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A guy gets his wishes granted from an unexpected source.

They were dark, perfect and I had once promised to kiss every one, but soon I found myself pressed into the mattress, gazing up into eyes that were so familiar. The irises were kissed by blue, almost grey, and they were breath-taking. As I gazed into their depths I realized that I could do so for hours, mesmerized by their beautiful color, and not mind it.

However, the reality of that seemed silly so I settled on another spot. Ah, that delectable ear I was attempting to nibble my way to earlier. I had to lean upward with great effort to reach it as his hands hand pinned my wrists above my head, but I finally managed to snag just the lobe between my teeth. I bit down on it, hard, and tugged until a small sound had fallen from him. With a last, lingering kiss to the hollow behind it, I settled back against the mattress once more and gazed down the line of our bodies.

His legs were on either side of my thighs, bent over me, as his weight put pressure on both wrists. I smiled, languidly, at him, but stared unashamed at the rise and fall of his chest, past his waist. My eyes followed the curve of his hip, the thigh, and then found the length of him. Had I enough room to move, I would have shifted my weight and rolled over, settling with me atop him. Even so, I was content to lay there beneath him, feelings of desire stirring from such a close proximity.

His head dipped, long strands of hair trailing along my breasts, until the warmth of his mouth found my nipple and caused my back to arch, forward, toward his mouth. The sound that followed fell, unbidden, from my throat. The movement was not sudden; it was slow, deliberate, as his tongue traced the piqued tip, flicked across it over and over again, until I groaned his name aloud. "Dominik," slid past my lips like a plea... for what? His head tilted upward at the sound, once again turning those eyes to me. That gaze held weight, held desire, and it smoldered. In the end, he broke away first and returned his attention to my body. His teeth scraped across the sensitive flesh until I slid a leg about his waist, heel digging in, as I pushed my hips upward to meet his. It seemed urgent, extremely urgent, that he slide inside of me; fill me as I carved down his back with my fingernails.

The image in my mind was so strong that I whimpered which brought that gaze to my face again, a question in his eyes. I gazed down at him, debating, and decided that I would tell him exactly what I wanted. Once again, I had to push myself upward to meet at his ear. My lips brushed the edge of it, breath fanning across the skin, as I whispered, "Fuck me." That released gentle laughter, but what he did next was not so gentle. No pretense, no moment of hesitation. There was no teasing. He simply moved his hips, pushed forward, and eased inside of me. I fell back against the pillows with a small sound and he released my wrists from their prison. Immediately, I took the initiative to grasp onto his shoulders.

He stayed there, unmoving, for a few moments more, but I was frantic and my body was pleasured by sensation. I writhed beneath him, hoping the movement would urge him on, but he did not shift. It left me feeling frustrated and so I leaned forward, dipping my head to his neck. My tongue traced across the surface of it, teeth digging in until small marks were made. I sucked on that skin, endeavoring to bruise, as he growled. The sound curved my lips and soon his hips were shifting again, slowly, so slowly, sliding out of me. That there almost took the breath from me, but I remained at his neck, stubborn enough to bite down harder. My hands crawled the length of his back, touching across the arch of it, until I grasped the supple flesh of his ass and squeezed.

My nails dug into it, soft beneath my fingers, as his hips surged and his cock plunged into me over and over again.

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