

She didn't need to be asked twice. She unzipped her jeans, pulled them down to her feet, then pulled her thong down to her feet, and stood up, not bothering to remove the clothes. She was locked in by the clothes at her ankles, but she didn't care. She had very shapely legs and a beautiful shaved pussy. She started to furiously rub her clit while she stuck a finger of her other hand into her cunt.

I was mesmerized by the two of them, not to mention having my world rocked by your up and down moves. It looked like we were all going to come soon.

You said "give it to me baby, I want you to cum hard in me. And you two, let it go anytime you want. We like watching you, too."

This talk put all of us over the top.

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