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...and she was in need.


Liam shrugged.

"That's your wife, your one and only true love."

"Except that she isn't."


"I meant, she is my wife. She just aint the other thing."

"Now you're just being a douche."

"I'm being honest." He didn't look like a douche, he looked sad.

"What do you mean?"

"It means what it means."


"Drink that coffee, take a shower. I'll be in the kitchen; making us some late breakfast early lunch- something, okay?"

"Wait, mister, you can't drop a bomb like that and just leave me hanging."

"It's private."

"Said the man who wanted to sleep with me."

"Take that shower, Rose, you'll feel much better."


Several hours of knowing Michelle Colman, and not in the biblical sense, yielded, to Adam, nothing but frustration and a severe case of blue balls. She was the grand master of tease.

"Honey, can you come over here and zip me?"

"Sure." He entered the fitting room and pulled on the zipper. It proved to be stubborn mother, so he pulled hard.



"Anxious, are we?"

"You caught me."

She laughed; a real happy laugh this time. He was learning to distinguish between her real and fake ones. "Don't worry, big boy, you'll score today. Just this dress and the blue one, then we're off."

After the Jacuzzi, Michelle suggested they'll take a stroll together. To get to know each other better, she said. Her idea of a stroll turned out to be driving down to Tiberius' shopping-mall, and strolling into every Women Fashion boutique.

"Needs some shortening, but I like it." She checked herself critically in the mirror. "You know, these mirrors, they distort your shape so you'll think you're Tyra Banks. Only when you get home to a proper mirror, you realize you look like Rosie O'Donnell."

"You'll look dead gorgeous wearing a sack."

"You think so?"

"Everyone does."

"Hmmm... How about you?"

"I'm with everyone, can we just-?"

"You're with everyone what?" She cut him in mid-sentence.

"Just like everyone, I think you'll look dead gorgeous; no matter what you're gonna put on."

"Really? You think so?"

She was starting to get on his nerves. "Cross my heart, can we go now?"

"What about your blond wife?"

"What about her?"

"Better looking than her?"

Adam didn't want to think about Rose. He left her crying, standing helpless in the grass. "Come on, she's my wife."

"So what? I won't tell on you."

"You are."

"I'm what?"

"Better looking than Rose."

"Much better?"

He wanted to say that Rose didn't need tenth the attention and constant ego patting. Maybe shut her up with something nasty like that Rose blond was natural and she didn't need to color yet. Then Michelle pouted her luscious lips. "Much better looking." He agreed.

"I like the blue one. Let's take it and get back to the cabin."

"Thank god." He mumbled.

She scratched her head and faked confusion. "Oops. I left my purse at the car. Shit, I think I forgot it in the cabin," she said.

"I noticed."

"Shit. Is it a terrible thing to ask if we can do a little trip to the cabin and back? I really like that dress."

"Or I can buy it for you."

"Really? No, I couldn't. I mean, it's too expansive. I mean... Wow. Adam, you're so sweet, you're amazing." She leaned and kissed his lips, her tongue darted inside his mouth, and that quick exchange traveled like lightening all the way to his cock.

He meant he would buy the dress now, and she'll write him a check or something when they'll get back. Now he felt trapped, double trapped when he saw the price tag. Rose would murder him.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. You don't know how long it's been."

"Since you bought a dress?"

"No, silly. Since someone bought me a dress. Liam never does that anymore. That was special, and I'll never forget that." She kissed his cheek, leaning into him for a long time. He felt wetness where her face touched his, but he didn't know if the tears were real or fake.


Rose did feel a lot better after taking a hot shower.

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