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Sometimes all the wrong reasons makes something perfect.

I laid face down and June started to wash me. Unlike most masseuses, she did not use one of those plastic poofs to wash me, but just used soap and her hand. She washed my back and my arms, then moved down to my legs. She ran her hands up and down, stroking my balls, stroking my thighs, stroking my ass, and even playing a bit with my asshole. She did this for about 5 minutes, going from just stroking my balls to reaching under and stroking my cock (I admit I did raise my ass to help!). It felt sooo good, I almost felt like I was going to cum.

"Turn over."

This time, she started on my front. I reached up and felt her tits through her shirt and bra. I lifted them up and took her bare tit in my hand; it was about an A cup, but with a dark brown nipple about the size of a thimble! She reached down and started to stroke my cock. She did this for so long I finally had to say

"Are you going to make me cum in here?"

June just smiled and brought her tits to my mouth. I love sucking on them, and it made my cock throb even more.

Eventually we made it back to the massage room. June started on my back, but not with "therapeutic" massage strokes. They were gentle, very light, and very erotic. She stroked from my neck to my ass and back again. After a little time she moved down to stroke my legs, my ass, and my balls. She started using her hair, moving it up and down. God, it felt good! Soon I could feel her breath on my skin as well. She had never done THAT before! Her breath felt so hot and so sweet on my skin. She was a tease, too, doing my back, then down one leg and up another, two or three times, before she moved her mouth over my ass crack and balls. Again I had moved my ass up a little to help her.

Again the tease! She moved her mouth up to my neck and started kissing and licking my skin, from my neck down to my ass, down one side and up the other, then going down the spine. A tease again! She went down one leg and up the other, licking and sucking my toes on the way.

She finally got to my ass. I could not believe it, but she was licking and sucking all over the cheeks of my ass, teasing me again! She knew I wanted her mouth on my asshole, balls, and cock, but she was going to get there in her own good time.

Finally she was licking in my ass crack, from the top all the way down to my balls and up again, with just a little hint of her tongue pressing on my asshole.

Now she got down to business, licking and sucking my balls, licking and sucking the head of my cock as she pulled it back to face her.

"Do you like?" June said to me.

"I love it! That feels so good. Some more, please."

June left the room for a moment; I heard her lock the front door.

June came back, and took off her shirt and bra, as she had done before. She surprised me by taking off her shorts and panties as well.

"Turn over."

I turned over and my rigid cock slapped my belly.

June got on the massage table facing my feet and planted her pussy on my face. She had a nice pussy, with brown lips the color of her nipples, but the hair was long, straight, and black' it went up my nose a bit. I started licking her pussy, flicking her clit, long strokes up and down, using my fingers in her pussy, too. While I was doing that, she got back to sucking my cock, licking up and down, licking and sucking my balls, and even using her fingers to stroke my butthole. She came at least twice in maybe 5 minutes.

"Oh God, I want to fuck you so bad!" I said to her.

June got down from the table and pulled a rubber from her shorts. (A little late!) She put it on me and climbed on. She started moving up and down, lying down so I could suck her nipples and kiss her mouth. She was surprisingly tight, hot, wet, and very very erotic. We fucked like rabbits.

June turned around, so she was facing my feet, putting her very nice ass on display for me. I reached out to touch her butthole.

"Not there, it hurts."

Taking my hand off her butthole, I placed both my hands on her hips to guide them up a

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