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Horny in the Jacuzzi.

close, she felt his breath on her hair,

"Feel good?" he asked.

"Mmmmm, yes"

"Good," he whispered and gave her a kiss behind the ear.

Another kiss, down lower, then a light nibble on her earlobe, he moved her across the room, over to the bed, kissing her from behind, as they walked slowly across the room. He turned her, when they reached the bed. They both sat down, finally she saw him, face to face. He was handsome, not Brad Pitt, but full dark hair, dark eyes, a small cleft in his chin. He was wearing silk boxers, nothing else.

"So it's the hairbrush huh? Going to try out a spanking for real?"

"I thought, well I've been curious."

He reached out and put his hand on the back of her neck. He gently guided her forward and over his lap. She felt the cold silk slide against her belly and something stiff inside. She put her hand behind her, holding the hairbrush out to him.

"Hang on to it a minute, I'll start you off slow," he rested his hand on her waiting buttocks.

He squeezed gently, and brushed down across her thighs. He used both hands to slightly part her legs, and ran his fingers between them, up to her waiting sex. She hadn't realized until now, how erotic this was, and how wet she had become. His fingers probed, looking for a reaction as he made small circles along her lips. Jess was so lost in the pleasure of his fingers, that she didn't feel his hand rise. She was taken by surprise as the first slap came down on her ass. It was harder than she thought it would be, but there was no sting, not yet. Another spank, in the same spot and then another. The slaps were coming at random, no pattern, and no rhythm.

Gradually the sensation started to build, as his hand switched from cheek to cheek, and the spanks came faster, first a tingle, then the start of the faintest sting. His fingers were still busy between her legs. She felt his thumb begin to penetrate her, only a little, and his fingers had found her clit. He rubbed quickly, not changing at all when the spanks landed. She could feel herself opening up to his fingers. The spanking stopped, he moved his fingers through her hair and whispered,

"Time for the brush, beautiful. Are you ready?"

"Yes", she handed the hairbrush back.

"Ask me for it." He said, and leaned over to kiss her just pink ass.

She paused, not sure how to ask, or exactly what for. He took the brush; his fingers slowed their work on her pussy. He laid the back of the brush on her cheek, now she could tell how much it would cover,

"Ask me for the spanking."

"Please," her voice quivered, "spank me with the brush."

He obliged. The brush came down with a thunderous whack. The initial sting was more than his hand, but it faded almost immediately. The sound was the scariest part. Spank, slap, crack, the sound filled the room completely, and Jess found herself flinching not from pain, but the sound. His fingers went back to work on her, as the brush landed again. She flinched, this time because the sting was starting to build. Whack! The tempo increased. As it did, so did the sting, and the wetness between her legs. She began moving her hips, grinding herself into his leg, the thrusting back as the brush came down. Whack!

"Yes!" escaped her mouth.

The heat from the spanking, and the warmth of her sex began to mix. While the spanking was going on, she couldn't tell one part of her from another, the heat, the sting, the arousal, all mixed. Her eyes closed, she felt weightless, and she could feel his erection pressing into her hip. She tried to grind into it, tried to give him some of the pleasure she was feeling. She hadn't realized it, but she was moaning out loud, grunting as the brush connected with her reddened cheeks.

The spanks stopped again, but this time he wrapped his arm around her waist, his fingers now pumping in and out of her.

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