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Haitian man fights vampires and zombies in Canada.

to have you bouncing around on the set with her?"

For a moment Naomi was stunned. She hadn't considered for an instant that her looks might actually count against her.

"That's not fair," she protested.

"Movies are not a fair world," said Frank. "They're big money and even bigger egos. Forget it. I doubt you'd like it and I doubt that you'd be a success anyway."

"Why not? I have youth and looks and talent going for me. Why wouldn't I get anywhere."

"Because I suspect that you're spoilt and would be unwilling to listen to instructions for a start. You'd want to do things your own way, not the directors. Point two, can you name a single current female star who hasn't been filmed nude? Are you ready to take your clothes off and show the world what you've got?"

"I can do that, and I can take instructions. I'm going to get there in the end. I was just hoping that this film might give me a start."

"If reason won't work, scare the girl away," decided Frank.

"Alright, let's test your determination out. Take off your clothes and get in the back of the car so I can check if your body actually stands the nudity test."

"What do you mean, the nudity test?" demanded Naomi.

"Do your boobs sag when you're not wearing a bra? Do you have hidden fat rolls around your tummy and thighs? A woman isn't going to admit to that sort of thing. It needs to be checked by the casting director if the film calls for nudity. You can't hack it."

"I damn well can," snapped Naomi. She turned, scrambled into the limo and commenced stripping.

Sighing Frank climbed back in and patiently waited for her to finish.

Naked, Naomi sat up proudly, not minding showing off her body. It was a good one, and she knew it.

"Not bad," said Frank, looking her over with interest. "Now think carefully. What were the instructions I gave you?"

Naomi blinked. "Take off my clothes so that you could inspect my body," she said, puzzled.

"That's the other point I was making. You didn't listen to my instructions. I said take your clothes off and then get in the car. You were supposed to strip outside so that I had a better view and I could also see how you moved when you entered the car."

"I'm sorry," said Naomi. "I was more concerned about showing myself. I'd listen harder next time."

"Yes, I'm sorry too, because you do have quite a wonderful body. But, like I said, you're too much competition to be accepted in the current film."

Frank paused, and rubbed his chin considering.

"I know someone who could possibly use you, but I'm still a bit unsure about your ability to stand up to the rough games that go on. Convince me you can."

"Convince you how?" asked Naomi. "I'm not sure what it would take to do that."

Frank deliberately ran his eyes over her sweet figure, and smiled.

"I'm sure you'll think of something soon enough."

Naomi paused, comprehension hitting her suddenly. Sex for work. She paused, considering. A microsecond later she decided. She wasn't a virgin, so who cares?

Frank watched as Naomi slid across to snuggle up next to him. While he watched, Naomi reached down and felt him through his trousers. Finding him erect, as expected, she ran down his zip and drew his cock out where she could see it.

Naomi knew what was required here. Take his cock and play with it until he blew and he'd be putty in her hands. He was an older man, so she might have to move on to a blowjob, but she could handle that as well.

Frank was soon breathing hard as Naomi expertly raised havoc with him. Not the first time she's done this he thought as her method changed from moment to moment. A hard firm stroke one moment, followed by her fingernails lightly scratching the head, followed by a feathery touch driving him wild.

For several long, long, minutes Naomi played with him, a virtuoso intimately familiar with her instrument. Frank didn't know whether to swear or scream.

Stage two, he decided. Reaching down he pushed Naomi's hand aside, while at the same time pressing his hand against the back of her head, indicating she should bend down.

Naomi knew her duty when it

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