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He learns that you have a whore's attitude.

My mind was spinning out of control. I turned on the shower leaving it on cold and went to peek at Mommy and Rene. I heard mommy and Rene talking quietly as if telling secrets.

"Rene, so tell me, do like Sara's changes?"

"Yes, Janet I do."

"Rene, please, from now on I would prefer if you call me. Mommy, is that clear."

"Yes, Mommy"

"Rene, have you ever seen your mother like this?" Mommy asked, as she spread her thighs even farther apart.

I almost gasped. I could see clearly from my hide place that Mommy's pussy was wet.

"No, Mommy I haven't, but I always wanted to. But you know my mother, and how conservative she is."

"Well Rene, all boys who wanna be girls should know what their Mommy's look like naked."

My mommy was teasing Rene. Mommy's eyes were looking at Rene from head to toe in the most flirtatious way. She patted the bed next to her.

"Rene, come sit next to me," Mommy said.

"So you like Sara's changes? How would you feel about me helping you to become a girl?"

"Oh my gosh, would you?" Rene replied.

Rene was excited, his cock was hard and standing straight up as Mommy reached over and caressed the tip. His cock was leaking pre cum. Mommy pulled her hand back and licked her fingers. I heard her moan. Then she sat up a bit and rearranged the pillows, laying one on each side of her thighs. I was confused.

I asked myself, "What's she doing?"

Mommy said, "Rene, come lay across my lap with your bottom between my thighs, your head and legs on the pillows. It will be far more comfortable for us that way."

I was incensed with jealousy. I was angered and aroused. I was a mess of mixed and conflicted emotions. My body was trembling from envy, as I fondled and stroked my clitty. Rene's cock was so hard. I hungered to suck him, but I was sure Mommy had her own plan for him. I could see the passion in her eyes, her yearning for a young hard cock. Mommy's nipples were hard, I so badly wanted to nurse from her breasts, sucking and licking her hard nubs.

I heard Mommy, "Rene, before you lay down, come and kiss Mommy's breasts, My nipples are aching for attention."

I watched as Rene went to his hands and knees and took her nipple in his mouth. From my position, Rene's bottom was in full view. His hard cock hung down needing to be milked. I could just barely see his rear hole.

"Ooooooooh, that's a good girl Rene, suck them little girl, you're making Mommy so wet."

Rene went from one breast to the other, licking and sucking Mommy's tits. When Mommy had enough she directed Rene to lay across her lap.

"Now lay down and try and relax Rene, Mommy wants to help you," Mommy said with a grin.

I watched as Mommy's hand held Rene's cock. I heard him whimper softly as she began slowly stroking him.

"Mmmmmm, Rene from now on this is your clitty. It's so hard. Are you a horny little girl, Rene? Do you like Mommy masturbating your clitty?"

I watched as Rene's clear nectar ran from the head of his clitty. Envy ran hot through my veins as Mommy caressed and teased him. I heard his moans and whimpers as she touched and stroke him.

"Spread your legs Rene, Mommy wants to show you your pussy. That's a good girl, now just lay back and relax."

My cliity was so hard, it was oozing cum like Rene. I licked my fingers tasting my own clear pre cum. I was trembling from arousal, edging closer to cuming. Mommy's hand was between Rene's legs, her finger had found his pussy and had begun to slowly enter his puckered hole. Rene whimpered again as her finger fucked him. Her pace was faster as she firmly gripped his clitty.

" you feel helpless Rene? Are you close to cuming Rene? Are you?" Mommy demanded.

"Yes, Mommy I'm so close, Please don't stop, Mommy, Please don't"

"Now, now, it's time for good little girls to learn control," Mommy said as she released his clitty. "You should go take a shower with Sara, and there will be no touching or cuming, you are to save yourself until I say you may cum."

I watched as Mommy laid back.

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