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Watching young neighbor turns into unexpected intimacies.

"Hmm, yes," her daughter smiled, her mind drifting back to what she had witnessed the night before....


A few days had passed. Lynda hadn't seen anything more of Verity since that first meeting, either outside the flat or in her bedroom. She had knocked on the door a couple of days earlier but didn't get an answer. After spending the evening round at one of her friends, she arrived back at almost midnight.

"Hmm, just one more," she sighed, taking a bottle of wine from the fridge and pouring herself a glass. Flopping down on the sofa, she took a sip and picked up the book she had been trying to finish for weeks now. Managing to get through two more chapters as she finished the glass of wine, she decided to go bed.

"Sod it," Lynda yawned, closing the book.

Stepping into the bedroom, she was about to switch on the light when she noticed a dim glow coming from Verity's bedroom window.

"Oh God, please be there," she whispered to herself, sneaking over to her window and peeking round the edge of the curtains. The room was empty, but she decided to wait a little while just in case. After about five minutes, she guessed she must have just left the bedside lamp on by accident.

"Hmm, she must be out," she shrugged, giving a disheartened sigh.

She was about to draw the curtains when Verity appeared, dressed in long black nightgown. Feeling a sudden jolt in her stomach, Lynda watched gobsmacked as the voluptuous girl shrugged off the silky garment to reveal she was completely naked beneath.

"Oh my God!" Lynda gasped as her gaze fell upon the beautiful vision before her, bathed in the half-light of the bedside lamp.

Her eyes were instantly drawn to the neatly trimmed dark triangle of hair between Verity's thick, ivory thighs; the more she looked, the more she could feel her clit tingling. Standing motionless for a moment with her hands by her sides and her eyes closed, Verity then began her 'routine' of lunges and stretches. For a girl of her physique, she was remarkably supple, being able to contort her body into positions which made Lynda wince, finishing off her routine with the splits.

"That's incredible," the older woman whispered, slipping her hand under the waistband of her jeans.

Getting up off the floor, Verity then lay down on her bed and took something out of the bedside draw. At first, Lynda couldn't make out what it was, but it soon became very apparent as the voluptuous brunette lay back on the bed and held the object between her legs.

"Oh God Verity yes!" Lynda gasped, slipping her fingers inside her thong and rubbing her aching clit as she watched Verity writhing round on the bed pushing herself towards orgasm. Sinking her fingers deep into her dripping snatch she gripped the window sill as she felt her knees weakening, the sight of Verity arching her back in ecstasy sending her over the edge.

"Verity!...ohhhh fffuuck!" she screamed, falling back on to the bed as the climax racked her body, making her groan and claw at the bedclothes. After lying there for a few minutes she got up and looked across at Verity's window; the room was now in darkness.

"Goodnight beautiful," Lynda whispered, smiling to herself. Getting undressed, she slipped into bed and tried to get some sleep......


Over the next two weeks Lynda watched Verity's routine a further three times; the pair still hadn't spoke to each other since that first meeting, Lynda couldn't seem to pluck up the courage to knock on Verity's door again. She was a little worried that she was becoming obsessed with her beautiful neighbour and that if she struck up a friendship with her it would just make things worse. On reflection, she had decided just to admire her neighbour from afar rather than complicate things further. That was until one Tuesday evening...

Returning home from work, Lynda was just about to step into the lift when a voice called out behind her.

"Lynda, wait!"

Turning round, she found Verity running towards her.

'Oh God', she thou

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