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A succubus returns to have her wicked vengeance.

My eyes were just locked onto her beautiful green eyes and those sensuous little lips I imagined what it would be like to place my lips against hers

"Are you okay?" she asked

"Yes just a fantasy moment I guess!" I told her.

"First you're checking out my ass and now a fantasy moment!" she said with a smile "I can just imagine what you are fantasizing about.

"Let's just do our village!" I told her.

It was something to pass the time as winter time was so boring. We would take sticks and trace out streets and then place boxes and write in with the sticks what businesses they were. Before you knew it we had a small village of our very own. It was not going to be so easy today as the snow was just not letting it happen. It seemed right after we drew a box or a new street the wind driven snow covered it up. It was just snowing too hard and blowing all over the place.

"Is it getting colder out here or what?" she asked as she stood in front of me. She pulled me closer to her as she buried her head in my chest. Her snow covered hair made a place to nestled my face into to exchange our warmth. I could smell the faint trace of perfume she had applied this morning in anticipation of going to campus for the day. I did not know what was coming over me as I could feel the hardness happening in my groin.

"Freezing my balls off" I blurted out.

"Yes I know I can feel them against me" she replied as she looked up into my face with a smile.

It took me by surprise what she said and I felt embarrassed but still kept her in my embrace

"Let's go in the old outhouse and get out of this cold wind" she said as she grabbed my hand and led the way. "We don't want you to lose your balls now do we?"

It struck me funny because it seemed Steph was revealing a side I never saw of her before. Di she realize I was more or less in heat over her and she was accepting it. But what was I suppose to do next. We headed for the old outhouse that sat behind the garage or barn which at one time it was but now was used as a garage. It was a fairly large outhouse with two seats and a plenty of room to sit down. It had been not used in years and just smelled of old wood. Its rustic charm was appealing with the sun bleached wood and warped boards with all the knots splitting from age. The wood has shrunken in its aging process and gaps in the wood allowed you to see outside but at least it kept the cold wind from blowing in on you.

"Ah that's a lot better wouldn't you say?" she asked as she shut the door.

"Yes actually it's pretty warm in here" I replied

"I don't know about warm!" she blurted out. "But I do know all this cold wind has made me have to go pee already"

I just watched her as she removed her coat and hung it on one of the nails on the door that made up a row of so called hooks. Without any hesitation Steph just undid her jeans and along with her pink panties slid them down and sat on the toilet seat that surrounded the hole. I could not help but to notice her patch of fiery red pubic hair between her legs and that cute small tush of hers as she turned around. Listening to her pee just forced me the need to go also.

"Go ahead, use that one." she told me as she saw me looking at the hole without a seat. "Cold weather will do it to you all the time and you guys can stand and pee".

I felt a bit embarrassed as I undid my pants and pulled out a semi erect penis for her to see.

"I guess you were fantasizing about me!" she stated as she started at my penis.

The coldness soon made short work of the erection and I was able to go to the bathroom. As I finished up and was about tom do up my pants I felt her hand grab my tight ball sack and pulled me over in front of her. .

"Well they are not frozen! A bit cold but at least not frozen!" she said as she just stared into my eyes. "I bet that feels better"

I could feel her fingers grasp the ridge of my belt and tug my pants down.

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