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Love and sex in a time of war.

Sam loved it when she wore those wonderfully feminine furry sweaters, because the combination of her gorgeous blonde Barbie-doll good looks with the sensuous fluffy angora wrapped around her busty upper body was simply divine.

Many times, these exotic designer sweaters were full-coverage, in very normal and somewhat plain designs like pullovers with scoop necks that were not very low-cut. But other times she wore tiny little crop-top styles, deep V-necks or button-down cardigans, and when she did, those buttons always seemed to be unbuttoned just enough to reveal some incredible cleavage.

And then there was Vivi's collection of sky-high heels, which Sam would soon come to understand were the cornerstone of any sexy seductive outfit...but more on that later!

Sam would never forget, as long as he lived, the very first time he feasted his eyes on Vivi. She showed up just before class began on the first day of his sophomore year. It was after almost everyone else had already chosen a seat, and his heart skipped a beat when he saw her appear though the doorway and come strutting into the room just as the bell rang.

Let me tell you, when this gorgeous, young busty blonde girl walked into that classroom, it was like everyone there, boys and girls alike, stopped what they were doing and stared at HER. Several people even nudged their friends and motioned with their heads toward this luscious feminine creature, and conversations that were already winding down in preparation for the class to begin suddenly ground to a halt.

The click-click-click of her high heels reverberated around the room as she moved past each row of students toward the front, and heads turned one by one as she went by. She sashayed down to the front row and plopped herself down in the seat at the end, and the entire room went silent as she adjusted herself in her seat and casually lifted up one leg, crossing it over the other.

Sam was sitting one row back in the middle, and he had a simply perfect view of this gorgeous goddess. He found that he didn't even have to turn his head, he could look straight ahead at the professor and just move his eyes to get a peek at her. And wow, she was just plain stunning. I mean, Sam had seen women that looked like her before, but only in porn movies, never in real life! She was quite simply every guy's Barbie-doll sex kitten fantasy!

Her long, golden blonde hair had lighter blonde highlights, almost white looking, and it was fluffed up softly and loosely on top of her head. It was teased up away from her ears and it fell down her back in loose, silky waves. And those bold, sultry facial features were accentuated by a carefully applied makeup job, not exactly the "natural" look that some girls do where you're supposed to think they're not wearing makeup at all.

No, this was clearly a very glamorous style of putting on makeup, and it was clear from their reactions that everyone was surprised that anyone would get so dolled up like that just for a class. Her deep green eyes were highlighted by a gray/green eye shadow, and the different colors were blended together to give depth to the shape of her eyelids and the area just below her perfectly plucked eyebrows.

She had beautifully long eyelashes too (Sam would later learn they were "falsies"), with black mascara carefully applied to them. They were really quite striking and gave her that irresistibly feminine Barbie-doll look. Shades of pink and reddish rouge were blended onto her high, prominent cheekbones too, giving them a look of depth with beautiful shapely contours.

The next thing Sam noticed was her lips...oh my god, were they sexy! A reddish pink shade of lipstick coated them, and a darker red lip-liner enhanced them around the edges, and they looked incredibly full, luscious and pouty.

And then.

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