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A professor makes an older student his slave.

can't stop it, fuck, fuck, fuck!"

Barbie orgasmed two more times before she felt the egg stop vibrating; she was trying to catch her breath when she looked up at Jay. She started to say something but he cut her off.

"Obviously we need to set some ground rules; Barbie, I am in control. Don't ever talk to me like that again and don't ever pull a spiteful stunt like you did on the dance floor a few minutes ago. Consider this a warning and mild punishment to what will happen if you ever do this again; do you understand?"

Jay had never spoken to her this way before; she was stunned at how firm his voice was. He definitely got his point across that he was in control. The only response Barbie felt appropriate was...

"Yes Sir, I understand."

"Being a horny slut is one thing, I'm ok with that; but I will not tolerate a spiteful bitch. I thought you trusted me. At first I thought you were just playing, having fun, then when you looked at me I knew what you were doing and why. Unlike you I can control my urges; I wasn't going to do anything with the redhead except what you saw on the dance floor. I admit it, it was fun; everyone likes attention and knowing they are wanted, but what you did is unacceptable."

"I'm sorry Jay. I promised you would have a wonderful time and I ruined things again. I don't blame you if you hate me. You deserve better.'

"Barbie, I don't hate you, and I am having a wonderful time. Watching you submitting to the power of the remote was very exciting. And you're right, I deserve better; but I don't want anyone else, I want to be with you. I deserve better from you, there is no one better than you."

"Yes Sir, you're correct; you do deserve better from me. I have a lot of making up to do don't I?

Jay could not disagree, she had said she would make up for the many things she had done. He could not forget all that had happened in the past; Jay felt Barbie still needed to prove she could be trusted.

"Yes you do, and most of the time you do very well; but then you do something irrational and it sets you back having to start all over again. Let's get a few things straight between us; you will do what I say without questioning me; everything, and I mean everything you do will be to please me. You said you are mine, you belong to me, and I am taking you at your word, literally."

"Yes Sir."

"You best never disrespect me again the way you did on the dance floor a little while ago. If you do, I will not give you the pleasure of letting you go; you will face punishment from me at my discretion for your actions much like you did just now. I love you Barbie, I love you too much to let you go; I want to keep you but I expect a certain level of behavior from of you. Now... you can either agree and we will be ok, or you can refuse and we will leave right now; the decision is yours."

"Yes Sir"

"Yes Sir... what?"

"Yes Sir I agree with everything you said. I said I belong to you and I meant it, I agree I belong to you. Everything I do from now on will be to please you; and if I don't I understand I will be corrected and punished for my actions. I love you too Jay, more than you could ever imagine; and when I say I will do anything for you I mean it, anything. I understand I deserved what you did to me and why; I brought it upon myself. I'm sorry Jay."

"I am going to hold you to it; it's your choice to adhere to my requests or you can leave."

"Jay, what you are saying is not too much to ask; I should have never acted the way I did. You deserve better from me and you will get it. I am yours to do with as you please; whatever your desires may be they will also be my desires. May I ask a question?"

"Yes, what is it?"

"I think I understand what I am not to do; if I have any questions I will ask you first. When you said 'Being a horny slut is one thing' what were you saying? I don't want to assume I know what you meant and be wrong."

"I am saying I don't mind you being a horny slut, it is the way you are; I couldn't change that about you if I tried.

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