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Meeting Mrs. Norton.

"Well, honey... I know how girls love to suck cock at that age but... well, that's a really nice cock Dylan has. And you're quite inexperienced... I could give you some pointers? I mean, you wouldn't want to lose it.. err him, to someone else?".

Dylan couldn't believe his ears. He thought he was totally screwed when Claire saw them, but by the way Claire was looking at him, he realized that things were about to get even more fun. He had fantasized more than once about Claire Dunphy. What guy wouldn't? She shared her daughers slim body, with a pair of incredible long legs and brown eyes.

"Mom! You can't be serious!" Haley said. Dylan responded "Well... it can't hurt, can it? You always said you wanted to get better at this." Claire licked her lips slowly, her pussy moistening at the though of getting that cock inside of her. "Well... Ok ,I guess." Haley said. She was a bit unsure of where this was going, but her goal was to be a better cocksucker than all her friends, and any tips would be useful.

"Excellent", Claire said. She tore off her red shirt, revealing her stunning cleavage through her red bra, and climbed on to the bed. "Firstly, you're all dressed up. Poor Dylan doesn't have eye candy. " Haley smiled "That won't be a problem for long". She straightened and pulled off her t-shirt. Haley also didn't like bras, and so this exposed her equally stunning chest. Her breasts were smaller than Claire's, but perky and she was so turned on her nipples were as hard as ice.

Claire smiled as she watched Haley expose herself proudly. "She may not be book smart, but shes a quick learner at this", she thought. "That's my daughter all right". Dylan was loving this. "Mrs. Dunphy... I'd have even more eye candy if you took your bra off. "Good point Dylan." she said as she dropped her bra, revealing her full breasts. "Now, onto the real lesson. Watch carefully!".

Claire bent over and took Dylan's cock her mouth. Moaning loudly, she sucked it vigorously before pulling it out and licking the balls the way a cat licks milk. "You have to make sure every part is taken care off". Haley's pussy couldn't get any wetter, watching this. She knew it should be wrong to get turned on watching it, but she couldn't help herself. Dylan pulled her in for a kiss as he took hold off one of her breasts in his hand. Claire took his other hand and put it one of her breasts before going back to sucking.

Claire moaned loudly, savoring the taste of the cock on her lips. "Honey, its your turn." Haley climbed down at the foot of the bed and started licking Dylan's balls. Claire continued to suck on his shaft but they soon swapped positions. "Keep sucking honey... he won't last long now. Have you ever swallowed cum before?" Haley shook her head. She had been curious, but hadn't taken that step yet. "You've been missing out! Dylan, I'm disappointed in you, letting her waste that cum. Well, that won't be a mistake we're making today!". Haley and Claire continued sucking and licking as Dylan massaged their breasts. Claire's panties were soaked through.

Dylan couldn't stand it much longer and before long he said "Ohhh.... I'm cumming now." Haley kept sucking the shaft as he exploded into her mouth. The load of cum was too large for and some of it escaped and dribbled down her mouth. She moved the cum around her mouth, savoring the feel before swallowing. "Wow... this tastes amazing" Haley said as Claire, eager for her share, wrapped her mouth around the head of the shaft and lovingly licked off all remnants of the cum. "

"And that concludes lesson one!" Claire said with a smile. "Mm.... that was amazing. When do we do lesson two?". "Well, that depends on Dylan", Claire said. She licked a little bit of cum that had followed off Dylan's cock. "It takes a while for a man to build up steam again."

Dylan had just lived through one of his fantasies, and he wanted to see if he could knock off another fantasy today.

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