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Their love life was stale until he bought a toy.

It was musky and pungent...her puffy nipples looked like candies, drizzled with sweet, sugar droplets. As more sprayed over her tits, she squealed and used her hands to smear it all over.

"That's it honey give it to me...mmmmmmm...yesssssss...cover me...cover me with that hot jizz...its steamy hot!" She scooped up some and rubbed it between her legs, soothing...and satisfying to her clit. So fucking turned on, her fingers rubbed circles for only a few moments, before she screamed again...cumming even harder than the first time. Her tits were bobbing with my rhythm and her body lurched forward from hard, pounding thrusts. She moaned and thrashed around, but I fucked her through it, slamming hard till her breathing reached a calm.

She was done and moaning softly, but Eric and I continued to work her, with cock. Slowly pumping, I kept edging myself closer. He used his dick to smear cum over her breasts, glazing every inch of the firm-fleshed mounds.

Hoping to set her off again, I'd pull out and tease her by slapping myself over her pussy lips...and that flaming red bud. I was super close, with her legs propped on my shoulders, but Eric's hand slid down her body. She grabbed a sharp breath as his fingers lightly touched her; seeing the reaction, he grabbed some lube and rubbed back and forth over the bud.

Her moans quickly became intense squeals, "Oh god...fuckkkkk! You two are fucking crazy! I'm...I'm fucking cummm...cummmmming again...this's crazy!"

"Again...oh god, I'm cumming! Yessssssss...cummmmmmming! Yessssssss Yessssssss!!"

As orgasm washed over her body, it felt as if she melted around my pumping dick. After three, I expected her to pass out in some kind of pleasure-induced sleep. Eric, watching it all unfold, started stroking again...that gorgeous shaft...I reached out and stroked my hand over his chest and those tight abs. "Dude, I adore you...and that body. That body...that are so fuckin' hot!"

He grinned, "Robbie, you're likin' that pussy, too."

"I wanna try some?"

"You finish."

Laura moans, "This's fuckin' hot! My old boyfriend cums all over me and I have his boyfriend fucking the hell out of me...and I've cum three fucking times! So fuckin' wild!"

"Honey, I want you to cum." She looked into my eyes, "Fuck me...fuck meeeeee...wanna feel every fuckin inch...fill me with that thing. Yessssss...god yessssss!"

Eric, stroking hard, yelled, "You called it, Lar! Fuck, this shit's hot!"

"Honey, you like watching me fuck your boyfriend? Don't you?"

"Fuck's both look so!"

With a shy and mischievous smile she started grinding into me, "You think?" She locked her eyes with mine and grabbed at her tits, pinching, pulling and tweaking. Fuck! Those beautiful puffies...she's workin'it...she's fuckin' workin'it!

"Fuck Lar...that's it...that's gonna do it...he's gonna fuckin explode!"

Her legs still on my shoulders and straight up in the air, I couldn't hold back any longer. I pushed them back to where her knees were almost rubbing her breasts. Her pussy was stretched tight and I just pounded my way to release. I grunted with each thrust, "Fuck'in tight...uhhhh...uhhhh...uhhhh...fuck, Laura!"

Finally after edging forever, I felt that surge in my balls and moaned, "Oh fuck, this's it...I'm going to cum!" My body tensed up and found its relief, "Cummmmmmmming...yea baby...uhhhh...uhhhh...uhhhh...cummmming!" Accompanied by her gleeful squeals, I pulled out to spray wildly over her body. She replaced my hand and pumped till it subsided and the last few drops tumbled into her muff. Eric leaned in, put the head in his mouth and sucked it dry.

"That's it baby get it all!"

"Fuck...Eric...Laura! You know, you give new meaning to a two are fucking amazing!"

"I think it's you boys, sweetie. My two hot, sex therapists...that's what you are."

"I do think I could use a little shower...I'm dripping with seed...I sort of like it, though."

Eric said, "I know what you mean.

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