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The meeting...Again.

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The man reached over and started to play with Jenny's tits again. She could feel his cock hardening against her thigh. He was really tireless! When he had regained a suitable stiffness, he covered her body in a quite classical missionary position. He skewered her even easier than on the previous occasion. She hissed in rapture : - Yessss! That's how I like it, too. Give it to me hard! Don't spare me! He made her reach another climax with just a few wild strokes. He waited patiently until all the aftermaths of their glorious ride had ebbed down until he resumed fucking her for his own pleasure, a tribute to his unhuman staying power. He rammed his cock deep into the frail figure in his powerful arms. She could just mutter incoherently :

- OH! Yes! Yes, fuck me again! Fuck me hard! Make me scream! YESSSS!

As he continued ramming her hard, she clenched her nails in his back, drawing blood. He just groaned as he pushed his cock deeper into her pussy. She had just another orgasm as he blasted load after load of his rich cream deep into her belly. New waves of pleasure rocked her spine. Finally, his cock slipped out of her pussy that wasn't so tight any more. Jenny slumped into a deep sleep. When she woke up, she discovered that the man had laid her on the floor, not exactly the floor, she was spread out on a Royal Tiger's pelt, probably a hunting trophy of one of Prince Kyrhan's ancestors.

It was Kira's latest discovery in the palace : a corridor that led to the center of a former bastion. It was about to collapse and the Dalits had to worked hard to stabilize it. The corridor led to a large room that was filled with hunting trophies and, wrapped in perfectly airtight bags, about one hundred pelts of tigers. After cleaning, these pelts now decorated the different bedrooms of the harem. Of course, the most beautiful had found a place in Kyrhan's bedroom and a few other ones in the reception hall of the hotel. Leena had told her that the latest fad among the members of the prince's harem was getting fucked by him naked on the pelt. Kira and Leena were quite eager for it, it seemed!

Jenny found that she would succumb quite easily to that strange addiction. She couldn't wait to have her mysterious lover fucking her on that tiger trophy! She felt guilt and confusion as she thought about the recent events. She really enjoyed being fucked by the Dalits like a whore and even more so by her mysterious lover. She couldn't imagine a life without them but at the same time, she dearly loved Mark. For the time being, he was occupied with his little slut Sue. What was she going to do when their bellies would start to swell and Mark would finally be back home?

It had been her decision to allow the Dalits to touch her and make love to her. She could have put an end to it in a heart beat. She had allowed them to take her, she wanted it as much as they did. There was nothing to explain, it was just mutual attraction.

Jenny closed her eyes and put her hand to her breasts. If she couldn't see them, she could feel their firmness. She could smell her lover's virile scent on her body. It was strange to realize how hard she had reacted to him. With Mark, their lovemaking had always be gentle but with this man, it was completely different : much more sensual and passionate. She remembered the irrational lust she had for him on their first encounter, a couple of hours before. She remembered the way he had manhandled her but remained, yet, so gentle. She tried her best to please him because she wanted it, because somewhere she liked him.

Jenny uncrossed her legs and stretched them out. She slowly tilted her head back as she lay stretched out on the tiger pelt. She felt totally relaxed. Her body still ached from the intense love making that she had with her lover just a few minutes ago. So far, she couldn't face the idea she LOVED him, differently than Mark but quite as fervently!

Jenny leaned backward with her legs still stretched out, holding her thighs under her knees and pressing them onto her boobs.

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