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Dave discovers cock sucking.

She was in almost the exact same position and Chris had a completely unobstructed sight line of his aunt's cunt and ass. He observed and admired and enjoyed.

"Mom why don't you see if Aunt Cyn wants some sunblock rubbed on her so she won't burn?" he suggested.

"Good idea sweetie," his mother flashed him a wicked, knowing grin and rose gracefully from her chair to get the lotion. She grabbed it up from the plastic table nearby and alighted nimbly at the side of her sister. Cynthia looked up briefly, smiled, then laid her head back down as Laura poured some sunblock into her own hand then began to rub it into Cynthia's shoulders.

Tina leaned over to watch and grinned at her brother then spread her legs and pointed to her pussy, she showed her Master how wet and horny she was. Chris could see the slickness of her sex and he slowly untied his board shorts then shimmied out of them. His smooth cock was throbbing and stiff already. It was full of blood and it was pulsing in time with his heartbeat. His sister could not take her eyes off of it as she began to stroke her bare little pussy lips. Chris reclined back in his deck chair, his eyes were travelling back and forth from his sister to his aunt and mother. His mother's hands were moving down his aunt's back, rubbing the sunblock in then his mother moved down further and started to cover his aunt's bottom. Chris waited for his aunt to protest and as the thought started to bubble up he quieted it. He could already tell his mother was excited and there was a faint shimmer of glistening dew upon her parshly exposed labia. She slowly and methodically worked her way down her sister's leg then back up, she repeated this on the other leg spending much of her time on her sister's inner thighs. Each time the thought that this was inappropriate bubbled up in Cynthia's mind Chris took it away and replaced it with a thought of relaxation and he slowly built up his aunt's excitement. He then delved deeper into his aunt's mind looking for signs of abuse or trauma but found none. With only a few suggestions he lead her mind gently to a point where his mother, his sister, or himself would be able to have sex with her.

Chris stood up and walked slowly over to where his mother was massaging his aunt's ass and running her fingers down to stroke his aunt's engorged labia. He could see how wet his aunt was.

"Part her ass cheeks mom, I want to see her asshole," he commanded his mother and she obeyed. Laura gripped Cyn's ass cheeks and spread them wide and Chris smiled, pleased. His aunt's anus was smooth and barely crinkled but it was a duskier shade of the coral on her areola that he found arousing in dirty way. His aunt moaned and turned her head to see him standing over her, his swollen phallus jutting lewdly at her ass. "Does she like her ass fucked the same way you do?" he asked his mother.

"Yes Master, she loves her ass fucked just like mommy does," his mom replied in a sultry tone, her eyes half glazed with lust already. She knew that her sister Cynthia liked it. They had traded confidences from a very young age and told each other about all their firsts. So Laura knew everything that Cyn liked and vice versa.

"Hold her ass cheeks apart while I fuck your sister's asshole then," he growled and mounted his aunt, the head of his cock pushed firmly to her anus as his aunt moaned and rolled her hips up towards the invading cock head. She whimpered a moment as the tip parted the tight muscle of her sphincter then settled inside. The lotion coating her anal rim allowed Chris to push his cock easily in and out of his aunt's ass but he started off slow and easy. He knew to let his aunt adjust and to help her ass stretch he gave her more of his cock steadily until he pressed his balls firmly against her pale, slippery ass cheeks.

Yes, he thought, another woman to be my slave. She will be under my control just like my sister and my mother. My slave aunt, he liked the sound of that.

"Your asshole is nic

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