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The first story of Gabriel and Persia.

Lucinda was laughing as she looked up at her husband and father-in-law who were finally letting go of Mary, and as Mac let his hand softly caress the girl's still-heaving chest he asked, "You come Mary?"

They all roared at that, even Mary who still looked like she just got of a carnival ride a couple of minutes later when Lucinda knee-walked up to her and kissed her, offering her a taste of her own cum.

"Got me all fired up girl," Lucinda declared as she knelt next to Mary, running her fingers through her dense bush.

"I never did that," Mary said but she was nodding when she said it, and Lucinda promptly raised her leg and straddled the teen's face.

"Just get lapping honey," Lucinda announced as she lowered herself onto Mary's mouth. "I'll show you the way. That's it."

Lucinda began grinding her pussy into Mary's face while the girl stuck her tongue out and wiggled it around while the coarse curls of Lucinda's bush raked over her cheeks. Down below, Eric was spreading Mary's thighs again and dipping his cock into her soggy sex.

"She's something, ain't she?" Mac asked at he knelt in front of his daughter-in-law and letting her put her arms around his neck for support while his balls rubbed the top of Mary's head.

"She doing good daddy," Lucinda grunted as she rode the teen's face like a hobby horse. "Think she'll rim me?"

"Course she will," Mac assured Lucinda.

"Want to cum first," the lean and lanky black woman purred, and it wasn't too much longer before she was hanging onto Mac for dear life as she came hard, announcing the girl's first venture into cunnilingus a success.

Lucinda climbed off of Mary's flushed face and after plucking a little curly off her cheek turned around to face the other way and spread her ass cheeks out as far as she could.

"Toss my salad baby," Lucinda declared as she eased down gently. "Oh yeah! Lick that knot. Look at you take that dick too!"

Down lower Lucinda watched her husband sliding a great deal of his stiff sidewinder in and out of Mary's furry grotto. Behind Lucinda, Mac was still supporting his daughter-in-law as his arms wrapped around Lucinda to knead her breasts while he nuzzled into her neck.

"Feeling left out," Mac told her as he nibbled her neck.

"Aw!" Lucinda moaned as she reached back to grab her father-in-law's head to hold him tight. "Something gonna open up for you quick. You ain't bored are you Daddy?"

"No baby," the patriarch said as his hands slid up and down her sleek and slippery body, over her ribs which were slick from the rivulets of sweat pouring from her furry underarms. "I'm getting my jollies watching you kids."

"Don't you cum baby," Lucinda told Eric who was still slowly sliding his cock in and out of the the teen. "Got to watch you two do her together like you said."

"Then you better get your ass off her face woman, because I'm not going to be able to hold back much longer," Eric told his wife, and with that she reluctantly climbed off of Mary's head so that the men could take over.

Mac got onto his back and wiggled his semi-turgid cock in the air, explaining that he was going to need to get hard while suggesting the two girls could probably get that done fast.

"C'mon honey," Lucinda said as she knelt at Mac's right hip. "Get on over there and let's get Daddy hard. "You want him in the ass or the cunt?"

"Uh - I don't know," Mary said, her eyes bugging when she saw Mac's daughter-in-law pulling on his cock. "Whatever they want."

"No wonder they crazy about you," Lucinda said before bowing her head and taking the bulbous knob of the elder Green's manhood between her lush lips, and after going up and down the end of the tool offered it to Mary.

"Both of you lick it together," Mac said while getting them to move so he could watch their two tongues swabbing his stiffening cock. "That's so sweet. Lick it good. Do some kissing there too if you like... Oh that looks nice!"

The four lips met around the tip of the crown while their tong

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