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He hears giggling upstairs and goes to investigate.

Kitty becomes increasingly excited as she watches the two women kissing and fondling each other on a bed as the husband walks through the bedroom door, in shock.

"Honey," the wife announces, "I brought you a present. Sit down on the couch for a while and enjoy the show."

Kitty cups and massages her breasts as she watches the women reveal, then lick and nip at each others' breasts. Kitty begins to grind her hips into my rock hard crotch as she watches the actresses get off the bed and crawl toward the lucky man in the video. With her platform heels on the floor Kitty rises up to pull my gym shorts down. She then unzips her crotch to expose her dripping pussy. In seconds, she lowers herself onto my cock without ever taking her eyes off the screen. Her rhythm is slow and methodical as she squeezes her breasts with her latex covered hands. The sight of my wife's pert little ass with her legs spread wide while riding my cock and her slim waistline is as good or better than the beautiful porn stars. One of the actresses begins licking the man's cock while the other licks his balls. Kitty arches her back and spreads her legs to the maximum to get all of my cock. Her rhythm increases as her long blond pony tail slaps me in the face. She lets out a couple of guttural, "meows".

As the video wife's best friend climbs on to the husband's cock and the wife continues to play with his balls.

We can take no more, and simultaneously explode in earth shaking orgasms. Kitty hisses and growls for over a minute before settling into a peaceful purr. She refuses to vacate my cock and it isn't long before I am hard again. She slowly rocks back and forth on me as the sex scenes continue with the women switching into various positions.

A scene appears with the wife riding her husband's face and has her own face buried in the girlfriend's pussy. Kitty lets out a long, "Meoow," and soon is riding me hard and fast, building toward a second orgasm. She cums on my rock hard cock a second time leaving her purring and nearly asleep. She lays back on my chest and continues to keep her eyes open as the threesome change to various positions.... In, reflection, it wasn't odd that Megan chose a movie with a blond wife and her redhead best friend. Megan's best friend, Lena, has thick, long red hair. In fact, as soon as the movie was downloaded, I thought of Lena. At 5'7" she is an inch taller than my wife. Her very trim, athletic body is offset by D-cup breasts that give her a very exotic look. She regularly shows off her assets with low-cut tops and tight jeans. She is nearly always wearing high heels. Lena oozes femininity. She lives alone, since being divorced a few years prior but has never found a steady.

Curiously, Lena has been spending more time with Megan. I have seen her around the house quite often. I never complain. I've had a private fantasy about a threesome with her for years but never shared it with my wife. I wonder about the beauty of woman's intuition. Lena has always dressed more sexily than my wife. But lately, Megan could be rivaling her. I wonder if Lena might be teaching Megan how to be more comfortable with her sexuality. They have spent nearly the entire day shopping together 3 different times in the last 2 months. In the last hour of our 6 hour encounter, I begin teasing Kitty about watching a porn movie and especially about a FFM threesome. Holding the remote, I rewind to one intimate sex scene where the women are in 69 while the husband fucks her friend's ass. Kitty is on the bed on all fours as I stand on the floor and enter her pussy doggie style. She gyrates her hips with constant "Meows" as we watch the video scene unfold. With each slow thrust into her pussy I implicate her:

"So, you like this idea of a threesome with another woman, huh?"

"Meow, meow," (yes) she responds.

"I noticed you chose a redhead. Did you do that on purpose?"

"Meow, Meow."

"Lena is a red head, isn't she."

"Meow, Meow.

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